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six of crows au where kuwei doesn’t exist

  • nina and matthias never have that moment where they realize they’re on the same side and therefore can’t trust each other
  • by some miracle they make it out of the ice court alive without nina having any parem
  • wylan never finds the courage to stand beside jesper on the way home because he’s too shy in his own skin
  • without the promise of reward for the scientist inej doesn’t consider her dream of hunting slavers possible, which means she never tells kaz so he has no reason to ask her to stay in ketterdam with him, and inej goes on thinking he doesn’t have deeper feelings for her
  • they go back to the barrel empty handed and their friendships never strengthen and most importantly to kaz—they never make their millions
  • pekka, heleen and van eck are still at large 
  • kaz never gets the help he needs to find inej’s parents
  • there’s really no reason to work with wylan again since raske is better with demolition after all and they’re not working with jan anymore
  • jesper’s life lacks chaos without any big heists and he goes back to gambling regularly
  • and poor matthias
  • he still meets his fate the same way when it’s found out he’s not in hellgate anymore. but the sad difference is it would have all been for nothing….

spoiler: it’s just not realistic.jpg stop acting like the story could exist without him. he’s a crucial character thanks bye

To anyone worrying about how they’re going to feel while listening to the upcoming Go! Child song, don’t worry! I promise it definitely ISN’T and emotional one and it DOESN’T contain moments specifically hand-crafted by me to RIP YOUR HEART OUT!

So don’t worry

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What is 'the war'? I've been here since december and i've never heard of it. Love your fics btw!

Once upon a time the ACOTAR/TOG fandom was peaceful enjoying their fluffy and the occasional angsty post. There were many great fanfic writers, but two in particular could rip our hearts out. 

On a cold December night it was decided that there would be a war of fanfics, to see which writer could capture the most tears. No characters was spared. The fics ranged from Lucien’s POV of losing his eye to character death (I’m still not over Elide’s death). 

Many of us still bleed from the loss. Neither writer won, a truce was made. 

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Thank you for the awesome comment!

Ok this is fine again because you know what this goes back to the first CS villain shipper Cora. 

“You chose her”

Killian chose to tell Nemo he was not going to run away because Snow told him about Regina and he fully believed he was allowed his happy ending after everything he has done in his past. Now stay with me. This episode while it will rip our hearts out and step on them shows that Killian is CHOOSING to go back to Emma because she is HOME and his HAPPY ENDING like he is hers. 

Think of this as Snowings “I will always find you”. For Captain Swan it is “I will always choose you”. Their story is about picking the other in anything they do whether it is an adventure to another realm or trusting that they will always make the right choice. This separation pains us but it is just another piece of the “I will always choose you” story. 

Emma and Killian will be reunited we know that so yes be bothered for the separation but remember…Killian CHOSE to help Emma on the beanstalk, Killian CHOSE to come back to help Emma to take her to Neverland, Emma CHOSE to open up and let Killian in. Killian is now CHOOSING and FIGHTING with the his new BFFS, Nemo, Liam 2.0, Aladdin, Jasmine and Ariel, to get back to her because CHOOSING to be a good man for and too Emma is the most important thing in Killian’s life. 

Reader/Gadreel for @icecream-and-gadreel.

Apparently, some anonymous individuals have been sending unwarranted hate and negativity to this otherwise amazing human being [excpet when she crushes our souls with her fanfiction].

So @icecream-and-gadreel, this is to remind you of all the people who do love and care for you on this platform; and to all the anons sending the hate - may Gabriel have mercy on your damaged souls.

I have never written Gadreel before so hopefully, I didn’t botch his character too much and make this unreadable. May this bring you some comfort and maybe even a smile.

Christ on a cracker, humans could be so cruel. Vampires, ghosts and zombies you understood; they had predictable motives – feed, spawn, kill, repeat. Humans, however, they could rip your heart out and drain your soul without touching you – without even ever laying sight of you.

You didn’t want to stare at the screen anymore – the hollow pit in your stomach expanded each time a new comment appeared; though at the same time, there was a sick curiosity of what would be said next – how would they top the last degrading insult?

A ping signalled a new message; the high-pitched noise whispering a sense of dread and helplessness in your darkened room. As it had repeatedly, the twisted part of your thoughts had you moving the cursor before the rational thoughts of your dimming self-worth could protest the damage these typed words were doing to you.

Just as you clicked the message icon, the screen went black – no forced shut down, no flickering, no blue screen of death; just lit one moment, black the next. What the hell…

Enough. The mental caress was firm but undemanding – and unexpected.

Gadreel? I though you promised to stay out of mine and the Winchesters’ heads.

Apologies [your name], you, however, were projecting; and I refuse to let you procced in emotionally torturing yourself. The physical echoing of physical warmth skimmed the skin of your arms – producing pleasant goosebumps. I believe this is one of those moments you referred to as save me from myself.

A content sigh parted your lips. You’re right. You could feel his barely contained smugness tickling at your surface thoughts. I miss you, wish you were here.

The echoed sensations running up and down your arms ran down to your wrists one last time before brushing over the exposed skin of your neck and stomach. I grow restless without your company also. Sam informs me that the last of the vampires of the nest will be dealt with in the morning. I believe he and Dean are growing aware of not just mine but Castiel’s desperation to return to the bunker – my brother appears distraught without the presence of Giblet.

The only happy breeze to lift the corners of your lips that evening occurred as you though of the stoic, blue-eyed angel and his unwavering devotion to the pet gerbil he had rescued from a witch’s sacrificial spell during a case.

Your joy is beautiful. You felt his subsequent joy caress the inner walls of your mind. I sense, however, a lingering pain. Perhaps after the conclusion of this case, I will procure the dairymen human females enjoy during times of emotional turmoil?

You mean Ben and Jerry ice-cream? Gad, that’s for when you are dumped or heartbroken over a crush.

Humans, so many abstract rules and concepts: don’t wear white after the first Monday of the month of September, breaking reflective glass results in misfortune for approximately seven earth years, beware of computer goblins…”

Your chuckle reverberated throughout your body. It’s internet trolls – and I am pretty sure Lucifer invented trolling.

While my brother has contributed to many cruel partitions – the creation of an anonymous method of chaos is more indicative of Gabriel.

In that moment, the weight of the spiteful words from an electronic screen became a little less meaningful as you realised that you didn’t need two dairy carton guys – all you needed was this angel; the only person’s opinion that truly mattered.

Do you love me?
You don’t say anything.
(I know you don’t)
Will you stay with me?
You won’t look at me.
(I know you won’t)
Would you do anything for me?
Like I would for you?
You turn away from me.
(I know you wouldn’t)
Could you at least tell me the truth?
The ambiguity is killing me.
You walk away from me.
(I know you can’t)
—  you might as well have ripped my heart out // h.l.

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IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT PUPPY SISTER IS SAD. What can I do to help~?? Do you want food? Food is p neat I hear. Will souls do?

If by sad you mean my heart has been ripped out of my chest and stomped on by some honey nut feelios then yes I’m pretty sad. :V

Nothing can be done unless Zen suddenly Becomes Real and lets me cuddle with him for three hours… or three years… or three millennia.

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Okay, I get most of that musical theatre alignment chart, but do you have any guesses for why Jason Robert Brown and Robert Lopez are on the "evil" end?

Robert Lopez did Avenue Q and Book of Mormon, which are definitely on the cruder side of the music theatre spectrum.  Jason Robert Brown did The Last Five Years and Parade, musicals guaranteed to rip your heart out, which is pretty evil of him.  


kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳day three// disney vs original worlds


Wes Gibbins deserved better.