heart skipping


You felt the mattress move, not by very much, but you could tell she sat up quickly. Your head in a book, you turned your head to look at her, you knew what’d happened.

A cold sweat covering her body, trembling with fear. Her eyes never moved from staring at the space in front of her, and you felt your heart skip a beat or so, despite your calm composure.

This’d happened what felt like thousands of times, the first scaring you like none other and bringing you to tears with her. Time afer time you understood that she wasn’t perfect, she had flaws as well as you. This, was one that may never pass smoothly or quickly.

Trembling became shaking, and whimpering became crying, and slowly but surely she broke down beside you. This angered you. You wanted to inflict the pain she was feeling on those who caused her to feel it, never in a million years could you do that. You felt the anxiety swell in your chest as you set your book to the side, not minding that your page number was long gone. You hesitantly reached over to pull her into your arms, you moved slowly, making sure you weren’t rushing her in any way or were going to hurt her.

You didn’t expect her crying to stop or slow down when you had her in your arms fully, it got louder, and you pulled her head into the side of her neck, allowing her to let her feelings out there.

Again, you absolutely hated this. You felt your own tears clouding your vision at the sight of her so torn like this, and you knew the only thing to help her was to show her how much you loved her and to be there for her. That was the only medicine apparently.

That wasn’t working fast enough.

“I’m sorry,” she choked into your side and her hold on you loosened, even though you knew she needed more time.

“Don’t say sorry,” you squeezed her back and rubbed your hands up and down her back. “I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” That’s all you could say as you let your own tears fall.

She was a god, yes. Gods and Goddesses only have one weakness known to man. One of them had two, but you’d get her through it, eventually.

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fluffy Julian/Finn waking up together 😭

I jumped on this one so quick. Thanks anon, just what I needed.

Julian hadn’t slept again. He did, however, have every crack on the ceiling memorised, along with exactly how many circles there were on the wallpaper pattern.

He smiled as Finn shifted against him, that deliciously familiar warmth pressed tight to his side, his head fitting perfectly upon his shoulder.

He looked down just in time to see those long, ridiculously thick lashes fluttering open, sleepy golden eyes meeting his gaze. “Julian,” he sighed, lips quirking into a smile.

Julian’s heart skipped a beat, his name always the first word out of Finn’s mouth each morning, yet it still caught him by surprise. He always said it as if he were surprised to see him, yet so happy he was there.

“Morning,” he said, long fingers attempting to put the mess of raven hair back in its rightful place; an impossible task. He gave up, accepting that no one could tame this particular bedhead but Finn himself. He probably used magic.

Finn threw a possessive arm over Julian’s waist, fingers digging into his side, tugging him tighter. He tilted his head up, the perfect angle to press a kiss to Julian’s jaw.

It wouldn’t be long until this lazy morning turned into something needy, heated. It always did, neither of them able to resist each other when there was this much bare skin and tangled limbs involved.

Julian chuckled as Finn trailed soft kisses down the line of his throat, shifting his position to press his lips to his clavicle, then his chest. Finn hummed, content as Julian ghosted those long fingers down his spine, then clasping his hands at the base.

“I love you,” he whispered, Finn’s chin pressed to his chest, those big eyes gazing up at him. He lay flat upon Julian now, every hard line of him warm upon his skin.

Finn smiled, so painfully handsome and his that Julian couldn’t help but smile back.

“I love you too.”

On Takeout and Yoga

A Thanksgiving day present for a very special @barbabangme who requested this special and she deserves the absolute world!!

Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth, I’ve been traveling since I live far from my family and I haven’t seen them or a lot of my friends in a while, so I’ve been doing some visiting for the holiday. But alas, I have made a brief return to write something that isn’t a short, bulleted, HC and (hopefully) doesn’t read like it was written by a drunk 3rd grader!

So: A reader with Vaginismus and how she tells/works through it with sweet Sonny.

hun xx

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I just want to mention that I love namjoon so much hes honestly my baby I love him SO MUCH just thinking about him makes me smile !!!!!!!! n speaking of smiles u know what’s GREAT !!! NAMJOONS SMILE !!!!!!!!!! n yes !!!!! his face was made for smiling !!!! 💞💘💐🌸💘💕 !!! like the way his lips are so full and pretty and his teeth are so nice especially when he LAUGHS !!! and he has the warmest eyes in the whole world and his cheeks are so soft and when they dimple ?!?!!!!! O MY GOSH ?!? I !!!!!!!!!! 💞💓💘💖💐💕💖🌈💘🌸💞💐💕💐💖💞🌈💓💞💐💕💐💐🌸🌈 WOW !!!!!!!! god n his voice is so hot like not to b IN FULL LOVE but his voice makes my heart skip 100 beats n I die immediately ?! so u know the combo thay just uhhhhh ENDS MY LIFE ?! uhhh u know rly just butters my biscuits !!! n then he opens his beautiful mouth n uses his beautiful voice to make BEAUTIFUL WORDS like name me 1 single person who has such a kind heart, who puts everyone first, who cares about the well being of ppl he’s never met, who puts hisself on the line when standing up for social issues bc he cares about everyone so much tell me 1 !!!! person !!!!! who knows when to hold his members when they’re nervous in an interview while also focusing on translating and leading !!! 1 person who always is bringing his members forward to showcase themselves n watching with a proud smile bc he loves them so much !!!!!!! name me 1 person as beautiful as namjoon I’m not waiting bc u have no answer !!!! he is the most beautiful person in the whole world my BABY he’s the kindest soul the most radiant man alive the pires heart and i hecking LOVE HIMMMM 💞🌈💖🌈🌸💘💗💓💗💐🌸🌈💖💞💗💗🌸💐🌈💕💐💓💓💗🌸🌈💞🌸💐🌈💖💐💓💓🌸💐!!!!

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About protective husband Yuuri: Victor loves when Yuuri is protective of him because it shows how much Yuuri really loves him and it makes him feel happy and great

vitya loves it so much!! his usual reaction to people being rude has always been along the lines of “let them talk” and “it’s not worth bothering yourself with” but there are def times it gets to him more than he’s ever even realized? it only dawns on vitya when yuuri stands up to defend him for the first time and vitya’s heart might skip a few beats every time it happens

It didn’t take much more persuading for Josiah to smile and wrap his arms around Sterling’s neck. His heart skipped when their lips touched for the first time since winter break. He had missed this. He missed the warmth of the other man’s arms around him and the comfort that it brought him. 

Sterling smiled against his lips before kissing him harder, deepening the kiss between them. 

Josiah broke the kiss long enough to look into Sterling’s crystal blue eyes. Silently appreciating his boyfriend’s gorgeous face before placing another soft kiss on his full lips. 

As Sterling turned the boy in his arms, pulling him towards his bed, Josiah caught the sight of the older boy’s trash can, his heart sinking. 

He still remembered the first time Sterling had offered him a drink while they were on the beach, right before he had left for college. It was the first time had realized Sterling returned his feelings and gave him his first kiss.

He had also experienced getting drunk during that trip, ultimately leading to the two getting intimate. It had been Josiah’s first and only time, leaving an eternal blissful imprint on his memory. Sterling had made that night meaningful, he made him feel special.

Although he really had no reason to distrust Sterling, he still worried. After two years of being apart for so long, what could have happened? And the constant worry Josiah always had: did he still want the same thing he did before he left?

The Day Deku Asked All Might About His Love Life (IzuOcha Oneshot)

Summary: Izuku Midoriya cannot focus on his hero training.

Not when his head was being constantly bombarded with images of Ochako Uraraka, looking drop dead gorgeous as she decked a villain in the face.

When it hurts his ability to use his quirk, he is forced to turn to his mentor for advice.

But what words do All Might have to offer about how romance mixes with heroics?

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