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Sailor Clefable and Tuxedo Gengar custom art plush ♥

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♥ Commission, not for sale♥

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Clefable, Gengar and Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask belong to Naoko Takeuchi

Plush are by me.


Sailor Clefable custom art plush ♥

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♥ Commission, not for sale♥

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Clefable and Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi

Plush is by me.


Sora (Halloween Town) | Kingdom Hearts

My latest commission! He was tricky, but came out as well as I’d hoped. :D Complete with posable wings, which I was really hoping to pull off from the start. Luckily for me he has a similar body construct to Ven and shares Vanitas’ crazy hair, so having made those two several times really prepared me for this guy.

anonymous asked:

ooo how about headcannons foorrrrr oh man i hope this makes sense lol, for what you think would happen when junkrat/roadhog/lucio/anyone else youd want are at a guys slumber party at HQ, and how they would react when they play truth or dare and theyre asked about their crush on reader? or maybe their reaction when SURPRISE! reader and some of the other girl heros were secretley there the whole time planning on having a PILLOWS RAIN FROM ABOVE! moment before they were asked about the crush? lol

My brain has been a little dead lately so hopefully these make as much sense as I think they do???  Bonus Genji!


  • Always picks dare – there is nothing this boy won’t do, just try him

    • Starts to get bored when the guys don’t make him do anything risky

    • Still happy to be dared to eat an entire box of Oreo’s in under five minutes

  • When he picks dare again he’s not expecting it to be Lucio to dare him to ask you out

  • He’d freeze up and go scarlet, stuttering a reply but not making any sense

    • He’d much rather someone try to ask him about his treasure

  • Roadhog would nudge him when he doesn’t answer

  • Above them D.Va, Tracer, and Pharah are grinning at you from ear to ear

    • Pharah tries to give you a playful shove but it makes the ceiling crash down and you bounce off Roadhog only to land right in front of Junkrat, right between his legs

    • So much blushing going on in the room while Lucio and Genji help the girls up

  • Lucio reminds him that the dare is still on the table

    • Everyone is watching

    • D.Va has dug into whatever snacks are nearby with Tracer

  • In a fit of panic Junkrat asks if you want to get Boba

    • If you accept he’s full of nervous giggles and tries to get you to go right away, no matter the time


  • Always picks dare, only because he is a man of few words

    • With his mask on it’s impossible to tell what he’s thinking but he’s fine lifting it up to do the eating dares

    • Lucio likes to dare him to pick things up, just to see how much he can lift

    • Junkrat dares him to throw him as far as possible, which everyone agrees not to do

  • Of course it’s Junkrat that dares Roadhog to give you the gift he got you for Valentine’s Day (even though it’s already way past)

    • Roadhog does a lot of growling at his partner

  • Lucio would ask for more info (plus encouragement)  to which Junkrat proudly declares Roadhog’s crush on you

    • Pharah gasps so loudly that D.Va and Tracer burst out laughing and you all fall to the floor

  • Roadhog would help you up without a word

    • He’d leave without a word too

    • And return with your gift (a pachimari plush with hearts on the cheeks as blush)

  • Your response would determine everything so make it good

    • Hug, kiss, smile, anything to let him know how you feel


  • Would go 50/50 on truth and dare

    • Always honest, like does he have any secrets at all?

    • You and the girls listen in hoping to get some dirt on him but all you discover is that he is as perfect as he appears

  • It’s Genji that asks him about his crush on you, and questions why he hasn’t made a move yet

    • Because I bet in Genji’s eyes Lucio is like an angel—charismatic, positive, etc–who could say no to him?  Why would he ever be nervous?

    • Well, you make him nervous, which is why he taps his fingers together and tries to stop his cheeks from darkening

  • In an attempt to lean in and hear more you crash through the ceiling with the girls, pillows everywhere

    • Lucio would rush to help you up only to realize what you must have heard

    • Tracer prompts him to answer the question

  • He’d finally admit he was waiting for the right time

    • D.Va would play his wingman and dare you to kiss him

    • If you do he’s in complete shock but very, very happy


  • Always picks truth, especially when it’s Junkrat doing the asking because his dare’s are usually too dangers

    • Regrets it when Junkrat grins and asks when he’s finally going to confess his feelings for you

    • Lucio ooooooh’s while Roadhog just gives a small amused grunt

    • You, of course, stop D.Va, Tracer, and Pharah from the planned attack, suddenly very interested in the conversation

  • Genji would hesitate and try to switch to dare until Lucio and Junkrat prod him more

    • He tries to say that he has no plans to confess and the room goes quiet

    • D.Va shouts “Why not?” while bursting through the ceiling with too much movement, making you all crash to the floor.

  • You land on Genji, or more accurately Genji would easily catch you

  • His movements are stiff as he tries to figure out what just happened, how long you were there, etc.

    • But with D.Va’s shout it’s kind of obvious how much you heard

  • You would have to say something first to get him to snap back to reality

    • The poor thing is a bundle of nerves

    • You have to ask for him to put you down

  • Even with the accidental confession you would have to make the first move however you like, because he will definitely be feeling unworthy

    • You could kiss his visor

    • Hug him

    • Smack him with a pillow and demand he answer D.Va’s question

    • No matter what it will lead to you two getting together

Plush Sans Commission


65USDollar– 70USDollar depending on detailes


60USDollar – 65USDollar depending on detailes


70USDollar – 75USDollar depending on detailes

Accessoires like bones, souls and so on, (the things they can hold in their hands) and things like collars will cost 5 USDollar extra per accessory.

Shipping is not for free and can be (depending on the country you come from) pretty high. Keep that in mind please :)

The plushies are made of soft plush minky and felt. The patterns are made by myself and still worked on. I use a sewing machine and simple hand-sewing.
The arms are movable and the faces are all uniquely made of felt sewed to the minky, the jacket is to be opened and closed with Velcro. The plushs can be ordered with magnets so they can hold small stuff in their hands like plush hearts or bone attacks x)
Their clothes are completely removable except the tank-top for their arms are attached to them. There is also an elastic band in their pants to make sure it fits the plush. :)
Each plush is around 35cm from head to toe.
Everything I do is completely self thought and not perfect. I’m still learning with every plush and trying to get better so please, if you’re commissioning me, tell me in a formal way if something bothers you or should be changed and I will see what I can do :)

Please consider that since they’re Sans and only have low health they won’t survive washing machines x)

Okay now that you know about the plushs themselves

let’s talk about some rules :)

-I will work on 2 Sans’ at a time. If you’re planning to get all 3 of them Sanses at     once we can discuss how to deal with it in PM to save shipping costs :)

-I’m still going to school and only do the sewing in my free time, so please don’t rush me. I don’t mind you asking for updates and I want to work close to you so we can make you your own unique plush, but if you’re getting on my nerves it will only slow the progress down

-As said I want to make your plush special, so if you wish for certain details (examples at the end of the rules) please tell me and I will try my best to get it as close to your imagination as possible

-I would prefer sending the plush insured to make sure it comes to your place safely, which however will rise the price. You can ask me privately if you want to know what the shipping costs would be and if you know a cheaper way please feel free to tell me. I’ll send them from Germany :)


-I’d prefer PayPal for the payment and if you’re commissioning me I would like a partial payment, means half of the price before I start with your plush and the other half when it’s finished and befor I ship it to your destination.
It’s just to make sure I don’t get tricked, I hope you understand :)

If you want to commission me please take a look in my blog description. I will make sure to update there if commissions are open or closed.

Here are some examples and how updates will look like:

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Oh my lord these are too adorable~! They look pretty simple to make too~


Jin’s only graduation wish? For BTS to continue to succeed.