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DEARLY BELOVED ~ A Kingdom Hearts Fanzine ~

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Dearly Beloved ~ A Kingdom Hearts Fanzine ~ is a charity fanzine celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts Series. We’ll be showing our love for the series through works of art and drabbles focusing on content throughout the KH series - AU/Canon-Compliant works are open as well! Follow this space to keep an eye out for updates.

This zine is open to artists and writers.
Applications will be open on November 3rd

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WIP for Aphelion, a V-centric zine (with a chock full of Jumin and their amazing friendship) 💙💙

Check it out at @vstorybookzine!! I’m blessed to be working with so many amazing people, and y'all have no idea how A+++++ the other pieces are 👌👌👌100% of the profit will be going to anti-domestic abuse organizations to aid in their brave and admirable work as harbingers of peace, and I am more than honored to contribute two pieces to this beautiful project.



Ever wondered what would Class-A do if they were backpacking through Europe or relaxing on sunny beaches in the Pacific? Which villains fall asleep on the plane? Which famous landmarks Pro Heroes like to visit on holiday? What it’s like for our heroes to be fighting crime away from home? This fun and light-hearted zine will be exploring these possibilities and more!

Applications will be open August 6th - Sept 8th! Until then, check out the links below and please help us spread the word!