heart pie


hello cutie💕

pie for dinner
  • CG: Little one, what do you want for dinner?
  • Little: Candy
  • CG: Try again.
  • Little: Ice cream
  • CG: No
  • Little: Cookies
  • CG: Not gonna happen cutie
  • Little: You're right......pie sounds better
  • CG: ........mac n cheese it is
  • Little: Oh that sounds good and all but I asked for pie
  • CG: And I said no
  • Little: .....mac n cheese is good
  • CG: Good.
  • Little: *says under breath* pies would have been better.

In which Castiel is a pureblood, and Dean is a loud, obnoxious Muggleborn, and Cas doesn’t want that stupid, fit, gorgeous, freckled Hufflepuff anyway. He doesn’t.

What would father say?

Meanwhile, Dean is trying his level best to get the blue-eyed Ravenclaw to go to Hogsmeade with him. 

Yes. Come and talk to me about any SPN-HP headcanons you might have.