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whoa ok step back, daedalus built a cow suit for a woman who wanted to fuck a bull and that's why the minotaur WAS A THING? I DID NOT KNOW THIS

I honestly think that I’d be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t tell you about the time Daedalus enabled rampant bestiality, so allow me to clear this gap in your knowledge. 

Anyone who doesn’t want to read a poorly retold myth about a man who built a cow suit so realistic that it totally fooled a magic bull into laying down some absolutely quality homo-bovine dick and siring a minotaur should probably press J on their keyboard right now, but honestly if that synopsis doesn’t do it for you then you should probably just quit Greek mythology all together.

So, Minos is this guy who manages to achieve the dual feat of being both King of Crete and an incorrigible asshole. Also, the first achievement is a really tenuous one, because Minos has like a billion brothers and he’s basically Malcolm in the Middle and all his brothers are better looking than him and they have way better abs and it’s really awkward every year at Christmas because they’re all “could you pass the stuffing, Minos? Also you’re totally stuffed because I’m going to be king one day haha suck it, right on” and so Minos starts to get really worried that he’s going to lose the throne to one of his more lustrous-locked brothers and then he’ll be stuck with just the one achievement of being an incorrigible asshole and so he has a little brood and he comes up with a plan. 

One day, he goes up to Poseidon, god of the sea and all things wet (or at least that’s what he tells girls at the Olympus nightclubs) and he’s like “hey, Poseidon, could you do me a solid?” and Poseidon is like “no bro but I can do you a liquid” and they have a little manly giggle and then Minos says “no but really, I need a favour” and Poseidon is like “well, you just gave me a golden opportunity to mock the states of matter, I’m 100% up for doing any favour you want” and Minos says “well, you know how I have loads of brothers” and Poseidon is like “you mean the better looking ones?” and Minos pouts and says “looks aren’t everything, but yes, those ones” and Poseidon is like “go on” and Minos says “well, I need them to stop trying to steal the throne because it’s getting really annoying and also I can’t sleep at night any more and it’s driving my hot wife insane, could you maybe show that you totally support me being King of Crete? That way, they’ll definitely stop being dicks at Christmas” and Poseidon just nods and says “I have a great idea for how I can do this”

and Minos is like “wow, are you going to send down an army of merpeople and slaughter all my brothers in a righteous and watery battle?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “are you going to conjure up a giant tidal wave and make it destroy all my brothers’ homes but leave my palace totally intact?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “well, are you going to turn all my brothers into mermen?” and Poseidon is like “look, I’m going to send you a bull”

and Minos just blinks and says “a bull” and Poseidon nods and grins and says “yes, a bull” and Minos says “THAT’S bull” and Poseidon points behind him and says “no, THAT’S a bull” and then he brings out this fucking phenomenal bull. Like, this bull puts all other bulls to shame. It’s glowing white and it’s as big as two ordinary bulls and probably twice as virile. It’s basically overcompensation in taurine form. Anyway, this bull is so bitchin’ that immediately, all of Minos’ brothers are like “wow, nope, you can keep that throne, we don’t want Poseidon to sic his sick bull on us” and basically Minos lives happily ever after with his incredible bull.

Until eventually Poseidon shows up at Minos’ palace and says “hey, Minos, you know that really awesome bull I lent you a while back?” and Minos is like “what bull” and Poseidon is like “the magical snow white bull which gleamed in the Cretan sun like limestone and Apollo’s cheekbones” and Minos is like “oh, THAT bull” and Poseidon is like “yes, that bull, now where is it because I’m having a bull party next week and I really want it back” and Minos says “well, here’s the thing, and it’s kind of a funny story really and I’m sure we’ll laugh about it later, maybe we could even laugh about it now, ha, but anyway all jokes aside I’m keeping the bull” and Poseidon is all “like fuck you’re keeping that bull, it’s my best bull, this is bullshit” and Minos is like “that’s one of the hazards of keeping a bull, maybe you’re not cut out for it” and Poseidon says “you haven’t heard the end of this, Minos, you have made a very powerful and watery enemy” and he leaves and Minos goes and, like, pets the bull or something, I don’t know what you do with bulls.

So, Poseidon goes back to his soggy lair and formulates a plan, and he eventually comes up with something straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s brie-induced nightmares. He goes to find Aphrodite, the goddess of love and afternoon delight, and says “hey Aphrodite, first of all you look delectable and secondly I need you to help me make a woman bang a bull” and Aphrodite is like “I honestly hate this job sometimes, but you’re right, I do look delectable, tell me more” and Poseidon is like “I had this really sweet bull and I lent it to Minos so he would think I liked him and now he won’t give it back and so I need you to make his wife fall in love with the bull, it’s a foolproof vengeance plan” and Aphrodite says “you are a god” and Poseidon says “yes” and Aphrodite says “why can’t you just, you know, take back the bull with your divine power?” and Poseidon is like “look, are you going to make this woman fall in love with the bull or not” and Aphrodite is like “fuck yes, that sounds hilarious, consider it done and I want front row seats” and Poseidon is like “you are my favourite niece and occasional lover, I owe you one”

Back to the palace at Crete, where Minos’ wife, Pasiphaë, is lounging about on a contemporary equivalent to a chaise-lounge when she suddenly gets this unmistakable urge to do the do with a bull - but not just any bull, her loins quiver only for the bull in her husband’s barnyard. Instead of doing what most people would do when they realise they have an insatiable urge to make tender love to a bull and immediately committing herself to months of therapy, she thinks “I know what I have to do” and she picks up the contemporary equivalent of a phone and calls Daedalus, inventor and architect extraordinaire.

She’s all “hey, Daedalus, we have patient confidentiality, right?” and Daedalus is like “I’m not your doctor, so no” and she’s like “well, I’m your Queen, so how about you say ‘yes’ instead and I tell you what I want?” and Daedalus is like “my lips are sealed, tell me what you need” and she’s all “well, there’s this really rad guy and I totally want to just lay him down and lick chocolate sauce off his body, but there’s a hitch in my plan” and Daedalus says “yeah, you’re married” and Pasiphaë says “yes, and also he’s a bull” and Daedalus is like “do you mean he’s well hung or” and Pasiphaë is like “look man you gotta help me on this, I need me some sweet bullocking and only you can help me” and Daedalus says “I’ll do what I can, but I hope you have a damn good shower at your palace because I may need to use it for about 6 weeks afterwards” and she’s like “done, now get over here and get me some”

So Daedalus turns up and helps her, and in the blink of an eye, he’s built her this monstrous wooden cow suit. Now, the myth is not exactly clear on the mechanics of this bovine sex toy, but it’s established that Pasiphaë gets into the cow suit and goes to find her bullock beau and they make sweet, sweet cattle love all day and all night. I do not know how she manoeuvres herself inside this wooden furry abomination and frankly I do not want to know, but whatever she does is 100% successful because 9 months later she gives birth to another furry abomination. The good news is that he’s a healthy, bouncing baby boy. The bad news is that he is half baby and half bull and also he has this really annoying habit that most newborns don’t have of eating people, which means that Minos is the definition of Not Impressed with his new stepson, so he does what any sane human would do in this situation, and he calls Daedalus. 

Daedalus says “I’m in the shower, what do you want?” and Minos is like “look, my wife has committed a slight indiscretion and I need you to take care of the result” and Daedalus is like “she fucked a bull and she’s had a grotesque hybrid baby, hasn’t she” and Minos narrows his eyes and says “how do you know?” and Daedalus says “just a stab in the dark, mate, I had no hand in this at all, literally none, just let me wash my hands a minute and I’ll be right back” and Minos is like “just build something to trap that devil spawn, because it’s started to eat my servants and I never even wanted a stepson anyway, it’s just one more claim to the throne isn’t it” and Daedalus is like “dude, give me a week and it’ll be done”

and so Daedalus constructs this impenetrable labyrinth that’s so impregnable that Daedalus nearly gets lost on the way out, and they lob the minotaur tot right into the middle of it, and that’s that.

Except then the minotaur starts demanding the sacrifice of seven young men every year, who are tossed into the labyrinth and forced to play a fatal game of cat and mouse with a grotesque superpowered man-bull creature that will ultimately devour them, flesh from bone, at the heart of a labyrinth that only he can navigate, but that’s a story for another myth. Or The Maze, starring Dylan O’Brien, out in a multiplex near you.

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I set my eyes to the west, walking away from it all
Reaching for what lies ahead, I got my eye on it
I see my sweat hit the ground
I put my foot in the block
This is the race of my life
And I can’t wait for this shot‘Cause I can feel the wind at my back
Chest is pumping like a heart attack
Feet are moving and my mind is locked
Pressing on with everything I got..                                                             I’ve got a new passenger to help me navigate the way
So when my heart hits the floor I can re-calibrate
I feel the deeper call in me, all else is fading in the past
So let me run in the race that I know is built last.. TobyMac, Eye on It

©AmyJMontico 2017 .. All Rights Reserved   PLEASE LEAVE CREDITS

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hey! i've asked quitefinished already and would love to know your picks for top 10 h/l fics :) x

ok these might be a little dated but hey nostalgia! in no particular order ok

  1. curtain call by anythingbutloud
  2. SEXBOT by mediaville
  3. with love comes strange currencies by mediaville
  4. you and me were kings by ithacas
  5. horizontal like a quarter to three by likecharity
  6. your name is tattooed on my heart by mcpofife
  7. some things take root by navigator & quitter
  8. boys of summer by sharktoothedfawnskinned
  9. make tea, not war by popsongdelusional
  10. walk my days on a wire by sunshiner

So far my journey has taken me places I have no idea to prepare for, there is definitely not a book out there about “what to expect for an upcoming actress in Hollywood.” Maybe there should be one! But it’s a lot of trial and error and it’s easy to get lost or fall into bad habits or with a bad crowd. You have to create a stability in your life and in your heart to navigate all of this. Staying true to yourself and knowing no matter where you are or who you are with or what anyone says about you to know your core values and your truth.

SPN Prop FAIL - Calipers

Ok, I gotta talk about this because it is making me crazy, and it is not the first time I’ve seen these stupid calipers and thought this.

In reference to this post involving @chiisana-sukima @rosewhipped22  screencap below stolen from @rosewhipped22)

Those heart-shaped calipers? They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with NAVIGATION and should not even BE on a map table. They are for measuring the external size of objects.  The long straight ones, YES, are used for marking out locations (called divider calipers or what we think of as a compass) and have a long history of being used with maps.

Those other calipers are a total prop fail by someone at SPN. Or, as is pointed out by @chiisana-sukima, are there for only to make a point via subtext - because they sure as hell aren’t using them with that map (or those books and papers).

More about calipers than you  wanted to know.

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You tagged the pirates idea in Shinee gets the treasure! 💖💖💖

you are a treasure, darling ❤️


  • captain of the sky blue pearl 
  • wearing a large hat with a skull and crossbones that contrasts starkly with his always smiley face 
  • people don’t know if they should be terrified or happy to see him 
  • looking at the very large and detailed map that he has in his captain’s quarters and is like “yup that’s a lot of water” 
  • but in all honesty he knows exactly where the boat is at all times 
  • fishing off the plank 
  • has fallen off the ship multiple times when they went over a wave so sometimes ot4 fishes for him instead with a giant net (minho: another onew fish / taemin: throw it back!!!!!!) 
  • refuses to stop tho so they tie a rope around his waist and someone has to hold on at all times like an onew leash 


  • insisted on getting a parrot 
  • it hates him and pooped on his head more than once which is not the reality he wanted 
  • claimed he stole it but the storekeeper saw him admire and coo at the pretty birdy with literal heart eyes so he gave it to him 
  • helps navigate despite his horrible internal compass bc he knows all the stars 
  • sleeps on a hammock on deck when it’s warm enough bc the sound of the ocean helps him sleep and if he can’t there is always that A+ view of the night sky  
  • billowy white shirt that he keeps open most of the time bC THAT’S WHAT PIRATES WEAR you’re just jealous minho  


  • eye-patch 
  • at villages sometimes he’ll tell stories to locals and crafts an elaborate tale about the horrors of his left eye and whispers “want to see it???”
  • flips it up and 
  • he has both eyes
  • just has a sty 
  • onew: are you wearing eyeliner again / key: nO / onew: you have your eye-patch on / key: … perhaps
  • ridiculously good at knots and will tie ot4 to the main mast if they irk him too much (tae: *wiggles out* / key: damn you taemin) 


  • bought a white shirt of his own when they docked to prove jonghyun wrong (jong: well we both can’t be wearing the same shirt) 
  • played rock, scissor, paper to see who got to wear it
  • he won
  • haha (jong: you CHEATED / minho: the game is if you don’t draw, you lose) 
  • making sure everyone doesn’t get scurvy (ot4: we really don’t need to be eating 7 oranges a day / onew: i think it’s giving me heartburn)
  • baby gold hoop earrings
  • at the helm doing KING OF THE WORLD 


  • will occasionally, both randomly and violently, get v seasick 
  • the lookout 
  • jong’s parrot helps him spot land too
  • keeps losing his frikkin telescope 
  • can climb up to the crow’s nest in an impressive speed that makes key a little ill to watch (key: omg be CAREFUL srsly that boy will be the death of me, one wrong move and he’ll FALL) 
  • his boots were made for walking 
  • also not allowed to have a pistol anymore bc “if you can’t keep it in its holster taemin you’ll probably end up shooting one of us one day” 
  • whatever, he’s better with a sword anyway 
  • occasionally likes to visit the treasure room below deck and just lays on the gold like a dragon 
The Song Is You (Chapter One)

Summary: A summer road trip with your best friend lends its way to some revelations. 

Author’s Note: This has been a long time coming, you guys!! You’ve probably been hearing Esme and I talk about our fic collab for a while now. We’re very excited to finally begin releasing this special piece to the public! All we can say now is that you will finally understand all the Monster Mash and “rick rolling” jokes you’ve heard in the last weeks. 

*** If you wanted to listen to the road trip playlist that is mentioned in this chapter, please click here!! 

Words: 4,481 

Warnings: an extremely cheesy mixtape, lame jokes, Lin showing off (so, nothing?) 

Without any further ado, welcome to the world Esme and I have so lovingly crafted for you! 

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masterlist! ♡

hi guys! we haven’t written a whole load yet, but i wanted to make this because it’s easier for you guys to navigate that way :-) those titles with a heart beside them means that it’s part of a series! 

we’ll be sure to try to update this as often as possible! 

(we’ve received requests for all members of the dream team, so be sure to show the hyung line some love!)

-admin vi


coming soon!


coming soon!


coming soon!


‘why did we have to have kids?’


coming soon!


coming soon!


going on a double date with doyoung


coming soon!


coming soon!


soulmate! winwin  ♡


study date with mark  

chchchchchewing gum 

‘after everything, i’d still choose you.’


sleepovers with renjun  ♡


‘you can scream if you want’


disneyland date w/ the one and only donghyuck

soulmate! donghyuck  ♡

‘you can’t make up for it by giving me a tic tac.’


sleepovers with jaemin  ♡

first date with jaemin  


chenle confessing

prince! chenle 


coming soon!

like the sound of a train
heavy on its rail
i can hear your stomping heart
finding its way home
on the railroad of your navigating bones
heading towards my station
—  twin soul

Kyou ha kyou no nico nico de (Today’s wide wide smile)
Daikoufun no KOKORO rin rin (Today’s excited heart bell)
Hanabanashii konna MISHON (Today’s spectacular mission)
Otodokemasu! (I send them all to you!)

Listen to my heart!!- I love this song. It’s so punny! :D


Psych Gang + Star Trek AU

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Santa Barbara.

Karen Vick: The sharp-minded Captain, the mom of the crew

Carlton Lassiter: The Half-Romulan First Officer

Burton Guster: The gentle-hearted CMO 

Juliet O’Hara: The gold-and-red fighter

Shawn Spencer: The wayward Navigator

bonfires and sea breezes.

a “rule breakers.” drabble.

4,109 words | fluff
↳ your first kiss with your first kim.

author’s note: i swear this was supposed to be a lot shorter, but well, here it is! also, happy birthday me~ 

Originally posted by queenjisoo

The boundless waves ebb and flow, a bright, shining sun beats down on its occupants, and giggles can be heard from different directions. The air itself is infused with seawater, kelp, burning wood, and marinated meat, and despite the odd mixture of scents that one wouldn’t mix on a normal day—it’s springtime. Albeit not quite the ideal time for a trip to the beach when summers are usually much hotter in temperature and in business on the sandy shores, but it’s expected that the sights of Busan are far too good to pass up just because it’s a few months too early than the normal bonfire season.

With the arrival of your best friend, you could not stray from the idea of venturing the local beach with her and a few of your mutual friends just to make her first stay in your new home as memorable as any other time you’ve both gotten to spend together since the move. That itself was only a year and half ago, but you finally have her for the week and you’re absolutely ecstatic. With the past two weeks dwelling on your mind, you need Jennie and the comfort she can provide just by pulling you into her arms and then whisking you away on some convoluted adventure to only God knows where.

The last time this happened you both wound up in the downtown cityscape in your old hometown through public transit and a few hours of wandering. Taehyung had long since began ignoring you by then, but he was the one (with Jimin, of course) to come collect you two afterwards. He still didn’t talk to you at the bus station. Neither of you two expected it, but it felt like a far memory where you vaguely remember the small upset you were feeling about something as insignificant as a bad grade on a homework assignment so Jennie incited that trip.

Unfortunately, the upset you feel now is nothing short of a conflicted dilemma. Not a bad grade, but a bad case of feelings for sure. It’s confusing being a Sophomore in high school. There’s no instructions manual to feelings. If Guide to Understanding Your Feelings was an actual thing, you might’ve been that tempted to purchase it just for the sake of putting your heart and mind at ease. It’s just so damn scary trying to navigate through feelings that extend past platonic ones.

You believe those waters are better left alone… right?

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Shuu, Laito, or Subaru

Route one, part one, Nightmares

      Tears and blood, or is it blood and tears? Which one, born from agony and terror, spurred by his meticulous torture, came first? Was is the blood which poured, hot, sticky and thick, from my mutilated throat? Or the warm, salty tears that streamed down my face and into the pool of blood beneath my. As my heart sputtered out its final feeble beat, and the last quiver wracked my weakened body, while my final hitched breath spilled past cracked lips.
  I had flown beyond his reach, forevermore, as my body, and his memories remained behind to taunt him. He had taken it too far. The fear was ever present, what was my worth to him, it was nothing, it had to be despite his claims. They were merely elaborate words designed to lure me and ensnare me so that my blood would become his own.
   Blood. The very idea made me nauseous, as the sight of my throat, tore to shreds by his bare hands, flashed in my mind. And even though my mind frantically screamed that every word that slipped passed his lips was a lie. While my heart begged for it all to be true as it ached and pounded within my chest. As I slipped out of bed, the floor quickly delivered a cold shock before I quickly slipped my feet into the light gray bunny slippers. The rough side of the bunny slippers made a light shuffle as I walked towards my bedroom door and opened it.

A. Head towards the kitchen for a glass of water, that might help calm down the nerves

B. Begin to wonder the halls, maybe a walk can soothe the nerves.

C. Turn around and head into the bedroom.

Make your choice…

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Fourth installment of the Demetri Volturi “Seeker” series (“Seeker” - “Decisions, Decisions” - “Forced Hand”) requested by quite a few of you, structure provided by anon. “Hi! can you please continue the “seeker” series with demetri? maybe after he bites her aro has to figure out what to do with them and slight angst but then fluff in the end? thank you! your writing is so great!” Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…” page.

You were submerged in a sea of molten tar, your skin burning from the inside, your muscles flayed and exposed to the liquid fire surrounding your body. Arms like ice were wrapped around your body as you floated, the simple breeze of movement against your hair scalding like an iron pressed to your cheeks. You were aware of very little outside of your personal Hell, save the hand pressed firmly to your mouth to muffle your shrieks of agony as the inferno blazed around you. The last tangible memory you could recollect, a feat that required a great conscious effort, was of Demetri’s teeth slicing evenly, cleanly, easily through the skin of your throat, his lips feather-light against your neck, his arms wound around your body to catch you as you collapsed. Then, in an instant, you were separated from him, watching through a milky film of hazy crimson as a trio of heavily-muscled Volturi guards forced him through a great mahogany doorway, his arms bound to his sides by iron hands, his eyes numb to their violence, watching you as you burned. You couldn’t focus on much else after that moment, but you assumed it had been Felix that had collected the ashes that remained of your body and carted you away from the throne room; he had been closest to you when you were bitten, and his friendship with Demetri would have him inclined to rescue you. You were unsure of how or where or even when you were, but you must have been reaching the end of your transformation; the flames that licked and crackled against the sensitive soles of your feet were beginning to die down in multitude if not in intensity. Your fingertips were the first to recover, though the rest of your body continued to broil as your lover’s venom coursed through your veins like acid. There was a cooling sensation, as if the pads of your fingers had been extinguished, then a warmth not unlike the heat of your human self. You were not naive; this new warmth would be anything but.

The coolness extended up through the palms of your hands, your wrists, flowing along the length of your bones until it had reached your shoulders. Your toes, feet, ankles, and shins began the same transformation, inching with a painful patience towards your heart. It was at this point that you found yourself able to open your eyes and witness the world, watching as the scarlet taint to your vision slowly faded towards the corners of your sight, your view becoming clearer, crisper, then shockingly acute. The pain had not yet subsided, but you were in control of your mind once more; the ceiling bore the same terracotta hue as the rest of the villa; you had not been removed from Volterra, though you were sure the procedure would have varied some if Demetri had not decided, in that so pivotal instant, to change you within the walls of the city. Your breath was rushing from your lungs, burning with tangible frost as you struggled to arrange your thoughts. Demetri had changed you within the walls of the city, a city flooded with vampires and… and humans. Your throat burst forth to the front of your mind, aching with dryness and yearning passionately for the seduction of blood. You sat upright, then, your muscles still aflame, only to find your shoulders pinned beneath the steely weight of a pair of hands. Your vision focused on a familiar face, though now you could see so much more of him. His brow was knitted with concentration, his ruby irises glowing dully in the light of a barred window. His lips were pursed with professionalism, though his concern was obvious. You spoke, though your jaw was clenched from the seemingly endless onslaught of pain, your teeth clamped together like a vice.

“Felix,” you spat, your breath short, your voice tinged with a trillion differences, with only a handful due to your painful discomfort. Your voice was hardly your own anymore, though it rang with a sense of self you could easily recognize. You spoke with a sultry, savory sweetness that all but burst with flavour as it rolled from your tongue, the vampire’s name tantalizing the air between your face and his. His eyes shut tight with borrowed agony; it must have been very difficult for him not only to restrain you but to witness you roast alive. You gathered your breath, hot air billowing through your lungs as your hips and abdomen began to cool. “Felix, where is he?” Your heart leapt in your chest as the chill that shrouded your body began to descend, your vision becoming sharper with every frantic beat within your chest. The vampire did not reply, his eyes averting to stare delicately from the window, his hands never once leaving your shoulders. Surprising yourself, you watched as your hand met his cheek, clawed fingers holding tight to his jaw as you wrenched his focus back to your face. He had your hand pinned by your head before you could move again, the fissures in his marble flesh mending almost instantly from the unrecognizable force you had exerted. Your lips curled back on themselves, and you could almost feel the rage burning in your cheeks, though you knew yourself incapable of flushing in your transitioning state. “Felix,” you hissed, your voice shrill and leaden with the weight of your fury. The vampire’s eyes locked on yours, his expression sturdy and unfazed.

“We will discuss this when you’re finished. I need you alert and focused. It would hurt our cause if I have to dismember you so early on.” You writhed beneath him, struggling for an escape from his hold… but it was an impossibility you had to recognize. Felix’s expertise in the art of violent newborns created an impenetrable cage under which you were captive. He forced himself into your line of sight once your hands fell limply from his chest, his eyes burning intently on yours. “This will be much easier if you focus, Y/n. It’s almost over. I need you to focus.” You hissed angrily, your hands balling into fists so tight you were afraid your fingers would meld to your palms, breathing steadily through the stampede within your chest. You listened intently, aware that Felix was doing the same, to the last minutes of your human life as they hammered against your rib cage. The fire condensed, your eyes widening as the inferno grew brighter once more, more intense than even the beginning. Felix crushed his weight against you as your limbs locked, your muscles spasming as the pain became agony once more, continuing to an excruciating height you had never experienced. His hand clapped over your mouth as you cried out in pain, your body collapsing in defeat as your heart stuttered one final beat. Then, silence.

Felix lifted himself off of your torso, his hands moving with near-surgical precision as he lifted you from your pyre, your eyes following his every movement as it happened. He pulled you from the marble slab you had been laying on, ushering you briskly to the corner of the chamber you had been imprisoned in, the rough stone of the wall whispering against your back like silk.

“Listen to me, Y/n. We don’t have much time. They’ll already know you’ve turned. Yours was one of the only beating hearts in the villa, at least until the next wave of turisti come in. They’ll be here in five minutes. I need you to understand me, Y/n. We have five minutes to find Demetri and lead you away from the city. We can’t have you near spilling blood. It is a trap they’ve constructed around your transformation, it was decided this morning. Aro will have a reason to have you killed if you lose control within the city. I’d rather help you escape than have to kill you. Hey, focus on me,” he instructed, pulling your gaze back to his face after it had wandered toward the gleaming metal door that separated your chamber from the villa. Something was calling you… “Y/n, on me.” You focused, intent on Felix’s face. “Aro had Demetri placed under guard. He’s somewhere in the villa, somewhere deep below the ground, and I can’t smell him anymore.” Your mouth opened in horror as you began to realize what Felix was suggesting.

“I’m not going to leave him here,” you whispered, your voice tingling through the air like sand beneath a roiling wave. “How could you even suggest- I can’t leave him!” Felix’s eyes closed tightly, painfully, as he formulated his words.

“We might not have to. I can’t find him, Y/n… but you might be able to.” His hands smoothed over your shoulders, his eyes alight on your face. “Demetri is the best tracker in the guard, and it was his venom that changed you.” Your eyes shifted to the door once again, that same urge calling you forward tugging like a tether around your heart. “If you can help me get to him, I can help you out of the city.” Your eyes snapped to his face, witnessing for the first time the weight of his commitment.

“Felix-” you began, his lips pursed firmly in a strict line, his head shaking sternly to dislocate your oncoming argument before you could voice it.

“It doesn’t matter about me. Tell me you can find him.” You closed your eyes, inhaled deeply the scent of the stagnant air around you, and began to move, pushing past obstacles with the ease of turning a page. The wind your pace created blew your hair back, your clothing strained against your skin, the sound of Felix’s feet following closely behind you. You flew down a stairwell, your heart directing you as easily as if you were navigating a childhood home, each passageway familiar in an incredibly strange way. You ducked around corners, avoiding the scents you knew to be vampires, your feet moving as soon as you thought to take another step. You found yourself traveling deeper and deeper into the earth, the stench of moist soil seeping through the stones that surrounded you. It was becoming more and more difficult to avoid members of the guard, and Felix was disappearing from your shadow more frequently as he tore his comrades to pieces in your wake. You fought against your thoughts, pointedly ignoring the consequences he would face, your mind harrowed by one thought alone; Demetri. He was close, you could feel it; it was as if the rope around your heart was constricting tighter with each step you took, each staircase you leaped, every corridor you rounded. You raced down a long hallway, turning a corner to find yourself across from a trio of familiar guards. Within a second, you had your target set on the door they guarded, a furious growl erupting from your throat as you rushed toward them. They moved swiftly, surrounding you in an instant, their arms tugging and pulling at your limbs as you fought to slip their hold, your heart full to bursting in your chest at the proximity of your lover. You bashed the back of your fist against a chest, blindly, knocking one of the guards into the vault door that held Demetri, crumpling the metal that separated him from you. A second body shot through the empty doorway, Demetri’s hand on the stranger’s throat, separating the guard’s head from his shoulders without hesitation. His eyes found yours for the briefest of moments before he was spinning you around him, tearing the arms from the guard who had you in a headlock, ready to sever your neck. You used his momentum to squarely kick the guard you had thrown through the door in he stomach, your hands grasping either side of his head firmly just as Felix came barreling down the hallway, pulling the body of your victim as he went. You tossed the head into Demetri’s cell, clawing at the cheeks of the guard that dared to grapple with Demetri. You made quick work of him, tossing the chunks of his marble corpse into a pile in the cell. Felix was finishing the last guard when the final heap of stony flesh had left your hands, your face turning in Demetri’s direction and throwing yourself into his waiting embrace.

“Y/n,” he breathed, his hand holding your face to his chest, smoothing over your hair, your arms crushing him to you, cautious of your intensity. His hand lifted your face from the muscle of his chest, his crimson eyes brighter than you could remember, gleaming with relief as he guided your lips to his, his kiss painfully passionate and seeping with adoration. You returned the intensity of his kiss, your hands tangling in his hair, memorizing the contour of his jawline with the softness of your lips. Felix’s hand was on your back far too soon for your liking, guiding you into an easy sprint, your hand in Demetri’s as you raced upwards toward the surface. As you ran, you passed the piles of robes and dismembered bodies of the guards Felix had decimated, your heart screaming in your chest as you absorbed the full extent of Felix’s mutiny. You ran, without much thought, knocking bodies back when your route was obstructed by a member of the guard. Demetri, one step ahead of you, lead the way out of the villa, passing through tunnels now tinged with sunlight, pulling you along after him until you had made your way to an outside archway, completely clear of passerby. Now that you were outside, you were thankful the wind wasn’t present to intensify the scent of blood that tore at your resolve. If it wasn’t for Demetri’s hands on your waist, you were sure you would be off in an instant. Felix draped a cloak around your shoulders, tying it deftly around your neck and raising the hood to conceal your face. You pushed yourself into his arms, conscious of the need for contact to keep you in line, thanking him deeply for the sacrifice he was making on your behalf. He returned your embrace, pressing a quick kiss to your hairline before locking hands with Demetri, who pulled him to his chest. You ground your teeth, holding your breath as you fought against the fire that crawled from your throat. “Felix, please. Come with us.” Demetri begged, his eyes sincere in their concern for the man who had saved your lives. Felix shook his head solemnly, backing away from his friend’s embrace.

“I’ll throw them off your track. Steer clear of Scandinavia, that’s where I’ll be.” He patted your shoulder, turning his torso as if to leave, your hand on his wrist stopping him in his tracks.

“We’ll find you, Felix. Stay in one piece until then,” he dropped his gaze, unwilling to make promises he wasn’t sure he would be able to keep. “Hey, focus,” you joked, watching the bittersweet smile that grew on his lips. “We’ll see you in a few years. Take care of yourself, Felix.” He nodded then, and with a parting clap on Demetri’s back, he was gone. Demetri turned his attention to you, his eyes sparkling serenely despite the panic that gripped you both. His hands found your face, cradling you in his palms as gently as if you were still a fragile human. Your hands secured themselves around his waist, holding his body to yours.

“Follow me, do not look back, do not let go of my hand. Keep holding your breath, darling, and do not, for the world, stop running.” He inhaled slowly, his thumbs stroking over your cheekbones. When he exhaled, his breath blowing over your face, his eyes had hardened into the steely gaze of professionalism you had seen in Felix earlier that day, only minutes ago. “Are you ready?” You squeezed his hand, nodding your head in confirmation.

“I’m right behind you.” He pressed his lips to yours, sweetly, briefly, before turning to run, your hand finding his in the fraction of a second before you, too, broke into a sprint, leaving the sun-kissed stones of Volterra in the breeze of your wake.