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help i need help!!! i'm on season 2 ep 5 rn, and i really want to like lance but i can't :(( i just find him annoying and obnoxious and i don't know how to like him. please help?

Don’t worry, but I am so sorry this is probably going to be long…

Lance has many qualities that I endear, he’s funny, intelligent, selfless, and quite frankly he is the heart of the team. “The blue lion is… it seems to be the lion that I most associate with like, holding the team together. There’s something about teamwork with the blue lion. Like […] about providing what’s needed at the time, and being flexible, which I think is kind of a little bit of the water element of the blue lion. It ties into being a leg, too, you know. Legs are all about support.” [x]

Lance is honestly one of my favorite characters ever…

Lance is incredibly selfless even in the littlest of ways. In S1EP4 He is able to figure out quite fast that Rover was not the actual Rover thus throwing himself and shielding Coran causing himself to be badly injured then later during the fight despite almost nearly dying, when his teammates are in trouble he emerges from his coma and is able to make an amazing shot at the enemy before passing back out. Another time this happens is in S1EP9, Lance out right believes the castle in haunted and is scared yet when a voice that sounds like Coran cries out for help, Lance immediately straightens up, forgetting all fear to rescue Coran and runs to the source of the voice. Another display of this is when He doesn’t want to worry the rest of his teammates (He excuses himself from the party so he doesn’t sour the mood because he was feeling homesick in S1EP4) which I think is why he rather be known as the person who can lighten the mood/class clown of the team, making it easier for him to bottle up his emotions and not cause unnecessary trouble to everyone.

Lance is actually humble. Lance wants to be seen as a hero, but in reality that’s not who he thinks he actually is. He may want the parades, glory, and to be seen as the best but when it comes down to it, does he think he actually is worthy of it? Not really and that shows in S2EP2 when he is captured by the mermaids and they call him their savior. You can see it in his face, the worry and question because woah why me? You think I’m your savior? I’m just Lance. Then when the mermaids say “We believe you can stop her”, his face shifts into an uneasy expression probably because he doesn’t believe he could actually stop her. “He’s kind of cool, but he’s kind of a goof,” continued Montgomery. “I like Lance because he feels the most human. He’s got those insecurities, but he tries so hard to cover them up. That’s what’s kind of fun about him. He wants to be the cool guy. He wants it so bad, but not exactly…” [x]
In S2EP10, He thinks so highly of all his teammates, complimenting each of them and bragging about them to a complete stranger, but when he gets to himself he pauses and thinks perhaps he’s not as great as how he sees the rest of his fellow paladins. But my gosh, Lance is much more than meets the eye. 

Lance is so smart. Lance in canon is good at reading people and the situation, he has an awareness of others and is able to make pretty good calls. We see a lot of it in the very first episode and more of it whenever Shiro is absent. Without most of us fully realizing, Lance is able to step up his leadership game and is able to give out orders to the rest of the team, and make calm, collected decisions. Lance is able to put one and two together and come up with plans quickly. In S1EP7, He stops Keith from being reckless and hurting the Balmera, coming up with a great alternative plan that is successful, not once, but twice during that episode. “But also, he does evolve. There’s aspects to his character that will start coming more into the forefront as the series goes on. You’ll see him take steps to real leadership material.” [x] And this is only the beginning of the show, we have to remember we only have two seasons released out of the planned six. We still have so much more to look forward to in regards of Lance’s growth.

I love Lance’s dynamic because yes he is a goof ball and he probably doesn’t pick the best times to crack a joke, but he’s exceedingly a talented marksman, and not only the heart of Team Voltron, but the heart of the show itself. I love Lance, not because he’s perfect but because he isn’t. Which is why I think many people project onto him. He’s so human. He is flawed but is constantly growing, adapting, and learning from his mistakes.


One cold and bitter Thursday in Munich, Germany,
Eight great football stalwarts conceded victory.

I thought my heart could only belong to one Commander but apparently it can belong to two...

Commander Lexa (The 100)

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Commander Elise Wassermann (The Tunnel)

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And at first it seems that they only have three things in common:

  • The title
  • The badassery
  • and being beautiful as fuck

But nope! The two of them are two fucking cutie pies who have no idea how to act around people unless it is job related in which at that they both excell…

but then… look at these two:

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A pretty girl is around and they can’t fucking control the heart eyes. Only these two can be in the middle of a hot scene and then look this fucking cute and innocent and like they have just seen a miracle happen in front of them.

Oh yeah… I forgot one really important detail that I think is pretty obvious by now… They are both queer (Lexa is a lesbian and Elise is bi/pan).

My friend and I are watching this J-drama on Netflix called Mischievous Kiss and it is AWFUL. Not in terms of acting or anything like that, but the relationship that is portrayed between the main guy and girl is so emotionally abusive and backwards that I just can’t even comprehend how Japan gets these things so wrong and think it’s actually okAY LOL????? The leading lady is this airhead who has no purpose in life but to make this guy love her and is basically a borderline stalker, the leading man is a hopeless asshole with no redeeming qualities whatsoever except for a pretty face, and the one dude who actually appreciates and loves the girl gets shunned like he’s not good enough and the qualities he possesses are the “wrong” ones compared to the dickhead character that this girl is fawning over. 

Like….. I’m into the whole love/hate relationship dynamic, but there needs to be character development and relational progression from both sides. This main guy has not shown an INKLING of affection for this girl. He only plays into it sometimes as a manipulation tactic so she won’t decide to give up on him (I guess b/c he’s this rich, entitled prick who has nothing better to do and likes the attention??) And if they’re trying to be subtle about how he might ~secretly like her~, it’s completely lost on the audience. It doesn’t help that everyone else in the show is enabling this unhealthy relationship by being all “oh don’t worry he’ll come around and you’ll live happily ever afterrrr~!” The only sensible characters are the delinquent guy who genuinely likes her and treats her decently, and her dad (kind of).

I know Japan LOOOOVES their cool, aloof, hard-to-get boys that break hearts left and right, but there needs to be a limit to these things, and they’ve crossed it with Mischievous Kiss. I’d recommend watching Good Morning Call or My Little Lover for that hate-to-love relationship dynamic, because at least there’s a reason for some of the behavior/personality disorders these people have, and the characters learn and grow accordingly.


GOT NEW TATTOOS!!!! ❤️❤️ I’m so happy and so excited.
The arrows are for my recovery. “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.” :) it has HUGE meaning for me.

The heart is for my loved ones and the moon. Well it’s actually hard to explain. It means something with magic but also that you’ll never be alone.

Hope you had a great day!❤️💕💕

Love you,

Sandy❤️ xx

7 reasons you should try DAYS

1. The protagonist is constantly blushing. Like it’s literally part of his character model.

2. It’s one of the those sports animes where your beautiful protagonist doesn’t realize that THEIR TEAM IS THE VILLAIN TEAM (see: Haikyuu!!). It’s your teammates that are the terrifying af crazy-eyes in all black tracksuits scaring the shit out of the other feel-good teams at the joint training camps and inter-highs. In the front of which is this sprinting, blue-eyed happy-go-lucky main character that is just delighted that he gets to play on such a wonderful team.

3. You know those characters that communicate their sports and life logic only through shitty sound effects? (see: Hinata Shouyo & Kotaro Bokuto) In DAYS, that’s your terror of a team captain. He’s a stoic, cold-hearted, tunnel-visioned leader that makes other regional teams’ captains weep bitterly into their pillows at night whose only advice during training is “your foot has to go ‘boof’ more

4. There is constantly great shit going on in the background. Like, cool side characters are nice, but cool side characters madly scaling a chain link fence in the background of a regular conversation in a desperate bid to reign in their injured sports-hungry captain is even better. Important monologue happening? Better have a high school girl soundlessly shouting at you behind that window.

5. Speaking of, you know the stuck-up prodigy character that all sports animes have to contrast against the main character’s inept, bumbling, warm-hearted approach to the game? In DAYS, the prodigy is that blonde lady killer that looks like a Pantene ad loafing around in all the promo art. And he loves the main character. Not in a tsundere, reluctant admiration way, but he genuinely beats the shit out of people for being mean to the protagonist and laments to himself at how bad a friend he is and thinks of ways he can apologize. He’s ornery and lazy and a bit of a jerk, but he’s not socially incompetent or a clueless asshole, and frankly that’s refreshing. Also he has inexplicably nice hair.

6. The token female manager that’s always such a tragically unfulfilled character? She’s amazing. She’s aggressive, polished and social with realistic philosophical problems, and she’s incredibly intelligent in general and loves literature and writing. Her internal monologues are some of the most profound discussions in the whole show. She also bullies the hell out of the protagonist, and takes absolutely no shit from anyone because why should she? She’s beautiful and already has friends and you’re in her way. Move.

7. Finally, the animation of the whole show is shockingly well done. When I first ran into DAYS I avoided the hell out of it, because there have been a wealth of shoddily-adapted sports animes these last few summers after Free! and KuroBasu’s success. But even the opening sequence is nice, the art is clean and pleasing, and the camera angles and details (both literal and in content) are just enjoyable.

So there you have it! If you haven’t given DAYS a try, you can find it on Crunchyroll with minimal ads. It’s full of gems like the stuff I listed above and is super, super worth your time to at least check out–so get to it! Summer’s almost done!

Terra Nova  ~Part Ten: The End~

[See my Masterlist for earlier sections. I’d link them, but for some reason that negates the tags]

WE’RE HERE! :D Part Ten of Terra Nova - the last chapter. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the story, it’s been so much fun to write. <3 

THE STORY SO FAR: You’re in a tunnel, somewhere below the surface of the planet, searching for your lost ‘exhibit-mates’, while Bones and the rest of the Enterprise desperately try to get you back. 

Pairing: Reader X Bones
Words: 3,614 (told you it would be a long one!) 

Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of explosions, tension, secondary character death

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           The tunnel was cold. A shiver ran down your back and you pressed your body into the wall, waiting as footsteps slowly faded, becoming one with the soft vibrations that filled the space. You let the air settle for a moment, then crouched low and moved off into the darkness once again, listening hard for any sound beyond your own heartbeat. You shuffled over to the nearest door and pressed gently against the metal. With a soft whine it gave way, and you peered in to find the walls lined with bottles, and the floor filled with boxes.

           Moving inside, you scanned the labels around you, searching for anything that might be useful, but there was no point – you couldn’t read the local language. Your eyes fell on the crate just in front of you, and in a last-ditch attempt to salvage anything before you reentered the tunnel, you pulled off the lid with a loud snap.

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Not A Fucking Love Poem

And we painted together on the canvas of forever in our flesh waiting rooms for only a wrinkle in time; for time destroys all the colors that we have when worldly desires sink their fangs into our hearts. 

It is not the gust of the wind that knocks down the trees during a hurricane but the lack of depth that its roots posses. It is said that time heals all wounds, but time has no heart. It is merciless and unfaithful to even the most committed souls. Ever attempting to grasp its reins we are but molecules, water, and veins; we are David as an unborn boy in the Womb of the Mother and Time– Time is a full grown Goliath. Helpless does not accurately describe the sensation in my stomach, the black hole that has become my heart. There are no words in the English language to express the thoughts and memories rushing through my head like a train in a tunnel. Fuck heart broken. Fuck depressed. Fuck helpless. 

Love is what they told me to avoid and I learn that fire hurts only by burning my entire body. My knuckles are bloody and bruised from fighting the tile in my shower. Any pain is better than this. You chose the world over me and we will both live with that until our time in this waiting room expires.

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Top five, how fun! How about: top five Sam Winchester moments? (Optional addition: top five Wincest moments.) :)

Liz - I could write a dissertation on this one because there’s the good moments, the painful ones and the funny ones. I’ll go with the most memorable and again, not in any particular order (and pain, did I mention the pain):

1) Sam’s “why?” at the end of Sacrifice. He is so lost in the moment, turned around in so much pain and guilt. And I feel he is asking honestly, like why would I stop? What is the point? It’s such a turnaround from earlier that season when he said to Dean, “I see light at the end of this tunnel.” *heart crack*

2) Powers!Sam killing Alistair in On The Head Of A Pin. Up to the moment, we had seen a lot of other versions of Sam (Stanford student, reluctant hunter, pain in the ass little brother, all around pretty nice guy) BUT this was when you had to think about how scary Sam could become, how much power he held, and what a freaking kick-ass boy king he would have made.

3) Sam talking to Lucifer in Free To Be You and Me. He realizes that Jess is actually Lucifer (which wow, the creepy imagery of that) and Lucifer is so confident. Sam is scared out of his mind and alone, and willing to kill himself and end everything, and YET he doesn’t even have that option. 

4) When Sam is alone and infected in the broom closet in Form and Void, and still doesn’t tell Dean about what’s happening. Instead figures out the solution (while being threatened by a reaper). This is classic Sam - he is an emotional vault who researches his way out of a terrible situation.

5) Fighting back Lucifer at the end of Swan Song. Such an epic moment. So many people have talked about this scene so not much I can add, except wee!sam and wee!dean playing with green army soldiers in the backseat and having that be the thing that pulls Sam out and allows him to overcome - well, that hurts my heart in the best possible way.

Oooh, I’ll do Wincest moments in a bit. Gotta give some thought to that one!