heart on fire lyrics

The This Is Acting album by Sia is one of the most interesting concepts for an album that I’ve come across in recent times as all these songs were written for other singers, some even being rejected, and it actually boggles my mind that some of them got rejected, particularly this one. Bird Set Free has some awe inspiring lyrics that leave me speechless with one of the most powerful for me being in the chorus with “And I don’t care if I sing off key // I find myself in my melodies // I sing for love, I sing for me // I shout it out like a bird set free.” The reason is that I absolutely adore music but can’t sing to save my life but I will sing out loud constantly because I just lose myself in the music and don’t care what people think about me. Its just so powerful and shows the incredibleness of Sia’s songwriting ability - Jakk


PVRIS - waking up / mind over matter / smoke / fire / ghosts / mirrors / eyelids
     ⤷   mentions of E Y E S

keep an open mind it brings open hearts and open eyes, 
you walk around with your hands out and I’ve never seen anyone so blind