heart shaped macaron

★ JoJo’s Bizarre Menu (1-6)★

Sunlight Yellow & Orange Trio (Jonathan Joestar)

Three dark chocolate mini-cakes filled with an Earl Grey-steeped cream filling flecked with vanilla bean and orange peel. Each cake is topped with a whipped chocolate rosette and one each is topped with either bergamot oil infused orange syrup, rose and hibiscus syrup, or a simple vanilla infused syrup.

Served elegantly with a cup of sweet rose tea.

Action Comics #1 Milkshake (Joseph Joestar)

A bright and intense milkshake worthy of being on the pages of a comic book, this dessert is a mixture of pink, bubblegum flavored ice cream with a bright purple raspberry swirl. The glass is rimmed with dramatic shards of swirled white and purple chocolate, and topped with yellow cake crumbs and a healthy dollop of whipped cream.

Served with an edible, raspberry flavored straw.

Deep Sea Twilit Parfait (Jotaro Kujo)

A sublime layered dessert of blueberry mousse, blackberry and blackberry compote, ladyfingers, and cubes of bright blue kanten jelly, inside of which float edible silvery stars. The glass is rimmed with crushed dark blue rock candy and dusted with finely powdered gold leaf.

Served with thin, refreshing slices of melon to cleanse the palate.

Diamond Cupcake & Macaron Duo (Josuke Higashikata)

Singularly served on a china platter is a light, mildly flavored matcha chiffon cupcake, topped with a glittering, opal-like pastel rainbow frosting, tasting of vanilla and strawberry. Garnished with another fine dusting of translucent edible glitter, a snow white, heart-shaped almond macaron, filled with a strawberry buttercream, finishes the ensemble.

Served with a small cup of espresso.

Golden Champagne & Fresh Cream Truffles (Giorno Giovanna)

Five milky white truffles lined up regally, ready for an elegant dessert. Each truffle is composed of a sweet cream and honey flavored outer shell, and each is filled with a delicately golden ganache composed of white chocolate, heavy cream, and a touch of bubbly champagne. The ensemble is completed with an application of gold leaf to each.

Served with fresh, icy mint and cucumber water.

Jewel Webbed Sponge Cake (Jolyne Cujoh)

A single serve, two layer butterfly shaped sponge cake brushed with a tart cherry tinged simple syrup. Sandwiched between the layers is a thin spread of sour cherry and lemon glaze, adding a vivid kick to the flavor profile. Topped with the same electric glaze, a bold, bright green star shaped kiwi cutout is centered on the dessert, which is then finished with an equally colorful garnish of spun sugar, looking like a jeweled spider’s web.

Served with a small shot of lemonade.