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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 1.30.17

14kt gold-filled open heart midi ring by castawayjewelryco

this solid-looking yet delicate open heart ring can be a midi ring as shown or a regular ring depending on size. also available in silver! insert heart eye emojis.


Just finished a fresh fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12657222

These are some hanging aesthetic items I’ve picked up or made to feel more in tune with the universe. I like to hang them in my shower and write UMY in there. They are all different but fit so perfectly together, each one reminding me of UMY in a different way.

I like to imagine that these items are in their universe too, all somewhere significant along the timeline. Food for thought. Anyway, I’m a little rusty with my photography and I had almost no wiggle room, but I think these images get the idea across. :)

vane: hey percy I’ve been meaning to ask actually but why do you have so many heart shapes on all your clothes?
percival: cause I’m a sentimental bitch, vane, but I am also very dramatic and purposely isolate myself in order to imitate people I look up to to an unhealthy degree so I have to express myself by putting expensive heart shaped jewelry all over my armour instead of just telling people I like them, and also if you tell anyone I said this I will beat your ass
vane: aw that’s really cute, can I start wearing hearts too?
percival: no!! don’t infringe on my branding do you have any idea how much it costs to have someone embroider like 100 hearts on each of your nightgowns?

Bayo’s birthday coming along and Luka surprising her with a present. She’s unwrapping the gift and is all joking with him like “Oh Cheshire. I sincerely hope you aren’t one of those men who buys women heart shaped jewelry” but then she finally finishes unwrapping it to reveal a replica of her childhood, stuffed Cheshire doll. She’s quiet for a solid minute and Luka begins to worry until he’s suddenly got a chest full of teary eyed Bayo.

Restored Dreams (Curtis Everett x Reader)

Day One

Word Count (1,919)

Day Two

Dedicated to @sommer1196, some Anons, and @scumptiousfacebeard - for telling me to continue this when I wasn’t too sure.

Your eyes slowly opened, the train still quiet as people were just starting to wake up. You tried to stretch, hearing a groan to your side. You rolled your eyes, forgetting the events of last night - why his arm was tightly around your waist, and why your legs were intertwined. Your fingers went to your neck, playing with the silver grime covered locket laying on your chest. You moved the heart shaped jewelry in between your fingers, waiting for Curtis to get his god damn arm off of you.

Your mind drifted, remembering when you got this locket from your father. You remembered someone trying to rip the necklace from your neck, when cannibalism was almost becoming a norm. You also remembered beating the Hell out of the woman trying to take it off of you that day, having to be pulled back by your father.

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Self-care as devotion to Aphrodite

I do a lot of self-care as devotion to Aphrodite, since She seems to like it when I do that, and because She is all about self-love and making yourself feel good. 

In general I say a little prayer before the acts, and keep Her in mind as I do them, but you can do these in front of your shrine etc etc :)

Some tried and tested things to do! (some more elaborate than others)

  • taking a shower and shaving
  • taking a bath with rose scented bath products
  • doing your makeup really nicely
  • standing naked in front of a mirror and telling yourself 3 things you like about yourself
  • picking out a cute outfit the day before, so you don’t have to throw clothes on in the morning
  • trying a new hair style
  • scrubbing
  • painting your nails in a new colour
  • picking out some heart shaped jewelry (can be plastic!)
  • taking a nap
  • lighting a candle and sit still and think about something good you did
  • eating that thing you want
  • dancing in your room to girl power ballads
  • making tea/coffee/hot chocolate
  • watching a cheesy movie
  • watching a movie that is all about terrible heart break
  • reading a romantic novel
  • shopping exclusively for yourself

there is so much more, but I hope this gave you some ideas!

Ever wonder why a drawing of a heart doesn’t look like an actual human heart? The heart symbol we use today came from the idea of two human hearts attached to each other as one, forming the iconic heart-shaped symbol we know as LOVE…..

This makes so much sense now

Ps ,please notice *Two human hearts attach to each other* not a man’s heart and a woman’s heart attached to each other but TWO HUMAN HEARTS !! this could be 2 female, 2 male, a male and female’s heart, transgender hearts… any 2 human hearts.. the only exception is both have to be 18+ when it comes to certain relationships. THANKS and please reblog :) bye

❀ Just for Today, just for One Second

gif credits to linhzay

Title: Just for Today, just for One Second

Pairing: Bobby x Reader

Genre: Romance, Marriage AU

Length: ~3000

A/N: I wrote this in 2 days and now it’s 2 am and me is finally done, although i had so much school stuff. tired yes, wrote too much, exhausted; can’t type any more sentences. yes me and my marriage au’s lmao. enjoy, thanks for reading. ignore spelling error, fixing tmr. - moyo off and g’night! Oh and this is for @bobbytrash because u were so sweet to me and made me write this ♡♡

Today was the day. The day you’d confess your feelings to the person you had loved for all this time. It was like a secret treasure you’d finally get your hands on, too afraid of what might be inside. However, not being able to hold back all these emotions your heart spoke, there was no other choice. So, today you’d definitely confess.

Our spot.

You texted Bobby when he asked you where you wanted to meet up. He had no clue what was going to happen. A smile crossed your face as you brushed over the cherry blossom tree with your fingertips. Actually you brushed over what was carved into it, (Y/N) & Jiwon, you smiled at the memory when Bobby was helplessly trying to cut into the tree with that ugly pocketknife he had stolen from his dad. 

Being with Bobby for the most part of your life, you wanted to stay like that. You wished you could just stop time, just for a little bit, just so you could take in his smile, which made you feel so delighted.

“Hey”, you felt Bobby’s arms around your slim waist. “I’m here”, he gave you a smile before you both took a seat under the tree that treasured so many memories from the both of you. It felt like a deja-vu. “So why did you invite me all the way over? You sounded so serious and …concerned. Is everything okay?”, a worried gaze lied on you and it made your heart only feel more heavy than it already was. “Yeah.. No. I-i’m okay. I just– i needed to tell you …something.“ 

The air felt thick and heavy, adding up to the weight you felt on your chest. You couldn’t believe you were actually going to do this. “Oh, I needed to tell you something as well.” Just now you suddenly noticed the blank expression on his face. Being so lost in your thoughts you hadn’t even noticed how empty his eyes were looking. It made your heart ache. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He hesitated. That only meant he was trying to fool you with his stupid lie. “Kim Jiwon, stop lying to me!”, all the nervous and exciting feelings, you were feeling just a second ago, vanished and were replaced by the heavy burden of worry that spread out in your stomach. He sighed before averting his gaze to the sky. “Bobby–”, "I’m getting married.”

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