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Ok so I saw the anon's request for v calling mc rika by accident but how bout a scenario where mc looks for comfort in saeran or jumin since they were negatively affected by her too and she falls in love with them in the process and gets with them because v drives them away by comparing them to rika? ps I love you

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When the heart lingered in what used to be, every new aspect is seen as a replacement; it could be a violent and self-destructive weapon, or a harsh lesson that leads to pleasant outcomes. The mind, unlike the heart, is aware of what is occurring now. Many assume that both are destined to constantly be at war, craving control over the body. However, for one to finally be met with peace, the mind and the heart must be familiar with harmony. 

Considering how the mind and the heart were at war within V’s body, his heart continued to pump out every memory of Rika. His new eyes were a replacement, his new life was a replacement, and so was his new lover. 

“He keeps referring to me as Rika,” [MC] finally exhaled, their head tilting itself back against the head of the couch, “it’s like she’s all he sees in me.” 

Sometimes, it is mutual hatred that creates bonds. Both of them harboured an intense detestation towards Rika for obvious reasons; and that was exactly why their time together correlated with the browning of the leaves. 

“… It probably is.” Saeran wasn’t the one to lie, neither was he the type to interrupt. [MC] had deemed him a splendid listener long ago, whereas he believed them to be the embodiment of solace. 

“I’m happy to give V all I have because I truly,” [MC] sighed, resting heir elbows on their knees, “truly love him. But,” Their irises drifted off to the side, “I want those things to be seen as mine, not Rika’s.” 

Saeran seemed fixated on the clasped hands resting on his lap, an expression of tranquillity etched onto his face. To [MC], it was apparent that his war had already ceased, the wasteland awaiting the rise of flowers from its graves. 

“Just like how you…” Saeran’s ears perked at the mention, hopeful that their next words will be the delivery of a confession. “A-ah, never mind…” [MC] waved their hand dismissively. The disappointment that instilled itself into Saeran’s mind once more was a familiar one - even if their relationship wasn’t destined to ever become romantic, he was content with just their presence in his life. 

The room was riddled with chatter, yet V’s thoughts remained cursed with silence. Those RFA parties only reminded him of Rika and how she left him to rot, although this year was by far the most merciless of them all.  

“Congratulations, [MC], Saeran.” V was the last one to approach the couple, and if it weren’t for his benevolent nature, he wouldn’t have even attended. “You have my blessings.” 

V was quite pleased that [MC] had found a new sun that wasn’t a replacement, but simply a better and brighter version. They didn’t view Saeran as a substitute for him, unlike how he fell victim to the delusion that he was living in what used to be  —

“Cheers to the newly engaged couple!”

— but god, was it wrenching to the heart and mind to witness what one had lost. Similar to the war within V, his love for them failed to cease; the white flag ragged amongst the ruins. 

Let me tell you a story that melted my cold child hating heart

Today at work a little boy came in dressed as Kylo Ren with his family to see Rogue One. The family is going about their business purchasing tickets and concessions, filling their drinks and buttering their popcorn, and I’m just standing in the corner watching this tiny dark side loving little boy. Two of my employees were like “but.. Kylo isn’t even in this movie” and I almost smacked them because who cares. I mean, I’m wearing my BB-8 earrings all weekend so back off. Then it’s finally time for the kid to approach and he whispers something to his dad before handing us the tickets. “Go ahead and tell them,” the dad says. Tiny Kylo: “I’m here to see Darth Vader, my grandpa.” And then I died because that was a level of child cuteness I had never encountered before. I almost cried in front of all my employees, but none of them seemed as moved by this encounter so I held my shit together.

I sincerely hope he enjoyed the movie.

I want to talk a little bit about Jyn Erso

So…I’ve seen around that her character arc is weird, and that she lost a lot between the trailers and the movie, and while I really wish she’d got to keep that “I rebel” line, I actually liked her arc quite a bit. It was just an unusual shape.

Here is what we know about Jyn:

When she was 8, her mother died in front of her and her father was taken away. She hid in a hole, waiting for Deathtroopers to find her, until the lights had all gone out, and then the door opened and Saw was there. He took her in and trained her, and she fought alongside his extremists against the Empire.

When she was 16, Saw Gerrera left her alone, with a knife because the others were starting to ask too many questions about who she was. SIX.TEEN. And she survived for the next six years, until the Imperials captured her, and she was sent to a labour camp, and then the door opened, and Cassian was there.

When she was 22, strangers asked her for her darkest secrets. She gave them up. When she was 22, she faced her father’s ghost and then her father’s death and then her father’s dream. When she was 22, she forgave Saw. When she was 22 she learned to trust again, sort of. When she was 22, she looked at a ship full of rebels who had signed up to follow her even though it was super dangerous and said “May the Force be with us”, and smiled…because she was home.

When she was 22, she died.

It’s an unconventional way of carrying a story. Both Bodhi and Cassian have clearer “Redemption” arcs (though I would argue that Bodhi does not require one), which is a story we’re used to hearing from Star Wars. Jyn gives us something we haven’t seen much of before, except maybe during the time Kanan Jarrus was an alcoholic. Like Kanan, Jyn does not change herself for love, but does so because of it.

Jyn Erso doesn’t have a lot to prove, except to herself, and she doesn’t have a stake in much, beyond her own survival. But she goes anyway, because she can and because they need her, and I thought that was kind of cool.

okay listen dude i just. my mind is continually BLOWN by the realization that the entire sequences of events in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; everything that happens, the future of the rebellion as it is hinged on the off-chance that an anxious shaky cargo pilot wouldn’t give up or get caught or turn himself in or die or totally blow it immediately??? think about that for a second just consider it  w o w  BODHI ROOK WAS THAT ONE LITTLE FRAGILE PIECE WOBBLING ON THE EDGE AND THEN HE MADE THE CHOICES HE DID

there’s something gutwrenchingly beautiful and true to an entire series of incredible events resting in the trembling hands of one ordinary, uncertain, seemingly unqualified man, a man who then chooses to take those uncertain steps forward and makes himself so heroic is that not the freaking tightest ish you’ve ever heard because dang son 

bodhi rook 

Me throughout Rogue One
  • Me at the start: Cannot wait cannot wait!!
  • Me at the end: ..... *can no longer speak English and can only roll around helplessly on the floor while weird noises come from my throat*.....