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Possessed Halfling Boyfriend

I fell headover heels in love with @trash-chan-art‘s beatiful son Rovil. He’s the cutest Halfling but he’s also possessed by an incubus so he’s monster enough for me. 

   I had been traveling for a long time. I had just finished dealing with a mess up north. Now all I wanted to do was find a warm bed and sleep for a good solid week. It’s growing bitterly cold and I am not well equipped. It’s late by the time I find a small village. By then I am not able to find lodging or no one is opening their doors. The gnawing voice at the back of my mind is cackling at me.

   I sit down on a set of stairs, wrapping my cloak around me as tightly as I can. If this is all I have, then it is what I have to work with. I just can’t help imagining a nice, soft, down bed and waking to pancakes and coffee in the morning.

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anonymous asked:

pros and cons of dating mingyu? thank you

sorry this was in my inbox for so long as i took a hiatus during semester cos uni was hectic i do hope you get to see this anon! here we go!


  • height height hEIGHTTT
  • hes so tall so can u imagine him leaning over you to help you get stuff from the tall cupboards and ur heart races at 298310129 per second 
  • he can cook so he’d teach u to cook or u guys will have cute cooking dates
  • and baking too 
  • he’d cook for you after a long day of work 
  • and bake you heart shaped pastries when you’re feeling down 
  • you know how much i love food judging from what im writing lmao
  • he’d take you to yummy places to eat and be like: “pfff i can cook better than this”
  • he’d want to open up a restaurant and name it after you lol
  • OK ILL STOP WITH THE FOOD MOVING ON can u imagine mingyu in a cute apron with cartoons omg i cant help meee
  • he’d always want to make you laugh whether its by doing silly dances or you teasing him
  • fashionista 
  • lots of shopping as well 
  • matching coats and sunnies omg 
  • he’d be really playful and caring 
  • puts your needs before his
  • he’d be so smiley when you compliment him and would replay it in his head over and over 
  • he gonna win your dad over because hes so good at fixing things 
  • like if he helped fix your mums phone or computer they’d think he were a genius 
  • and he likes cleaning too so cleaning the house together 
  • like a family outing where y’all spring clean 
  • gives off mature vibes but also a baby best of both worlds 
  • he’d show you off to everyone and when i say everyone i mean EVERYONE including the lady that sells groceries at ur local woolies 


  • omg he could probably be really clueless sometimes
  • like you’d lowkey hint stuff but he just WONT GET IT 
  • pretty lame sometimes
  • i can imagine him to get quite jealous and defensive very easily 

i am also currently taking requests for wanna one and produce 101 for pros and cons of dating and MTLs :) 

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤❤❤

Here’s a Macaron recipe for yourself or someone special!


(For 16 macarons)
- 100g of icing sugar
- 60g of egg white
- 25g of caster sugar
- Food colourings
- 60g of almond powder
- Nutella


1. Sieve the icing sugar and almond powder and mix well.

2. Whisk the egg white till it reaches a consistency.

3. Whisk in caster sugar and the colouring. Add in the mixed ingredients in step 1 and mix well. (Careful not to overmix it)

4. Fill the piping bag and pipe out the batter onto the baking sheet.

5. Poke out air bubbles in the macaron batter and leave it for 30 minutes.

6. Put it in the oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes.

7. Spread nutella on both sides of the macaron shells and you are done!

Have fun!



Request: hii! idk if you take requests for stiles, but could you do one where the reader has liked Issac a while but he doesn’t feel the same, so stiles goes to comfort her and ends up accidentally gushing his feelings for her. thank you! <3 

warnings: just fluff, more fluff, kisses, and fluff.

gif cred @lovemusiclifexx


They had been sitting in the clustered little cafe around half an hour, but she still hadn’t brought a finger to her mug of cocoa. She sat with her legs folded to her chest, black jeans skinny and tattered, a comfy over sized white sweater drooping around her front. Her hair fell in tangled waves around her face, and her bright eyes bore intently into the marshmallows floating atop the surface of her drink.

“Hey, earth to (Y/N),” Stiles snapped after the fourth time of trying to get her attention.

“Wha-sorry,” she shook her head, blinking away her stars and raising her eyes to Stiles’ bright coppery brown ones.

He leaned forward a little in his big green sofa chair, his blue flannel hung loosely around his shoulders. He took a deep breath, his lips parting as he blinked, “you’re thinking about him, aren’t you?”

“Am not,” she fired back defensively, her cheeks flaring up.

“Oh come on sweet cheeks, you haven’t touched your cocoa in thirty minutes, and that stuff is usually a cure to anything for you,” he chuckled.

“How do you know that?” she stammered, arms folding.

“Because I know you,” he smiled. His little dimples arose on his cute cheeks, his bright eyes crinkling as he watched her response intently.

She sat quiet for a minute, toying with a string on her sweater, “am I good enough?” she asked at last.

Stiles gaped, taken a back, “obviously, what, why?!”

“Well because apparently he doesn’t think so,” she pouted, lower lip jutting out.

“Ugh, Isaac? That guy? Really?” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Hey, don’t say it like that,” she huffed.

“Well I’m sure you have better taste than in sunshine haired werewolf boys with commitment issues,” Stiles leaned back in his chair, tapping his foot against the polished wooden floorboards.

“Stiles,” she warned.

“Right, sorry, sorry!” he raised his hands in defeat, tilting his chin to the ceiling, where golden lights came trickling down from strings.

“You say it like you know better,” she teased, “do you?”

His eyes flickered back to hers, “maybe.”

Her hands wrapped around her big red mug as she took a sip of her not so hot drink, the chocolate making her feel bubbly and good just like Stiles knew it would. 

“Enlighten me,” she smiled.

“Oookay,” Stiles ran his slender fingers absentmindedly through his messy brown hair. “I think there’s someone out there who really cares for you, like a lot, like you’re their whole world,” his voice lowered seriously. “I think he loves how your laugh sounds, and he just wants to hear it all the time, to know you’re happy and that he can give you everything you deserve.”

He finished quietly, his eyes burning holes into the oak table and basically looking anywhere except at hers. He breathed in the scent of freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries, his heart doing flips. The cafe was practically empty by this point, and they were the last two to be sat in the cozy back room.

“Mm,” she contemplated, setting down her mug when he finished. “Now where do you think my mystery man is, Mr. Stilinski?” she beamed.

“Probably closer than you think,” he tried weakly.

She stared at him for a good few seconds, eyes flickering up and down her friend with interest, and then she burst out in a fit of giggles.

“What?” stiles chuckled, throat rumbling from the sight of her sinking into her laughter with little wheezes for air.

“Phew, you got me for a second there,” she snorted. “Oh god,” she covered her face like she always did when she ugly laughed, but Stiles just grinned. He loved her ugly laugh.

“What?” he said again.

“Oh nothing,” she bent forward in her chair and placed her palm to Stiles’ knee, “it was a good act though.”

“Act?” Stiles pondered, buzzing with electricity from where she touched him.

“Well you know, Stiles the nerdy goofball, lecturing me on love? Yeah right,” she winked.

“Heyy,” Stiles said with mock hurt, the butterflies in his stomach dying down, “you’d be surprised how knowledgeable I am in that area.”

“Oh please, the farthest you’ve managed is a high school crush, and lord knows she’s not going anywhere near that area,” the girl snickered.

Stiles let out a giggle, resting his palm atop the girls hand. She didn’t flinch away, but she tensed, just a little.

“Okay, so I’m a little lacking in the relationship field. But you had a crush on a dumb jock of a werewolf with raging hormones,” he fired back playfully.

“Ouch,” she said.

“Too soon?” Stiles asked, wondering if he’d hurt her feelings.

“Nah,” she smiled, “I don’t need that loser,” she decided.

“There you go!” Stiles beamed, “you finally came around.”

“I guess I just needed the right person to show me how,” she squeezed his hand lightly.

“Here,” Stiles said, moving his hand and raising a thumb to her face. She dipped back a little, but he shushed her protests and wiped the excess whipped cream from around her mouth anyways.

“Oof, thanks,” she said. “Wha-EW!” she giggled when Stiles licked the cream off his fingers with a smirk.

“What?” he snickered, “can’t waste. That would just be selfish.”

“Well, you’re right there. You’re not selfish, Stiles Stilinski.”

“Aren’t I?” he lifted a brow, frown settling in on his full lips.

“No,” she insisted. “You care too much about the people you love to hurt them,” she said, “one of the many wonderful things about you. Coupled with the fact that you buy me hot chocolate all the time,” she smiled.

“Well, I know how to treat a lady,” he said, giving her a nudge.

“Oh yeah?” she challenged.

“Hey hey hey, don’t judge. I bet I’m way better at this stuff than you’d give me credit for,” his warm brown eyes crinkled happily.


“Like I give great cuddles.”

“From practicing with your pillow?”

“Okay well I’m a good kisser, I bet.”

“From practicing on your hand?”

“Fine but I can fend off anyone who gets in our way.”

“From practicing with that flimsy thing you call a bat?”

Stiles stopped, eyes narrowing as he suppressed a smile, “you can make fun of me, but don’t you dare make fun of my bat.”

They burst out laughing in sync, wiping the tears from their eyes as they bent over themselves with giggles. When they finally calmed down enough to take a breather, the girl had propped herself on her elbows, leaning in towards him, and he mimicked her gesture.

His eyes flickered over his, and his voice came a whisper, “you’re really cute when you laugh, you know that?”

“Wow, guess you can add being a gentleman to that list of yours,” she blushed.

He sighed, his face saddening, eyes drawing away.

“What’s up?” she asked, tilting his chin up with her fingertips.

“You know what else I’m good at?” he said with a sense of defeat.

“What?” she said, so close to him now that she could breathe in his cologne and warm aroma.

“Falling for beautiful girls who can’t even see the power they have over me.”

For a second, she laughed. It was instinct. He was joking, right? That’s what Stiles was best at, jokes. But then her eyes came to him, and she noticed his hesitant gaze, tilted lips, and trembling fingers, and suddenly it wasn’t so funny. Stiles, the adorable and dorky Stiles, suddenly seemed far more intimidating in front of her.

She bent back, her heart faltering, “oh.”

The cafe seemed to spin around her. The floorboards were gone, the coffee’s scent was making her dizzy,  the lights were blurring.

“Yeah,” Stiles said softly. Then, when he saw her spaced out expression, “you okay?”

“Y-yeah,” she shook her head, taking in a long breath and focusing herself once more, “fine.”

“I’m sorry,” he said at once. “I shouldn’t have said anything, I-I m-mean that was dumb, obviously. I guess I was wrapped up in the moment and you’re whole fall for Isaac just got me all over the place,” he stammered, placing his head in his hands.

“Hey, no, Stiles, look at me,” she soothed, pulling his hands gently away from his face, “I’m glad you told me.”

“Really?” he rasped, fingers trembling against hers.

“Yeah, I was just so oblivious that it never even occurred to me you could feel like that, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say that,” he said quietly.

“No, but I have to. You’re my best friend Stiles, you’ve always been there for me. So there for me that I never even thought twice of what we meant to each other besides that. You bringing it up just woke me up, shone a light for me, reminded me that…” she trailed off.

“That what?’ he murmured, golden flecked eyes darting over her face.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe he is closer than I know,” she said. “I mean, who’s there when I can’t stand being alone or afraid? You. Who makes me laugh more than anyone else could? You. Who puts me first, the person who I know I would fight for the same way they would fight for me-” she babbled, fireworks erupting in her belly, suddenly wanting to melt under Stiles’ gaze.

“Loving you just comes so easy that I’ve been taking it for granted,” she finished.

It was weird for her, to stare at her best friend and suddenly see him clearly. His adorable freckles, the distinct blink of his eyes when he laughed, how much more vivid his eyes looked up close, the way he would twitch his nose or touch his face when he was nervous. It was like seeing him for the first time.

“What are you saying?” Stiles breathed.

“I don’t know what I’m saying,” she admitted, her heart doing bounds.

Stiles bent forward, so close their noses almost brushed each other.

“Okay. What are you feeling?” he tried.

“I’m feeling,” she whispered, heart going into overdrive, unable to think clearly from being so close to him.

“Yeah?” he breathed.

“I’m feeling…” she blinked down at his lips, and he tilted his head like he was daring her to try something.

“I’m feeling kind of like I want to kiss you,” she said, her last words coming muffled as she spoke them into the breath where her lips met Stiles’. They were soft and warm, intoxicating, even, and god did Stiles know how to use them. He brought a hand to her cheek, fingers sliding across her flesh and into her hair as he bent more deeply into her mouth, sending electricity through her veins. She detached herself for a breath, but he was back at once, and there was a sudden urge for dominance as the two molded their lips together with more pressure, dipping back and forth as one leaned in harder than the other. Her hands went to his hair, brushing through his soft locks and tugging softly at them, the smell of the cafe being drowned out by his gentle aroma, and the brief taste of him being enough to have her hooked, to know she was going to have it bad.

Stiles pulled away with a long breath, his big eyes blinking open to hers, their foreheads touching.

“Wow,” stiles said breathlessly.

“Wow,” she repeated, instantly hating the way her mouth felt without his lips pressed to hers. “I guess that practice on your hand really did pay off,” she giggled.

“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Stiles’ eyes crinkled, his lips twitching.

“I really tried,” she laughed.

He brushed his nose lightly to hers with a big smile that filled her whole being with joy.

“You really make me crazy, Stiles Stilinski,” she said in awe of him.

“Do you think,” he started nervously, “I can continue to make you crazy? I can be, you know, the only guy making you crazy, maybe?” 

“Maybe?” she repeated.

“Yeah,” his cheeks warmed.

“More than maybe,” she decided.

kairi week 2017!

day 3, favorite interaction:

so many important things happen when kairi meets aqua in birth by sleep, from aqua inadvertently performing the rite of succession on her (thus granting kairi a keyblade in kh2), and aqua casting a protection charm that allows kairi to end up in the destiny islands in the first place after her home world is destroyed. it’s no exaggeration to say this meeting changes kairi’s life forever in a very dramatic way. 

….buuut when i sat down to draw that dramatic and life-changing moment, this is what came out instead, so enjoy a silly picture of little kairi and aqua being a fabulous squad that’s about to show up somewhere 15 minutes late with starbucks (bby kairi is too little for coffee, so she got a pastry)

Cheer Up Post #3683 - Éclairs Edition

russian-at-heart would like to see some tasty éclairs. Here you go!

Food Masterpost

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Baker! Woojin

- woojin owns a pretty famous bakery

- they sell cakes, bread, all that jazz a bakery would sell

- but the thing that was so special about this bakery was

- their cakes and bread are dELICIOUS

- the bread come in cute shapes, like hearts, stars, even a dinosaur,,

- not to mention the filling for the bread was so nice

- the customers just loved the cream filling that was not too sweet and cloud-like softness

- and the cakes

- now as we all know cakes can sometimes be filling even if you eat a little only,,

- that never happens with woojin’s

- you could finish them in days because they were just t h a t good

- the decorations were beautiful too

- it wasn’t a strange sight if the bakery was filled with people

- queues could go out and beyond the shop

- you heard of this bakery when your friends recommended it for you

- you wanted to get your sibling a cake for their birthday

- and you were lowkey curious since the bakery was also featured on the newspaper,,

- so when you got there one afternoon, you were shocked

- there was such a long queue,,, it even continued on down the street past three or four shops

- but you were desperate to find a good cake, so you joined the queue

- and to be honest, it wasn’t that bad

- some employees from the bakery handed out some free samples to try out to the customers queueing

- you already had your eye on one of the cakes

- it was a mixed berry flavoured cake, and it tasted like a mixture of sweet and sour

- a really refreshing taste, and the cream was light as well, so it paired up well with the cake base

- you suspected they added lemon inside for the extra twist

- and you thought it was a great idea

- once you entered the bakery, a man immediately came over to apologise to you for the waiting time

- he looked around the same age as you, give or take a few years

- and goddamn he was handsome

- you knew another reason why your friends liked to come lol

- you hurriedly bought the cake, and before you left, you complimented the guy on his skills

- you came to know that he was the owner of this bakery

- also the founder

- you wanted to know him better, but you had to wait until you could go back again

- which was after your sibling’s birthday

- the cake was widely complimented by your family members

- and so you chose a good timing to visit the bakery again

- when it was a weekday and around evening

- most people had gone home, and the bakery didn’t have a queue that was leading out of the store

- you bought a few types of bread this time, with the recommendation of the owner

- you got to chat a little bit more with him, and learnt of his name

- he made you promise that you would come back for more and you agreed

- how can you not

- but after some time, you would always find yourself a little different around woojin

- you would feel flustered if he got a little too close

- or if he smiled even

- and you’d try to find an excuse to get out of the store

- you couldn’t really grasp the fact that you had a crush on him

- and meanwhile woojin feels the same way, but he’s upset at how you seemed to be avoiding him

- until you didn’t visit for two weeks straight

- you would visit two time per week, since you usually gave some of the pastry to your neighbours or friends

- and there was even a time when you had to work late/ had a late class and walked pass the bakery

- and woojin was just locking the place up

- so the both of you went to eat together

- it was a really fun night, and woojin was beyond heartbroken at the idea that you’d leave him

- he just walks around like a sad puppy the next few days

- meanwhile you,,

- you consulted all your friends and they helped you to conclude that you had a crush on woojin

- and honestly it was sort of like

- “i saw this coming but now that it came i’m not prepared at all”

- your friends urged you to talk it out with woojin, since feelings aren’t meant to be bottled up

- worse case scenario was that woojin rejected you but y'all could still be friends

- but it actually took you so long to muster up the courage to visit the bakery again

- and this time, it was in the night

- woojin happened to be locking up the place again

- when he saw you and dropped his keys and just hugged you

- you were not expecting this, but,,,

- he kissed you

- it was so sweet, literally, because his lips tasted like the cream that makes all the pastry so wonderful

- and when you pulled apart he just goes

- “y/n, i like you a lot, and you probably don’t feel the same, oh my god why did i do that-”

- you shush him by kissing him again

- honestly if woojin’s lips tasted this sweet you wouldn’t mind kissing him all day

- “will you be my girlfriend?”

- you agreed, and that night, he walked you back home

- everything was so new and buzzing with excitement at first

- and woojin would always make cakes for you

- or let you taste his new creations

- you’d sometimes come back to a small cupcake with a pink sugar heart on it

- pastries were woojin’s way of expressing his love for you

- other than the sweet kisses he gives you

- such a sweet couple, everyone got diabetes