heart shaped pillow

Mating Rituals

Scented candles burned in the four corners of the suite. Lavender and sage filled colored the air, complimented by fresh cut roses that sat in a glass vase upon a table set for two. Rays of the days dying sunlight spilled through frosted glass windows. Outside the suite a chamber orchestra played melodic ballads to further enhance the mood. The king size bed was the central feature of the suite, plush and covered with decorative heart shaped pillows. The bedding freshly washed smelled clean and fresh. Silken sheets of the finest quality lay beneath the lush pink comforter.

The orchestral strings swelled as the days last light faded and left the room illuminated only by candlelight.

A soft knock came upon the door to the suite. Followed shortly by two more. The jiggling sound of a key slipping into a lock was concealed by the music and the knob was turned and the suite was entered by a blonde monkette. Her eyes, one a pale shade of jade, the other more akin to a polished emerald, both cast their glow into the dim room.

A frown formed across her face as she scanned the suite. On each side of the bed hovered two fine quality dragonhawks. They were simply staring at one another, likely expressing shared confusion about their peculiar circumstances.

“Really?” Vel’s voice was low, and soft, her frustration kept hidden from the pair of animals.

“Two fucking days. I’ve been paying for this suite for two fucking days and you haven’t even got in the gods damned bed yet? I am not asking a lot of you. Just - have sex. I need eggs. You have sex. One of you - the lady - then lays some eggs. This should not be so difficult.” She huffed. Her tirade was met with stares of one must assume was fear and confusion. She’d managed to shout over the orchestra playing in the hall.

“Hurry the fuck up! Just … rub against each other or whatever you do!”

A door was slammed and locked.

The orchestra was payed to keep playing.

Wine was ordered for the couple.

And more blankets.

For nesting.

This was her life now.
For the past several days.

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Valentine’s Day, as we all know, is a holiday not of love, really, but of stuff: of stuffed Teddies clutching heart-shaped pillows, pack of saccharine Sweethearts, pink fizzy bath salts, or perhaps a boxed rose bearing the message “I Love Us.” This year, we asked ten photographers and artists to respond to the kitschy commodification of romance that takes place each February, utilizing whatever Valentine’s ephemera caught their eye.

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We are NOT soulmates chapter five. Will’s pov

When I woke up it was to a red room and a throbbing headache. The room was painted to look like one of those honeymoon suites that you get while at a resort in Hawaii or something. I tried to sit up but my blurry vision combined with the restraints around my arms and legs stopped me. I was tied to a large circular bed complete with fluffy bedding and  heart shaped pillows.

What the hell is going on here?

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woohyun jumped on stage after running through the crowd wearing sunglasses and carrying a heart-eye emoji shaped pillow, hoya thanked us for worrying about his leg and reassured us that he went to rehab for it and its better now, dongwoo rambled about his la date with his friend and that they drank cocktails together and ate beef, sunggyu tapped his finger against his mic cutely when he couldnt figure out what to say for his thank you and gave us some grade a sass about la not being cold, sungyeol advised us not to dye our hair red and copied sungjongs opening line for his thank you speech, myungsoo played with streamers and spilled water all over the stage, and sungjong told us he’ll see us in our dreams and said a line of english that i completely did not understand (again).

infinite effect la was amazing.