heart shaped wood


This is “Clementine”.  I honestly can’t recall whether this is my 29th or 30th bow, but it is the first one I’ve made for a friend’s short film.

It’s meant for some one rather taller than myself- 6'1" to my 5'8"-, and also as it’s for a movie, well, it needed to be not too strong.  It pulls a bit over 30#@28"- my pull- and at the actor’s length it probably be near 40.

The pipe I started with wasn’t too long, so what really took weight and energy off the bow is just how heavy the reflex and deflex are; it’s a big, curvy, heart shaped bow.

The wood grain effect was achieved by using brown shoe polish from a bottle with a built in brush, I rather like it :-)

This is the second string I’ve made for myself.  A little better than the last, but string making is still tricky business.

I made arrows to go with it, 31" as opposed to my usual 30", but that I chose that length before I knew the guy was 6'1", I should’ve perhaps gone with 32"…. Ah well, they can fudge it.

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GOM+Kagami+Hanamiya's reaction to their girlfriend asking them to play with a ouija board. (if they say yes, how did it go?)

Kuroko: The room is nearly pitch black, only the light of a single flickering candle illuminating the letters on the ouiji board. Kuroko is staring at his girlfriend as she explains how séances work, only listening to about half her words. Behind him, the sound of creaking floorboards and random tapping seem to be getting louder. There is too much noise in this room. Placing his fingers on the planchette, a chill runs down his spine when he realizes the room has suddenly gone silent.

Kagami: His girlfriend is scolding him, resetting the board for the third time that night since he had been moving the planchette himself. Kagami is looking at her in slight confusion, wondering what he did wrong. “How else is it supposed to move?” When she answers, saying that spirits would move the piece of wood for them, he’s a bit unnerved. Even after they set the board aside for the night, he has his eyes on the planchette, nervously waiting for the moment it would shift unaided.

Kise: At first, Kise agreed to use the ouiji board with his girlfriend, thinking it would be an interesting experience. Once the lights were turned off, curtains drawn closed, and dim candles lit, however, he was singing a different tune. They hadn’t even begun the séance and the table was shaking, scaring him entirely. With a worried smile and gentle voice, his girlfriend tells him to stop fidgeting his legs; the table stops shaking immediately after. They don’t even finish one round before he asks to stop.

Aomine: At first, he’s snorting in disbelief. “You want to talk with ghosts using that?” Eventually though, Aomine agrees to play. Placing both of his index fingers on the moveable heart shaped piece of wood, he has to fight back a yawn as his girlfriend asks the first question. His demeanor changes, however, and a cold, nervous sweat breaks out on the back of his neck when he realizes the planchette has begun moving underneath his fingers. If he wasn’t pushing it, who was?

Midorima: With his obsession over horoscopes and lucky items, Midorima’s girlfriend had thought he would be at least a little interested in her ouija board. She was quickly disappointed, however, when his outright refusal to have anything to do with it was made clear. He’d heard stories of people who had messed with those scraps of wood tied to the supernatural and they never ended happily. Not even his girlfriend’s pout could sway his decision and he held firm in his refusal until she gave up.

Murasakibara: He had refused to participate, insisting that it would be enough for him to sit and watch. Despite saying that it wouldn’t be the same, Murasakibara’s girlfriend continued the séance on her own. His chewing and occasional comment of, “____-chin, it looks like you’re moving the piece of wood” bothered her and eventually she left. Looking at the ouija board she abandoned, his eyes would widen slightly when it twitched on its own and he would follow immediately after her.

Akashi: She had gotten the idea from a movie they had watched together where a person used a ouija board to contact a relative who had passed on. Hearing her thoughts, Akashi agreed that it was a kind gesture for her to offer the chance to speak with his own passed loved one, but he had to refuse. Though he would’ve given anything to speak with his mother again, he didn’t really believe in the so called supernatural powers of a flat piece of wood with letters printed on it.

Hanamiya: With a well-practiced grin that was sly enough to fool anyone, he quickly agreed with her request, though it wasn’t because he believed in the supernatural or anything like that. The entire time they have their hands on the planchette, Hanamiya’s secretly moving it towards wicked sounding answers or nudging the table with his foot. Later on, after she was finished telling her friends about their conversation with “real ghosts”, he would tell her the truth and tease her endlessly about her gullibility for the entire scenario.

5sos Paranormal Series 1: Ouija Boards

so I decided I’m trying something new with my preferences and I’m starting a paranormal/science fiction series (ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, etc)


“Ash, I really don’t think this is a good idea,” You whimpered in fear to your boyfriend Ashton as he finished lighting the few candles you’d set up around the Ouija board. You’d always had a fascination with the paranormal side of things and for your birthday Ashton had bought you a Ouija board. It’d been a few months since he’d bought it with the board being of no use to you, until now.

Ashton only chuckled at your timidness, resting his fingers on the planchette. “C'mon babe, it’ll be fun.” He waited patiently for you to place your fingers opposite his, both of you gently swirling the small piece of wood around the board in gentle circles. Clearing your throat, you put your nerves aside as you began to speak out questions.

“Is there anyone that would wish to make contact?” You could tell Ashton was holding back giggles at your formal tone, a sly grin on his lips that only made you suspicious. The planchette suddenly branched out of the circular pattern, gliding over the wooden board to the word ‘Yes.' 

A little gasp fell from your lips until Ashton couldn’t help himself anymore, a loud cackle bursting deep from within his chest as he fell onto his back in fits of laughter. “Your face, oh god! (Y/N) you’re so gullible.” Your jaw dropped and you immediately slapped his thigh with a loud scoff of mock offense, relief washing over you when you realized it was just Ashton messing with you.


Your two best girl friends giggled excitedly as you set the infamous Ouija board in the center of your triangle formation on the floor. Slapping the planchette down in the center of it, you placed your fingers gently on the edges and waited for them to follow. “Are you like, a witch, (Y/N)?” One of your friends snickered as she asked the question.

Ignoring her crack at you, you began to push the planchette around in a circle with the help of your friends as you started to ask simple questions. “Is there anybody who wishes to make contact?” Your eyes snapped up in shock to scan the equally surprised faces of your friends with the small heart-shaped piece of wood practically flew from your grasp to the word 'Yes.' 

“(Y/N), if this some sick joke…” Your other friend scowled at you, her voice wavering timidly as you only stared back at her nervously. You’d never actually gotten a response when using this stupid board, you’d always just thought it was some dumb game. “What is your name?” She asked after a moment of silence, aside from all of your harsh breathing.

The planchette began to slide again, with you all reading out the letters as it did. “C.” It began to move faster with each letter. “A. L. U. M.” Calum? It’s name was Calum? You could only assume it was a 'he’ with a name like Calum.


“This is such a bad idea,” Luke muttered under his breath as he sat down beside his three band mates. The Ouija board stared him back, almost glaring at him spitefully as he swallowed the lump in his throat. Luke had seen all the movies and TV shows about these boards, they were so fun until a demon took over your life and killed you. “Why did you even buy this?”

Michael only rolled his eyes, the boys placing their hands on the planchette and pushing it around the board jerkily. “Why, are you scared Lukey?” He teased Luke, a smirk on his face as he began to call out for an 'entity.’ “Is there anyone or anything who wishes to make contact? Speak now or forever hold your peace.” It was impossible for the boys not to laugh, Michael was so sarcastic as he spoke.

He knew this was just a fraud, it would never actually gain contact with a ghost let alone a demon as Luke expected. “Holy tits!” Calum muttered under his breath as the planchette moved to Yes. “Who are you?”

With quiet anticipation, the boys all read aloud the letters until they formed a word. “(Y/N)?” Ashton repeated the name, the word foreign on his tongue as he spoke it. 


“Please,” You begged Michael one last time, clutching the box that held your Ouija board tightly to your chest. Michael only glared at the box with his lips pursed tightly until he gave a subtle nod of defeat, crawling of your bed and sitting across from you on the floor. “Okay, just follow my lead!” You squeaked out, setting up the board before guiding the planchette around it with Michael’s assistance. His eyes were wide and his hands were shaking slightly, fear obviously consuming him.

You’d only just asked your first question when Michael pulled his hands away quickly leaving you to pout. “This isn’t a good idea, (Y/N).” He spoke firmly, his eyes boring into yours as he sat on the edge of your bed again. “We shouldn’t do this, we just moved in here and I really don’t want you unleashing some holy terror.” You struggled to hold back your giggles at his fears, folding the board up and placing it in its box again.

“I’ve done it before, Mikey, I’m still here?” You comforted him as you cuddled up beside him on your shared bed. “If it makes you feel better I’ll get rid of it.” He nodded at your words, relaxing into his pillow as his nerves were washed away. 

Placing a kiss on your forehead, he sighed deeply as your body heat warmed him. “I don’t get how you can mess with stuff like that. It freaks me out.” You only giggled a little, he was like a scared little boy even just speaking about it.

The Poet King of Tumblr

Good poems are lost under

a hipster king reign,

sentimental daily haikus

get girls wet, chick-fap

with every typewriter series

posted on vintage paper—

mentions of her being home,

knockoffs for recognition

thinking love is longing

for heart-shaped carvings

on reclaimed wood walls

of an Urban Outfitters,

the misconception that

this is the way

poetry should be.  

-Jonathan Flike

Ours--A Tayvin Fanfiction

Dozens of newspaper and magazine clippings littered the floor of Taylor’s New York apartment. Her boyfriend of almost two years, Calvin Harris, was currently in LA at a music festival so she was taking this time to make his anniversary gift.

Being as high profile of a celebrity as she was, there were a lot of headlines about her in the news. Some of it true, others not so true. There were also a lot of people in the world who felt as if they had a say in her life and her relationships. Most of her fans were supportive of her relationship with Calvin but others were quite rude and nasty. In the past, she had made mistakes in her relationships either by talking about them too much or putting too much faith in others’ opinions. That was why her relationship with Calvin was different and more special.

They tried to keep their relationship out of the public eye as much as possible. Sure, there were bad days when they were excessively followed by paparazzi. And there were days when she wanted to share her relationship with the world so everyone knew how happy she was. But, overall, they kept their love between them and their families and friends. She fit in perfectly with his group of friends and he did the same with hers. Their relationship was her longest one to date and she took that as a good sign. Pretty early on in their relationship they had talked about their futures with each other and what they expected from each other and had been on the same page with what they wanted. They wanted forever. She took a break from her thoughts to get back to her gift. It was going to be a good one. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he opened it.

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Three American friends hospitalized after becoming 'possessed' following Ouija board game in Mexican village


Three American friends have been taken to hospital after reportedly becoming ‘possessed’ by evil spirits while playing with a Ouija board. 

Alexandra Huerta, 22, was playing the game with her brother Sergio, 23, and 18-year-old cousin Fernando Cuevas at a house in the village of San Juan Tlacotenco in south-west Mexico.

But minutes into it, she apparently started 'growling’ and thrashing around in a 'trance-like’ state.

Meanwhile, Sergio and Fernando also reportedly started showing signs of 'possession’, including feelings of blindness, deafness and hallucinations. 

Paramedics were called to the house and took the trio to hospital, according to Alexandra’s parents.

They restrained Alexandra to prevent her from hurting herself, before treating the three with painkillers, anti-stress medication and eye drops, which seemingly worked.

Victor Demesa, 46, the director of public safety in the nearby town of Tepoztlan, said: 'The medical rescue of these three young people was very complicated. 

'They had involuntary movements and it was difficult to transfer them to the nearest hospital because they were so erratic.

'It appeared as if they were in a trance-like state, apparently after playing with the Ouija board.

'They spoke of feeling numbness, double vision, blindness, deafness, hallucinations, muscle spasm and difficulty swallowing.’

He added that whether the trio were really possessed, or had simply convinced themselves that they were, was not for doctors to comment on.

lexandra’s parents said they had called paramedics after a local Catholic priest refused to perform an exorcism on the three because they were not regular churchgoers.

The Ouija board - also known as a spirit board or talking board - is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words 'yes’, 'no’, 'hello’ and 'goodbye’ and various symbols and graphics.

It uses a small heart-shaped piece of wood or movable indicator to indicate the spirit’s message by spelling it out on the board during a seance.

Participants place their fingers on the wood and it is supposedly moved around the board by the spirit to spell out words.

Mainstream religions and some occultists have associated use of a Ouija board with the concept of demonic possession, and have cautioned their followers not to use one.

[The Daily Mail]

*UPDATE* 'We tried to pray for them but it only made the demons angrier’: Inside the terrifying 'possession’ of Mexican orphan girl who took shamanic drugs to contact her dead parents with an Ouija board

The girl who shocked the world this week after she was videoed being 'possessed’ after using a Ouija board was trying to contact her dead parents and had taken a shamanic drug used in Mexico to contact the 'spirit world’, MailOnline can reveal today.

16-year-old orphan Alexandra Huerta, who appeared possessed by evil spirits in a video taken by paramedics as she was taken to hospital, had taken Brugmansia, a poisonous plant which grows in tropical regions of Latin America.

The drug is also known as Angel’s Trumpet for its large poisonous flowers, and induces dark hallucinations, confusion, muscle paralysis and can lead to death in large doses. 

Brugmansia can induce temporary insanity, especially in those who are not yet fully grown.

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