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I'm sending this message to you because you seem to have a large readership - this is not a personal attack. That said, to the people who tweeted angry tweets to the organisers and ccing Jen, you do realize you're the reason NO ONE is getting anything right? SQers are always acting so goddamn entitled to every thing, why is it so hard to ship SQ to your hearts content without putting pressure on the actors? YOU ARE A CRACKSHIP. Nothing wrong with that, but know your goddamn place.


Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. We are NOT the reason that ANY of this happened. If you think anything about the photos op made sense in the first place, it means you are unable to see beyond your own prejudices against swen. If it isn’t abundantly clear that the con messed up and Jen never agreed to the original schedule in the first place, I don’t really know what to say to you? Jen and Lana would never agree to the isolate or hurt people who make up half of their fanbase. WE NEVER WANTED YOU TO LOSE YOUR PHOTO OP SHOW ME ONE DAMN EXAMPLE OF SOMEONE SAYING THAT? 

But, yes, you’re right we are “entitled” to the same opportunities that you are when we pay 500+ dollars to meet our idols. We are “entitled” to enjoy cons when we are fans of the show just as much as you are. If Jen loves and respects Swen and wants us to have the same chances, you are disrespecting her with your behavior.

As for our place. Don’t worry, boo, we know it:

new, from Kraft...

Cheefoli! A chicken flavored lump filled with beef-flavored paste and a thing that looks kinda like a broccoli on the side. Microwave not required, simply open the sealed canister and shove the entire thing into your disgusting mouth! Alternatively, you and the family can all grab a straw and suck the vaguely meaty goo to your heart’s content! A great bonding experience for the whole family.

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How did you become such a great artist, seriously your fabulous and I want to be as good as you

I only started 14 days ago.. ,_,

But I’ve also been staring at furry art for literally years. I play lots of videogames and I use my hands a lot. I type a bunch, I draw lots of shapes, too.

All of these allow me to control my hands better. Then I just take the images from my brain and I go for it..?

I also have a huge spacial memory: I can see two dimensional things in 3D and manipulate them to my heart’s content.

Putting it on paper is trickier, but that’s where my muscle memory kicks in.

It helps to have a skeleton reference for you to work with. That’s what I do. Then I just draw lumps of fur on them. d:

I’m waiting for the day Brendon goes off at someone for mentioning Ryden. Like in all honesty, this guy puts up with so much to do with it. People are constantly mentioning Ryan and Ryden on Periscope, Twitter, Vine, etc. And it’s not fair for him to have to deal with it. He’s probably not even spoken to Ryan in five years or so, he’s obviously uncomfortable talking about him, or hearing anything to do with him. And yet people are constantly bringing him up. And not even just to Brendon, but to Zack and Spencer and Dallon, and even Sarah. Don’t get me started on how absolutely rude and inconsiderate it is to bring up Ryan to Brendon’s wife. 

I’m not saying don’t ship Ryden. Ship it till your hearts content, but please, don’t say anything about it to Brendon. Don’t tweet him ‘Is Ryden real?’, Don’t comment on Periscope ‘RYDEN FOREVER’. It’s not cool. You’re not respecting him.

One day, Brendon’s going to snap, because no one ever leaves it alone, and he’s going to tell some fan off, or he’s going to scream it at a concert or something. And everyone’s going to feel like shit. Everyone who calls themselves a true Panic! fan has most likely seen the video of him trying to sing Northern Downpour and all but crying in the middle of it. If that isn’t enough to make you stop and go ‘wow, obviously he’s fucked up by this all, I should stop,’ then you need to take a step back. 

It’s not a matter of shipping Ryden, it’s a matter of not bringing Brendon Urie into it all, personally.

Horoscope - May 17 2015

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Luckily, you can effortlessly balance your social life with your current obligations as long as you pare back your expectations. Rather than aimlessly wandering through your day, create a viable plan to finish the most important chores still left undone. Managing your time efficiently frees you up to spontaneously accept an invitation to a fun event. Your key to happiness today is minimizing the distractions and only doing what makes your heart content.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

You have the power to turn a potentially busy day into a very relaxing one, even if you have specific things you must cross off your list. Although circumstances may test your mettle, the sensible Taurus Moon helps you maintain a positive attitude. You won’t be deterred from reaching your destination, since you’re able to effortlessly take everything in stride now. Your mission is simple today: do what you must, but carve out some time for a memorable adventure as soon as you get the chance.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

You might think that someone is hiding the truth from you now that the Sun and Moon are busy conspiring in your 12th House of Secrets. You’re content to dig around in the shadows today as you search for clues to your latest mystery. The lack of tangible data leads you to conclude that others are withholding important information. Although your suspicions are largely unfounded, a miscommunication can still send you on a strange detour. Thankfully, untangling the puzzle will be easy enough if you follow your intuition and ask the right questions.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

It’s not about the quantity of friends you possess; it’s the quality of the relationships that sets you apart. Luckily, the solid Taurus Moon’s presence in your 11th House of Community means your social life should be relatively stable now. Feeling emotionally secure is especially important today and it makes you happy when you can lean on a few trustworthy friends. Enjoy the warm camaraderie while you luxuriate in the love of those who believe in your dreams.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

A close friend or relative may enlist your support today because you seem to be capable of holding your position with grace when the going gets tough. Thankfully, no one expects you to have all of the answers; just lending a friendly ear is more than enough now. Although it isn’t the best time to give advice, you can offer a valuable alternative point of view. Even if you’re uncertain how to proceed at first, your unwavering loyalty makes a world of difference.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You might overlook what someone wants today because you have a very particular notion of your perfect day and you’re already well on your way. Unfortunately, your friends may not understand your current choices and the interpersonal dynamics can get complicated quickly if you don’t take the time to explain yourself. However, your narrow focus on your agenda prevents you from seeing the obvious. Slowing down to empathize with others enables you to emotionally connect with those you love.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You may think you know the exact recipe to make your partner happier or your friends feel better. But personalizing someone else’s problems can lead to plenty of frustration. Unfortunately, linking your satisfaction to others is a complicated business that could leave you feeling emotionally drained and depleted. The trick is to be a sympathetic listener and offer sincere support without trying to fix anything. Showing that you care is all that really matters.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

No matter how high your confidence level is today, it’s still wise to remember that your perspective is only one point of view out of many. It isn’t that you have drawn an incorrect conclusion; it’s just that there are many roads leading to an infinite number of destinations. Reality isn’t always as fixed as it appears. Flexibility is your ally now, for new possibilities will appear sooner than you expect. Keeping your options open improves your chances for success.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You could become so obsessed with making something special happen today that you become limited by your goals, rather than inspired by them. However, the current situation may play out much differently than you expect. You are more willing to shift your approach when you balance practicality with inspiration. Altering the direction of your arrows of intention while they are already in flight is not only possible – it might be your most ingenious move yet.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You are quite capable of delaying personal gratification when you are motivated by a long-term goal. However, today’s presence of the Sun and Moon in your 5th House of Spontaneity indicates that you’re now ready to put pleasure ahead of responsibility. Fortunately, you Goats may be the best planners in the zodiac, but you also know how to live in the moment. Don’t wait for the approval of others; simply revel in the abundant joy available to you as if you have been rehearsing for this dance your entire life.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You may experience mixed emotions about domestic commitments that restrain your freedom. Nevertheless, a solid home life can be a significant blessing while the moody Moon is hanging out in your 4th House of Roots. Family relationships feel like a double-edged sword because the potential rewards go hand-in-hand with heavy responsibilities. Tread carefully; you won’t have to eat your words tomorrow if your frustration doesn’t lead you to make any foolish declarations of independence today.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your rendezvous with destiny is right on schedule, even if it doesn’t appear on your calendar today. You might be hesitant to make major changes to your routine now, especially if the big pieces are already in place. Nevertheless, you feel a growing pressure from within and realize that sooner or later you will have to acknowledge what’s in your heart, even if it messes with the stability of your personal life. Fortunately, those who love you will encourage you to follow your soul’s true calling.

Source : Rick Levine

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Heart's Content
  • Heart's Content
  • Brandi Carlile
  • Bear Creek

~Heart’s Content~

Maybe you thought 
I hung the moon 
Maybe you thought 
We were johnny and june 
Maybe we thought 
It was just us two 
Maybe we spoke too soon 

We never lie 
And we don’t tell tales 
We bite our tongues 
And our fingernails 
We fall in love 
And we don’t fall out 
Maybe we speak too soon 

Here’s you and me 
And in between 
We draw a line 
But we can’t see 
Where it’s bend 
We scratch our heads 
And race against 
The heart’s content 

Oho oho oho oh yeah 

Maybe we hurt 
Who we love the most 
Maybe it’s all we can stand 
Maybe we walk through the world as ghosts 
Break my own heart before you can 

Here’s you and me 
And in between 
We draw a line 
But we can’t see 
Where it’s bend 
We scratch our heads 
And race against 
The heart’s content 

Ohoho yeah 

Maybe we know how the story ends 
Maybe it’s not even about us 
We both retreat to opposing sands 
And the love lives on without us 

One thing I know for sure is 
Love will find a way 
Love will find a way 

Here’s you and me 
And in between 
We draw a line 
But we can’t see 
Where it’s bend 
We scratch our heads 
And race against 
The heart’s content 

Oho oho oho 
You and me 
Oho oho oho 
You and me 
Oho oho oho 
You and me 
Oho oho oho oh yeah

…and who would have thought that this wonderful piece will play non-stop in my head…

from the movie safe haven… music playing when they danced in the diner

Ok, I just realized this

Riku week put KH in the Trending Tags.

Ok, as a Riku fangirl that makes me so happy, but you all realize that E3 is just around the corner, right?

If RIKU- an individual KH character- was able to put KH in the trending tags- what is another KH3 announcement at E3 gonna do to Tumblr?

God save us…

(choo-choo motherfuckers)


the fairy town of Fawn has been updated! since the last update, the baby fairy Bambi has moved in, the garden fairy Rossa has redone her house, and the queen fairy Mischa has rearranged all of the town’s flowers and organized the beach! come explore and play to your heart’s content. ꒰ ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱

dream address: 5300-4781-6551


Shout out to the Seniors who are graduating. Yall have put in time, love and effort into the band program thank you, have a musical and safe life

Shout out to the Juniors. You guys are entering your final year make it count. Cherish your old and new friends. Learn the show and kick its ass.

Shout out to the Sophomores. You have about 2 shows under your belt. You have 2 more left, enjoy this time. Be crazy and have fun!

Shout out to the Freshman. So what if your first year wasnt as spectacular as you thought? Everyones first year is different. You have time to excel and prove yourself that youre the best. Enjoy the drill and sing the tunes to your hearts content!

Shout out to the 8th graders joining band. You guys are gonna have a blast with the upperclassmen. Spend all 4 of your years growing, playing, and making wonderful music. Be the new generation to the band!

Instructions for Use

my heart and its contents.
For I will not let spite show her face
I will not, must not, spoil.

my mind and its contents.
For liquid envy must never dry me green
and I will not, must not, stain.

and do not let me burn
with anger, with malice, with cynicism—
all these I must not learn.