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SPN Prop FAIL - Calipers

Ok, I gotta talk about this because it is making me crazy, and it is not the first time I’ve seen these stupid calipers and thought this.

In reference to this post involving @chiisana-sukima @rosewhipped22  screencap below stolen from @rosewhipped22)

Those heart-shaped calipers? They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with NAVIGATION and should not even BE on a map table. They are for measuring the external size of objects.  The long straight ones, YES, are used for marking out locations (called divider calipers or what we think of as a compass) and have a long history of being used with maps.

Those other calipers are a total prop fail by someone at SPN. Or, as is pointed out by @chiisana-sukima, are there for only to make a point via subtext - because they sure as hell aren’t using them with that map (or those books and papers).

More about calipers than you  wanted to know.

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‘why did we have to have kids?’


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going on a double date with doyoung


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soulmate! winwin  ♡


study date with mark  

chchchchchewing gum 

‘after everything, i’d still choose you.’


sleepovers with renjun  ♡


‘you can scream if you want’


disneyland date w/ the one and only donghyuck

soulmate! donghyuck  ♡

‘you can’t make up for it by giving me a tic tac.’


sleepovers with jaemin  ♡

first date with jaemin  


chenle confessing

prince! chenle 


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Looney Tunes (1994-) #236

Are you ready to open your heart and fall in love? All your favorites are, and they’re doing it on television as contestants on “Single Mingle,” the show that finds love for the super-attractive yet strangely available. Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam and Porky Pig have made it to the finals, but to win the bachelorette’s heart they’ll have to navigate dates, future in-laws and each other. - $2.99

1) Looney Tunes - Single Mingle - 8 pages
2) Tweety & Sylvester - Behind The Slapstick! - 6 pages
3) Elmer Fudd & Taz - Goin’ Native - 6 pages

Looney Tunes: Greatest Hits Vol. 2: You’re Despicable!

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Tweety Bird, and all your other favorite Looney Tunes stars are here in this grand slam collection of their wildest, wackiest, and dare we say LOONIEST comic book adventures! Will Wile E Coyote finally catch the Road Runner? Will Pepé Le Pew get the girl? Don’t miss the second collection of all the greatest moments from these classic characters!
Available on March 28 2017 - $10.99

Looney Tunes (1994-) #237

Duck Dodgers has always been the 24-½ century’s greatest hero—until today! His faithful partner, Eager Young Space Cadet, was just promoted to the rank of Commander, placing Dodgers in unfamiliar territory. As the new Commander takes the conn, their new mission is to go beyond Planet X to discover…Planet Y! Will they uncover the universe’s greatest secrets, or will Dodgers become the Uneager Old Space Curmudgeon and steer them off course?
Available on May 24 2017 - $2.99

Looney Tunes (1994-) #235

Porky hits the hilltop to be one with nature…until Daffy Duck moves in next door. Instead of peace and quiet, he gets heavy metal music and massive explosions from Daffy’s dynamite collection. Needless to say, th-th-th-that’s not all, folks! - $2.99

1) Porky Pig & Daffy Duck - His And Hermit - 8 pages
2) Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck - Barbecue Bunny - 1 page
3) Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck - Storm Warning - 1 page
4) Daffy Duck as Duck Twacy - A Vase In The Crowd - 10 pages


So far my journey has taken me places I have no idea to prepare for, there is definitely not a book out there about “what to expect for an upcoming actress in Hollywood.” Maybe there should be one! But it’s a lot of trial and error and it’s easy to get lost or fall into bad habits or with a bad crowd. You have to create a stability in your life and in your heart to navigate all of this. Staying true to yourself and knowing no matter where you are or who you are with or what anyone says about you to know your core values and your truth.


Heart Pirates ║ Hāto no Kaizokudan

We can guess that Bepo (navigator), Shachi and Penguin are all proficient in martial arts. Other known names are: Jean Bart (former captain & slave), Ikkaku (the woman), Uni (turtleneck guy) and Clione (smurf guy).
[note the heart on Law’s shirt ♡]

Watch on margotandherlimpet.tumblr.com

As an anthropologist, this makes my heart burst with happiness. Sharing and understanding cultures is a beautiful act of respect and a great honor. Accurate representation and research can lead to absolutely stunning and extremely gratifying results. 

Kuroo wasn’t someone Tsukishima looked up to, nor someone he looked down upon. He wasn’t quite a friend, but much more than an acquaintance. He was simply someone who seeped into Tsukishima’s mind like sleep, like the blackness that engulfs the sky after dusk. But, Kuroo’s blackness wasn’t a color; it was an abyss, a bottomless chasm of dazzling darkness that reached out for Tsukishima, beckoning him toward the blackness so total that he couldn’t be sure he had eyes. That was the problem. He couldn’t be sure of anything, and so he staggered toward the uncharted black before him and fell into that velvet caress.
Kuroo was just another college student. Just another person Tsukishima happened to meet. Still, he permeated Tsukishima’s thoughts, rattling the apathy that shackled his heart, slowly stealing his ability to navigate away.

“You’re back,” Tsukishima greeted as he stepped out of the bathroom.

“You’re still up Tsukki?” Yamaguchi asked, taking off his sweater. “Who’s in bathroom?”

“Kuroo,” Tsukishima responded before commenting, “You’re back earlier than usual today. You didn’t drink much again, did you?”

“Haven’t been feeling like it recently,” Yamaguchi yawned and headed to his room.

“I’ll come get you when Kuroo’s out,” Tsukishima called after Yamaguchi before proceeding back to his room to grab towels for Kuroo.

Yamaguchi was a friend. He was no more or less than that. Still, to Tsukishima, he was an important person. So of course he’d worry that Yamaguchi had been coming back lately since the beach trip. At first, he said he was studying for midterms and would spend all his time over at Hinata and Kageyama’s dorms. There had been a flicker of hope in Tsukishima that maybe Yamaguchi had taken an interest in someone, someone like Yachi-san, who was the main tutor for the brainless duo. When mid-terms were over, Yamaguchi maintained his late nights, occupying himself at kickbacks and parties. None of the nights, Tsukishima were called to pick him up, to take him home. Yamaguchi either somehow found his way home, or stayed the night. Maybe Yamaguchi really did find someone, Tsukishima had thought. If only Tsukishima could believe those words, he’d feel a sense of relief.

Yet, he knew that these were all just excuses he was using to shield himself from the conversation between Yamaguchi and Kuroo, and Yamaguchi’s cool breath that ghosted his lips in that dark room, both of which Tsukishima had decided to bury deep beneath the unintelligible ramblings between Hinata and Kageyama that sometimes taunted him in his sleep.

Tsukishima didn’t blame Yamaguchi. He was just trying to keep a distance between them, just trying to find another method to keep his mind off the problem in his apartment. He was just trying to come to terms with himself, with Tsukishima’s choice. But Yamaguchi’s actions hurt Tsukishima nonetheless. Because they were friends. Even if Tsukishima knew it within himself that they couldn’t become more, or because he knew exactly that, it hurt him. It hurt him to know that he was the one hurting Yamaguchi, who was hurting him. In spite of everything, there was nothing he could do. He could only free that part of him that hoped, and let it hope for Yamaguchi’s happiness.

“Tsukki, what’s your favorite time of day?” Kuroo asked as he sat on the edge of the bed, putting on the shirt Tsukishima handed him.

“Night,” Tsukishima answered as he dried Kuroo’s hair. “Are you sober now?”

Kuroo smiled and pulled one of Tsukishima’s hands down to kiss his palm. “I like night time too.”

That surprised Tsukishima. Not in a bad way. He just didn’t expect it. Like how he didn’t expect Kuroo to kiss him that first night, that second night, that third night. It was a wonder Tsukishima liked nights, but nights were still nights even without Kuroo. He didn’t need nights to make Kuroo, nor did he need Kuroo to make nights. Although it would be nice, he didn’t expect to hear from Kuroo every night, didn’t expect to see him every day. Tsukishima knew better than to have any expectations, no less high expectations because they were just a one-way ticket to resentment.

“I feel so grateful to have met you, Tsukki.” Kuroo’s voice was soft as he lifted his hand up to Tsukishima’s face, thumbing the top of his cheek and down the side.

Yet, there were those few occasions when he chanced a gaze long enough in Kuroo’s eyes that for perhaps some split seconds, those thoughts were suspended.

“You don’t say,” Tsukishima whispered into Kuroo’s hand.

Tsukishima wished Kuroo’s eyes were simply light brown, but a color of just brown meant dismissing the honey-like gleam, or the sunlight burn, or whiskey intoxication that Kuroo’s eyes had. When he drank all the sweet, burning drug that were Kuroo’s eyes, he’d see that deeper layer where a ring of gold hung in his iris. A ring of gold that even Tsukishima’s tamed greed couldn’t possibly resist.

“Mmm,” Kuroo hummed and pulled Tsukishima down to sit next to him. “Thank you, Tsukki.”

Still, even if that light brown meant just a little more than others to Tsukishima, the fact remained that Kuroo’s eyes were light brown. That was how Tsukishima kept his expectations in check.

“You’re welcome.” Tsukishima moved Kuroo’s hair from his covering his eyes.

“What are you thinking of right now?” Kuroo asked, his eyes moving to Tsukishima’s lips.

Tsukishima’s heart skipped a beat, a double-beat, and then halted. That was a clash of surprise and expectation.

“Nothing,” he answered, still caressing Kuroo’s hair.

There were times like these too. The occurrences spiking unreasonably more than Tsukishima had calculated since he met Kuroo.

Kuroo’s kisses often evicted Tsukishima’s mind of any thoughts. All that they ever left were instincts. And desire. And lust. Tsukishima’s mind would become just a black void absent of the chains and everything they were made to hold down. Tsukishima was free in the velvet caress that was Kuroo. Maybe that was why he was so drawn to him.

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strawberrypetals  asked:

how old are you?

what is age?

just a number, just a letter, just my favourite colour (blue)
who decides the yearly interlude
i circumnavigate the sun once a year but does it direct the navigation of ones heart?
surely not

we record and abstract these figures like our lives depend on it but in the absence of time who am i
a body with thought, a soul with passion, if i could fly to the moon and back i would but the constraints of society keeps me down, tethers me with numbers and arbitrary rules

whos to say i can not push a pull door; i can self-checkout my groceries and then buy them again at the cashier if i wanted to
and yet
society frowns upon it

when you ask me how old i am i respond
i am ageless, i am beyond time
for the mango tree never withers, and the mango fruit never rots


i miss you dearly,
i want you to hear me,
i need you near me.

distance can only keep us
for so long,
miles can only hold back,
a lovin’ so strong.

you are my rock,
my shelter,
my sweater,
when it’s cold.
with you,
i see us,
growing old.

when can you see me?
how soon is soon?
because please believe me,
when i say,
i’m dying for your touch.

only you know the ways,
to navigate this maze,
right to my heart.
you had me with your charm
right from the very start.

when can we start again,
pick up where we left?
because girl,
believe me when i say,
you know me the best.

the ins and outs,
never a corner
left unexplored,
and for this reason,
you are the one and only,
that i adore.

i cherish you,
and want you to hold me
in your arms once more,
because life’s beating me
down without you,
i can’t take much more.

so please,
call me when you get back.
we have lots to catch up on,
and i hope we both land,
right on track.

back to our old ways,
just like those old days,
when i would see you
on your porch,
and we would talk
until the early morn’.

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         The differences between fighters and navigators were clear to the first glimpse, not only physically but in the way the behaved. Colonials were often compared to wild dogs, always in search for a brawl to establish their dominance above others while navigators used their words rather than their fists. Some got along well aming themselves, others just did for the sake of a mission and the moment they stepped out of their ships, they were back to being strangers. Cain had never been one easy to talk to; always intimidating everyone with his attitude. Abel had been his third navigator by now and for once, it went beyond to a simple fuck partner. Being more around Abel and then Phobos had made him somewhat more confident over approaching others such as Porthos. He had shown to be alright the last time they shared words and in a way, it was reassuring he acted so calm despite knowing there was something shady going on behind everyone’s back. It was ridiculous he was going on to take advice from this guy but–

              —— “Yo!” He exclaimed loud enough to make a few people glance over their shoulder. “Porthos…d’ya got a minute?”

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1 and 8!

1. if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

(I’ll try my best with this, since I barely understand myself most times but)

Watership Down
by Richard Addams
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol
Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire
The Girl Who Navigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente
Neverwhere, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and The Sandman by Neil Gaiman (I couldn’t choose just one)

Marble Hornets
Gravity Falls
Over the Garden Wall

Creature Feature (particularly The Greatest Show Unearthed album)
The Decemberists (particularly The Crane Wife album)
Tom Waits
The Birthday Massacre
Welcome to Night Vale podcast
Alice Isn’t Dead podcast
Mabel podcast

(and I know there’s probably more I could put in all of those slots, because I do not remember things well and also because my sense of self fluctuates pretty much all the time)

8. what musical artists have you most felt connected to over your lifetime?

Creature Feature (probably the forever connection)
Pink Floyd
Emilie Autumn
Tom Waits

(and again, I’m sure I could probably put more in this slot, but I can never remember anything)


A Lesson From Someone Who Used To Love You

#1 Just kiss her. Kiss her when you’re in your flannel that she loves so much…The flannel that I bought for you. The one that I used to wear.

#2 Let her taste your lips. The lips that learned how to love by tasting mine. Lean into her and kiss her with everything you have. Don’t pull away… And when you’re about to, pull her in closer and kiss her slowly before you part. Show her everything you are; everything she means to you.

#3 Touch her. Let her feel your hands that no longer quiver innocently like they did the first time you touched me. Trace a heart with your finger along her back like I used to do to you. But Please… Touch more than her body. Touch her heart and touch her mind. Leave her body for later, when you can navigate your way trough her best days, and through her worst dreams. Through the screaming, tears, and laughter.

#4 Listen to her. When she comes to you in despair looking for somebody to listen, be that person. Be her person. Let her cry on your shoulder and hold her until she falls asleep. Let her listen to your heart beat faster than it ever did when you looked at me. Listen to the way her voice sounds at three am. Listen to her laugh and listen to the way she’s pretending to be angry at you. Let her know that what she has to say is important.

#5 Skip the bullshit “I think you’re cute.” Tell her she’s beautiful each and every day. Call her in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and spill out your heart. Tell her that she’s everything you ever wanted…Everything that I couldn’t be. Everything that I fell short of.

#6 Take her all the places we used to go… Do all the things that we used to do, but do them better… Enjoy them more. Enjoy her. Do everything we couldn’t do. Show her off to all of your friends. And let your family fall in love with her, the same way that I once fell in love with them. Look at the stars with her. Tell her how it reminds you of being in a box with little tiny holes punched in the top. Hold her as you fall asleep on the ground, where we used to lay underneath the drunken sky. Fall asleep with her to the sound of crickets and restless leaves falling from the trees…Trying to drown out your mind from calling my name.

#7 Please don’t tell her you love her. Not unless you truly mean it this time.

I’m still in love with you… but I want you to be happy.

decianté (noun): The sudden, daunting awareness that every carefree relationship you will ever have has come and gone, and that any romantic relationship you enter into from here on out will be muddled by your life plans. Because even though you’ve promised yourself since you were young that you will let your heart be your compass as you navigate through life, there will come a time where it will no longer be enough to love someone and be loved by them in return. They must also fit into this dream you’ve set for yourself. So if you want the country and they want the city or you want two kids and they want a dog or you like the west coast and they want the east, you will simply let love go, off again to search for your predetermined, intransigent definition of perfection. It’s been said there’s a simple truth about people: you love the ones you want to keep. Perhaps it’s equally important to keep the ones we love.

From “Moments and their Ensuing Emotions” by Tony Ciampa