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Mamma Aggie

A heart touching short documentary about life as a working class South African told through the story of Agnes Mofokeng. Mamma Aggie also reveals the many hardships of life working for a Labour broker. It shows the transition that UCT (University of Cape Town) took to save money by retrenching their gardeners and cleaners and instead outsourcing the labour broker, Metro.


This post is dedicated to my queens. I’ve been going through so much lately and music from women I admire helps me understand and process my pain so much better. Shakira: she’s the fist artist I can remember from my childhood. Her canción Ojos así was the first to touch my heart. I was immersed in her música as a nina. I was naive and untouched by the pain around me. her musica had this touch of optism and happiness to it. I was a child who heard beauty. But beauty ends. I left Nicaragua. I was stripped of optism. I was touched by pain. P!nk: Her music was an escape. A drug and a reassurance that I was not alone. She shaped my teen years. I began to fall into depression? I’m not sure I’m not sure how to label it. All i know was that I longed for death. I couldn’t understand my pain. I did not want to be me. I hated being me. I had no confidence. I had no love for who I was. I was nothing. In her music I found me. To not be afraid of me and that being yourself is a process. It will always be a process. I stopped caring of judgment of others. I began to listen to what I wanted and not what others thought I did. Lana Del Rey: she came to me in college. When I began to discover my body, sex, and love. I have so many wounds. Many of them are because of betrayal. She sings and I hear my heart crying and laughing at the same time. I hear her music and I can feel the great void in my heart. The million questions of why don’t I end it all. I think of love. The love of my friends and of promises I can’t dare to break. I think of the love I can’t let go. I think of a summer love. I think I can float in between content and sadness. Of giving up and fighting. I think of the ‘what if’. I cry because I can. I accept my pain and that is okay to hurt and I can heal… Marina and the Diamonds : I found her towards the end of college and to the present. Her music was my fun yet nostalgic athem. I can be who I am and fuck who I want. She made me confident. I took confidence in the things I wanted in life specifically in my intimate relationships. I know what i want and Noone should ever have power to tell me otherwise. I am confident and I am happy and if your wants don’t match mine then too bad. Her music is my laughter to all those broken hearts. I continue to laugh even now because you’re nothing to me unless I give you the power to be. Nicki Minaj: She’s my weirdo. My everything when it comes to owning up. Her music screams to me. It’s like you called me weird like is an insult but I can just laugh in your face. I can keep laughing until you disappear. You’re existence is nothing to me and so is your insults. At first I hated when people made assumptions of who I am because of the way I act. As if the way I act makes me of something less. Then I realize so what? I embraced these assumptions and continue my act. If people assumed the person they think I am then better for me to have less judgmental idiots in my life. The more acts I put up the more they think they know about me. The less I have to share myself with others that don’t deserve to connect with me/know who I really behind all the masks I can hide behind… Melanie Martinez: she’s someone I’m beginning to discover. She speaks to my weirdness like Nicki. She has masks I can relate to. The difference is there is no confidence in the masks only the pain. The betrayals since childhood, of love. I’m learning through her music my mask of pain. How is glued to me and has twisted. This mask is so well blended and have yet to discover it. how will begin to heal me? If you read all of this thank you 😆 I had itch for writing something and this is what I threw up.

eleven questions tag

i was tagged by the lovely willgorshki. thank you, jas! c:

  1. what’s the quality you like most about yourself? my creativity i guess
  2. what character from a tv series you most admire? i don’t watch a lot of tv series so idk
  3. if you could go anywhere in the world right now, where? nyc or a beach in hawaii
  4. which line from which song you can’t stop thinking about? “and if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight” from young god by halsey because lmao swell
  5. do you believe in reincarnation and why? i’ve never thought much about this so idk much but i believe in other stuff like meeting in another life
  6. if this was your last day on earth, who would you forgive and for what? well i would thank (and forgive) all the authors who tore my heart to bits & touched me so much because books and writing are amazing creations
  7. what’s the quality you most dislike about yourself? i’m emotional af
  8. do you believe in love at first sight? ehh not really
  9. what school subject do you enjoy most/would you want to study? art ftw
  10. why have you joined tumblr? i joined it because it seemed like a friendly, fun social platform and well here i am
  11. your favourite food? chocolate!    

my questions:

  1. when was the last time you cried?
  2. what is your favorite word?
  3. what are you wearing right now?
  4. if you could have lunch with 3 fictional characters, who would you go with?
  5. the book or the movie?
  6. who was your first otp?
  7. what is your favorite quote?
  8. what is your favorite holiday?
  9. would you rather have taste buds on your fingers or toes?
  10. how many hours of sleep do you usually get on average each night?
  11. why did you decide to join tumblr?

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1. Feeling Myself - Nicki Minaj & Beyoncé

2. Elastic Heart - Sia

3. Touch - Troye Sivan

4. Ain’t nobody - Jasmine Thompson

5. Good For You - Selena Gomez

6. Radio Active - Rita Ora

7. Headlights - Robin schulz

8. Break Free - Ariana Grande

9. Without You - Dillon Francis

10. Omen - Sam Smith & Disclosure

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