heart stoppped

I want to know why its acceptable to post brown bodies on your dash. I want to know why the bodies of burned and maimed woman, children men are always on my dash. Its not enough thats it my own people. My nigerian people i probably made eye contact with when im walking down the street or smiled at in a car. but you post it up no warning, out on the table. I know its to make a statement . To show look what they are doing. But you go to far. You complain of black bodies in the U.S left in the street and taken photos of , reblog it 300k times and say they leave us out like animals. Yet you do the same for brown people burned alive and raped and mutilated. I never in my life saw pictures of 9/11 victims on my dash. pictures of the sandy hook children murdered and passed around pictures, bombings and shootings with white casualties never have their dead body on my computer. Why is that? I see the brown terrorists dead bodies exposed, brown shooters and brown babies. No white shooter and no white people who died in fires done purposefully or raped or mutilated. I really triedd not to say anything but i see it on my dash no triggger warning. These are people who have died in the most worst way and you reblog it til it reaches 25k notes an it stays in your likes or your archive. please stop doing this. please stop making brown people murdered into a photoset to reach the heart of people who obviously read the worded posts and not feel anything but the pictures of crisp people is what gets their heart pumping!! stop stop stopp 

Everyones been talking about every page of this comic, except for this one… I mean…This was for me the funniest part…
1) Soldier covered in honey, being naked 
2) Heavy seeing his friends in a total mess, like…its been normal every day. And facing mama bear
3) Scout finding out that his heart stopps working, probably dying
and 4) pyro who sees this and only helps by covering scouts face with snow (or does he begin to bury him in snow?)