heart tricks


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Magic trick

Jin : Yoongichi come here let me show you a magic trick!

Yoongi : *Groan* Okay.

Jin : Come on give me your hand.

Yoongi : Here.

Jin : *Interlocks fingers with Yoongi*

Jin : Boom! There look I just stole your heart!

Jungkook : ugh, really hyung?

Yoongi : *Flusters* well- he’s not wrong.

Jungkook : Omg, are you guys serious?

Jungkook : Right in front of my salad?

Finally got around to making a 6 armed Bill, and realized frat boy was the only way to go. So throw on your toga and come to Tri Delta Δ Δ Δ 

This universe is gonna learn how to party!

The thing about being hyper-empathetic, Nursey thinks, is that you expect everyone to care as much as you do. You expect everyone to be able to read your emotions or understand how things will make you feel, because you can do the same for them. You expect people’s decisions to be emotionally-driven, because yours always are.

Nursey can handle being overly empathetic when it means he can understand how others are feeling and help them. He can handle it when he gets to share in others’ joy and pride and happiness. He can even handle it when he cries at commercials.

He can’t handle it when it gets his heart broken.

Well, maybe ‘broken’ isn’t the right word. He doesn’t think he’s had his heart totally broken yet. It’s more like little tiny scratches and bruises that he acquires every day, every time someone forgets to include him in something, every time someone cancels last-minute on plans he was really looking forward to, every time he says something and is ignored. Every time he puts a piece of himself out there, hoping for someone to see that it’s him looking for a connection, and gets nothing in return. He should learn that not everyone is as emotionally driven as he is, that not everyone can empathize like he automatically does, but it’s been twenty years now and his heart is still tricking him into trying over and over and over again.

“Today in my lecture, my professor,” Nursey starts, but trails off as Holster and Ransom jump into a story. They’re across the table so there’s no way they heard him, but they’re always loud enough to encompass the whole table with their conversation. It’s not a big deal. They don’t even know they’re doing it. It’s just another little scratch.

He feels a kick against his shin and snaps his head up, meeting Dex’s eyes.

“What did your professor do in lecture?” he asks, eyebrows raised and eyes meeting Nursey’s like he’s genuinely interested.

“Yeah, Nursey, you can’t just give us the intro and leave us hanging,” Chowder murmurs, nudging him.

This is it, he thinks, the reason his heart always talks him into trying again. Because sometimes, with the right people, it’s worth it.

demigodgirl20031  asked:

Hi! I was just wondering if you could please write a Alyanette story where Alya figures out that Marinette is Ladybug. Thank you and have a awesome day/night!

I would be absolutely delighted! I hope you enjoy it and also have a wonderful day/night!

“So, who’s your free pass?”

“My what?”

Alya rolled over onto her stomach and shot Marinette a look that clearly said she should know what Alya meant. “You know, the one person you could make out with even if you’re in a relationship, and it’s fine. Usually a celebrity.”

“Oh.” Marinette shrugged. “I don’t really have one, I guess.”

“No one?” Alya sat up. “Not even Ladybug?”

“That would be kind of weird,” Marinette answered without even really thinking about it. Which was a mistake, because Alya did think about everything, and she paid attention when Marinette got too comfortable and slipped up.

Alya’s eyes narrowed. “Why would that be weird?”

Marinette froze, trying not to let a hint of panic show on her face, because Alya would see it if she did. “Well, um, she’s probably your free pass, right?”

“Yeah.” Alya raised a brow. “So, why would that be weird?”

“Don’t we…” Marinette scrambled for some kind of excuse. “I mean, we should have different ones, right?”

Alya frowned. “What’s the real reason?” As much as Marinette loved being in a relationship with Alya, the fact that they’d grown closer only made it that much harder to hide things from her.

Marinette smiled, too wide and strained to throw Alya off. “Um… I just…”

“Do you know who Ladybug is?”

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  • Crowley [shouting at the top of his lungs]: Aziraphale! AZIRAPHALE! Oh, for God - for Sat - for - for somebody's sake! This is my friend's shop!
  • Fireman: I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
  • Crowley [suddenly quieter, horrified]: You - found him?

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 1: 

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 5:

I will never be over the way their conflict in this episode was resolved…

Mon-El straight up said that he was an ass and admitted that she was right and he was wrong without any prompting whatsoever. And conceded that her way of handling things was better and more effective. Plus, Rather than being upset or angry that she stepped on his heart and tricked him, he’s impressed. (all while having just been supposedly rejected by her)

One of my favorite things about him is that - even if it takes him a minute sometimes - he’s always cool with accepting his mistakes and faults and admitting when he’s wrong. He knew he had screwed up and that she had every right to be mad at him so he didn’t try to push her to forgive him or anything like that. He was there to apologize and tell her that he saw his mistakes, he saw the position he had put her in and he knew that it wasn’t right for him to do that.

Honestly, I don’t want a perfect character that never makes mistakes. I want a flawed character who can own up to it when they see where they have faltered. A character who listens to the people around them and doesn’t write off what they say for the sake of what they want. Like I said - it may take him a minute but he always gets there.

Also him acknowledging that things were easier when he was an asshat was actually a good thing. Because it’s him pointing out that he doesn’t see things or feel the same way about things as he did before.