heart rupture

Exploding Elements

Those with hydrogen hearts have colourless eyes
Closing, heads tilting, with helium howls
They echo, calling to a silver moon
Phosphorous smoke shrouding their iron fur
As they pierce through lithium skies

Carbon copies scorch forests, emitting
A burning radium light from within
A sulfer stench left in their neon trails
Lingering, as the wolves scale Tantalum Mountain
Piercing through lithium skies

Packs of wolves plague the palatine pinnacle
Howling in unison, radon rising
They summon Arsenic, the king of poisons
Who, with glowing gold eyes, ruptures their hearts
And mercury, like lava, cascades the mountain
Piercing through lithium skies

victorineb  asked:


Will lowers the ruptured heart into the black water gently, watching it as it sinks into the darkness and remembering how it fluttered under his hand from within its cage of bone and meat. Hannibal, of course, bristled at turning over an object of such significance to the turtles and catfish, but it wasn’t his choice to make.

he was sin with his color rich fingertips spreading through your hair, the strands entangling themselves in his wonder, raspy remarks falling from his lips like a waterfall. he was sin when his hands moved across your thigh, your heart rupturing like a million year old volcano, the lava spilling into his hands, causing a fire you could not burn out. he was sin when his lips moved effortlessly over your ears, the cloud like structure making you putty in his wonder like hands. “luke,” you would whisper, his sinful body tensing at the sound of his name spilling from you and all over the bed sheets. he was sin when he surrendered to you, your body becoming his altar for a new revelation.


Eyehategod - Ruptured Heart Theory


Eyehategod - Dopesick (Full LP) 

1. My Name Is God (I Hate You) (0:00)
2. Dogs Holy Life (5:22)
3. Masters Of Legalized Confusion (6:31)
4. Dixie Whiskey (10:28)
5. Ruptured Heart Theory (13:23)
6. Non Conductive Negative Reasoning (18:06)
7. Lack Of All Most Everything (19:12)
8. Zero Nowhere (22:00)
9. Methamphetamine (26:23)
10. Peace Thru War (Thru Peace And War) (28:22)
11. Broken Down But Not Locked Up (30:09)
12. Anxiety Hangover (33:39)

The rain falling on your head, and you brought no protection. Exposed, raw, you find yourself taking the next step. The heart breaking open, torn, ruptured, a bloody mess; only to reveal a thrilling courage you had forgotten in your search for comfort, and a kindness that only those who have suffered will understand.
This strange love affair with uncertainty. The dizzying vastness of freedom. A tingly aliveness in the gut that you mistook for pathology. The path leading only into the unknown, all signposts gone.
Not a path for the feint of heart, no, but for those who cannot lie any longer. And for those who have no other choice but to live.
If it makes you weep, if it scares the shit out if you, if it takes you to the bleeding edge of your identity, it’s probably your path.
—  Jeff Foster

Eyehategod – Ruptured Heart Theory – Dopesick

Truth is, I don’t seek for revenge but I want us to get even. I want you to remember that I once suffered and cried and you did rejoiced that very night. I want you to feel my side, have a taste of that bitter memory I had when you were busy getting loose to have some space, ignoring my silent cries amidst the quietude in that eventide. I want you to have that wound and bleed inside. For I know, when you finally own a scar tattooed within your soul similar to what you had imparted here inside my heart, years ago when you decided to left me on that barren street taking my other scrap, only there and then, my heart will stop its rupture and will continue to beat just like the way it did before, again. And I know, I am not  that certain person who’s gonna bring you down, make you kneel facing the ground while crying as the rain continue to pour on your tear-stained face looking so helpless and in deep pang of remorse. I still care for you somehow, but I want you to know that you just can’t escape that part wherein the whole world seems to crumble crashing you down. I want you to feel it, taste your own sorrow as it comes right in front of you, face to face in a hushed but wrathful manner telling you how.