heart watermelon

Happy Valentine's Day//(N.M)

*Nate’s POV*

I wake up this morning with the sun illuminating the room.

Y/N is on her side back facing me. 

Her hair falls on her face as she turns on her back.

Soft snores leave her beautiful mouth.

I smile and place a small kiss on her cheek before getting out of bed.

I change into a pair of sweats and a nice t-shirt as I walk around the room.

Trying to keep my noise level down so I don’t wake her up.

The floor is cold as I walk down the  stairs heading towards the kitchen.

I take out the pancake batter out and a few heart shapes cookie cutters.

The pan lays directly on the stove as I turn it on and add non stick cooking spray.

The pancake batter has chocolate chips

The heart shapes cookie cutters lay on top of the pan as I fill them with batter.

They start taking a heart shape as I remove the cookie cutters and flip the heart shapes pancake.

I smile as I see them and decide to cut up fruit into hearts.

Strawberries, melon, and watermelon are in the counter as I start cutting heart shapes into them.

Rummaging through the cabinets I find  plates and set them down by the stove.

I place two to three pancakes on the plate and add fruit.

Orange juice sits in the counter sun which I fill two glasses with the juice.

I walk up starts and decide to wake up Y/N.

*Y/N’s POV*

I wake up and feel around the bed for Nate.

I come up empty and look around the room.

Footsteps approach the room causing me to sit up right.

Nate walks in with a big smile on his face.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby!” He shouts jumping on the bed and talcum get me down.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Nate” I tell him as I bring his lips mine.

We indulge into a passionate kiss before he pulls away.

“I got a surprise for my queen” he says lifts me onto my feet. “Close your eyes”

I close them and grab onto his arm in which he grabs my hips

He walks us carefully down the stairs a with my hands on my eyes.

“No peeking”

“I’m not I cross my heart”

“Open them” he whispers into my ear causing me to shiver with pleasure.

I open eyes and see a beautiful heart shaped breakfast on the table.

With the breakfast are flowers and chocolate covered marshmellows and strawberries.

A small teddy bear is on the table holding a small box.

I approach the teddy bear and open the box.

As I open it I see a beautiful ring the diamond shining bright and heart shaped.

I turn around to thank Nate for all of this.

When I turn around I see Nate on his knee.

His hands reach for the box before opening it again while looking at me.

“This is probably the cheesiest proposal anyone has done and I’m fine with it” which causes me to laugh a little “Y/N ever since you came into my life you made a hundred times better. Your positive attitude, that smile that makes my heart melt, and all the love you have for people who are close to you. I couldn’t ask anything better in a girl. Especially one who I want to make my wife, so Y/N will you make me the happiest man on this earth and marry me” he says.

I nod and drop to my knees to hug him.

I bring my lips to kiss me him before he place the bring on my ring finger.

“I’m so happy you said yes” he mumbles against my lips.

I only nod before making the kiss more heated.

Nate’s us in his back as we continue to kiss.

“Let’s take this upstairs” I say getting up and reaching for his hand.

He takes it before lifting me bridal style which causes me to let out a squeak.

We make up stairs and our clothes fall off our bodies as we continue to kiss.

Nate lays me down on the bed and slowly kisses my lips before going down to my neck.

He leaves small hickies he and there as he goes lowers.

When he gets to where I need him most he comes back up to reclaim my lips.

I kiss back and soon feel him entering me.

I let out a small moan as he stretches me out.

Nate’s thrusts are slow but deep and passionate.

I moan as he continues leaving hickies on my chest.

Nate groans as I lift my hips a little to meet his thrusts.

He speeds up a little as he feels me reaching my climax.

I flip us over and start to rid whim nice and slow.

Nate’s finger tips dig into my skin near my hips as start to bounce on him a little.

I lean down a little and place my lips on his neck.

Leaving hickies down on his neck as I continue to ride him.

He groans each time I leave a fresh hickey and grind my hips harder into his.

His cock twitches indicating he is close.

“Baby I’m so close” he speaks voice is hoarse and raspy bringing me closer to my climax.

Nate flips is over again and starts to pound into me.

Loud moans leave my lips and loud groans leave his

“Na—” I moan out loud being him close to me my arms wrapping around his chest as I release.

Nate reaches his climax right after me, mine triggering his.

A loud groan leaves his lips as he fills me up with his cum.

I lay panting and moaning as Nate rides out our highs.

Nate finally pulls out and lays beside me.

I move to move on top him and snuggle into his bare chest.

“I love you, Y/N” Nate whispers into my hair as I lay on his chest.

“And I love you Nate” I tell him looking up at him.

His lips meet mine for another kiss in which I gladly return.

“Happy Valentine’s Day again baby” Nate says as I start drifting off into a deep sleep.

I smile into his chest and snuggle closer into him causing him to chuckle.

Nate hands wrap around me tighter and I feel his breath growing more steady and slow.

Nate also drifts off to sleep as I do.

I hope you are all celebrating with a special someone this Valentine’s Day. 💕

I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day Imagine❤