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Hi, sorry its been awhile. I keep starting a post but then I change my mind and just close it. RIP but today definitely finishing it. I got the Butterfly Dress since its recent release made it more common (and cheaper). Its gorgeous and thought it went well with the Afternoon Tea Sun Bonnet and Wig (F). Kind of hard to see because of the wig but wore my Pink Topaz Twinkling Butterfly Wings. I’m using the Squee Gesture for posing, its super cute and definitely worth the gold I spent on buying it haha. 

Outfit: Butterfly Dress
Headpiece: Afternoon Tea Sun Bonnet and Wig (F)
Shoes: Lisbeth Boots
Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
Accessories: Pink Topaz Twinkling Butterfly Wings



concept: we’re sitting on the couch after watching a movie together. we’re comfortable with the silence between us, because we don’t always need words to speak of how we feel. i’m cross-legged in your lap and leaning back against you, your chin is resting against the top of my head and your breathing is warm and slow and soft against my hair. our cat is quietly purring in my lap, i have one arm around them and you’re holding my hand of the other. your hand is larger than mine, and you clasp it so softly as if it’s about to break. our fingers are curled around each other’s, fitting perfectly as if we were a puzzle meant to be together. we’re together, and we’re finally home at last. together.

How you would spend Valentines Day with The Avengers:

Tony: He take you to your favorite Country, going to all of the best places.

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Steve: He would take you to an old school dancing club.

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Natasha: You would go out in the town for a few drinks.

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Bruce: You would take him to the best local coffee shop. Talking until the place closes.

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Clint: He’d light candles and get take out for the both of you, so you could have a night in.

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Sam: You would cook together! Playing around and messing with each other the whole time. Which ends in the kitchen being a huge clutter.

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Thor: He would take you to Asgard and show you around. While trying (and failing) to seduce you.

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Scott: He would want to spend the whole day in bed, cuddling and talking through most of the day. (When you finally get up, he’d make some heart shaped waffles.)

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Peter: You would spend the day in his apartment, dancing together with cheesy 80s music playing on his broken radio.

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T'challa: He would set up a romantic bath for the other of you. Complete with wine, romantic music, sweets, and kissing.

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Wanda: She would finally agree to teach you guitar. But you probably wouldn’t get to the end of the lesion, due to you constantly pestering her with questions.

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Pietro: ;) you’d be very, very busy.

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brunost sounds really good. now i'm sad i can't try it because i'm so lactose intolerant

If you’re ever on your death bed or on death row make sure your last meal is big flat heart (Scandinavian) waffles with brunost and your favourite berry jam (strawberry is safe, raspberry if you’re not feeling too sweet, blueberry if ya feelin adventurous. Not that you’re gonna be dying any time soon and that you’ll remember this in 80 years but you know just to put it out there. It’s like 10 g lactose in one slice of brunost so like, make sure it’s near the end

aesthetic toast, what i really need in life

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can you write 13 for drarry please? omg thatd be so cute x

My Writing

Draco Malfoy was not a morning person. He hated everything about mornings. In fact, he would sleep until the afternoon everyday if he could.

Harry, however was always bright and chipper in the morning, although part of the reason he acted that way was just to annoy Draco.

Draco was particularly crabby on this Sunday morning. He groggily walked down the stairs and plopped down in one of the chairs at the kitchen table, across from where Harry was finishing his breakfast.

Harry smiled brightly at him.

Good morning, sunshine,” he said and got up from the table to put his now empty plate and cup in the sink, pausing for a second as he walked past to kiss the top of Draco’s head.

Draco just groaned and rubbed his still sleepy eyes.

Harry chuckled.

“Would you like me to make you something for breakfast, love?”

Draco let out a long sigh.

“I suppose.”

Harry rolled his eyes at him.

“You act like it’s five o’clock in the morning. It’s already ten.”

“Still early,” Draco mumbled.

Harry stood behind Draco and ran a hand through his blond hair. Draco leaned into the touch and sighed contentedly.

“What would you like to eat, Draco?” Harry asked, pulling his hand away.

Draco turned to look at his boyfriend with puppy-dog eyes.

“Will you make me waffles, Harry? Pretty please? I haven’t had them in ages!”

“You had them two weekends ago, love,” Harry said with a quirked eyebrow.

“But they’re my favorite!”

Harry smiled at him and got out the necessary materials.

“Fine. But only because waffles seem to be the only thing that gets you out of your sour mood in the mornings.”

Draco smiled at him.

Harry made Draco’s waffles heart shaped. Draco rolled his eyes and told Harry that he was an utter sap, but Harry knew that he loved it.

“You know,” Harry said as Draco was stuffing his mouth full of his breakfast. “Sometimes I think you pretend to be in a bad mood just so I’ll make these for you.”

Draco gave him a devious smile as he added more syrup.


Harry got up and took his plate away from him.


“Spoiled brats don’t get waffles, Draco,” Harry teased.

“Okay, okay! I love you very much and would never, ever use you for your amazing waffle-making abilities!”

Harry smiled and rolled his eyes, and then set the plate back down.

“That’s what he thought,” he said and gave Draco’s syrup covered lips a kiss.