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help i need help!!! i'm on season 2 ep 5 rn, and i really want to like lance but i can't :(( i just find him annoying and obnoxious and i don't know how to like him. please help?

Don’t worry, but I am so sorry this is probably going to be long…

Lance has many qualities that I endear, he’s funny, intelligent, selfless, and quite frankly he is the heart of the team. “The blue lion is… it seems to be the lion that I most associate with like, holding the team together. There’s something about teamwork with the blue lion. Like […] about providing what’s needed at the time, and being flexible, which I think is kind of a little bit of the water element of the blue lion. It ties into being a leg, too, you know. Legs are all about support.” [x]

Lance is honestly one of my favorite characters ever…

Lance is incredibly selfless even in the littlest of ways. In S1EP4 He is able to figure out quite fast that Rover was not the actual Rover thus throwing himself and shielding Coran causing himself to be badly injured then later during the fight despite almost nearly dying, when his teammates are in trouble he emerges from his coma and is able to make an amazing shot at the enemy before passing back out. Another time this happens is in S1EP9, Lance out right believes the castle in haunted and is scared yet when a voice that sounds like Coran cries out for help, Lance immediately straightens up, forgetting all fear to rescue Coran and runs to the source of the voice. Another display of this is when He doesn’t want to worry the rest of his teammates (He excuses himself from the party so he doesn’t sour the mood because he was feeling homesick in S1EP4) which I think is why he rather be known as the person who can lighten the mood/class clown of the team, making it easier for him to bottle up his emotions and not cause unnecessary trouble to everyone.

Lance is actually humble. Lance wants to be seen as a hero, but in reality that’s not who he thinks he actually is. He may want the parades, glory, and to be seen as the best but when it comes down to it, does he think he actually is worthy of it? Not really and that shows in S2EP2 when he is captured by the mermaids and they call him their savior. You can see it in his face, the worry and question because woah why me? You think I’m your savior? I’m just Lance. Then when the mermaids say “We believe you can stop her”, his face shifts into an uneasy expression probably because he doesn’t believe he could actually stop her. “He’s kind of cool, but he’s kind of a goof,” continued Montgomery. “I like Lance because he feels the most human. He’s got those insecurities, but he tries so hard to cover them up. That’s what’s kind of fun about him. He wants to be the cool guy. He wants it so bad, but not exactly…” [x]
In S2EP10, He thinks so highly of all his teammates, complimenting each of them and bragging about them to a complete stranger, but when he gets to himself he pauses and thinks perhaps he’s not as great as how he sees the rest of his fellow paladins. But my gosh, Lance is much more than meets the eye. 

Lance is so smart. Lance in canon is good at reading people and the situation, he has an awareness of others and is able to make pretty good calls. We see a lot of it in the very first episode and more of it whenever Shiro is absent. Without most of us fully realizing, Lance is able to step up his leadership game and is able to give out orders to the rest of the team, and make calm, collected decisions. Lance is able to put one and two together and come up with plans quickly. In S1EP7, He stops Keith from being reckless and hurting the Balmera, coming up with a great alternative plan that is successful, not once, but twice during that episode. “But also, he does evolve. There’s aspects to his character that will start coming more into the forefront as the series goes on. You’ll see him take steps to real leadership material.” [x] And this is only the beginning of the show, we have to remember we only have two seasons released out of the planned six. We still have so much more to look forward to in regards of Lance’s growth.

I love Lance’s dynamic because yes he is a goof ball and he probably doesn’t pick the best times to crack a joke, but he’s exceedingly a talented marksman, and not only the heart of Team Voltron, but the heart of the show itself. I love Lance, not because he’s perfect but because he isn’t. Which is why I think many people project onto him. He’s so human. He is flawed but is constantly growing, adapting, and learning from his mistakes.

The Tunnels, Part Four

“Am I hallucinating?” Youngest stuttered, staring around, eyes enormous with awe and disbelief.

Cor slowly shook her head, equally as stunned.

From where they stood at the entrance, slightly elevated above the main cavern, they could see a number of the closest stalls.

A gnome sat on a three-legged stool near the end of one aisle, in front of a wheelbarrow four times her size that overflowed with jewelry, gems and nuggets of precious metals. The loupe hanging from her neck was in hand, and she was using it to study a large stone, while a magpie sitting atop the glinting pile argued with the apparent customer, a tall, willow-thin dryad with ash white skin that curled here and there like the bark of a birch tree and curling ivy sprouted from the top of its head in place of hair.

The dryad was insisting whatever their bargain was to be a fair trade, while the magpie scoffed and called it a “lying pile of splinters”. The gnome ignored them both as she continued to examine the chunk of embedded amethyst.

Lotkin led them forward until they fell in with the large crowds. An otter darted past on Cor’s left, stopping at a table where it straightened and transformed into a masculine elf, a long, shining coat of brown pelt swinging around him. Behind the table, a nearly identical man took the pouch the former-otter handed over and spread the contents out on the tablecloth - additional herbs and plants to those already displayed.

There was a woman with opalescent scales and a bright green braid of hair weaving down from the base of her neck manning a booth. She wore a dress of flowing gold, and the stall was filled with bolts of fabric and long strips of ribbon and cloth decoration. All her wares caught the light in a way that left Cor dizzy and her eyes aching.

A creature with crackling black skin that looked half horse and put off an intense heat even from several feet away walked by. It was draped in a robe of a pale blue color that flickered and moved like fire, and a golem of stone and clay followed obediently behind, carrying a huge metal trunk locked tightly and covered in carved symbols.

Then the most enticing scent drifted through the air, abruptly covering up the odors of strange herbs and sweat and rock, and neither mortal realized they had stopped following their guide as they deviated from Lotkin’s path, heading farther in toward the center of the cavern.

They passed additional beings, beautiful and terrible to look at, some ignoring the humans in their midst, others watching them with curious or covetous expressions. Neither human paid them any attention, the smell overpowering their senses.

Ahead was a large booth, located almost smack dab in the middle of the yawning cave. It was square in shape and double the size of any other stall, open in the middle for the workers to stand and haggle from within. The counters were piled high with fresh produce, and Cor was drawn to a pyramid of plums, all almost identically and the deep purple of a bruise.

She breathed in and memories of summers at her grandparents’ house flitted to the front of her mind.

(Grandpa had always been working in the garden, or trimming the half dozen fruit trees scattered along the boundary of the backyard. Cor, her sisters, and her cousins would be dropped off early in the day and help, in exchange for treats of fresh-shelled sweetpeas and handfuls of the grapes that grew over the chainlink fence surrounding the property.

But Cor’s favorite had been the small, twisted plum tree by the old tool shed. The fruit had been a perfect size for her small hands, heavy and dull until it was rubbed against her pants to a gleaming shine. Inside the purple skin was the red meat that burst with dribbling sweetness. She would eat three or four plums at a time, then drop the hard pits in a heap beneath the trunk, pulling up the hem of her dirty shirt to clean her hands and face.)

The plums she stared at now smelled like her best memories of childhood, and Cor’s mouth watered with hunger and want.

As she fought not to reach out, barely remembering nothing was safe, from the corner of her eye she saw Youngest, handed extended. He was enthralled by a cluster of yellow fruit she didn’t recognize, soft and too oval to be pears. Shaking herself loose from her daze, Cor tripped forward, tangling their fingers together just before he brushed the fruit.

Youngest froze at the warmth of her touch and stared down at their clasped hands in confusion, before a mild shaking whispered out through his limbs. He reciprocated her hold securely and shoved his other hand deep in his jean pocket, swallowing hard.

Which was when Lotkin’s voice hissed from behind them, “Hawk your wares to someone else! These two are mine.”

They flinched to look over their shoulders, but Lotkin was focused on the stall. Turning back, Cor nearly squeaked in surprise as she finally saw who was running the booth.

Goblins. Six of them, darting through the empty center space. All of them were short enough to need step stools, which they moved and stood on to bargain with customers. They wore clothes pieced together out of bits of leather and cloth in a hundred shades of brown and green and gray, and their mottled skin nearly matched their outfits in tone. Sharp ears stuck out to either side of their heads, with wild white hair poking up from the skull, and huge eyes that caused them to seem innocent and childlike. They made Cor think of the puppet versions in the 80’s movie The Labyrinth.

The one closest to them, watching Cor and Youngest rather than Lotkin as it answered the spider-woman’s censure, smiled and its teeth reminded Cor of nothing so much as a piranha’s, craggy and designed for the ripping and tearing of flesh. “Surely,” it seemed amused, “they simply wanted a taste of our lovely market offerings.”

Whatever Lotkin shot back in response while towering over the counter wasn’t in English, but the tone was aggressive and mocking.

The goblin merely laughed, not at all intimidated, and while Lotkin hustled Cor and Youngest away it waved and called, “You should stop by again, once you’re free of your guard dog!”

Youngest’s hand tightened on Cor’s and he quietly asked, “If we’d eaten- what would’ve happened?”

Before Cor could remind him of her earlier warning about food, Lotkin let out a short sound of mocking disbelief. “Perhaps the schlammkinder are not so clever after all. You would have become their eternal slaves, bound by their will and tied by an endless hunger for what you had consumed, always desperate and starving for another bite. You would do all manner of things for their foods.”

Youngest was pale when he bit out, “It’d turn us humans into produce-addicted junkies for those creepy little-”

“Yes,” Cor broke in before he insulted the goblins. Lotkin could apparently get away with it. They probably couldn’t. She kept her voice down when she added, “Only the food’s draw is magical, so there’s no way to get clean.”

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Note: Mentions are made of Cats-Eye (created by runwildwithme) and the Foxy Lady (created and illustrated by the Queen of our Court, charminglyantiquated)


I thought my heart could only belong to one Commander but apparently it can belong to two...

Commander Lexa (The 100)

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Commander Elise Wassermann (The Tunnel)

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And at first it seems that they only have three things in common:

  • The title
  • The badassery
  • and being beautiful as fuck

But nope! The two of them are two fucking cutie pies who have no idea how to act around people unless it is job related in which at that they both excell…

but then… look at these two:

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A pretty girl is around and they can’t fucking control the heart eyes. Only these two can be in the middle of a hot scene and then look this fucking cute and innocent and like they have just seen a miracle happen in front of them.

Oh yeah… I forgot one really important detail that I think is pretty obvious by now… They are both queer (Lexa is a lesbian and Elise is bi/pan).

I Got You - Part 3

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Mary

Summary:  The Winchesters saved the reader.  Who captured her and why?

Word Count: 1494

Warnings: None

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.

I Got You Masterlist

I Got You Part 3

Two more hunters dead.

Ice spreads through your veins, like shards of glass twisting and turning every which way in your gut. Two more hunters dead and how many more in danger? How many more are being held captive just as you were? Why? It’s equal parts enraging and terrifying.

“Where?” Dean asks Sam.

“Just a couple hours south of here. Ready in an hour?” Sam says.

“Yep,” Dean answers. “(Y/N), come with me.”

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[03] Run

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

A/N: This story is inspired by ‘I Need You’ and 'Run’ This story will contain fluff, smut, drinking, drugs, and angst. No, this story will not be exactly like the MV’s but I have used some scenes.



“After you got over being a little wimp you did pretty good.” Yoongi chuckled with a sly smile.

He was a bit on the grumpy side, giving all too many poker faces and snide remarks to the other members, but you were glad you caught him on a day that made him smile.

“So what do we do next?” You asked looking around at the faces around you. They all gave each other knowing smiles as you drowned in your own curiosity fully aware they weren’t going to tell you what was next.

“Having more fun.” Hoseok finally said, sending a playful wink your way.


Part 3

Sometime during the journey from the tunnel to the destination that was unknown by you, Jungkook and Jimin ended up in the backseat of the truck while You, Hoseok, Taehyung and Yoongi remained in the bed of the truck. You shifted your weight from Hoseok and rested your head on Taehyung’s shoulder causing him to look down at you and smile at the fact you felt comfortable enough to such a thing, you pulled your phone out of your pocket to look at the time. 10:15pm.

Before you could lock the device you felt Taehyung chuckle, looking up at him and giving him a questioning look he gestured towards your lockscreen photo. It was a picture of you and Hoseok dressed like two spies uncover at a gala of some sort. Hoseok was dressed in an all black tux, while you wore a scandalous scarlet dress that hugged you in all the right places; your hair was in a old pin up girl kind of way while Hoseok’s was up and out of his face. Hoseok’s hand was placed firmly on your waist while your hand was set on top of his with the two of you mid laugh.

“That’s a cute picture, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hyung so dressed up before.”

“Funny story actually, we were supposed to making sexy photoshoot faces but right before our friend could take the picture someone walked by, looked at us and said 'Wow, you two are one attractive ass couple. Yall are going to make a great family one day.’ and as soon as those words left that guys mouth we just started laughing so hard; thus why the picture has us looking like a bunch of horses. I’m glad it came out that way though… It really captured the way we felt that day, it was a moment of our happiness captured forever.” Hoseok looked at you and smiled knowing exactly what picture you were talking about just by hearing the story behind it.

After what felt like forever, the truck finally came to a halt. You all hopped out of the car and headed towards a dark looking building with a sign that read 'VENOM’ in neon pink lights, immediately you knew what this place was and you grabbed ahold of the nearest hand which happened to be Jin’s, he squeezed your hand tightly assuring you that nothing bad was going to happen.

Namjoon walked up the bouncer set in front of the brightly lit door and within seconds we were all in. The neon lights set a new and dangerously sexy glow upon the seven boys, the loud music turning your heart into its own personal drum, you let go of Jin’s hand and followed them to the bar where Joon and Jin ordered sixteen shots. Before the worry of the night could get to you felt Hoseok’s hands grab your waist softly and his hot breath in your ear. “Its alright, just take the two shots and I promise you it will be fine. I haven’t let you down yet Y/n-ah.” You nodded your head and downed the two shots the minute the were placed in front of you, surprising everyone including yourself.

You watched Jimin and Namjoon get whisked away by two very attractive women, causing the others to howl like a bunch of dogs; you laughed at their very boyish reaction and looked around to catch a glimpse at the mint haired beauty that had been quiet the whole car ride. Your eyes passed over Jin who was having a what seemed to be a very interesting conversation with the bartender, Jungkook was sipping on an inviting blue drink and then you saw it…

An average height girl with beautiful blonde locks was all over Yoongi as they engaged in conversation, one of her arms was wrapped around his neck as he leaned in close to make sure his voice was heard by her. Your heart sank a bit as you quickly turned away quickly, ordering yourself another shot. You downed the shot once again and you were ready to dance, to dance away the thoughts of Minho, the thoughts of your stupid and not needed jealously, you leaned towards Hoseok to try and ask him to dance.

“Y/n-ah, you know every time we dance in an environment like this we end up with in-the-moment-hickies,” The two of you chuckled softly knowing it was true, there were two or three different occasions when you and Hoseok went to a party of some sort and ended up dancing together; Hands all over each other, eyes locked and the intensity of the moment and the environment around the two of you caused both of you to end up kissing each other hungrily. There was nothing between you and Hoseok, nor would there ever be, but the atmosphere around always ended up making its mark on us.. literally; and alcohol never took a part in those past times. “Ask Jungkook, he dances great and plus, now that he has had a good amount of drinks he will not be scared and shy… even if you do have some kind of effect on him.” You smiled at your best friend and walked over to Jungkook, grabbing his wrist softly.

“Come on Kookie, you’re dancing with me.” You shout pulling him onto the dance floor and letting the loud music and alcohol take over your body. The dark haired god like boy grabbed your hips firmly and together you swayed to the music, you let him lead the moment he showed dominance and pressed your chest to his causing you to gasp slightly at the sudden action. You danced through a song or two before you noticed the sweat dripping down his face only making him look so much more godly, but not in a holy way at all. His body tempted you in the most sinful way, but both of you knowing nothing more then the dance yall were participating in was going to happen you decided to have more fun. Spinning yourself around you pressed your ass against him and within a few short moments Jungkook’s hands had tightened around your hips begging you to grind yourself against him. His hips moved expertly and when you reached your hands behind you to wrap them around his neck you felt his hot breath on yours sending you into overdrive; the two of you were only human, knowing that it was just the way you were grinding on him causing him to harden against you, and it was just the way he was hardening against you that was making the two of you dizzy with adrenaline. His hot and shaky breath in your ear and his hard on pressing against your ass caused you to moan softly, and as he returned the gesture you realized this was the same way you and Hoseok’s in-the-moment-hickies started. You closed your eyes not caring how close you and Jungkook were, not caring that his hands were sliding up and down your sides, not minding that Yoongi passed through your mind..

Everything ceased to exist around you except the feeling of Jungkook’s muscular body against your back and his hands not leaving any inch of your sides untouched; your vision blurred slightly as you leaned your head back onto the god like boy’s hard chest and focused on the memory of Yoongi wrapping his arm around your waist back in the tunnel. Your heart began to beat at the speed of light, your eyes opening and seeing all the neon lights flashing to the beat o your racing heart; you were so caught up in moving your hips in unison with Kookie’s, and thinking of Yoongi that you never noticed he was dancing with the mystery blonde a few people away.

His gaze left the blonde draped around his neck and followed you and Jungkook walking towards the dance floor. When he couldn’t see the two of you anymore he grabbed the girls hand and made his way through the sea of sweaty bodies until he spotted you pressed against one of his best friends. His eyes never left the way your hips moved in the grip of Jungkook’s hands, the way your body moved in perfect sync with the blaring music filling the pulsing room, he was so engulfed with the movement of you that he hadn’t even noticed the blonde grinding on him just as you were with Kookie. His hands rested on the girls hips as he took in your every move, he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off you for most of the night, constantly sneaking glances at you in hopes to see your comforting smile, or to hear your refreshing laugh. There was something about your soft exterior that made him uncomfortably comfortable, he tried to fight it off from the moment he laid his eyes on you. It was ridiculous to feel anything for someone he’d only seen for the first time a few hours ago.. wasn’t it? He watched as you spun yourself around and pressed your ass against the dark haired boy and began to grind the same way his 'dance partner’ was dancing on him. His eyes trailed up your moving hips and he watched in awe as your hands went back and brought Jungkook’s face near your neck. The mint haired boy’s breath hitched when he saw your head lean back and your mouth open slightly only imagining the sound that fell from your light pink lips, and the way your hair stuck to your face in the sexiest way was enough to make him growl in lust. He told himself it was just lust that was making his heart to beat in the same rhythm of the bright lights above. He closed his eyes and tightened his grip on the girl grinding herself into him as he imagined your face in his blurred, tipsy mind. The way his arm wrapped around your waist in the most perfect and exciting way earlier, the way he wished it was him holding you in that alluring way Kookie had you. And as the two of you closed your eyes, neither of you knew that yall were on each other’s mind.


As if each of you had heard the same silent alarm, you walked tiredly out of the doors of 'Venom’ letting the cool breeze of the night.. or early morning you could say. 1:19am. Everyone took their unspoken designated seats in Jin’s car and within moments we were off.

“Hoseok, I’m going to use you as a pillow okay? Okay.” You yawned, laying your head comfortably into his lap and falling asleep before you even remembered laying down. Hoseok stroked your damp hair as you slept soundlessly on him, mumbling incoherent thoughts under our breath causing the three boys to chuckle softly at the slightly intoxicated sleeping beauty.

“She fits in well with us, its like something we didn’t know was missing came into the house.” Taehyung giggled resting his hand lightly on your calf. "She isn’t all bad.“ Yoongi muttered in his famous 'I’m-not-phased’ tone, that Hoseok knew was just a façade. Hoseok and Yoongi had been friends for years, and out of all the boys in the house he was the one he found himself going to when he needed to talk, he showed his love in a silent way, not needing it to be known he was being caring or loving. The love and worry he had for all the guys was quiet and sneaky but not invisible, Hoseok knew Yoongi deeper then his sleep all day, savage all night exterior.

Eventually the ride came to a halt as Seokjin parked the car in the driveway of the boy's comfortable home.

"Hey Namjoon, you mind carrying Y/n to my room?” Hoseok whispered scooping you up into his arms and handing you over to the pink haired man already ready to do his duty in helping you out.

He set you softy on the bed and laughed silently at your smudged makeup and messy hair; and when Namjoon left the room Hoseok ran to the bathroom and grabbed one of your makeup wipes to discard your false color eyelids and doll like perfect skin.

“Thank you Hoseok.” You hummed, allowing your friend to remove the sweaty makeup from your face. He chuckled in response and began to undress you sweetly, leaving you in only your bra and underwear, within minutes he was sliding a pair of black joggers up your thighs and a baggy white shirt over your head.

“Goodnight Y/n-ah.”

Your eyes fluttered open leaving you in a sleepy daze. When your eyes adjusted enough you noticed Hoseok wasn’t in bed with you, leaving you slightly worried that you could have kicked him out of the room last night. You reached for your phone to check the ungodly hour you were up at. 6:24am.

A sigh escaped your lips as you shuffled down the steps and headed towards the kitchen to grab something to eat. Your hair was in a lopsided ponytail and Hoseok’s joggers fell loosely on your hips but you were too tired to care if they even ended up falling around your ankles.

“Y/n? What are you doing up?” A sweet voice broke you out of your zombie like walk and you were looking at Jin sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and giant plate full of food.

“I just happened to wake up, I thought I’d make myself some toast or something.” You smiled, but before you could make it to the bread Jin stood up and stopped you.

“No, please sit. Toast isn’t nearly enough, I still have a ton of leftovers. Let me make you some coffee? Or get you some orange juice, and give you a good meal.” You didn’t know if it was the time, or if it was getting close to be your time of the month but you were overwhelmed with emotions. It had only been a little over 24 hours since your breakup, in 24 hours you had made a new family and you don’t recall anything ever feeling so right.

Before you could even think of answering Jin, you ran up to him and wrapped your arms tightly around his waist burying your face in his chest. “Jin, thank you for being so nice to me.” You felt the vibrations from his chuckle, and soon after felt his arms wrap around your back and hug you back. “Y/n, I know you may  not know this but we actually know a lot about you. Hoseok never shuts up about how great you are, we had accepted you as a apart of our family along time ago.” You smiled up at Jin and took the seat right in front of him.

The two of you exchanged stories of the two very different Hoseok’s you knew, and how the two of you loved cooking and food in general.

“Do you usually wake up this early Worldwide handsome?”

“Yes. The boys sleep until about 8 and everyone goes their separate ways.. except Yoongi. Sometimes he leaves sometimes he stays asleep, but in regardless, waking up at 6 and eating in peace is something I love.” He smiled cheekily.

A yawn escaped your mouth without warning making Jin shoo you off and go back to sleep for as long as you needed. Us pretty people need our sleep he said with a smile, not even letting you help with the dishes.

The walk up the stairs seemed to feel so unreal, it was like your mind was asleep but your body knew you had to make it to the room before you could left sleep take you over. The minute your head hit the soft pillow below, your eyes shut and you were immediately engulfed in a blissful sleep. 

By the time you woke up again it was 4:35pm and everyone had went their separate ways just as Jin had said. A big house all to myself… It’s so quiet and peaceful in a very lonely way. I could use this time to write a song? Or at least attempt it? You made your way to the second floor that held the study, (aka your work room) Yoongi, Taehyung and Namjoon’s bedrooms; you opened the dark wood door and didn’t bother closing the door behind you.

You sat down in front of your keyboard and took a deep breath. It had been months since you touched the damn thing, always too occupied with work, or with making all your free time about Minho, it had been months since your fingers spoke volumes through the keyboard. You pulled out the notebook you had stashed in the drawer of the desk and began writing your thoughts, all the emotions of Minho, Jisoo, and this new family you had made, poured out of you in such a manner that startled even yourself. Within an hour and a half your fingers were dancing along the keys and your voice echoed through the house that you thought was empty.

Yoongi was awoken by the sound of your beautiful and intoxicating voice that echoed through the open study door. He figured you thought everyone had left so he wasn’t mad like he usually would have been being woken up. He quietly walked to the source of the angelic voice and peeked his head in the study to see you had your back to him and you were passionately singing and playing the mint haired boys first love. (piano) He could have stayed there for hours just listening to your voice, though the lyrics to the song you were singing broke his heart he continued to look at you in complete awe. Eventually he heard your voice shake and he noticed the way your back slouched and your fingers slowly began to stop. “No.” You whispered, ripping a page out of your notebook and tossing it in the trash beside the white desk; he watched as you did the exact thing Hoseok told us you did. Yoongi lived and breathed music, everything he did he did with passion; he never gave up, only continued to work till he was satisfied… so seeing you throw away a beautiful piece of your heart made him clear his throat and speak. “You should really stop throwing your work away."  


Yoongi’s deeper voice caused you to quickly wipe the tear from your face and turn to meet his face. His disheveled mint hair, and puffy cheeks told you he had only just woke up and you couldn’t help but wonder how someone could look so cute after sleeping for nearly sixteen hours. "How long have you been standing there?” Your cheeks burned of embarrassment, while Yoongi’s face remained unphased by the encounter entirely.

“Long enough to know that that song doesn’t belong in the garbage,” He made his way towards the wastebasket and pulled the crumbled paper out, and reading it out loud causing your face to turn a dark red.

“Its unfortunate that you had to go through what you had to go through to make write this song, but its also a part of your soul. Anything and everything you write and create becomes a part of you. You are etching a piece of yourself onto a paper or through an instrument. Even if you don’t like what you have created, you still keep it… because you might look back on it and use a line from it, or a note. anything.” He handed you the paper and gave you an adorable tight smile, you could tell that it wasn’t that he was grumpy or rude, he just didn’t know how to express his feelings. You had a feeling he had been through more then what he allowed others to see and that only intrigued you more.

“I can sense your passion. Do you write music?”

“I do.”

“Maybe you could show me sometime.” You didn’t know where the sudden confidence came from but you liked it. Maybe it was because you could tell there was more to Min Yoongi then everyone was letting on, or maybe it was because something about him made you comfortable in a very.. uncomfortable way.


Yoongi went back to his room while you went to change out of Hoseok’s clothes and hopped into the shower. You weren’t exactly up to do anything but stay home and you really wanted the boys to join you in your quest to be lazy. Maybe we could all have a movie night like me and Hoseok used to do. When you dried yourself off and slide back into Hoseok’s joggers but into one of your worn out band shirts you walked hesitantly to Yoongi’s room.

You knocked softly on his bedroom door and while part of you hoped he’d answer, and other part of you wished he didn’t. “Um… Hey Yoongi?”

You heard shuffling from the other side of the door and soon a pale boy with a black t shirt that seemed to enhance his skin color and his minty hair. He greeted you with a questioning gaze and an offer to come in (in which you denied) 

“I’m on my way out to the store, I was wondering if a. you needed anything and b. if you would could text the guys and ask if they were down with a movie night tonight. I don’t have their numbers.”

“I’m sure they would love that honestly but give me your phone and I’ll give you their numbers for the future. Also I can come with you if you want?” You studied the tone of his voice his facial features with such great concentration you almost didn’t notice he was waiting for you to give him your phone. You watched him type in all he boys numbers including his own smiled in thanks as he returned the phone back to you.

“I don’t mind. Would you mind joining me and the boys tonight?”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

And with that Yoongi followed you to your car and you headed towards the nearest market. You ordered Yoongi to grab a cart and follow you not noticing how comfortable you were with bossing him around on yalls first outing together. He chuckled at your demand and watched as you began tossing ramen, soda’s, and snacks of all kinds into the cart.

“You shop just like Jin Hyung.” He laughed causing his adorable gummy smile to show,  you laughed at his comment and tossed four bags for frozen fries into the cart, not letting your eyes leave his.

“I’m sorry I cant hear you over the sound of me feeding you!”

“But technically you aren’t feeding me. You are buying food to make for us but even then we would be feeding ourselves.” You laughed at his smart ass comment and threw a pack of ramen at him causing him to laugh again. You and Yoongi paid for the food and walked back to your car laughing at the playful insults you threw back and forth.

The two of you grabbed every blanket, comforter, and pillow that was in the house and tossed them into the living room for comfort. By the time everything was done there was enough covers and pillows to keep a small village warm in the coldest of winters, the 90 in flat screen was already set up to the main menu of the movie that you knew none of you would end up paying attention to.

“Will you grab the soda’s, chips, and candy on the coffee table while I start making the ramen?” You quickly asked as you made your way to the kitchen.


“Okay, let me rephrase that. Put the fucking food on the damn table.” You heard his soft chuckle followed by the crinkling of chip bags, causing you to smile in achievement. You began cooking the food when you saw your phone light up with a message from your number one boy.


Hobi: Soooo… I hear that there is gunna be a movie night tonight? (:

You: You hear correctly! Yoongi and I are in the process of setting everything up as we speak

Hobi: YOU always set up the best movie nights, i really LIKE them. YOONGI, better not mess up any of the set up!

You felt your cheeks go hot with embarrassment as you saw Hoseok’s not so settle way of outing your 'crush’ that not even you were so sure you had. It was unlike Hoseok to tease or mention your interest in men, let alone through a message and not during your nightly cuddle talks.

You: Even if I did, I just met the guy yesterday Hoseok. Fucking chill. Not to mention he seems extremely uninterested sooo fuck off. -.-

Hobi: I know you are probably blushing like crazy right now because you aren’t even sure if you like him or not because you just met him yesterday. I know how anti 'Love at First Sight’ you are. I’m just messing with you Y/n, but just know sometimes you met someone for the first time and you have an instant connection. That doesn’t even only mean a romantic connection, you clicked with the boys yesterday and I don’t even think you realized how comfortable you got in such a short period of time. I love you my spooky pumpkin, everyone should be home soon. See you then. xoxo

Your lips curled into a small smile and you couldn’t help but thank your lucky stars that you had someone like Hoseok in your life. Throughout the years you and Hoseok had been friends you were constantly accused of dating or were the subject of a bet labeled “30 bucks says they will end up together” and it never happened. You and Hoseok have seen each other naked before but nothing sexual ever happened, the two have kissed a few times some during party games, and couple just to see if maybe there could have been something. There never was and yall remained in love with each other in the most unromantic way possible. You were pulled out of your thoughts by Yoongi softly pushing you to the side to take over the ramen.

“Move pabo, I’ll finish this since you are obviously not capable.”

“Fuck off Min Yoongi.” The two of you shared a chuckle and continued to prepare the night in silence, you stole a few glances his way as you took in his cute concentrated face as he made the ramen. The way his cutely messy mint hair feel over his eyebrows, and the way he looked so big compared to you but was actually even smaller then Jimin, but only barley. You searched the cabinets, while the pale boy continued to make the ramen, and pulled out eight bowls of all different shapes, sizes and colors.

You made your way to the other side of Yoongi to grab some silverware when Hoseok’s slightly oversized joggers got caught underneath your foot, sending you to tumble forward. Before you could hit the hard tiled floor two hands wrapped around you and as instinct your arms wrapped around the source, you opened your eyes to see Yoongi  looking down at you with a small smirk. “You’re pretty clumsy Y/n.” His voice teasing but his eyes concerned sending chills down your spine.

“Aw, look at Yoongi caring about me.” You teased back trying not to focus on the way his big hands held you firmly or the way you could have sworn his cheeks turned even the slightest pink when you teased him. Before you could look closer he pulled you up and let you go only to turn back to the big pot on the stove. “Shut up brat, I was just making sure you didn’t bleed all over our white floor.”

It wasn’t long after the food was ready that the boys came home, they said hi and went upstairs to change into “proper movie night attire” according to Taehyung.

As the night went on and the living room was full of laughter and shared memories, you knew you were exactly where you belonged. The movies became background noise to you and boys nonsense, but the night slowly came to a close as Namjoon and Jin fell asleep peacefully on the floor, while Taehyung cuddled Jimin’s sleeping body, Hoseok slept with his head hanging off the recliner and Jungkook slept with one of his legs on your thighs while the other was hanging off the couch, leaving Yoongi sitting normally next to you. You caught the last few minutes of the fourth movie you all put in before you fell asleep innocently on Yoongi’s shoulder.