heart shape jewelry


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 1.30.17

14kt gold-filled open heart midi ring by castawayjewelryco

this solid-looking yet delicate open heart ring can be a midi ring as shown or a regular ring depending on size. also available in silver! insert heart eye emojis.

Ever wonder why a drawing of a heart doesn’t look like an actual human heart? The heart symbol we use today came from the idea of two human hearts attached to each other as one, forming the iconic heart-shaped symbol we know as LOVE…..

This makes so much sense now

Ps ,please notice *Two human hearts attach to each other* not a man’s heart and a woman’s heart attached to each other but TWO HUMAN HEARTS !! this could be 2 female, 2 male, a male and female’s heart, transgender hearts… any 2 human hearts.. the only exception is both have to be 18+ when it comes to certain relationships. THANKS and please reblog :) bye

Self-care as devotion to Aphrodite

I do a lot of self-care as devotion to Aphrodite, since She seems to like it when I do that, and because She is all about self-love and making yourself feel good. 

In general I say a little prayer before the acts, and keep Her in mind as I do them, but you can do these in front of your shrine etc etc :)

Some tried and tested things to do! (some more elaborate than others)

  • taking a shower and shaving
  • taking a bath with rose scented bath products
  • doing your makeup really nicely
  • standing naked in front of a mirror and telling yourself 3 things you like about yourself
  • picking out a cute outfit the day before, so you don’t have to throw clothes on in the morning
  • trying a new hair style
  • scrubbing
  • painting your nails in a new colour
  • picking out some heart shaped jewelry (can be plastic!)
  • taking a nap
  • lighting a candle and sit still and think about something good you did
  • eating that thing you want
  • dancing in your room to girl power ballads
  • making tea/coffee/hot chocolate
  • watching a cheesy movie
  • watching a movie that is all about terrible heart break
  • reading a romantic novel
  • shopping exclusively for yourself

there is so much more, but I hope this gave you some ideas!

Bayo’s birthday coming along and Luka surprising her with a present. She’s unwrapping the gift and is all joking with him like “Oh Cheshire. I sincerely hope you aren’t one of those men who buys women heart shaped jewelry” but then she finally finishes unwrapping it to reveal a replica of her childhood, stuffed Cheshire doll. She’s quiet for a solid minute and Luka begins to worry until he’s suddenly got a chest full of teary eyed Bayo.

Trying to coord my new brooch by meltychocolatemoon. Matched it with my Chocomint clips and my favorite bows made by mintxmint (I should have bought more, I wear them almost every day!).

Head bow is Anna House and dress is thrifted

i’ve got to be the most beautiful doormat you’ve ever walked all over
if i had another heart, i’d let you break that one too and to me, it’d be like finding a four leafed clover
would it be too much for me to ask to drive around listening to brand new
and watch some stupid hipster movie with you?
you love way too quick, i love way too hard and i keep forgetting to set the alarm because it’s on your side of my bed
it’s all okay now, but how am i supposed to get the memory of you laughing out of my fucking head?
i’m on the other end of the line
listening to your silence and losing my mind,
where are you right now?
i don’t know if it’s the speed or my racing thoughts
but something’s causing way too much music inside my heart shaped jewelry box
i can scarcely remember the sound of your voice,
but it’s okay because you gave me some cliche bullshit in a text message saying that you just had no choice
it was nothing, right? right
i don’t know if it’s that i can’t breathe or won’t breathe,
but either way i can’t imagine that my lungs of steel will ever be set free
and i’m far too busy with forging their metal into bridges in the gaps between my ribs to notice that you’re trying to light them on fire
so, since you refuse to come my way,
can you send me your love just one last time over the telephone wire?
—  high writings of lily anna mae (solarescapism)