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heart skipped a beat

pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

summary: you were too much.

words: 1,130

warnings: angst!, self-hatred/anxiety, swearing, alcohol

a/n: i listened to the song “heart skipped a beat” by the xx exactly 35 times last night and this terrible thing happened. not only is this my first fic ever published, but it’s also my first fic in english which is not my native language and that makes me too sensible of my defects not to think it probable that i may have committed many [grammatical] errors. honestly, i don’t even know why i’m posting this, since i have like 0.4 followers and no one will read it. i guess i just felt like sharing it somewhere.

please don’t say we’re done when i’m not finished.

“It’s over.” Lin declared briefly, not bothering to look up at you.

You stood there, blood rushing through your whole body, sending chills down your spine. Your brain stopped functioning for a second and you weren’t sure if it would work right ever again. You couldn’t believe he just said that. You thought he never would.

“But-” you began, not sure if there was anything you could say to make him stay. All you knew was that you had to fight. Fight for him. Like you did all the time.

“No,” he cut you off. “I’m done with your bullshit, [Y/N]. I’m tired. I’m tired of listening to this. I can’t take it anymore. Why are you like this? Why do you keep fucking everything up?”

Lin ran his hand down his face and squeezed his eyes shut. He didn’t have to keep it open, you knew what they were full of. Anger. Anger, disappointment and guilt. You hated yourself so much for not being good enough, for causing him pain, for making him suffer, for ever coming into his life. Lin was too good for you. A tear appeared in the corner of your eye, but you ignored it. You couldn’t let yourself cry. Not then, not when he was standing in front of you, almost falling apart because of how mad you drove him.

“Lin, y-you know I love you. You’re the only reason I’m still here. I live for you and you only, you know it. So-”

“So?” he cut you off again. “So what? So how come you keep hurting me? You can’t fucking stand yourself. And I don’t know why. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, I can’t make you happy. I can’t make you look at yourself the way I look at you. I don’t know whose fault it is anymore. But you know what, [Y/N]?”

For just a second you hoped that he would look at you, but he just glanced at your feet and got distracted again, eyes wandering all over the place.

“At this point… I don’t even care. I’ve had enough.”

Your heart stopped. You weren’t ready to lose him. God, you weren’t ready to face anything without him.

“Lin,” you whispered. “Look at me.”



He took a deep breath and turned his gaze to you.

“You know I’m doing my best.”

He chuckled. You couldn’t believe it at first, but that’s exactly what he did. Your confused stare made him laugh even more.

“Yeah. Find someone who will believe you. I don’t.”

i could give you so much more, make you feel like never before.

“I gave you my heart. Lin, you have my heart. Isn’t this enough?” you cried out, trying to catch your breath.

He was rushing through the halls of Richard Rodgers Theatre. You grabbed his hand and tried to make him listen to you. Make him give you one more chance. Lin shook his arm rapidly, causing you to fall to your knees. He disappeared in a matter of seconds.

welcome, they said – welcome to the floor.

“And you’ve broken it! You’ve shattered it! Lin, please!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, your voice cracking somewhere in the middle of the sentence. Your own words echoing through the building were the only answer you got.

it’s been a while and you’ve found someone better, but i’ve been waiting too long to give this up. the more i see, i understand.

“Who is she?” you sounded emotionless. Chris shot you a hesitant look.

“I’m not sure. She’s blonde and she used to work on West End. That’s all I know.”

“She’s blonde? So you’ve seen her?” He nodded.

You caught a glimpse of the joyful smile that was spread across Lin’s face. He was talking on the phone. He looked happy. You couldn’t stand the sight of someone else making him feel this way. Slowly getting up, you tried not to tear up.

“You’re a lot prettier, you know?”

You smirked and suddenly you heard Lin’s genuine laughter fill the room. You left without saying goodbye to anyone.

but sometimes i still need you.

“Lin!” you heard Jasmine’s forceful voice as she tried to catch Lin’s attention.

You didn’t want her to call him, but you simply stopped caring. You were drunk and lying on the bathroom floor of some random club. Jasmine just witnessed one of your panic attacks. All of that caused by a stupid song that reminded you of him. You just sat there, shaking and not knowing what to do, with make up running down your face making you look even more hopeless than you felt.

“Can you fucking listen to me?” she shouted into her phone.

Your thoughts drifted away and you felt your eyes slowly close, tiredness taking the best of you. You weren’t sure how long it took, you weren’t sure whether it was ten minutes or an hour – but he showed up.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he panted. You heard Jasmine say something, but you were too distracted by his sparkling eyes to focus on her voice. Lin slipped his hands under you and lifted you up. His warmth embraced you and you felt safe for a while. You felt loved.

and i was struggling to get in, left waiting outside your door. i was sure you’d give me more.

You refused to enter his apartment.

“I don’t want to look at her,” you murmured. You were too proud to admit that you weren’t strong enough to bear the sight of her. Even though you were absurdly drunk.

“Who are you talking about?” Lin whined, half asleep and quite confused.

“The blonde girl you’re fucking.”

The dim lights spread all over the street made the dark circles under his eyes seem even darker.

“I’m not fucking anyone.”

no need to come to me when i can make it all the way to you.

You woke up in his strong embrace, his hot breath on your neck and his arms around your waist. You wanted this moment to last forever. Turning around, you gently cupped his face and pressed a light kiss to his lips. He woke up instantly.

you made it clear. you weren’t near, near enough to me.

He pushed you away.

heart skipped a beat.

You begged.

and when i caught it you were out of reach. but i’m sure, i’m sure you’ve heard if before.

“I’m yours forever, Lin. I’m yours and I will never be anyone else’s. Remember that.”

a noah czerny fanmix
artwork by me 

ghosting mother mother | in the attic the antlers | new genious (brother) gorillaz | growing up canvas | where have all the flowers gone joan baez | ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space spiritualized | o green world gorillaz | heart skipped a beat the xx | stonethrower the antlers | you’re the reason i believe in ghosts starry cat | life is hard (teen daze remix) edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros 


Heart Skipped a Beat (FRANCOPHILIPPE remix)
The XX
 Heart Skipped a Beat (FRANCOPHILIPPE remix)


Please don’t say we’re done
When I’m not finished
I could give so much more
Make you feel like never before
Welcome, they said welcome to the floor

It’s been a while
And you’ve found someone better
But I’ve been waiting too long to give this up
The more I see I understand
But sometimes I still need you

Sometimes, I still need you
Sometimes, I still need you
Sometimes, I still need you
Sometimes, I still need you

Sometimes, I still need you
Sometimes, I still need you
Sometimes, I still need you

And I was struggling to get in
Left waiting outside your door
I was sure
You’d give me more

No need to come to me
When I can make it all the way to you
You made it clear
You weren’t near
Near enough for me

Heart skipped a beat
And when I caught it
You were out of reach
But I’m sure, I’m sure
You’ve heard it before

Heart skipped a beat
And when I caught it
You were out of reach
But I’m sure, I’m sure
You’ve heard it before

Heart skipped a beat
And when I caught it
You were out of reach
But I’m sure, I’m sure
You’ve heard it before

Heart skipped a beat
And when I caught it
You were out of reach
But I’m sure, I’m sure
You’ve heard it before


GENRE: fluff.


SUMMARY: In which you try to teach your boyfriend Kim Mingyu english.


Was not proofread.

You sat happily in front of your giggly boyfriend Mingyu before flashing a bright smile at him. “You ready?” He nodded bit hesitantly at your words. You’d had been trying to teach Mingyu english for a while now and all he had learned was “Hello my name is Mingyu.” and  “I am from Korea.” 

With a slight chuckle you thought of words for him to say as he caressed your hands in his. “Let’s start with something easy… Um oh! Try yellow.” You said excitedly.Why the word yellow? Well, it was your favorite color and ironically the first word you could come up with.

Ye-ll-oo.” You sounded out for him. He stared at you blankly before releasing you had said something.”What?” His face broke into a smile with a short chuckle. “Say it again- Say it again.” He laughed causing you to brake into laughter. “Yellow, Ye-ell-oo.” You repeated.

Yee-low.”He said cutely causing you to squeal softly from the cuteness overload. “What did i do?” He asked with his cheeks turning bright red. You placed your head in your hands. “You’re adorable babe.” You mumbled against your hand. Your eyesight met his causing him to place his finger under your chin and lifted your head up. The feeling of his hot minty breath on your lips tempted you to kiss him, but instead you pulled away slightly.

“Let’s try a different one, repeat after me, I-” 






“But Jagi, I already know th-” You cut him off with a short peck on his lips. “Pabo, I said i love you.” His face quickly changed from confused to flustered. The two of you had been dating for a couple months but still haven’t said ‘I love you.’ yet. You knew most people would just throw away dumb phrases like that but with your strong fear of rejection you were hesitant with how you used it. “You really mean it?” Mingyu asked in disbelief. “Yes, I mean it.” You replied watching his smile grow bigger as his eyes focused on his hands. With that you cupped his face with your hands and kissed him once more. “I love you too.” He shuddered slightly.

The fact that he said it in english made your heart skip a beat. What you had been teaching him hasn’t been forgotten.


I hope you enjoy! my requests are always open!!


All I Wanted; C.H. 23

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A/N: I’m in the middle of exams again - so don’t expect another update this week (Saturday at the earliest). This is going to be the first week off I have since September. Please don’t ask me to update almost immediately after, or voice your unpleasance of me not updating to your liking. You have a life, right? So why wouldn’t I have one? I’m shit tired and the private messages I’ve been getting are actually killing my mood to write. The fact that I’m lacking updates is the nagging, there I said it.  I am doing my absolute best and please respect that.

To everyone else that this doesn’t apply to, thank you for your patience, kindness and uplifting words. A double-as(s)-long update for you.
Lots of love.

“And why do you need me here?” Luke mutters as he pushes past my opened front door. He seems exhausted, his face unshaven for quite some days now. “Because I’m quite uncertain about tonight. I can’t shake this feeling I have.” I shrug my shoulders as I follow Luke to my kitchen. I’m already dressed, make-up done and now the nerves are hitting me full force.

“I already told you, Calum really cares about you. And he can be quite romantic if he wants to so I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.” Luke chuckles at my nervousness as he drops onto one of the vacant chairs in my kitchen. “That actually calms me a little bit.” I laugh nervously as I fill another glass of water for me to chug down.

“You don’t seem like it. Even if this fails, then you’ve at least tried and go back to what you were before – whatever you were to begin with.” Luke seems so straight-to-the-point with this I’m actually rather jealous I can’t be like a male and be so nonchalant about this. “I guess you’re right.”

My phone vibrates on the kitchen island and I am quick to jog towards it. Calum’s name is flashing on the lit up screen and my heart skips a beat when I read his message.

I’m heading out now, will be with you in five xx

“Shit. Calum’s about to leave. You need to go.” My eyes widen as they skim over the text message again and Luke starts laughing. “Don’t want him to think you’re cheating on him with his best mate now, do we?” He raises to his feet and dusts his jeans off, grabbing his jacket off of one of the chairs.

“We’re not dating or anything so it wouldn’t be considered cheating – He is making this up to me.” I state matter-of-factly, rolling my eyes as I hear Luke scoff loudly.
“Well, yeah. Anyway, I’ll probably hear from him how it went but I want you to let me know as well. Have fun.” Luke grins as he pats my cheek with his flat hand before he lets it curl around my shoulders to haul me into his chest.

“Yeah yeah, now scram.” I laugh as I push his tall frame away and towards the back door. “Be safe!” Luke lectures me one more time before he disappears out of the door and it slams closed loudly behind him.

Luke’s car hasn’t left properly yet or I see Calum’s pull up on my driveway. I feel the nervous butterflies erupt in my stomach as I see Calum emerge from his car and start up towards the front door. I don’t wait for him to ring my doorbell but instead I lock up and meet him halfway up my driveway. “Hi.” I smile brightly as Calum grins as soon as he sees me walking towards him.

“Hello beautiful.” Calum smiles as he holds his hand out for me to take. I let my fingers slide along his palm before they lock between his own and I let him guide me to his car. “Where are we going?” I decide to question as he opens the passenger door for me and I slowly get in the car.
“I first need to go do something else, if you don’t mind.” Calum seems stoic, his jaw locked as he keeps his gaze trained on the road in front of him, rather than me. He is still grinning a little bit, but he seems different than usual.

“Uh, okay?” I can’t help but let my uncertainty be voiced, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Calum. His hand raises off of the joystick to land on my knee and give it a firm, yet reassuring squeeze. I didn’t pay attention to the road but now that I do, I can’t seem to recognize where we are. “I thought we were heading into town?”

“Yeah but I need to go to a mate of mine first.” Calum smiles at me before he retracts his hand and focuses back on the road. “Did you hear that Michael’s mum apparently walked in on him and Mer a few days ago? I think I would die of shame if that happened to me.” I chuckle as I turn my body a bit, facing Calum as he slows the car down in front of one of the smaller houses in this street.

“Just a second.” Calum mutters as he puts the car in park and exits, leaving me alone in his car as I watch him walk up the driveway and to the front door where a male is waiting for him, one I have never seen before. “This is madness. It’s Calum.” Why do I have a feeling I might end up murdered in a ditch and my body will be hidden for a week before someone finds me – because I sure as hell don’t know where I am.

Calum walks back to the car with another male behind him, someone I have never seen before. Instead of walking to the driver’s side, Calum walks up to my door and gently pulls it open as the unknown male lingers back. “Hey babe, could you - ?” Calum motions his head to the back and I just know my eyes are as wide as they can get, and I’m fairly certain my mouth is agape as well.

I don’t say anything – partially, no, mainly because I am so in shock. I get out of the car and settle in the back seat as the unknown person takes my primary seat. Calum gets in and fires up his car. It’s dead silent at first and I’m staring between the back of Calum’s head and the other guy, back and forth, until I can’t take it anymore.

“Who are you?” I almost immediately regret it as the words leave my lips when I see Calum shoot me a pointed look through the rear view mirror. The male turns around in his seat and his smirk is so unsettling I squirm in my seat. “Dennis. And who might you be?”

“Y/n.” I bite back, but that doesn’t mean my fingers don’t fiddle in my lap. “Ah, I’ve heard about you.” Dennis speaks as he chuckles lowly before turning back to the front of the car. Calum keeps dead silent and I think it’s wise of him to do so. It doesn’t mean that while I don’t like this Dennis persona that I won’t freak out on him for what he’s pulling here.

“Well, I haven’t heard from you, at all.” I can’t help but grin smugly when I see Dennis make a disgruntled noise as well as frowning almost immediately. I don’t know who he thinks he is, but I’m not going to let myself be taken aback. No, I want to go home and I’ll find a way.

“Where are we going?” I decide to question Calum. His gaze flicks from the road to the rear view mirror back to the road before he scrapes his throat loudly. “I thought we could go for a drink.”
“We?” I can’t help but run my mouth and this Dennis figure let’s out a loud snort. I think I’m the only one that wasn’t up to date with the actual plans for the evening.

“Yeah.” Calum’s answer is brisk and dismissive so I decide to stay silent – and if it was my choice, I’d be completely silent until I had the chance to go. I’d be gone in a whiff.
The two males make conversation throughout the entire drive, and rather cryptic too, if I may add. I’ve been racking my mind as to whom I could text, call, anything to come and get me from this disastrous date. My only option was Luke. And he wasn’t responding to my texts.

I hadn’t even realised that the car had come to a halt and both men were patiently staring in my direction – until I gazed up long enough from my phone screen to notice both of them.
Again, I step out without another word. Dennis is walking ahead and at first Calum follows him – before he seems to realise he brought a date and he slows his pace so he falls into step beside me.

“Are you okay?” Calum seems genuinely concerned as he tries to throw his arm around my shoulder, but I’m quick to dodge it and walk a meter more to the left as I set the door of this deserted bar my goal. “I’m just chirpy, thank you.” I know my bark by now is much, much worse than my bite but if this is the way tonight is going to go – me being ignored on a date between the two of us with apparently another guy who thought it was fun to crash our date – I wasn’t so sure if I wouldn’t bite Calum as well by the end of the night.

Right as I’m about to enter, Calum large hand wraps around my upper arm and he pulls me back, with such force I almost go flying against his chest. I huff out loudly and rip my arm from his hold while raising an eyebrow expectantly.

“Y/n, I’m sorry. Dennis just got dumped by his girlfriend and he didn’t want to be alone – I didn’t think you would mind.” Calum shrug so casually, so nonchalant, that I somehow believe he really thought it wouldn’t matter. And now I’m questioning me ever saying yes to this – to him.

“Well, I guess you’re wrong there. Anything would’ve been better than this. But it doesn’t matter.” I brush it off easily, although I’m boiling inside. I turn around again and confidently walk inside, ready for the disaster date of my life.


“Y/n? What are you doing here?” I hear his voice and the grin I immediately get is troubling to Calum, I can see. I turn on my bar chair, grasping the back of my chair as I widen my eyes at the sight of Harry. “Haz! Hey.”

I jump off of my seat and Calum raises as well but with a short motion, a rough push against his shoulder, he sits back down and I can hear the noise he makes – he isn’t pleased with me. That makes two. I hold my arms out for a hug and when Harry reciprocates, I step into his embrace and let out a sigh of relief.

“What are you doing here?” Harry whispers against my hair and I can’t answer quickly enough when he lets go of our embrace. “I’m here with Calum. And Dennis.”
“Who the hell is Dennis?” Harry’s frown is very, very prominent as he lets his eyes wander to Calum and Dennis, occupying the seat beside him.

“I asked myself the same when he got in the car.” I smugly chuckle, but it’s more of self-defence right now. I’m laughing to keep myself sane. “Tell me you’re joking?”
“Oh, I wish I was, Haz. But I’m not.” I smile tightly as I pat his upper arm, letting my gaze flick over to Calum who’s in deep conversation with his friend.

“If you need help, I’m right here.” Harry points to where his mates had chosen a booth in plain sight. A few of them I recognized and I wave in a friendly manner, receiving the same in return.
“Who knows. It might be quite soon.” I laugh loudly but I know it, because I hear it myself, there’s desperation in my voice. I see Harry’s features change and it’s going to sympathy in a split second.

“I’m serious.” Harry states again as he starts going backwards, towards his friends. “I am too.”

As I retake my seat at the bar, I feel Calum’s hand land on my knee. “Who was that?”
“A mate of mine. I promised I’d text him but I kind of forgot. Glad I saw him now.” I state as I take a sip of my coke, keeping my eyes trained on the empty glasses stalled in front of me. Calum had blown it. Properly.

“Why would you need to text him?” I’m swift in turning my head and glaring in his direction. “Are you seriously trying to be jealous right now? Because you have no right to, Calum.”
“Oh, your lady is angry with you Cal. No sex for you tonight.” Dennis chimes in, laughing obnoxiously loud as he slaps his flat hand on the bar.

His lady? What had Calum been telling this guy? Calum was nowhere near calling me that – tonight was his chance to get back on the map and even that didn’t seem that important to him apparently. I remember Calum’s hand on my knee and I gently remove it, dropping his hand back in his own lap.

“Come on, don’t be like this.” I decide not to answer that, because that would mean we’d have an argument right here and now. And to be fair, I wasn’t in the mood for a handful of people hearing how Calum would cuss at me being a bitch that didn’t know how to chill – because I could hear him say it in my head.

I don’t know how much time passes, it might be only a few minutes, or half an hour… Or maybe even an hour. I’m getting more and more uncomfortable – and don’t make me start about my brain gnawing on everything that has happened and is happening and how much I want to slap Calum, maybe even much him in his nuts – as time progresses.

It isn’t helping either that since the don’t be like this, Calum had been almost completely ignoring me. He went on a smoke break with Dennis, getting up without even saying anything and leaving me there. I wanted to go and sit with Harry, but decided against it and just kept myself busy on my phone. That’s when I feel it vibrate in my hand.

When he comes back, we’re having a smoke break.

I sigh and I quickly glance to my right to see Harry already staring in my direction. I nod my head, letting him know it’s alright and I’ll meet him outside. As soon as the door opens and Calum and Dennis wander in, Harry raises to his feet and disappears outside.

I smile at Calum as he approaches me, but his face remains stoic. He’s listening to what Dennis is telling him, it’s still about his ex-girlfriend (seriously how long can you whine about a girl dumping you for crying out loud). I turn to Calum, letting my fingers trail along his lower, exposed arm. This is the last time I’m trying. If I don’t receive anything that seems hopeful now, I’ll find my way home. Even if it means me walking home alone at almost midnight where I don’t know anything. You can’t say a smartphone isn’t helpful these days.

“Calum - ?” I let his name flutter past my lips, but he, at first, doesn’t respond. After a few moments he turns his head half, still grinning at something his mate said, before he presses his lips against my temple – still without looking at me. “What?”

“I didn’t say anything yet.” I mumble, letting my hand drop from “Oh okay. Great.” Calum mumbles his answer as he swiftly turns back to his mate. I’m an accessory. Calum doesn’t grant me a second glance in the next minutes, which also means I’m not even trying on making up an excuse – I just get up and follow Harry outside. “Hi.” I smile as I let the door fall closed behind me. Harry is already lighting up his smoke and as he exhales his first intake, he holds out his open pack towards me. He helps me light my own and it’s silent for a few moments.

“There you are.” Harry starts and he takes another inhale, pausing the monologue I’m sure he’s about to pull off.

“I’m taking you home. I’ve been looking at you and your body language it’s so disturbing I’m getting stomach aches. Go get your jacket in a second.” Harry dismissively states as he waves his hand inside while taking a drag from his cigarette. I take a step closer to him, me still standing on the little step you have to cross before entering and throw my arm around his neck to haul Harry against my chest.
“You’re a life saver, you know?” I whisper against his neck and I feel the goose bumps appears as I exhale.

“I’m just looking out for my friend.” Harry sighs as his hand lands on the small of my back. I let go of Harry and finish the rest of my smoke in silence. “I’m going to get my coat, give me a second.”

Calum looks up when I enter, eyebrows furrowed as his fingers curl around the bottle neck of his beer. “Where did you go?” He slurs.
“I went for a smoke. Are you drunk?” I state and smile brightly – because I was leaving this dodgy bar. I don’t let his drunkenness get to me, I don’t even know if I can feel anything for Calum anymore. My hands were fiddling with my coat hanging off of the back of the chair as I wanted for Calum to resume his conversation. I didn’t need to give him an explanation, this evening was explanation enough.

I grasp my coat and Calum hears it, swiftly turns and discards his conversation with this Dennis guy completely. “Where are you going?”
“I’m going home, Calum. This – whatever this is supposed to be, isn’t what I want. I didn’t know what you wanted but somehow I think you may have made it quite clear. I’ll see you later.”

He doesn’t say anything. Maybe he is too perplexed, as I was when he decided to let me sit in the back to converse with his mate about ‘what a bitch Sandy was’ – in which I think Sandy was that Dennis guy his ex – too stunned to hold me back and beg me to stay. Maybe he didn’t want me to stay. Maybe he realised that he couldn’t keep doing this to me. I thought handing out numbers was bad – this feeling was even better altogether.

When I come back outside, Harry is waiting for me. As soon as the door creaks, he looks up, grins and drops his cigarette on the asphalt. His boot crushes the small flames before he holds out his hand for me to take. I let my hand fall in his and we keep silent, until I’m safely in the car and know I will be home any moment now.

“I’m so glad you came here. You’re all I had been hoping for.” I sigh as I let my head rest against the leather seats of Harry’s expensive car as he drives off into the night. At least I knew I was going home.

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He was so much more relaxed during the performance and smiley and cutie. I love that sigh of relief he let out in the end, he looked so cute and maybe part of it has to do with his mom and step dad being there.

He was so smiley and so happy and so content and comfortable; my heart skipped a beat like a thousand times during his section of the show so I’m surprised I’m not having an outer body experience right now… I’m surprised I’m not dead… xx

FATED | [listen here] | (a mix for for lovers fated to depart, condemned to have a path that crosses only in the stars, lovers who hide between the quiver of moth wings and the body of secrets, who love as much as the cruel hands fate will allow them before they are torn apart, untangled and thrown to ruin.)

i. a knife in the ocean  - foals | ii. bedroom wall - banks | iii. black rainbow - raffertie | iv. from the valley to the stars - el perro del mar | v. heart skipped a beat - the xx | vi. obedear - purity ring | vii. endless days - aloonaluna | viii. rabid - nicole dollenganger | ix. born to die - lana del rey | x. dust hymn - purity ring | xi. hunger of the pine - alt j xii. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys | xiii. departure -  baths | xiv. lovers dream - anna terneheim | xv. moth to light - betty and the boys | xvi. end of the affair - ben howard | xvii. still - daughter | xviii. crave - mtns | xix. adelma - grizzly bear | xx. all your sisters - mazzy star | xxi. wicked game - katie kim | xxii. no death - mirel wagner | xxiii. baby - warpaint  | xxiv. listen (listen listen) - wintersleep | xxv. velvet - lykke li | xxvi. wandering star - polica | xxvi. love - nonono xxviii. sights - london grammar | xxix. amawalk -  port st. willow | xxx. comptine d’un autre ete  - yann tiersen | xxxi.nightcall - london grammar | xxxii. elegia - jacaszek | xxxiii. she/swimming - moon ate the dark | xxxiv. je te laisserai des mots  - patrick watson | xxxv. threnody - goldmund | xxxvi. missing - the xx | xxxvii. i never learn - lykke li | xxxviii. summertime sadness - lana del rey | xxxix. 505 - arctic monkeys  | xl. spanish sahara - foals

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heart skipped a beat - the xx  • soco amaretto lime - brand new  • a decade under the influence - taking back sunday  • your own disaster - taking back sunday  • mene - brand new  • sweater weather - the neighbourhood  • ain’t it fun - paramore  • sweetness - jimmy eat world  • dark blue - jack’s mannequin  • never be like you - flume • so far away - agust d • does this make sense? - bts • 

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to-the-world-nct  asked:

hey its me again ^^ hehe um can u do "how nct would react if you confess to them" ? if u dont mind tho :> hehe thanks xx

Hello thank you for requesting!!

TAEYONG: So he’d obviously be super super happy that you were confessing, and felt that a huge weight was brushed off his shoulders. He was actually gonna confess to you too :)), but you did first. Without even noticing, he pulled you into a tight hug and smiled so happily it made your heart skip a beat. But he’d hold on to you all day everyday and love you like there was no tomorrow.

JAEHYUN: After you confessed to him, he’d just stare at you in shock. You two were friends and secretly both liked each other. He never confessed to you because he didn’t wasn’t to ruin your relationship. But now that you confessed to him, he didn’t hesitate to treat you like a princess more than he already did. He’d tell you that he liked you more than anything in the world, both of you smiling, and a little tint of blush on both of your cheeks.

DOYOUNG: Honestly, if anyone confessed to him, he’d be the most happy and grateful. Doyoung is an extremely generous man so hearing your confession made him like you even more. You two were both too shy to talk to each other, so weren’t that close. His face brightened by 100000 and nodded his head about 1000000 times. He’d give you all the love he could, knowing that a confession is difficult. Everything turned out better than you ever thought and he thought all the joy in the world went to him.

TAEIL: Taeil would turn into a little blushing tomato after hearing your confession. He’d stare back at you, while smiling like an idiot. After about 30 seconds you coughed and he finally went back to his senses. He was just thinking about how when he said yes, you’d be his and he’d be yours. He was so busy daydreaming about all the things you two would be doing after he said yes that he forget to say yES. He’d hold on to you as much as he could, and both of you secretly smiled while he hugged you.

TEN: You and ten were both really good friends and were always joking around. There were rarely any times where the both of you were actually serious and talking with a straight face. Except for today. When you confessed to him, he just ruffled his hair, and laughed thinking it was a joke. You told him you were being serious and his smile faded. He was extremely surprised, as he liked you ever since you two began being close friends. He instantly kissed you on the cheek and said, “does that answer your question y/n?”

Hope you liked it!!

anonymous asked:

i've never actually met my crush bc we met online but he's coming to my city in 2 months and he wants to meet! we video chat almost everyday! he's a really sweet, shy boy. his hair is black and looks v soft. he has a big nose and i kinda wanna kiss it! he likes to cheer me up whenever i'm down and he's v supportive of me and was v open about his own mental health when i told him about mine. he laughs at all my lame jokes and his laugh is p goofy. my heart skips a beat when we talk

ommmgg this is so adorable :,,,,,,) xx

I wish I could love you (like I used to)  ~ listen ~  © lestars

tracklist; i. sleep alone ~ two door cinema club // ii. hold onto me ~ mayday parade // iii. I don’t love you ~ my chemical romance // iv. a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me ~ fall out boy // v. fireworks ~ you me at six // vi. breezeblocks ~ alt-j // vii. is there somewhere ~ halsey // viii. the scientist ~ coldplay // ix. afraid ~ the neighbourhood // x. the rain ~ oh wonder // xi. always attract ~ you me at six // xii. where i end and you begin (the sky is falling in) ~ radiohead // xiii. not the sun ~ brand new // xiv. land locked blues ~ bright eyes // xv. angels ~ mayday parade // xvi. heart skipped a beat ~ the xx // xvii. fourth of july ~ fall out boy // xviii. doubt ~ twenty one pilots

duration: 1hr 12min (18 tracks)


1:  Comptine d'Un Autre Été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano

2:  Amelie - J'y Suis Jamais Alle

3:  Amelie - La Valse D'Amelie (Piano)

4:  Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours

5:  Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It 

6:  Arctic Monkeys - Knee Socks

7:  Arctic Monkeys - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

8:  Lana Del Rey - Bel Air

9: Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

10: Conor Maynard - Don’t You Worry Child

11: The xx - Intro

12: The xx - Angels

13: The xx - Crystalised

14: The XX - Sunset

15: The XX- Infinity

16: The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat

17: The xx - Together

18: The xx - VCR

19: The xx - Basic Space

20: The xx - Fiction

21: The xx - Chained

22: The xx - Do You Mind?

23: Arctic Monkeys- Diamonds Are Forever  (studio version)

24: The 1975 - What Makes You Beautiful

25: Grouplove - Let Me In

26: Fiona Apple - Hot Knife

27: Grouplove-Colours

28: Grouplove - Slow

29: Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire

30: Sky Ferreira - Everything Is Embarrassing

31: Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird American Mouth

32: Tom Odell - Another Love

33: American Horror Story: Freakshow - Angel Fallen  [Soundtrack]

34: The Neighbourhood - Honest

35: Passenger - Let Her Go

36: Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

37: Lucia - Silence

38: Lucia - Me Over You

39: Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

40: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

41: Christina Perri - Arms

42: Nirvana - Lithium

43: Lilly Allen - Somewhere only we know