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Birthday Wish - Peter Parker x Reader

Imagine for @hownottodie101 - hope you enjoy it! xo

Request: Hey!! Can you do anything cute and fluffy with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker? Something reader x Peter. Tia:)

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After making your wish, you leaned over and blew out the 16 candles that covered the cake. You met the eyes of your mother who looked as if she were going to cry.

“Mom, I’m only 16. Don’t start packing my bags and meeting with suitors yet.” You laughed and she blinked away her tears.

“I’m sorry, I’m just thinking about this very day 16 years ago.” She sniffled. 

“You mean the day you cursed me out in the delivery room and said you hated me?” Your father winked at you and your mother smacked him on the arm. 

“Hey hon, where is that camera your grandmother sent you? You know she’ll want to see some photos from tonight.” 

“When will she get a cell phone?” You rolled your eyes and excused yourself from the table.

You headed straight for your closet to look for the camera package that was most likely buried under your clothes. Once you found it, you stuffed your shoes and clothes back in and headed for the bedroom door.

In the corner of your eye, you saw a figure sitting on your bed, causing you to shriek.

Your boyfriend Peter sat with a grin on his face.

“(Y/N)? What is it?” Your dad called up the stairs.

“Oh it’s nothing, dad. I just saw a spider.” You smirked and closed the door. You crossed the room and tackled Peter in a hug, pulling away to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Very funny.” He sneered. “Y’know, you really shouldn’t leave your window open all the time.” 

“I’ll try to be better about that. I wouldn’t want to find some creep in my bed.” You gave him a playful shove and he laughed.

“I wanted to see you on your birthday.” He took your hand and placed a small blue box in your palm. “And I wanted to give you this.”

You looked up at him with a sheepish smile. “You really didn’t have to get me anything. You being here is enough. That’s actually what I wished for.”

“But I wanted to get you a gift. Open it!” He nudged your shoulder.

You lifted the lid and inside the box was a small, silver heart-shaped necklace lined with little jewels the color of your birthstone. Your heart swelled and a huge smile broke out onto your face. “It’s beautiful! Thank you so much, Peter.” 

“Read it.” He sounded nervous as he cleared his throat.

You gave him a confused look and pulled the necklace out of the box, flipping over the pendant. On the back in small engraved writing read “Love always, Peter”. 

Your stomach flipped and you felt your face burn. You looked up at him through your lashes and saw that his face was equally red, but still gleeful. 

“I’ve had so much fun with you these past few months. You’re the most interesting girl I’ve ever met. You’re so smart and so warm and kind and-and beautiful. I hate when we’re apart because I want to be around you all the time. You make my days so much brighter and…I’m in love with you.” He finished. 

Your heart felt like it was going to beat right out of your chest. You never had any experience since Peter was the first boy to ever really show an interest in you, but what he was feeling, you felt too. 

“Please say something.” He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. You smiled and leaned into him, giving him an eager kiss. 

You had kissed a few times before, but it was nothing like this. This one was deep and electrifying and you knew it would be one of the most memorable moments of your life. 

You finally pulled away and pressed your forehead against his, your (E/C) eyes gazing into his brown ones. “I’m in love with you too.” 

He smiled and pulled you into another kiss, this one much softer. His hand reached up and held your cheek, his thumb stroking it gently. Once again, the two of you pulled away and he tucked your hair behind your ear before planting a kiss on your forehead. “May I?” He tugged at the necklace that was still clutched in your hand.

You turned around and lifted your hair so he could hook the chain. Your hand reached up and grasped the heart as you beamed down at it. 

“Well…” He trailed off, looking disappointed.

“Well?” You looked at him in concern.

“I hate to say it, but I should go.”

You nodded, feeling sad that he couldn’t stay with you. “I understand. Everyone needs you.”

“Go enjoy the rest of your evening with your family. I’ll be back later, okay?”

The frown on your face was replaced with a grin. “You will?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t want to disappoint my girl on her special day.” 

You blushed at him calling you “my girl”.

“Bye, Peter!” 

He covered his cheerful face with the red mask and ducked out your window, disappearing into the night.

This is the first imagine I’ve written in a while, and I really enjoyed it! Requests are still open :)

Harry Styles - Makes Youtube Video - Imagine

[This came out different than I had originally intended but I still really like it so I hope that you also enjooooy!]

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There’s No Place Like Home (5)

Avengers x Reader x Bucky


Summary: What happens when a fictional world comes to life? Drama ensues.


Warnings: nada


Word Count: 700+



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Her life as an Avenger was… she didn’t even know what it was. Two months had passed and she wasn’t even close to getting home. She was attempting to remain invisible. She couldn’t–she wouldn’t mess with the timeline. She had strict rules that regarded missions. She was their last resort if anything went awry, instead, they assigned her to unsolved cases, which she obviously excelled in. She was glad that she was busy, but she felt more alone than ever. At least back home she had coworkers and family. Here, she had no one. She’s pretty sure that the team hates her, especially Bucky and Steve. They had all gotten off on the wrong foot with her and the only time Steve spoke to her was during briefings or when he was annoyed with her. With Bucky, the pair just got under each other’s skin. Everyone else just didn’t talk to her.

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How BTS Reacts to You Crying Because They're About to Leave For Tour

 sure. Have fun reading it, and thanks for your request!~ ♥                  


Jin wrapped his arms tightly around you. “It’s gonna be okay, Y/N. I’ll be back soon, and I’ll make sure to bring you snacks from every country we visit. I love you a lot, and you know very well that I do.” The tears still continued streaming down your face, even though Jin had you pressed tightly against his chest. He pulled away and pecked the tears from your face. “I’ll miss you so much, Y/N. I’ll make sure to keep you up to date via Kakao talk, and I’ll call you every evening and whenever I have time I’ll try skyping you, okay?” He held your face in his two hands, his thumbs stroking your velvety cheeks. You nodded and stood up on your toes to press your lips firmly against his. “I love you, Jin.” “I love you even more, my precious Y/N.~”
(just imagine a jealous Namjoon standing in the back of this conversation, waiting for Jin so that they can leave. 😂)

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flowers wilt [draco x reader]

a/n; well i tried

warnings; sad??? angst??? i’m not sure myself…


prompt; (from luna lovegood iguana (q))  Could you maybe do one where The reader and Draco are in a secret relationship, and she’s a half blood from a mostly Pure blooded rich family. And she gets a love stone necklace from Draco and it lights up at both of there touch signifying they are soul mates. And then later she gets kidnapped by Bellatrix or something and gets brought to Malfoy manor, and Bellatrix wants the necklace but doesn’t want to touch her so she makes Draco do it, but it lights up and Lucius gets all mad and try’s to kill the reader? I got that from another fanfic but I would appreciate a fanfic based all around that scene though. /   please please please could you do a draco angst please please I love your writing so much and take your time 💌 (anon)


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A touch of one’s true love can make the heart glow, quite literally in the situation you found yourself in.

It is almost comedic. The locket he had gifted you as a show of love and protection is now an omen that foretold of nothing but upcoming pain and heartbreak. The lights here, in the Malfoy manor, are pale blue and cold, making the warm glow coming from your heart-shaped necklace glimmer on your soft skin and pierce the air. Draco’s hand, that resting on your forearm as he was told to escort you away, stays permanently frozen as his pupils shrink in alarm. The room occupied by mostly his family and you falls completely still. No one dares to take a breath. No house elf dares to poke his head through the ajar door.

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I never expected to be so charmed by the heart-shaped moss agate necklace! In my cart it goes!

I’m glad you like it! I think it’s a real cutie :)

Kinda Complicated | M.C.

Guess who’s back, back again? Noelle’s back, tell a friend.

Okay yeah, I’m sorry for that. But I’m back! I have like 7 drafts just waiting to be posted. By the way, I’m still looking for a co-writer, so if you’re interested, message this blog. Also, send in your requests! I’ll go now and let you guys read this.

Requested: nope. I just liked this concept

Summary: based off of the song by Scott Helman. If you haven’t heard it, you can listen to it here. This also may or may not be based on an adventure I had with my best friend.

Warnings: some swearing and mentions of drinking

By the way, for any of you who aren’t Canadian, American or Puerto Rican, Pet Smart is a pet supply store. I believe it is called Pet Supermarket in Europe.

Also, there is mention of drinking at the end. Drink responsibly kiddos and please don’t drink if you’re underage.

Last little announcement, I promise. I’m Canadian. I spell certain words with a ‘u’ (p.ex.: favourite). Please don’t get mad in my inbox if you spell it differently. 

“You are crazy! You can’t climb that, you’ll get us kicked out!” y/n said

“I am not crazy! Also, challenge accepted” Michael answered

“Michael I don’t care how hard you try, you are not Barney Stinson or Neil Patrick Harris.”

“You don’t get to tell me what I am! I am Barney Stinson IN THE FLESH y/n. And just because you said that I will climb this Pet Smart aisle and get us kicked out. And just to make matters worse for you I will do it all while singing Fergalicious by Fergie.”

“Okay firstly, you aren’t Barney Stinson, you can’t get laid for shit and you sure as hell can’t pull off a perfect week. Secondly, do I get to sing Fergalicious with you?”

“How dare you! I was gonna let you be my backup singer but then you said that. You only get to sing Fergalicious if you climb this shelf with me.”

“Oh fine. I will use my non-existent upper body strength to climb this shelf with you. But only because I want to sing Fergalicious.”

“Fergalicious is the best bait. We begin the climb on three, okay?”





“On three or after three?”

“On three! I just said that!”

“Fuck off.”

“Aww, I love you too.”


Y/n started climbing before she even hit two, leaving a pissed off Michael on the ground of the Pet Smart.Y/n began to sing Fergalicious right after the word ‘go’ was uttered, forcing Michael to be her backup singer rather than Fergie herself (bless her soul).

Fergalicious definition make them boys go loco. They want my treasure so they get their pleasure from my photo. You could see me, you can’t squeeze me. I ain’t easy, I ain’t sleazy.” y/n, who was already half way up the shelf, sung.

On the ground, Michael just rolled his eyes. Y/n got to the top of the shelf and threw down a dog bed to hit Michael in the face while yelling:

“Suck my dick, bitch”

“Rotostatic” He yelled back. It was their warning word.

The word they yelled to warn the other of nearby authority figures. They had used it since freshman year of high school. It was the name of the local carpet cleaner’s shop. His truck had passed them while they were climbing their school roof in the 9th grade. That word had helped them avoid expulsion so many times. That word was engraved on the inside of the gold heart shaped necklace Michael had gotten y/n the year they both turned 16. Many people would argue that engraving ‘rotostatic’ on a necklace ruins it but y/n loved it. The necklace is still being worn daily a year later.

As soon as the word left Michael’s mouth, y/n climbed down two shelves and jumped the remaining 4. Michael began pretending to look interested in the dog bed that had been thrown at him and y/n was doing the same, but with that bed’s competitor. 

Whenever this type of thing happened, they pretended to be a couple debating two competing products. They had done this with creams, ribbon, protein powders, eggs (that was their favourite story to tell. How they got away with smashing eggs on each other’s heads in public), condoms, tampons, and now dog beds. They both thought it was pretty amazing.  

An employee came to the aisle they were in and asked if everything was okay.

“Everything is perfect. The only problem is my wife and I seem to be disagreeing on which dog bed is better. What’s your opinion?” Michael answered. The employee let out a sigh and explained that the dog bed y/n was holding was of a better quality. 

They thanked her and she walked away. She mumbled to her co-worker:

“I think they got a disease or something.” Her co-worker nodded along. Neither of them tried to make it subtle.

“Disease huh? Last time I checked, I only had you and you only had me.” Michael whispered to y/n

“Fuck ‘em. Also since when did we agree to bump me up from girlfriend to wife?” y/n answered as they made their way out of the store, both of them subtly flipping off the employees and hoping they would notice.

“Why are you complaining?” he shot back. He wrapped his hand around her shoulders and they made their way to their ride.

“Hey, Mike you remember that one time we went to PetSmart?” 

“How could I forget? After all, we are banned now” He answered y/n’s question with a chuckle 

That was nearly a year ago. Nowadays, Michael and y/n rarely ever have time to have crazy adventures like that one, but when they do, you sure as hell can bet they’ll do the stupidest thing you can imagine. 

The only downside to that is that Michael is now famous, so everyone is on the lookout for his face. It makes doing borderline illegal things way more difficult.

“I miss that,” they both said at the same time. Once they realized what had happened, they were both laughing their asses off. They always thought they had some kind of telepathy and moments like those just confirmed their theory.

“Anyways, I got this tweet and it’s a link to the urban dictionary. Someone put our friendship on the site.” y/n said after they had both calmed down

“Damn that’s amazing! What does it say?” he answered

A friendship where some days you shine and some days you rust. Reminiscent of y/n y/l/n and Michael Clifford’s friendship” y/n read off of her phone 

“Is it just me or do I feel like they left out a meaning?” 

“See I asked the person who tweeted this out that and they said they ‘couldn’t find a word for our kind of insane’ I find that to be quite stupid, to be honest” 

“I agree.”

“With me or with the tweet”

“That’s up to you to figure out”

“Goddamit Michael”

“Aw I love you”

“I love you too you sick asshole. Wanna go do something borderline illegal?”

“Y/n you know I can’t do that. There’s gonna be paparazzi, we’ll get caught,” he said sympathetically 

“Fine. Wanna get drunk while listening to Green Day?” she sighed

“Sure. What song do we begin with?” he answered

“The usual,” she winked 

Part 2?



I have no idea about American High schools or how prom works over there so i’m sorry for errors <3 Also Sorry For The Stilinski Family Feels And Making This Super Duper Long

Prom Outfit

“Hey… (Y/N) What’s up?” Your brother had jogged past your room in a hurry, skidding to a jerky stop when he saw you curled up in your bed crying.

“The kids at school are making fun of me cause no one wants to take me to prom.” You stuttered as you tried to calm yourself enough to talk.

“Well I can go with you.” He offered cheerfully.

“Ew Stiles no that’s super weird.” You giggled as he clutched his chest and pretended to cry.

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#33 & #37 for Josh, pretty please...! 💖💖💖

33. “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
37. “Can I kiss you?”

I have no words to describe just exactly how I was feeling, honestly I was feeling all kinds of emotions right now, a combination of butterflies, happiness, nausea, excitment, all of those were stirring up inside of me right now. And seriously if only you could see my face right now, you would feel everything that I’m feeling. Tonight I had my first date with Josh Dun, a guy that I’ve been liking for a really long time ever since I was hired as their manager’s assistant I guess you can say.
From the first day of my job I never ever thought I would even get to meet him and Tyler let alone be dating one of them. I actually had a crush on both beautiful boys to be truthful, but something about Josh in particular really stole my heart, and apparently I must’ve stolen his because here we are, enjoying the rest of an amazing evening together.

Things were a little quiet between us as he walked me home, I don’t know if it was either because he was shy or I was shy, but I figured that it was most likely me, and since things were silent as hell I think the beating of my heart could be heard in the night air.

“So um, what’s it like being an assistant?” He asked, breaking the awkward silence.
He has already actually asked me about this when we sat down to eat but I guess he forgot, that’s pretty adorable…

“It’s pretty cool, I mean Michael is a pretty chill dude so, I guess I got lucky that he’s not so strict with me, less stress, and he pays good money too.”

“Oh yeah? That’s cool, very cool actually.”

“Yeah…” Was all I could respond with, followed by another one of my stupid shy smiles that seemed to be the millionth one I’ve shown tonight…

Things got a little quiet between us again, but it wasn’t going to be like that for much longer, I didn’t want Josh thinking that I wasn’t talkative person or that I wasn’t really into him like I have made obvious before…

“Oh hey you never told me about how you got into drums, cause honestly the way you play them really blows me away.” I smiled, that topic seemed to lighten up the mood a lot, because when he started telling me about it it seemed like he could go on and on, which I found to be adorable once again because he was just so passionate about this instrument, it’s like he was born with drumsticks already in his hands.
Overall it lead us to talk a lot more just like it was in the beginning of our date, we were now laughing and literally getting into all kinds of stupid subjects. Being around this guy really made me feel a lot more young, it’s awesome.

“You know maybe you can teach me how to play drums one day?” I said, grinning brightly. He grinned as well, that cute face of his lighting up even more than before…

“I would love to teach you. Whenever you want to start I’m down.”


“(Y/N)?” He called out, his tone sounding a bit nervous, making me turn my head to face him. I raised my brows to signal him to tell me what was on his mind.

“I uh…just…close your eyes and hold out your hands.

I couldn’t help but smile but I shook my head at him, “Joshua come on, don’t tell me you got me a present because honestly you didn’t have to.” He nodded understanding but then he also shook his head at me.

“I know that, I know you’re not a materialistic girl but I wanted to give you something special anyway. So go on now.” He chuckled, and I hesitated but I did what I was told. The next thing I knew I felt what sounded like a chain fall on my palms.
Joshua told me to open my eyes and when I did I was in complete awe when I caught sight of a beautiful, sparkling, blue diamond heart shaped necklace. It absolutely glittered whenever the moon light hit it and I was just so in love, but still he shouldn’t have troubled himself.

“Oh my God…oh my goodness this is so precious…”

“You like it?” He eagerly asked with his usual cute smile.

“I love it Josh…like I said you seriously didn’t have to but thank you so much. It’s beautiful. You know now that I look at it more it reminds me of the heart of the ocean necklace from titanic.” I giggled.

“I know that’s why I got it. Michael told me that was your favourite movie so I figured..” He tells me with a shrug. My mouth fell open and I gave him the biggest hug I could give, wrapping my arms tightly around his shoulders. Good God he smells so fucking good, and his strong arms are so securely around my waist, I could honestly say that I felt so safe with him. Also I could be in these loving arms forever.

“May I?” Josh inquired, I nodded in reply and lifted my hair turning my back to him, then he went ahead and hooked the radiant piece of jewelry around my neck.
I felt my heart beating faster than ever against my chest when held me so closely from behind, zero space between my back and his broad chest…

“You know (Y/N)…I’m really really happy I finally grew the balls to ask you out on a date…I had the best time of my life.”

“Awwww Josh, I’m happy I went out with you too, you’re such a sweetheart, I always knew it from the moment I met you guys through Michael.” I say.
I could easily sense some sort of hesitation comming from him, I could hear his lips parting to say something else to me but it was like something caught his tongue everytime he tried, so I placed my hand on top of his and turned to face him once again, with his fingers interwining with my own..

“What is it?…”

“Hm I uhhh….Can I kiss you?…” He nervously asked in a gentle whisper.

My bottom lip was taken in between my teeth, now I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack, but my lips had a mind of their own…because in the blink of an eye…I kissed him, I kissed him passionately and he treated my lips gently, softly, he was hands down the best kisser I’ve ever had in my life…
There was definately a fire inside of me, it was such a spark that I never experienced before and it was magical, that’s the only way to really describe it.
I can tell that neither of us wanted the kiss to end, but we still had to walk a few blocks before reaching my house so we had to.
Then the rest of the way was even more pleasant than before, this time we held each other’s hand and he gave me one last sweet kiss before leaving my doorstep.

I leaned against the door when I closed it with my face heated up and my fingers tracing my bottom lip, this was surely the beginning of something special between Joshua and I. Man, when I get back to work on Monday…it is truly going to be interesting.


Remember Me - Malia Tate AU Imagine

Originally posted by menyc1ty

Summary: Y/n McCall is the younger twin sister of Scott (she’s human though). She and Malia have been dating for 3 years now. Instead of Stiles being taken by the Ghost Riders it’s Y/n. Stalia never happen here but Stydia is canon. Story will be told from both Malia and Y/n’s POV.

Gifs are not mine credits to owner.


I saw them. 

My heart raced as I felt some beads of sweat fall down my face. I raced down the hallway running into my brother “Scott!” I smiled at him he turned around and looked at me weirdly but replaced it with a small smile “Hi” he spoke “thank God listen I saw them I saw the riders they’re coming for me” I said all in one breath “what? who’s coming?” Scott became panicky “the Ghost Riders from the Wild Hunt” I told him freaking out completely “Listen calm down” he spoke softly I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly “why don’t you tell me your name.” Scott smiled that’s when I felt my world shatter,my own blood even know me.

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Christmas with Draco Malfoy would include...

-A huge Christmas tree in the living room, next to the huge fireplace. Covered with silver tinsel and glitter, as if it was radiating light, like stars.

-Tons of beautifully wrapped presents of all shapes and sizes under it.

-Hidden under the wrapping paper, a heart shaped necklace, a bouquet of never wilting roses and a set of sexy, blood red lingerie.

-Waking up to a blanket of snow snowflakes falling. Wrapping your arms around him, his body heat radiating.

-A quick make out session, heating up quickly, only to he disturbed by a house elf. 

- Him frowning, disappointed the fun had to end quickly. “Draco, love, don’t be angry, it’s Christmas.” 

-The annual Malfoy Manor Christmas ball.

-A room full of joy, laughter and Christmas spirit. Mistletoe, pine trees and frost.

-A cherry red dress, tight on the top, but flowing out at the waist. Him in a black tuxedo, a red bow tie and a wide smile.

-His arm on your waist, twirling you around on the dance floor.

-The night ending with some passionate sex. You in the red lingerie, your hair tangled up in his hands. Cuddled up in the donnas, placing wet kisses down your spine.

-Him whispering, “You’re all I truly want for Christmas.” Gazing into his eyes, “Me too.”

Tag thing!

I got tagged by my lovelly @trevardes, thank you sweetie!! ♡

  • If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would you  choose and what would you do with them?

I’d totally choose Sebastian Michaelis… dude, you’ve no idea of how much I need a butler like him rn

  •  What is your favourite book and why?

It’s The Little Prince! I read it at least once a year and every time I read this book I can take a diffent lesson from it ♡

  • Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery?

I do! It’s a heart shaped silver necklace my mom gave me when I turned 15. It’s been in my familly for a while and I wear it all the time

  • Describe your ideal outfit?

Hmmm it depends a lot on mood really, so I coudn’t describe it rn

  • What is your family like? Any siblings?

My parents and my lil sister! And let me tell you, we’re a gang lol fuck with one of us and the other ones will come for u

  •  Who’s your favourite actor?

It’s Tom Hiddleston! Not only he’s very talented, he’s also very kind and humble. I love every single thing about him

  • Who’s your least favourite character in your favourite fandom and why?

Hmmm, I don’t really have a favourite fandom so I’ll just write here the name of the character I despise the most among all of the fandoms I’m in which is Joffrey Baratheon UGH coudn’t stop smiling while reading his death scene 

  •  What superpower would you like to have?

I would love to control time! That’d be honestly so usefull…

  •  What would you say to 2012 you?

I know it seems impossible to go through this but it’s almost over and you’ll come off on top honey, don’t worry.

  • what would you say to 2022 you? 

GUUUUUUUUUUUUURL WE MADE IT!! (it’s the year I’ll graduate from medical school xD)

My questions: 

  • What’s your favourite flower?
  • What would you say is your “trademark”?
  • What’s something that fascinates you and why?
  • What song describes your aesthetic?  What is your favorite word and why?  
  • Do you know the meaning of your name? If so, tell me!
  • Any hidden talents? If so, what is it?
  • You’re amazing and I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Just a compliment to make your day, you may proceed now ♡
  • Use this space to say whatever you want (tell me a fun fact, something that happend and you want to share, vent, anything! Use it as you please)
  • Tell me something you love about yourself
  • What’s your Hogwarts house and why?

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You don’t have to do if you don’t want to ~ have fun my kiddos  ♡


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No Pants Party Part Two.

pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Plot: the reader and Peter have been dating for six months. Everyone loves that they are together especially Bruce who teases them. Unfortunately Tony keeps interrupting them whenever they are about to show any PDA. It’s now on the readers sixteenth birthday and Tony throws her a party with only the team. Towards the end of the party Peter sneaks the reader out and takes her back to his room where he says he’s going to give her her birthday present. 😉

part one: http://marvelismylife.tumblr.com/post/145211407287/no-pants-party

“Peter that’s mine” I complained as I tried to reached the chips I had in my hand.

“But I’m your boyfriend, what’s yours is my and what’s mine is yours” Peter was quick to stand up on the sofa when I almost got my food back.

“Aww trouble in paradise ?” I heard Bruce asks, not looking up from his tablet.

“Peter won’t give me my chips back” I pouted causing both Peter and Bruce to laugh.

“Oh young love” Bruce laughed to himself as he left the room.

“Please Peter can I have my chips back” I stuck out my bottom lip.

“Give me a kiss and I’ll give them to you”

“Kiss kiss kiss” I turned and notice the team minus my dad chanting for us to kiss.

“Fine” I placed my hands around his neck to pull him into a kiss when my dads voice interrupted.

“No PDA and get off the couch” my dad scolded us. I took the opportunity to snatch my chips back and clung to them like my life depended on it. “Sweetie we need to go over what we’re going to be doing for your sweet sixteen. So say goodbye to everyone”

“Bye guys.” I waved to the team and I was about to kiss Peter but my dad interrupted. “Now y/n”

“Ok” I rolled my eyes before following him out of the room. I’ve been dating peter for six months, technically it’s going to be six months on my birthday. Anyways during the six months my dad has made it his mission to always interrupt us when we are about to show any kind of affection. That included hand holding as well. The rest of the team have tried to help us out, helping us sneak out so we could cuddle together. They keep telling us and by they I mainly mean Bruce and Clint that they don’t want their ship to sink because of my dad. My dad would end up yelling at them saying I was way too young to be alone with a boy. Which is why I haven’t slept with Peter since I lost my virginity to him. We’ve tried, believe me but somehow my father always knew and immediately stop us before we did anything.

“Dad if it’s ok with you I would rather just have a small party here
in the compound. You know I hate big crowed.” I was already crushing my dads dream of making my party a big thing.

“Are you sure? You only turn sixteen once” my dad placed the tablet that had the floor plan for my party down in the table.

“Yes, and you also know I don’t like the attention to be on me. I would feel so much better if it was just with the team”

“I’ll agree but only if we share a father daughter dance”

“Of course dad” I gave him a hug “now I just have to talk to Peter and see what he’s going to wear to the party”

“Ugh he’s going” my dad pretended to gag.

“Yes dad, he’s my boyfriend and he’s going to my party. Why are you so against our relationship”

“I just don’t like the fact that there’s another guy in your life” my heart broke when he said that.

“But daddy, you’ll always be my #1 guy. No one will change that” I hugged him tighter. “So can you at least be nice to Peter at my party. PLEASE”

“Fine fine I’ll play nice and let you two be an actual couple at your party, BUT our one dance just turned to two”

“Why stop there, how about we go four” that made my dad giddy.

“I’m more than happy with four, now let’s start planning you small party” my dad picked up his tablet again as we were brainstorming ideas for the party.

*time skip*

“Can I come in” I heard my dads voice from the other side of the door.

“Yeah come in” I had just slipped on my heals when my dad entered my room carrying a box. “What’s up”

“You look exactly like your mother y/n, oh I wanted to give you part of you birthday present right now. Here you go” he handed me the box and sat on my bed. Once I unwrapped it I smiled at the fact that it was a jewelry box. “It belonged to your mother, it was her prized possession” I sat down next to him and opened the box. Inside were so many photos that I’ve never seen before of us as a family before she died.

“Dad I absolutely LOVE this” I was wiping away tears from my eyes.

“There is more, dig deeper in the box” I did and I pulled a bracelet. It was so beautiful. “Your mother wore that on our first date” I set the present aside and gave my dad a bone crushing hug.

“I love this so much dad, thank you. Can you put it on?” tears were rolling down my face as I handed him the bracelet so he could put it on me.

“Sure and I’m glad you loved it” I felt him place a kiss on my forehead before he clasped the bracelet on my wrist.

“Oh god my makeup is ruined, I’m going to reapply it. I’ll meet you at the party ok” I got up and made my way towards my makeup counter.

“Alright I’ll see you over there” with that my dad left my room and I started to reapply my makeup. Half an hour later I entered the the living room where we were going to have my party.

“Hello?” I looked around

“Surprise ! ! !” Everyone popped out, scarring the daylights out of me. “We know you knew about the party, I mean you helped plan it. But we couldn’t resist surprising you” I couldn’t help but smile at my friends.

“Thanks guys, dammit I just finished reapplying my makeup” I laughed as tears were running down my face again. I watched as Peter approached me and pulled me into his embrace.

“Happy birthday babe” I looked up at Peter and he nervously placed a kiss on my lips. Probably scared my dad would hurt him or something.

“Thank you Peter” I was about to go in for another kiss when my dads cough interrupted us.

“I know we agreed that you could act like an actual couple tonight y/n, but you still need to greet the rest of your guest” my dad pointed to the rest of the team.

“Wow you’re actually let them act like a teenage couple” Bruce and Clint sarcastically said causing everyone to laugh.

“Hey shut up or no cake for you” my dad threatened before I walked away from Peter and started greeting the rest of the team. Halfway through the party my dad kept his word and let me be around Peter, of course he cashed in on half of the dances I promised him. Other than that I was actually able to kiss and hug Peter without the worry of my dad stopping us.

“Putting aside all of the silly side jokes I make I really do think you guys are a lovely couple. Oh here is your present” Bruce handed me an envelope. Opening it up there were two tickets to a show I’ve been dying to go to.

“Ahhh Bruce thank you ! ! !” I hugged him.

“It’s no problem y/n, you can have date night with Peter here” he patted Peters shoulder before walking away.

“That reminds me that I need to give you your present. It’s in my room though” Peter whispered into my ear.

“Ok well I have to dance with my dad two more times and in those times I’m going to see if he gets drunk enough that he won’t notice we left.” I held onto Peter by the pockets of his blazer.

“Alright” he was about to kiss me when my dad interrupted us.

“Y/N” I felt my dads hand on my left shoulder. “Ready for your second present ! ! ! Everyone outside for y/n present” my dad shouted and dragged us outside where a brand new mercedes g wagon was waiting. He even put I big bow on it.

“DAD ! ! !” I shouted as I ran towards my new car. “Oh my gosh I love it ! ! !” He was coming towards so I attacked him with a hug. “Thank you daddy”

“Anything for my baby girl” I felt him place a kiss on the top of my head. “Now let’s go back inside I want to cash in on my last two dances you promised me”

It was close to midnight when my dad and the rest of the avengers were drunk. I gave Peter a look letting him know that it was time to sneak out. Although it wasn’t much sneaking out, more like no one paying attention that we left. Peter was the first to exit the room and I waited five minutes before following him into the hallway.

“Finally we’re alone” yanked Peter into a heated kiss.

“Come on I want to give you your present” Peter eagerly grabbed my hand as we walked into his room. “Sit” he ordered as he pointed to the bed.

“Are you going to give me a striptease babe?” I teased

“Noooo I’m looking for ahhh here it is” Peter was holding up a small box and brought it to me. “Happy sixth month anniversary babe” he pecked my lips before I opened it. Inside was a heart shaped necklace on the back it had the date of when we become a couple.

“Peter I love it ! ! !” I squealed with excitement before I kissed him feverishly. “Can you put it on me?” I asked breaking the kiss. I turned around and moved my hair to the side so Peter could put it on. Once it was on I felt him place a kiss on the back of my neck.

“I love you y/n” Peter whispered causing me to smile like an idiot.

“I love you too Peter” I turned around and kissed him. Our small kiss turned into a full blown make out session and soon our clothes were on his bedroom floor. “Peter” I whimpered when I felt him slide my underwear off.

“I promise I won’t finish before you” Peter had a stern look on his face as he brought up our first time.

“Ok but aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked as he was starting to tease my entrance.

“Shit” Peter got up and ran to his sock drawer and got the unopened box of condoms out. “I bought them the day after our first time, I was hoping to use them sooner but you know” Peter explained while he put the condom on.

“I do and I’m sorry about my dad” I apologized as I unhooked my bra and there it off the bed.

“Please don’t talk about your dad while we’re about to do it” Peter begged as he got on top of me again.

“I promise” Peter got ahold of my left leg and placed it on his waist before I felt him push his cock inside me.

“Peter” I said breathlessly, he stayed still for a few minute before I gave him the ok to move.

“Mmm y/n” Peter moaned against my neck as I got ahold of his short hair.

“Peter baby please go faster” I ask as gripped his hair tighter. Sure enough he picked up the pace, leaving me a moaning mess. “Oh god Peter just like that” I arched my back once I felt his mouth around my nipple.

“Y/n mmm”

“Can I be on top” I asked but rolled us over before he answer. I started rolling my hips making his cock hot my g-spot. “Oh Peter” I started moving much faster, his hands rested on my hips.

“Y/n slow down I’m going to-”

“It’s ok Peter I’m there ahhh fuck” I felt a knot at the pit of my stomach before a wave of pleasure hit me. “Peter ! ! ! !” I shouted as my orgasm washed over me, my breast bounce as I rode out my orgasm.

“Y/n ! ! !” Peter sat up and had a firm grip on my waist as he reached his orgasm as well. After awhile we finally stopped moving and I got off Peter.

“Best birthday ever” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Tell me about” we got under his covers and I curled up next to him. “I lasted longer than I thought”.

“God I love you Peter” I kissed his jaw.

“I love you too y/n and happy birthday” he kissed me one last time before drifting off to sleep.

*the next day Tony’s pov.*

Worst.hangover.ever. I feel like I got hit by a truck, that’s how bad I feel. Last night was kind of a blur all I remember was seeing the look on y/n when I gave her the jewelry box and her car. Those were only memories I needed to remember.

“Y/n” I knocked on her door, I wanted to see if she wanted breakfast. After a few minutes I knocked again “y/n?” I opened her door and noticed she wasn’t in there. Maybe she’s already awake? I lazily made my way into the dinning room but noticed she wasn’t there either. “Have you guys seen y/n? She’s not in her room”

“No” everyone respond

“F.r.i.d.a.y do you know where my daughter is” I was starting to get worried.

“Ms. Stark is currently in Mr. Parker’s room”. My blood was boiling at the news.

“Why didn’t you tell me ! ! ! I told you to tell me anytime they are alone together.”

“It was her birthday Mr. Stark I couldn’t not allow you to ruin it for her.” The A.I. Responded causing a few of the team members to snicker at her responds.

“See ! ! ! Even F.r.i.d.a.y ships them stark, just let it go” Clint gave me a smug look before he continued eating.

“I do indeed approve of there relationship Mr. Stark” the A.I. Added to clint’s comment.

“Ugh I give up ! ! ! !” I sighed with defeat knowing that no matter how much I want to deny it my little girl is grown up. At least she actually picked a good guy to date. “F.r.i.d.a.y please make a fresh pot of coffee”.