heart will lead you home


Summary: Marriage and a contract…from the cold, intimidating man who was next in line to run the multi-billion dollar, Lodi Industries. 

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The opportunity he offered you was too great to pass up. There was no other choice. You had to save your family.

“Mom it’s okay. You don’t have to worry anymore. You and dad can live peacefully now. If I accept, he’ll pay off the rest of the debt and the interest. Everything’s okay now.” You cried, packing your bags and comforting your parents.

“But why do you have to go like this? So suddenly? Don’t go Y/N, if he wants to marry you then he can do it properly.” Your dad said grimy.

“It has to be this way, I’m sorry. When everything’s settled then I’ll call you guys I promise.” You smiled, trying to stay strong. “I love you.”

Dragging your bags out of the apartment, you rushed downstairs and got into the cab he sent.

You felt scared, unsure if this was the right decision but it was a decision that you made nonetheless. There was no turning back now. It’s for your parents’ sakes.

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20+ Soulmates Fics:

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Baze x Chirrut recs vol. 2

Have another batch of Baze/Chirrut recs!

black holes and solar flares by skullduggery (2920 words, WIP)
Technically a WIP but the lone chapter is complete in itself as a snapshot of the pair being domestic before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE but basically the whole thing has that palpable quiet before the storm feeling. I also dig the character voices a lot, and the sense of ease and familiarity that comes from years of knowing each other.

Bring Me Home by OddlyExquisite (2767 words)
A Baze-focused story through his loss of faith, and how he meets Chirrut in the ashes of the fallen Temple. Angst and regret, plus Baze’s reorientation of focus when Chirrut enters his life, all those good things.

butcher’s bill by nahco3 (1825 words)
Baze after the Battle of Scarif, watching over Chirrut as he heals. Everyone’s so tired, yo. (Just ‘cause they won don’t mean they can celebrate.) Also feat. Bodhi, Mon Mothma and Cassian.

let your good heart lead you home by salvage (2411 words)
Snippets from their life. It’s Baze POV, thoughtful and weary.

Remainder, Remainder by onyourleft084 (4609 words)
In an effort to be non-spoilery, I will describe this fic as an exercise wherein Things That Happened in the Movie now Happened Differently in this fic, but in six different ways. This is team/gen-focused, but Baze/Chirrut is there, and sometimes you just wanna roll on a pile of Legos, you know?

(recs post #1, rec post #3, and recs post #4)

💖 Panhellenic Council Recruitment Theme Ideas! 💖

Q: I was just elected as Panhellenic’s Director of Recruitment and I want to “brand” Greek Recruitment with a cute theme for orientations, fliers, shirts, etc. Any ideas on cute week long themes?

A: Many themes which individual sororities use for rush and bid day can be adapted for the entire Panhellenic Recruitment! Here are some ideas for overall NPC rush week branding…..

♥ NPC Panhellenic Recruitment Themes With Matching Slogans: 

  • Travel = Passport to Panhellenic • Explore the Possibilities • Choose Your Destination • You Could Travel the Whole World and Never Find Sisters Like These • Why Walk When You Can Fly With Panhellenic Recruitment 
  • Sweets/Candy = Going Greek Has Never Been So Sweet • Life is Sweet When You Go Greek. Welcome to the Sweet Life • Simply Sweet on Sisterhood • Oh So Sweet • Panhellenic and The Chocolate Factory • Find Sweet Sisterhood
  • Alice in Wonderland = Find Your Wonderland • We’re All Mad Here • Fall Through the Looking Glass, Fall for the Best • A Very Merry Greek Life For You 
  • Dr Seuss = Oh the Places You’ll Go When You Go Greek • Wherever You Fly You’ll Top All the Rest • Wherever You Go, You’ll Be the Best of the Best
  • Las Vegas = Welcome to Fabulous Recruitment • Feeling Lucky? Go Greek • Roll the Dice, Go Greek
  • Heart = Follow Your Heart, It Will Lead You Home • Get Your Heart Set on Panhellenic Recruitment • Follow Your Heart Go Greek • Livin’ & Lovin’ Panhellenic • Panhellenic is Where the Love Is • Deep in My Heart I Love Greek Life • Panhellenic Love is All You Need • Love at First Sight
  • Bows = No Matter the Letters, We’re all Tied Together • The Tie That Binds Us • Individually Unique, Together Complete • Bows, Pearls & Panhellenic Girls 
  • Tribal = Take an Adventure with Panhellenic & Explore
  • Nautical = Where Will You Fly Your Flag? • Sail Away with Panhellenic Recruitment • Welcome Aboard Recruitment • Nautical But Nice Panhellenic Recruitment  
  • Flower Power = All You Need is Panhellenic Love • L-O-V-E Sorority Life • The Circle of Sisterhood • One Love • Peace, Love & Panhellenic Recruitment • Hand Picking the Sweetest Sisters
  • Circus = The Greatest Show on Earth, Panhellenic Recruitment • Life’s a Circus Find Your Center Ring • Cirque du Sisterhood 
  • Wizard of Oz = There’s No Place Like Home • Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Panhellenic Recruitment 
  • Disney = Where All Your Dreams Come True • Find Your Happily Ever After • Adventure is Out There {Up} • Some Sororities Are Worth Melting For {Frozen} • Darling It’s Better Wearing Our Letters {Under the Sea/Little Mermaid} • When You Wish Upon a Star, Panhellenic Is What You Are • Greek Life, the Happiest Place on Earth 
  • Jungle = Into the Wild World of Greeks • Take a Walk on the Wild Side • Wild About Panhellenic Recruitment • Rumble in the Jungle • Where the Wild Things Are 
  • Patriotic = American’s Most Wanted • American by Birth, Greek by the Grace of God • Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Sisterhood • Panhellenic Pride • Stars, Stripes & Sisters • Panhellenic Wants You • Be American Be Greek
  • Baseball/Football = Drafting the Best • Best in the Nation • Recruiting in the Big Leagues • In A League of Our Own, Panhellenic Recruitment
  • Mardi Gras = Geaux Greek
  • Southern Tide = Of All the Fish in the Sea, Which One Would You Like to Be?
  • Social Media = Picture Yourself Greek • #gogreek
  • Southern = Sweet Home Panhellenic • When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Them in Your Sweet Tea and Thank God Your Going Greek {Mason Jar} • Greek By Choice, Southern By the Grace of God • ‘Cause We’re Going to Make This Place Your Home • In a Southern State of Mind • Belles and Bows Recruitment 
  • Tropical = Panhellenic in Paradise • Find Your Perfect Paradise 
  • Tiffany = Introducing our Spring Collection • Be Classy & Fabulous Go Greek 
  • Military = A Few Good Women • Drafting the Best • We Can Do It! • Recruiting in Combat Boots 
  • Style/Fashion = Being Geek Has Never Looked This Good
  • Storybook = Find Your Perfect Fit {glass slipper} • Happily Ever After is Only the Beginning • Once Upon a Time • Write Your Own Fairytale
  • Dream Catcher = Catch your Dreams, Go Greek • Making Dreams Come True • Just Livin’ the Dream • Dare to Dream
  • Heavenly = Find Your Heaven on Earth, Go Greek
  • Grease = You’re the One That We Want • Hopelessly Devoted to Going Greek
  • Equestrian = Join the Winner’s Circle • Run With the Roses • Born & Bred to Go Greek • Talk Greek to Me 
  • Coca Cola = Go Greek, The Real Thing • Enjoying Sisterhood 
  • Western = Wanted: New Sorority Sisters • Recruiting the Best of the Wild Wild West • Panhellenic Country 

♥ PANHELLENIC Sayings to use for Recruitment Themes: 

  • Great Women Go Greek
  • Go Greek
  • Choose Your Letters, Change Your Life
  • Add Another Chapter to Your Story 
  • Not Just Four Years - It’s For Life
  • College Isn’t Complete Without Going Greek
  • Nothing Like You Expected, Everything You’re Looking For
  • Today, Tomorrow, Forever Greek
  • Try It. Live It. Love It. Greek Life
  • Friends Change, Lovers Leave, But Sisters are Eternal
  • You Had Me at Recruitment 
  • Keep Calm and Go Greek
  • Livin’ the Life…
  • Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out?
  • Be Strong, Be Unique, Be United, Be Greek
  • Something Beautiful is On the Horizon
  • Branch Out… Go Greek
  • It’s All Greek to Me

♥ More PANHELLENIC Sayings: 


♥ More THEME Inspiration: 

• Bid Day Themes From A to Z  

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

❤ sorority sugar guide to making Pref Night more meaningful! ❤

Q: Recruitment is starting soon and we have realized that our Preference Night is a little more “boring” than we would like. We were wondering what you could suggest we do to our speeches and Pref Night in general to make it a little more exciting. We are open to any kind of small decorations, games, advice that you have!

A: Preference Night should be more serious than your other rounds, but that doesn’t mean the party should be boring. Set an atmosphere of serenity, enchantment and elegance. Your PNMs are honored guests at your house for a very sincere event meant to result in your sorority being listed #1 on their final ranking cards. Here are some tips to add an extra dimension and meaning to your final recruitment round! xoxo ;)

 Preference Night Top Tips: 

  • Touching Music: Making the Pref round sentimental, emotional and meaningful is greatly assisted by music. Have your chapter sing or play music which touches the hearts of PNMs. Contemporary songs with the words changed to reflect your sorority is very effective. Sorority classics are important too. If you have a talented singer in your chapter ask her to sing a moving solo as well.
  • A Beautiful Theme: Theme your pref night with your sorority colors, jewels and flowers. For example, a dramatic blue theme with diamonds, pearls and roses would be impressive if those are your symbols. The evening should be lush, elegant and pretty, even on a tight budget. Or, you can choose a more specific theme like Night in the City or Evening in Paris. The idea is to leave a lasting impression on the PNMs after the final night.
  • Decorate & Dress with Style: Hang drapes or fabric around the walls for added elegance. Colored mood lighting also helps. Twinkle lights are always pretty, along with floral centerpieces and a classy Pref Night banner. Offer a beautiful buffet table of lovely food and drink (if allowed.) Dress in matching black, white, or sorority colored dresses with nude or black pumps. Every sister should look her semi-formal best. This gives the evening an extra important feeling from start to finish. 
  • Special Ceremonies: If you don’t already have Pref Night traditions, it’s time to create them! Some ideas include ~
  1. Create a Wishing Well where each PNM makes a special wish for bid day. Give each PNM a token or flower to place in the fountain. Then tell each girl that you hope her wish comes true. PNMs can also place pearls or flowers  in a bowl, crown, or another sorority symbol. 
  2. Have your President start reading a special poem and each sister adds another line to the poem around the circle of sisters and PNMs.
  3. Stage a candlelighting circle with several sisters sharing why they joined the chapter and what it means to them as the flame is passed.
  4. Arrange some short speeches based on the tenants of your sorority. For example, one sister says a few words on loyalty, another speaks about service and a third shares her thoughts on friendship. 
  5. Through a ceremony, give each PNM a gemstone, flower, or special note, speak with them about the meaning of your sorority symbols, then collect the items through another ceremony at the end. 
  6. Show a meaningful video/slide show emphasizing the bonds of your sisterhood. 
  7. Have sisters go around the room greeting PNMs and saying “XYZ is…..” They share what the chapter means to them in once sentence. This should seem random, but is actually staged with the sisters who have connected with a PNM all week being the ones who speak to the girl again.
  8. A centerpiece candlelighting is very pretty. Start a candle pass, then have each active and PNM pair approach the centerpiece and jointly light a candle on the anchor, arrow, kite, key, or other symbol. 
  9. Give personalized treats to each PNM. For example, share a slice of cake or a cupcake with each girl’s name written on top. Making the PNM feel individually recognized is key. 
  • Goals of Preference Night: Everything you do during the final round should be all about securing the PNMs on your A-List. The words, conversations, music and every ceremony should geared towards your ultimate goals. Drive home these messages to your PNMs through these activities:
  1. Your sorority sisters are genuine, lifelong friends ~ tell the PNM she is chosen to be one of those special friends. 
  2. Your sorority sisters are unique and talented ~ tell the PNM she is invited to join your sorority because she has the qualities you value in a sister. 
  3. Your sorority empowers and inspires its members ~ tell the PNM she can be the best version of herself by pledging your chapter. 
  4. To be successful, divide your Pref Night into 3 sections! First is the welcome, where PNMs are warming brought into the house by assigning a familiar sister to each girl. Get the PNM to talk about her rush week experiences and share her thoughts, worries and concerns. Assure her that your chapter is right for her. Relate to the PNM with phrases such as ~ “I’m so excited to see you here tonight.”  “I know how you feel. When I was a PNM, I felt anxious, but when I found XYZ I felt so at home…“ and “You can relax. You’re here with us now.” Offer refreshments, engage in conversation, have floaters welcome the PNMs and look forward to the evening’s ceremony. 
  5. Secondly, perform your chapter’s ceremony. Sing, perform wishes, host a flower exchange, candle pass and/or other special events outlined above. Make sure sisters speak from the heart, parts and songs are memorized, and your traditions touch the emotions of your PNMs. Testimonials should be authentic, real and relatable. 
  6. Thirdly, seal the deal! Have the best recruiters speak one-on-one with their PNMs intimately and make each girl feel 100% wanted by the chapter. When the hour ends, every PNM should feel confident, pampered and highly desired by the sisterhood. In conclusion, say things like, “Remember what we’ve talked about tonight.” “I hope your heart leads you to our sorority.” “You’ll always have a home with us.” 
  7. PNMs look around the room to see which other potential new members might be pledging, so place similar types near each other on Pref Night. If PNMs see girls like themselves going XYZ, it helps finalize their decision. 
  • Preference Night Reflections: Ask sisters to share certain things that will make an extra strong impression on your PNMs.
  1. I pledged this sorority because…
  2. In XYZ I’ve found…
  3. Three things I’ve learned about myself are…
  4. When I went through recruitment, I felt…
  5. I’ll always remember the time…
  6. XYZ has changed my life in this way…
  7. My first impression of my sorority was…
  8. My most emotional memory of pledging is…
  9. The sister who had the biggest impact on me did this…
  10. My favorite part of our creed is…
  11. Our mission statement/motto means the most because…
  12. Sisterhood in our chapter can be summed up in one word…
  13. The top thing that make my sorority the very best is…
  14. If i had not joined my chapter i would feel…
  15. Joining XYZ gives a girl these wonderful things…
  16. i feel _____ about my chapter!

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• 40 Questions for Sisters to Ask During the Preference Round

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Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home for fallinfinity 

word count: 40472

side pairings: none listed

warnings: blood, murder, drowning, major character death, graphic descriptions of violence

rating: explicit

Okay, so he’s impressed. This person is amazing at what they do. Maybe even better- no. Harry closes his laptop after exiting his browser and places it on his coffee table so he can stretch on his sofa. His joints hurt from sitting in such an awkward position, and he can feel a tight knot forming in his lower back. He needs to rest. After that he needs to find a new target and show this Artist that they need to mind their own business.

They definitely have Harry’s attention. Now it’s his turn.

READ THE WARNINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This fic contains triggering material, READ THE WARNINGS AND CONSIDER IF THIS FIC IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are concerned about these warnings, drop down to the comment section of the fic and ask the writer for some clarification on them, or you can come to me and I’ll speak to the writer about the tags! IF YOU THINK SOMETHING ELSE SHOULD BE WARNED THEN TELL ME OR THE WRITER SO WE CAN TAKE CARE OF IT!!! But please do not yell at myself or the writer. 

“The song “Your Heart Will Lead You Home” from The Tigger Movie means so much to me. The middle of my junior year, I moved to a school that I hate and sadly have to graduate from this year. I’m lonely, sit by myself at lunch every day and have no friends. That song reminds me that I have true friends back home that I love with all my heart, and I know they will never leave my side no matter what happens.”

You are my everything
You are my universe, my galaxy
You’ve taken all the stars out of the sky and put them in me
Just so I would glow.
You are my light autumn shower, and my heavy spring storm
Your kisses are like raindrops fresh on my skin.
You are my sunshine after a darkened night
You’re able to warm my heart and make flowers grow in the darkest parts of my heart.
You are my tranquility, you are what brings me home
You lead me to safety and comfort, you lead me to you.
You are my everything
—  You Are My Everything; journal assignment, November 6th, 2014

“I grew up watching the Tigger Movie and I realized as a kid my friends are a part of my family. But now I cannot listen to ‘Your Heart Will Lead You Home’ from the movie without crying because it reminds me of how I lost all of my childhood friends through moving/growing apart, not to mention my newer friends I met in middle/high school I had to abandon recently through moving. I always thought I would be with my family forever, but that was too good to be true.”

Your Heart Will Lead You Home

Kuroko no Basket

For KagaKuroMonth.

There is nothing on this planet that is more guaranteed to make me squeal/cry/explode with joy more than Papa!KagaKuro. This is completely self-indulgent and I am not sorry in the damn slightest.

Also at AO3.

: : : 

Both hands cupped around a steaming mug of tea, Kuroko sighed as he propped his hip against the door-frame, watching as his partner hunched over their computer, one hand coming up to rub through red hair as he sighed loudly before swearing quietly under his breath and clicking elsewhere on the screen.

Third time this week, Kuroko thought idly, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth; one of the many habits he’d picked up over the years from his husband. They’d both turned twenty-six in the last twelve months, and after ten years of being a strange mix of best friends, then lovers, then actually getting their shit together enough to tie the knot last year, Kuroko thought that there was nothing that Kagami could hide from him.

That was, until he’d began locking himself in Kuroko’s study, minimising tabs whenever the blue-haired man got close and pasting a smile (fake, Kuroko mused to himself as Kagami’s shoulders tightened further, his cursing growing in volume) on his face before pulling him into his lap and distracting him with kisses. It had worked the past two nights, but it was getting to the point now where Kuroko felt that he was being eaten alive with curiosity. He trusted Kagami explicitly, and knew that it was nothing that he needed to worry over, but still. His light was up to something, and he wanted to find out what.

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