heart spunked

what can I say?
PG, 900 words

neither-is-famous au

They’re just two guys. Two out of work actors, brought together by an ad on craigslist a few years back when they were all young, full of heart and hope and spunk, and yeah however you interpret that, you’d be right.

Darren’s mother tells him that it’s rare to find someone you never question in your life. That kind of trust is reserved for family, for blood, and for your soulmate. Chris says he doesn’t believe in soulmates, but he also knows better than to argue with Darren’s mother. She is benevolent but firm, and he’d also never risk cutting off the source of his favorite kind of cookie. One day he’ll get her to tell him what’s in them.

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Mulan is the badest bitch there is.

She took a black eye (from her man, to boot), AND they had marriage problems, AND she’s not even a princess, and she’s still in the (Disney Princess) line and represents for a whole portion of the globe. She had an identity crisis, saved a nation, believes in love above tradition, but is still willing to sacrifice her own happiness for the well being of others. She rides horseback, fought in a war, dressed in drag, and sacrificed her life for her family. Yet… when I was at the Magic Kingdom with my daughter, Mulan was scarce - severely underrepresented. None of the employees could even point me in the direction of any merchandise (save the lone Animator’s doll). But Ariel, born into royalty and privilege, who abandoned and disobeyed her family for a man she didn’t know, made a deal with a witch who wanted her father dead, and changed her “race” for some guy… she’s got a brand new ride, a meet and greet, and a show at Hollywood Studios. I mean, Belle I get - she traded her life for her father’s, made friends and fell in love with a monster and changed his heart, had spunk and intelligence, could spot a jerk and had class… that’s fine. Belle’s a good role model. But damn… Just damn. Gimme s'more of the ethnic girls and strong-willed heroines, please.