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Preview of Eyes Wide Open All the Time Chapter 21: “The Good In Me” 

Makoto lets out a breath like he has held it in for years. “How does it make you feel? Knowing what happened to me.”

Haru does not waver. “Like I’m sitting next to the strongest person who ever existed.”

Tears startle from Makoto’s eyes as he cranes back. Haru smiles sadly. “You think you’re weak, but I’ve seen weak people. You’re the farthest thing from them.”

Something about Makoto opening his heart pulled Haru’s apart in a crack now exposed to the light. Nauseas and exhilarated, he takes Makoto’s hand and presses it against a circular scar on his arm. Makoto frowns at the little red eclipse and Haru sees when he realizes someone burned the mark into his skin – this awful sound lurches through him like his whole being is suddenly hollow.

Haru’s whisper is desperate. “Weak people hurt people and they use excuses to hurt others.” He cups Makoto’s hand against another burn on his throat. “They’re nothing but pain and I know you’ve felt pain, it’s why you don’t wish it on anyone else –” The world is a dizzying twist of memory and reality but he does not stop, a rush of emotion flying from his mouth. “You keep making me think of this book me and Rin found at the library when we were kids. It said something like, ‘you can’t tell anyone when you’re in hell or they’ll think you’re crazy. Those who escape hell never talk about it.’”

In a surge, he takes Makoto’s face in his hands to meet his wide eyes. “I know what that’s like,” Haru swears, his voice shaking apart. “Even though nothing I’ve been through will ever compare to what you went through, and anyone who thinks they can compare is crazier than my fucking parents were, but I do know what it’s like when you can’t tell anyone what you’ve been through. When you’re scared you’ll scare them? When you think you’ll never find anyone who just… who gets it –”

“Oh, Haruka.” How can Makoto just know when he needs to be hugged, when he needs a heart to bury his face against? He feels Makoto smile against his neck, his lips soft against a rough burn. “’Those who escape hell never talk about it,’” he whispers through kisses. “’And nothing much bothers them after that. And you don’t look behind you when the floor creaks.’” His eyes glitter at Haru’s gasp. “Charles Bukowski. He gets it too.”

Haru’s smile is breathless. “’And once you’ve been to hell and back, that’s enough.’” He shakes his head, brows creased as his voice raws with reverence. “You’ve been through enough. You deserve everything you need.”

Makoto mouths around silence, lips shaping to words that he cannot speak. Haru frowns in confusion and rubs his thigh to coax the words from him, but Makoto pulls away from the touch with this strange mix of dread and anticipation in his eyes.

Haru touches him again with heavier insistence and some sound quivers in Makoto’s throat, his hands clenching, fingers twisting together. Haru smiles a little hopelessly because Makoto’s nervousness has a tendency to be endearing.

But then it’s suddenly not. Suddenly it’s Makoto pinning him with a stare, and nothing has ever held Haru down like those eyes – he has dodged bullets, lunged from knife points, swooped around fists, but his whole being stills for Makoto.

He feels words curling hot and dark in his blood. You deserve everything you need.

I will give you anything you need.

Heat sings between them and Makoto’s voice is sweet fire poured over Haru’s kerosene heart. “If I said I needed you,” Makoto starts. He is breathing harder but Haru has no idea where he is getting air from – his own lungs are nothing but aching pressure. “If I said I needed you to make me remember that I’m capable of feeling something other than –” Loneliness, shame, bitter hope. Haru recognizes all of it in his eyes. “If I needed someone to touch me –” Touch more than his body, every pain and piece of him. “And I needed it to be you…”

Makoto cannot even believe these words are flying out of his mouth, but the plea has just built and built inside of him until it became a constant, silent scream consuming every ounce of hope he possessed. The hunger for reassurance has drained him over the past year, and the ache is still a warm taste in his mouth, but it is a fleeting sweetness, weakened by each day he pretended that he was not crying out for comfort in every way but physically.

He is crying out now, even if his voice is nothing but a trembling whisper. “If I said I needed you, if I asked for you right now, what would you say?”

Haru does not falter.

“I would say yes.”

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Wipe your tears, for Allāh is the Most Forgiving and Merciful
He forgives your sins, so ask the Lord of Generosity
Open your heart to Him, for Allāh is All-Knowing

secrets that you keep by beautifulbane
By Organization for Transformative Works

Alec Lightwood wasn’t used to doing things for himself. He had grown up looking after his siblings and learning how to be the perfect Shadowhunter: never had he considered even the idea of falling in love.

For over a century, Magnus Bane had closed himself off to feeling anything for man or woman. After a particularly nasty break up, he worried that opening his heart up again would result in nothing but another heartbreak.

When the two of them meet at a mundane coffee shop, it’s a rush of feelings that Alec has never felt before, and that Magnus had thought he would never feel again.

The only problem? Both think the other is a mundane, and for centuries, Downworlders and Shadowhunters have been forbidden from falling in love.

we get lost in the dust
of everyday, the spaces
that open between hearts
like dark flowers
in need of sunlight;
but i never take
what we have for granted;
i know without you
my life
is only a shadow
without form,
a poem written
to nobody,
a kiss
a body to feel
the weight of tomorrow.
March 27, 2017

These words flow out of me like blood from my open heart after being stabbed yet again by your cracked yet tender hands. I fill notebook after notebook with this pain because my emotions stay trapped beneath my freezing skin unless my trembling hand comes in contact with my pen. This black ink looks so beautiful against the white of this paper while I lay in the darkness under these stars that look like the sparkle in your eyes that you once possessed, but this evil from the world has extinguished your flame. But I am the galaxies and if you pay close enough attention to my movements you will find that the fibers of my being are really made of roses and poetry. And although I bleed a symphony of tears, no amount of pain could stop me because these bullet wounds are just for decoration. My fingertips may seem like they trace my scars in sorrow but if you look closely you will see that they are dancing on my skin because I am healing from falling into the deep cracks underneath me. Bullet after bullet I become more beautiful because this red stained T-shirt fits nicely over this hollow body of broken bones and pale skin. And I know I may not be what you want me to be but I am who the universe has painted in the clouds. And although you aren’t impressed with the way I bleed, even the darkest of beings can be beautiful; because the sun is too blinding to admire so we look to the moon to praise.

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Don't feel bad about not having a relationship, all of it happens in time. I never really even started dating until I was in my 20s because I was oblivious and wasn't interested. I think the best relationships happen naturally with no real warning at all. Just keep an open heart and mind and just try to live the best you can. Try to be the type of person you would want to be in a relationship and you'll be ready when it's time. Hope it helps.

Thank you friend… it’s just that I don’t feel like I’m not ready or anything. I feel like nobody could possibly feel that way about me because of something or other. How i look, my personality, the things I like… I’m not even sure anybody would like the kind of person I’m trying to be… I feel as though it’d be impossible for anybody to think of me and think hey, this person is very important to me and I love them. Like there’ll always be someobody a person would rather be around instead of me…


Can we all take the time to appreciate the absolute beauty of Ignis Stupeo Scientia? Ft. Gladio


Lea apparently wants to go through the Door to Darkness to find the other Org members and Aqua needs outside intervention to get out. That could only go….uh, well?

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