heart pepperoni

i’m all for tony being dead because that means nobody can hurt him anymore and he can rest and be happy with rhodey who died too. but i’m not ready for kamala, miles, sam and riri being destroyed over his death. tony loves the hell out of those kids and he wouldn’t have wanted them to be sad for him but his death is going break them. protect the tinies. they’re gonna be angry and sad and overwhelmed and broken… don’t get me started on pepper. pepper is gonna kick everyone’s ass for this. let her.

Okay so hear me out

I know this is a SPIDERMAN movie about SPIDERMAN and that’s great I wouldn’t want it any other way
BUT they better fix our pepperony hearts because I can’t handle it any longer!!

And I couldn’t care less how they do it. Just ONE tiny scentence would do it. Because that’s how you destroyed it, remember Marvel? With one tiny scentence!!!
All I want is one small “oh yeah we’re back together” or “so you two are…” - “yes we are fine”



Eremin Valentine’s Day middle school au where 12 year old Eren is still in denial about his feelings for Armin and he desperately tries to find someone to be his valentine before the day is out, only to find every classmate in his school from Annie to Mina to Sasha is spoken for or uninterested, and so he just comes home to grumble in the living room while a sad Armin sulks on the couch cuz he doesn’t have a valentine either. Then finally Eren looks at his sad buddy and smiles and says “Armin, will you be my valentine for the evening?” And Armin blushes and just humbly replies “Yes…” and Eren orders a pizza with heart shaped pepperonis to eat while they play Mario kart on the couch (snuggled just a little too closely for a pair of best friends just pretending to be each other’s Valentines for the evening…)