heart opener

I! Would! Literally! Die! For! Emori!

She was literally tossed out by her people because of a birth defect. And by tossed out, I don’t mean ostracized. No. She was literally left to die! And she survived. And she continues to survive. And not only is she surviving, she’s living. She’s opened her heart to love, when life taught her to not trust anyone. She has let John Murphy into her life, and in doing so, she’s completely changed his life. She fights for her life everyday, and gets stronger and stronger each time she does so.

Yesterday my back hurt again, more than it has in awhile. I really don’t want to go back to physical therapy 😕. After work I went to bikram, I had not eaten a lot for lunch and I sure could tell, my energy was so low. I have to remember to eat a big lunch on yoga days. After bikram there was a yin yoga class and with so much back pain I decided to stay for that too. We used a strap for a lot of the stretching and I realized my grip strength is terrible, my fingers were dying from holding and pulling on the strap, lol. I almost cried during the heart opening pose, too many pent up feels 💚. My back is a little better today, still sore but better. I did kinda feel bad I barely saw my family yesterday since I left right after work at 4 and didn’t get home until 8:30. I did not eat any sweets 😁!! No time to really, but still a win.

Heart By Heart

A/N: I’m back!! So sorry for the long wait but here it is, the Cody Christian imagine, based on Heart By Heart by Demi Lovato. xx

Request :  heyyy may you write a cody christian imagine based on hear by heart by demi lovato??

Pairing : Cody Christian X Reader 

Word Count : 864 words


When your soul finds the soul it was waiting for
When someone walks into your heart through an open door 

I woke up feeling my husband’s arm wrapped around me. I lazily shifted my head up towards the nightstand where the clock stood. I peeked at it and saw it was a little half past eight.

These week has been a hectic one, I’m so glad it’s Sunday already.

I turned around slowly to see Cody, my husband, sleeping peacefully. I admired him, he looked so contented. I gently caressed his cheek. I can never get tired looking at him.

It’s been almost a year since I got married to Cody. Life since then has been perfect, although we had few ups and downs, but we still managed to make it work. This is because of our love for each other.

He slowly opened his eyes and smiled softly at me.

“Good morning, baby.” He said with his raspy voice.

My heart fluttered. His morning voice always does that to me.

“Good morning.” 

“I’m so tired, I’ll just cuddle with you all day today.” He sighed.

“Me too, but I’m hungry.” I pouted.

“Please don’t go, cuddle with me for five minutes?” He said, showing me his puppy-eyes.

“Uh okay.” I chuckled.

That five minutes turned into an hour, but I didn’t mind at all, rather I enjoyed it.

When your hand finds the hand it was meant to hold
Don’t let go
Someone comes into your world
Suddenly your world has changed forever

After a lazy morning we decided to watch a movie. We cuddled up on the couch. I was on his lap practically. Our hands were intertwined. I looked at how perfectly it fit. I smiled at our intertwined hands.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I replied back smiling. Then started playing with his wedding band.

I wasn’t even paying attention to the movie, I was just admiring him. The way he laughed and the way he was watching the movie with so much concentration.

He looked down at me and kissed me on the forehead softly.

No, there’s no one else’s eyes
That could see into me
No one else’s arms can lift
Lift me up so high
Your love lifts me out of time

“It smells amazing in here, whatccha cooking my love?” I asked Cody as I entered the kitchen after taking a quick shower.

“Your favourite lasagna and chocolate pudding for dessert is almost done as well.” 

“Oh my god babe, you’re the best!” I gushed.

“Only for you my love.” 

He fed me and we talked while enjoying a dinner. We did this after a long time because either he’s away for filming or me busy with work.

“The dinner was delicious, thanks bestest husband in the world.” I said kissing him.

“You’re most welcome bestest wife in the world.” He chuckled.

When you’re one with the one you were meant to find
Everything falls in place, all the stars align
When you’re touched by the cloud that has touched your soul

After dinner we head towards our living room.

Cody sat beside me on the couch with his glass of wine. Leisurely leaning back, holding me close, I felt his hand grab my side tighter.

“I love you so much” He whispered quietly into my ear.

“I love you more.” I replied back.

“Impossible.” He shook his head.

I just laughed, we both looked at each other’s eyes. As if memorizing every detail about each other’s face. He kissed me again and soon he suddenly became quiet.

“You okay?” I asked rubbing his arm gently.

“Sooo, I was meaning to talk to you about something…” he started saying slowly.

“What is it babe?” I asked.

“I-I want-…” He was stammering.

“Cody, you’re scaring me, what is it?” 

“I want to start a family with you Y/N.” He blurted out, grabbing my hand.

My smile grew wider.

“I was meaning to ask you the same thing, but I thought you’ll want your schedule to be less hectic before you want a baby?”

“It’s quite on the hold so I’m ready now.” He said relieved.

“Can you imagine mini us?” I said fondly.

“Absolutely.” He said smiling widely.

Cody and I talked about how much we wanted to have kids, long before our engagement.

Many nights were spent where we cuddled together in bed, my head on his chest as we both talked sleepily about how much we both wanted kids. 

We even listed few potential names.

Someone comes into your life
It’s like they’ve been in your life forever

If few years earlier someone said to me that I will be this happy in future, I would’ve straight up laughed at their face.

But that soon changed when Cody walked into my life. He could’ve had any girl he wanted but he chose me. I still couldn’t believe it. I was just a normal fan girl but destiny had other plans. 

And you know my heart by heart.

anonymous asked:

can you please provide some headcanons about Emerald being safe, cared for and loved for the first time in her life because lord knows she needs it (If headcanons are hard for this then could you possibly write a little something instead?)

Emerald’s eyes shut open, heart still pounding fast. She didn’t even remember the nightmare, or for how long she had been asleep. Could have been five minutes or five hours. 

She was still lying between Weiss’ legs, head resting on her stomach. You’re safe, she told herself, and it sounded odd. When had she ever been safe?

The nightmare had left an unsettling feeling in in her chest, nagging and burning. She shifted her head a little to look at Weiss who only glanced up from her book for a moment and started to gently stroke Emerald’s hair. It immediately calmed her down. 

You love her. 

She buried her face in Weiss’ sweater. Gentle fingers started to caress the back of her neck, making her stomach feel warm and tingly. 

She loves you.

Emerald lifted herself up and icy blue eyes locked with hers. Weiss looked so beautiful, wearing her hair down for once, soft white curls falling down on her shoulders. “Tired?”, Weiss asked. Emerald shook her head and Weiss layed her book on the coffee table. “You’ve been asleep for at least an hour. I thought about waking you up before you have a sore neck tomorrow.” 

And she cares for you.

“You’re comfortable.” Emerald rested her head against Weiss’ chest. Weiss wrapped her arms around her and buried her face in Emerald’s hair. “Want to go to bed? Or stay up and read?” 

“I thought you weren’t tired.” 

“I just don’t want to go to bed without you.” 

Why not both? Fluffy Emerald post coming up.

Just be aware that yeah, I wrote a little something for this one, but I am muuuuch more picky about requests that ask me to write a scene or something like that instead of headcanons. 

So I work with pensions. That’s the opening to this story. It’s a vital part because my clients are all 65+ and I spend a lot of time explaining the paperwork to them.

This woman called to discuss her paperwork and she was asking about spousal benefits on her account because she’s not married yet but she’s going to be soon and does she need new paperwork for that?

I’m asking a couple of questions about her future spouse to see what she needs us to send out and after a few moments of vague phrasing she goes “I’m a lesbian” and she sounded so nervous you could actually hear my heart crack open.

After the third time she awkwardly said partner like she was expecting to me hang up on her I managed to work in “you’re in good company on this call” and she relaxed IMMEDIATELY. The whole call had a lighter tone and it really showed.

I don’t even care if I might get marked off for revealing “personal information” it made me put a couple things into perspective.

Through spiritual maturity you will see new ways to avoid unnecessary suffering; wiser ways to endure unavoidable hardships with grace, and opportunities to turn your pain into lessons of service and healing for others. Your hard journey has had a great purpose! Your pain was always a part of a plan to open your heart to love. Have faith. A miracle is happening in your life; the miracle of pain is transforming you to your highest self. — Bryant McGill

I don’t think I should settle for anything less than I deserve.
I opened my heart up to you, invested myself with hope you’d be the one, the person I’d spend my future with.
You crushed me cause of your problems of not being able to accept yourself but yet I was the one who always supported you and cared for you like no other. I’ll never understand, did I ever mean anything?
What is love?


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