heart shape necklace

Christmas with Draco Malfoy would include...

-A huge Christmas tree in the living room, next to the huge fireplace. Covered with silver tinsel and glitter, as if it was radiating light, like stars.

-Tons of beautifully wrapped presents of all shapes and sizes under it.

-Hidden under the wrapping paper, a heart shaped necklace, a bouquet of never wilting roses and a set of sexy, blood red lingerie.

-Waking up to a blanket of snow snowflakes falling. Wrapping your arms around him, his body heat radiating.

-A quick make out session, heating up quickly, only to he disturbed by a house elf. 

- Him frowning, disappointed the fun had to end quickly. “Draco, love, don’t be angry, it’s Christmas.” 

-The annual Malfoy Manor Christmas ball.

-A room full of joy, laughter and Christmas spirit. Mistletoe, pine trees and frost.

-A cherry red dress, tight on the top, but flowing out at the waist. Him in a black tuxedo, a red bow tie and a wide smile.

-His arm on your waist, twirling you around on the dance floor.

-The night ending with some passionate sex. You in the red lingerie, your hair tangled up in his hands. Cuddled up in the donnas, placing wet kisses down your spine.

-Him whispering, “You’re all I truly want for Christmas.” Gazing into his eyes, “Me too.”

Ok I just thought of this for a while

Technically the underground would no sunlight. I think in undertale all the light is just a magic. If the monsters don’t have that kind of magic, that’s mean there is no light in the underground and it is all black. 

wellll when I noticed that fact, ton of things ran to my head and just think some stuff. The new AU

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Sam's birthday present for Bucky is a heart shaped necklace with one of his selfies in it. Bucky pretends to be pissed about it, but he secretly treasure it in his treasure backpack. (Steve is more serious and gives him an album full of sketches of Bucky's family members. Bucky's not crying, he just got two beloved assholes stuck in his eyes)

Bucky shows his Sam selfie locket to random people he meets. He keeps Steve’s gift under his bed where he can protect both the present and the memories. He is loved, safe and happy.

Ever wonder why a drawing of a heart doesn’t look like an actual human heart? The heart symbol we use today came from the idea of two human hearts attached to each other as one, forming the iconic heart-shaped symbol we know as LOVE…..

This makes so much sense now

Ps ,please notice *Two human hearts attach to each other* not a man’s heart and a woman’s heart attached to each other but TWO HUMAN HEARTS !! this could be 2 female, 2 male, a male and female’s heart, transgender hearts… any 2 human hearts.. the only exception is both have to be 18+ when it comes to certain relationships. THANKS and please reblog :) bye

Hide really loves the cheesiest gifts. He loves to get cute little handwritten notes from Kaneki and he totally keeps every single one of them in a drawer and reads them every once in a while. He loves when they go on exceedingly sweet dates to coffee shops and parks and all the cuddling done afterward. And he especially adores the heart shaped necklace Kaneki got him and he always wears it.

N: Something you could show off like a heart shaped necklace. “Just something to add to your existing beauty.” 

Leo: Something he could make use of as well. Heart-shaped chocolate he would eat more than you would. “We can share.” 

Ken: Something cute and fluffy. A heart shaped plushie would do the trick. “I saw this and thought of you. See, it’s squishy!”

Ravi: Something fancy like a heart shaped bracelet. If you’re wifey material then expect diamonds. “You deserve it.”

HongBin: Something simple like a heart shaped keychain. “Every time you pick up your keys it’ll be like picking up my heart.” 

Hyuk: His ASS. Just kidding. One or two heart shaped shaped balloons—that   is if he buys them on time. “Pretend the ‘It’s a girl!’ balloon says Happy Valentine’s Day. Hey, at least it’s pink.”

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I’m sorry
Because I kept that heart shaped necklace in a box next to my bed, and instead wear the zodiac one he gave me on my first date
Because those few days I wore it everyone asked me who gave it to.me, and no one was ever satisfied with just a friend
Because no one could not comment, I guess the heart caught everyone’s eye I know it caught mine
I’m not ashamed, well I am, but not of us. My behavior in that after math was something to be ashamed of, is something to be ashamed of still
I will proudly say I dated a girl, that I’m bi, that we did things, that I was in love with her
But under my breathe I will say I broke her heart and she drank bleach because of things I said to her in anger
So I guess this is my apology
For the fact that I wear long jeans to cover your name scarred into my skin
For the fact I was the one who broke your heart so violently
I’m sorry
That I don’t wear your necklace anymore
—  Something I needed to write