heart poetry

I’m broken.
Bruised and cracked,
From every punch you threw.

I’m broken,
Not physically.
But from the inside out.

I’m broken.
Even though all I ever wanted,
Was for you to be mine.

But don’t worry I’ll still say to you,
I’m fine.

If you’re saying that you love me, then I’d like to watch how you hold me in your arms when I turn into a flooding ocean.
She had a quiet, masterful presence. There weren’t words to express her beauty, nor could a soul resist the fear of approaching her uncalled.
—  Someone I’ve needed. 🖤

i turn it in my hands, it is heavy
the urn

ancient, painted
blackscratch cross
& chipped red coat aflame

( imagine the brush,
the hand that held it )

examine with care
& latex gloves, a dust mask

i turn it slow, it is heavy

sealed shut
something precious
something important

( the thievery of the dead

thirteen broken mummies
emptied, discarded
& where their souls might be now )

in my hand, slow turning
i open the jar, it is heavy

i lower the mask
i lower my face

i breathe it in deep

Forgetting is a knot
I will never untie
Forever is a spot
You stay
Vivid in my mind

But unlike the garden
Your roots grew inside my heart
Even if I wanted to
My love
We’d never part

But I was ready. Maybe you weren’t, maybe you weren’t ever going to be, or maybe you were but you were scared, but me? I was ready to dive headfirst into whatever we were doing and figure out where it was going. In fact, I wasn’t just ready, I was also eager. I was eager to see all that we could be. Me? I was also ready to be patient. If you said the words, I was ready to be patient and to wait until you were ready so that we could both be eager and both dive headfirst in together. But you? You weren’t ready, you also weren’t patient. You had no intentions of going anywhere with me. You were ready for one thing, for me to tell you I was ready and for yourself to tell me it would never be something to dive headfirst into. Me? I wasn’t ready for that. I was ready to dive headfirst into anything but that.

falling in love is like falling off a cliff.
you feel the excitement as you approach the sights in awe.
your heart pounds out of your chest as you balance on the edge.
all it takes is the right force of nature to push you forward,
and before you know it you have lost all control,
everything starts happening so fast,
wide-eyed and frantic,
it is not the feeling you fear,
but the unforeseeable outcome.
will you survive at the end.?