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I want more r76 headcanons now.. When did 76 call reaper gabe again? Was ir an accident during the mission? Was it during panic? Was it habit- that gabe pointed out something or gave jack coffee and it just slipped out? "Thanks gabe." Did jack even notice he said it? I.. i need more.. Please.. I am a lowely memer... spare some headcanons.. please...



(Context: a bully starts yelling at Jack on the first day of boot camp.  Before Jack can react, another cadet steps in.)


“Holy shit,” the other cadet - Reyes - breathes with exhilaration, “Qué chingados, cabrón, that was fucking BALLSY what you just did - holy shit, I cannot believe you just talked us out of that - ”

“Uh, hello?” Smith asks, “We helped too.”

“You didn’t put on the fucking waterworks, man, holy shit, dude,” Reyes turns towards Jack, “I legit thought you were crying in there.”

“A few tears are easy - you gotta sell the part where you’re ‘trying but failing to be stoic,’” Jack grins at him, and winces a little at how his left cheeks smarts up at the motion, and he gingerly puts a hand to the sore spot, muttering, “Damn, you got a mean right hook too.”

“Yeah, uh, sorry about that - I was trying to hold back,” Reyes chuckles, but he doesn’t look the slightest bit apologetic.

Doesn’t matter to Jack though.

What matters is that Reyes had gotten mad and reacted before Jack could even decide what to do.

And that means more to Jack than anything else.

“…How long have you been boxing?” Jack asks curiously, and Reyes looks at him in surprise, muttering, “Is it that obvious?”

“I’ve been punched more than I care to admit,” Jack replies and he hears Jackson snort at that, and Jack grins, “Okay, so maybe sometimes, I deserved it.  But you can always tell when someone’s actually practiced and when someone just fucking throws a fist.”

Reyes stares at him with an unreadable expression and then sighs, “About two, almost three years now.  Took it up when mi tío suggested it instead of - you know, yeah, just about three years.”

There’s a story there, behind that hesitation.

Jack smiles genuinely, patiently at him.

He’s always willing to wait for a good story.

Reyes looks at him with a little bit of embarrassment until Jack sticks out his hand.

“What?” the cadet asks in surprise and Jack just grins, “Name’s John, but I fucking hate it, so call me Jack.”

“Are you fucking serious - ” Reyes breathes, “A goddamn handshake?”

“Aww, after all we went through, and you won’t even shake my hand?” Jack mocks at him and Reyes glares at him fiercely before smirking wickedly, “I can see why people want to punch you, jackass.”

“I mean, it is my kink - ”

“I am going to regret saying that to you,” Reyes sighs before taking Jack’s hand.

His hand is rough around the knuckles and joints from years of boxing, but it’s warm too.

“Gabriel,” he mutters.

Encantado, Gabríel,” Jack beams at him and he sees Gabriel’s left eyebrow quirk a twitch at the Spanish, but Jack rolls on, “This is the part where you tell me you hate the name ‘Gabriel,’ so I can call you ‘Gabi,’ right?”

“Oh, holy fuck, now I really see why people want to hit you, pendejo.”

“Haha, should I put you down on the waiting list?” Jack laughs as they begin the walk back to the track, and Gabriel smirks at him, “I think I deserve the top spot considering how I knocked that motherfucker out.”

“Oh god, he just went down,” Jackson sighs happily, “Just ice fucking cold.  Damn, Reyes, you gotta show me how to do that.”

“Me too,” Fremont says gleefully, “I might want to take a few swings of my own at him.”

“Guys, c’mon,” Jack says, but he’s smiling too, “We can’t fight him again.  They’re gonna be watching us.”

“They don’t have eyes in the back of their heads,” Gabriel mutters, but there’s mischief in his tone and Jack -

Jack finds himself grinning too.

“Can’t believe we made ourselves the ‘problem group’ on the second day,” Smith moans a little, “My parents are gonna kill me.”

“Ey, ey,” Gabriel snaps at him, “We’re in the ‘fun group.’”

“Is that what you call it?” Jack chuckles at him, and Gabriel rolls his eyes, “What else you gonna call it?”

“The Morrison Defense Squad,” Jack suggests and Gabriel chokes a little as Jackson grins, “The Fuck Jones Crew.”

“I already said - ” Jack snaps playfully, “I don’t want to fuck him.”  Gabriel rubs at his eyes, muttering, “Dios mio.”

From over the buildings behind them, the rising sun begins to burn away the morning mist.