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I have so many mixed feels about Stiles. Like, I like him as a character, but I *know* the only reason is based in power structures. If he weren't a cis white boy? I'd probably find that shit annoying. And I know he's not even close to unique, yet I still find him compelling. Ugh, sorry to feelings drip, but do you have any ideas on how to get my mind not to suck?

I can’t tell if this is trolling, but I’m going to answer anyways. 

I think my issues with Stiles boil down to three things:

His canon representation versus fanon representation.

I started watching Teen Wolf in 2013 and being an avid reader, I was quickly absorbed into the world of fanfiction. Sterek works are by far the driving force of this fandom.

Fan works are nice because they are an easy way of getting wish fulfillment; Derek, his shady self, has always been one of my favorites, and he seemed so dreary in canon that it was nice to have someone be understanding (why I completely ignored Scott in lieu of Stiles still pains me) of his experiences. 

In the show, however, Stiles has shown blatant disregard for anyone but his dad and Scott. Watching Stiles, you see him often as rude, demanding, and insensitive. He’s a typical teenage boy. Discrepancies are important in figuring out why you like a character. 

I had to ask myself: Is Stiles someone I consider a “pack mom” or caretaker archetype? No, not really. Not at all, honestly, because Stiles is the first to advocate violence. 

[I can’t even with Stydia, because Stiles can be so patronizing with Lydia and it irritates me because she’s levels above him intellectually.]

Jeff Davis uses Stiles as an author avatar and pushes him center stage. This is a terrible choice because Jeff Davis is an asshole.

Stiles is mildly clever, but not anymore so than Scott, Lydia, or Allison, and yet Davis has the gall to continually shove him in our faces as a pinnacle of wit.

I still am appalled that Davis had Stiles insult Tyler’s actual tattoo. That’s fucking rude. 

There was another scene where Lydia’s foot was stuck in the trap. It was groan-worthy, because I don’t buy Lydia showering Stiles with compliments. Lydia doesn’t really play nice with people like Stiles and I rather enjoy that honestly. It would have made more sense for her to create a plan and avoided the whole damsel plot.

Then, of course, you got Stiles asking Isaac if he’s still milking being abused, which I’m sure is a response to fan critiques people have of Davis’ writing of Isaac. Here’s the thing, trauma doesn’t just evaporate because it’s plot-inconvenient. 

I can take him as a “villain” but his regular personality is fucking grating as fuck. 

Teen Wolf tries to make Stiles this tragic, pity-worthy character, when he just isn’t.

I work in domestic violence response and as such regularly hear terrible recollections, so I’m not sold on Stiles’ ‘oh-so-tragic’ character history. I require more than a dead mom from seven years ago, sorry, but it’s time to pick up the pieces. 

Stiles’ mother being dead is sad, but certainly less sad than the deaths of Allison’s mother, Derek’s family, Isaac’s family, etc.

Teen Wolf likes to tell, not show. Instead of giving Stiles real character development challenges like they have with the rest of the cast, they just shove in a Dylan crying scene and expect me to take it for development. I don’t buy it, sorry.

You know what is tragic?

  • Scott was turned into a werewolf against his will. He spent a long time scared of what would happen if others found out. Melissa’s initial reaction is still so heart-wreching for me. 
  • Derek had no support system after Laura died. He grew to become so lonely that he makes the extremely poor choice of turning three kids in werewolves leading to their deaths and displacements.
  • Allison discovered that her family has lied to her her entire life and that her aunt, whom was like a sister to her, had killed many people. On top of that, she was manipulated by her horrible grandfather, had her mother die, and struggled between trying to protect herself and doing what is right morally. 
  • Lydia was bitten by Peter, became possessed, nearly died, and then found out she’s a creature that predicts death. All of this resulting in a heavy burden on Lydia to manifest her abilities to save people and often being belittled when her hunches don’t take her where she expected them to. 
  • Isaac was abused by his father and then had his father killed by the kanima. His father may have been a piece of shit, but that was all he had left of his family, including a dead mother and a dead brother. What’s even worse is that Stiles belittles it, and don’t forget, he’s the fucking author avatar.

If this was a serious question, my best advice is to critically examine Stiles’ character and behaviors. Like you said, he’s not unique. His banter and relationship with Scott is cute for the most part, but other than that, he doesn’t do much for me anymore. 

I once heard a writing tip that asks if you swapped your character’s gender, would you still treat them the same way?

When it comes to Stiles, I doubt it. I think people would probably call Stiles an annoying b*tch who never shuts the fuck up. 


I would talk about how heart wreching this is but damn that animation tho