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for my witches spending holidays with possibly unpleasant family members, some spell suggestions~

happy holidays my dears! ♡

I set my eyes to the west, walking away from it all
Reaching for what lies ahead, I got my eye on it
I see my sweat hit the ground
I put my foot in the block
This is the race of my life
And I can’t wait for this shot‘Cause I can feel the wind at my back
Chest is pumping like a heart attack
Feet are moving and my mind is locked
Pressing on with everything I got..                                                             I’ve got a new passenger to help me navigate the way
So when my heart hits the floor I can re-calibrate
I feel the deeper call in me, all else is fading in the past
So let me run in the race that I know is built last.. TobyMac, Eye on It

©AmyJMontico 2017 .. All Rights Reserved   PLEASE LEAVE CREDITS


Inside Choices | Endless Summer, Book 3

Even though it’s nearly wintertime for us here at Pixelberry, we’ve got summer on the mind! Endless Summer is on the horizon, with Book 3 slated to release in late December. The book is packed full with exciting adventures, and the team is hard at work on making it happen during the holidays! In anticipation, check out this interview with the Endless Summer: Book 3 writers (mild spoilers for previous books ahead)…

The plot twists were non-stop in Endless Summer: Book 2. Without getting into any major spoilers, can you tell us what Book 3 will be about?

Taage: Yeah, I think the cover is probably spoiler-y enough! Book 2 was quite a ride, providing many startling revelations about La Huerta and its inhabitants. In Book 3, players will be able to bring even more pieces of the puzzle together and ultimately make decisions that will impact the entire island. This is your home now, after all.

Are there any new game features, characters, or storylines that you’re particularly excited for in Book 3?

Taage: If you’ve been dating someone, you’ll have the opportunity to take the next step with them in Book 3. I can’t say too much, but when it comes to soulmates, “when you know, you know”, right?

Jen: There’s a couple new characters that show up this book that really balance out the group dynamic and have been a joy to write. I’m really excited to see how the fans react to them, and hope they love them as much as I do.

Things are looking pretty dire for the Endless Summer heroes. Will they be okay?

Taage: That’s really the main question of the series. I think at its heart, Endless Summer is a story about a group of people trying to navigate a difficult transition. Most of the characters are on the brink of finishing college and getting ready to officially start their lives. There’s no turning back from adulthood at that moment, yet it can be very hard to make the jump. So in a way, I think Sean, Diego, Quinn, and the rest needed this time of exploration, and the challenges they face in La Huerta are serving to help them figure out who they are. I have faith that there’s hope for the gang, but of course it’ll all come down to a matter of good decisions.

Imagine that you’re going on a summer road trip with the Endless Summer crew. Who do you pick to go in your car? I’d go with Estela, just ‘cause she’d have the best life stories to tell during the long drive. What about you?

Taage: I hate to pick favorites, but I think everyone knows I’m pretty partial to Diego and Varyyn. I also really enjoy Quinn’s philosophical perspective. She’d be a great person to have a long, mind-expanding conversation with while Variego entertain us with their quirky chemistry.

Jen: I would take Sean, because of his born leadership qualities, charming/easy going nature, and cause he’s G O R G E O U S. I imagine he’d have everything planned and mapped out, and probably want to do a fair share of the driving. I would take Grace, because I feel like she would love stopping spontaneously at roadside attractions like a giant crater or geological park or something rad like that. Diego to make sure we have enough puns, Varyyn because I’d love to see his reaction to a classic American road trip. I’d take Yvonne, to make sure someone gets us in trouble, so we can tell stories about how we got out of trouble. And I’d take one more character, who the fans haven’t met yet, but would totally be necessary for long days on the road.

Any final words of advice for players as they gear up for Book 3?

Taage: Prepare to be shook all over again!

So ready! To those reading along, check back in late December for the finale book of the Endless Summer trilogy. What are you looking forward to in Book 3? And what do you think will happen next (spoiler alert!)? Let us know!


The werewolf stared at the soft furs that covered the cabin floor. Inside, the fire crackled and filled the room with warmth, stew bubbling on the stove, Outside, the snow howled through the forest. Thick, frozen and impossible to navigate. His heart skittered. 

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” His host, his rescuer, his hunter, asked. He stepped closer to the werewolf, eyes fixed on him. 

“Yes.” It was true. Beautiful, terrible, lifeless. “You have quite the collection.”

“Come, sit.” The hunter flashed a smile. “You’re trembling with cold. Have you ever felt fur against your skin?”

The 21 Breakthrough TV Performances of 2017

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Justina Machado has been kicking around the industry for years, a dependable utility player wherever she was cast. But her starring turn in Netflix’s reboot of the Norman Lear classic One Day at a Time proved that the industry had been sleeping on a true leading lady for all these years. As a single mother who’s also a veteran, Machado imbued the role of Penelope Alvarez with heart and hilarity. As the character navigate a child’s coming out in the back half of season one, viewers were treated to one of the year’s most heartfelt performances. (x)


~Crew of airship pirates~

Gloria likes dressing up (she joined the crew for the promises of riches), but don’t underestimate her - she’s absolutely deadly with all weapons 🗡

Ceelie is a new recruit, but she’s already broken the hearts of half the crew 🥀

Silla is the navigator; she’s quiet but will still talk you into jumping overboard if the situation calls for it 💀

Cardinal spent the last four years stranded on Langkawi island, but picked up a thing or two (mainly an extensive collection of Very fancy knives) before being picked up ⚔️

i. you may go through
so many endings,

so many that you
cannot keep count
of all of them

and no matter how
inevitable they are,

every single
one would still
feel different
than the rest

every ending
would still feel

like it’s something
you’ve never
experienced before,

and it’s okay

sometimes, that’s just how it is

sometimes, feeling things and
experiencing them over and over
cannot guarantee that they
become familiar to you

ii. do not be afraid
to end things,
to cut ties

do not be afraid
to leave

do not be afraid to
set yourself free

let you heart navigate
through oceans of
possibilities to

search for
the things that will
make you happy

iii. make peace with your storms

make peace with your heartbreaks

make peace with the things
that broke you,
with the things that still do

accept that they are now a part
of you

accept that without them,
you wouldn’t be where you
are right now

accept that without them,

you wouldn’t be the person
you are right now

iv. look for love

look for love in the parts of
you that you cannot seem
to love

look for love in the parts of you
that’s always been drenched in

look for love
in the parts of you
that you thought
are not worthy
of love

v. be kinder,
be softer still

no matter how hard
it is
no matter how painful
it may be

strength can never be
measured just by your
ability to fight

but also by your ability
to remain kind and
positive even when
everything is going
against you

vi. embrace change

embrace the you
who’s changing for
the better

embrace the you
who’s slowly accepting
that you are more than
your pain,
that you are more than
your heartaches

the you
who now has the courage
to leave,
to go,
to stay

the you
who’s always been
deserving of love

vii. fill your heart
with hope and

fill your heart
with life

fill it to the brim

fill it until it’s

fill it until it is
only ever flowing

and that somehow
you are able to
fill others’ hearts too

// kai masa

Fic Recs: Angst w/ Happy Ending

Requested by @bitch-ofthetimes , here are some of my faves:

1. The Same Ground (navigator) - What if the one that got away came back? [featuring a lot of pining, snapchat, and exes finally figuring their shit out]

2. My Heart is Breathing for this Moment in Time (usedtothebeach) - Louis has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to Time Travel to important moments in his past and in his future - and to Harry, always to Harry. When they’re put into a band together, it seems like everything Harry has been waiting and wishing for has finally come true. Except for the small fact that Louis doesn’t know that Harry is in love with him- that Harry’s always been in love with him. [The Time Traveller’s Wife / X Factor / pining / angst / cute-ness]

3. Indestructible (whoknows) - “I’m okay,” Harry says, and Louis is going to say something to that, even if he doesn’t know what, except Harry’s kissing him. Louis freezes. [amnesia!fic - honestly cannot get enough]

4. All the Lights Are Full of Color (infinitelymint) - So, fast-forwarding eight years from the day Harry met Louis, he is now a twenty-seven year old owner of one of the most up-and-coming eating establishments on the London restaurant scene, father of two wonderful boys and… separated from his husband. Now, that last part definitely was never a part of the original plan. [so so good, i will read this a hundred times because i like to torture myself and cry a lot apparently]

5. Empty Skies (green_feelings) - For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him. [famous ex-boyfriend louis, up-and-coming harry, lots of grudges and hurt feelings and angst]

6. Truth Be Told (I Was Never Yours) (justfortommo) - It’s like a cold slap in the face when Harry looks to the top of the page to see “Aiden and Louis Grimshaw” at the head table, and Harry has to mentally remind himself for the thousandth time that Louis is not his. Never was, really. He’s just the wedding planner that’s been in love with Louis since he was sixteen. [featuring ex boyfriends, wedding planning, and a whole lot of pining and awkwardness]

I saw a tweet the other day that was like, “I’m bisexual, but I’ll date or have sex with men the same way I’ll drink Pepsi if nothing else is available. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Pepsi, but it’s not better than any other drink either, it’s just EVERYWHERE.” And that is so true and so at the heart of the complicated relationship that every bi woman I know struggles to navigate with the idea of dating men! I can’t believe someone summed up such a complex part of the experience of compulsory heterosexuality or whatever (emphasis on “or whatever”) in a fucking tweet about Pepsi. 

Behind My Eyes

Behind My Eyes

In my home town there is a graveyard and a headstone.

Six feet beneath are the remains of a friend now alone,

who no longer sees the clouds and blue skies,

yet he lives in the memories behind my eyes.

Under the marker and grass he lies still beneath the wind.

IN a coffin of oak and satin.

His voice silenced; no more hellos, laughter, stories, or…good byes.

Yet it echoes in the memories behind my eyes.

Under a tree, the sod, and a stone he finds his repose.

Safe from the demons that haunted him everyday as he arose.

Spirits that plagued him from within with their tormenting inner cries.

Demons that now taunt me with his silence behind my eyes.

Now in the earth far away from all around,

in the still, cold, dark his body lies. His spirit unbound.

In my thoughts I see his life, hear his voice, feel his pain…behind teary eyes.

He lives still in the melancholy behind my eyes.

K.C. Barry

this pic took me entirely too long and i’m at the ‘fuck it’ stage bc my colouring style is already changing so i know i would just redo everything continuously until i ragequit lol

have some darling girls in love - i can’t wait till they meet again uwu


So far my journey has taken me places I have no idea to prepare for, there is definitely not a book out there about “what to expect for an upcoming actress in Hollywood.” Maybe there should be one! But it’s a lot of trial and error and it’s easy to get lost or fall into bad habits or with a bad crowd. You have to create a stability in your life and in your heart to navigate all of this. Staying true to yourself and knowing no matter where you are or who you are with or what anyone says about you to know your core values and your truth.

Cold Comfort Part 1 - Merkel x Reader

Timeline: This happens before the events of Atomic Blonde (Movie only, not Graphic Novel)

Desc: Reader returns to the make-shift club the night after meeting the gorgeous and enigmatic Merkel. 

Warnings: Some swearing, no Smut YET, there will be

Notes: I really do not know much about the politics of this time so I totally apologise if I am way out. 


Going to the club one night, even with the cover of ‘staying with your friend, was risky enough. If your father found out you was going back the next night, eighteen or not, you would be so far beyond trouble.

“I am here for work, it’s a six month assignment then we go back to London, just remember, this is not our home, this place is very dangerous. Just keep your head down and do your studies.” 

He’d tell you this at least once a week as though the soldiers and the intimidating wall weren’t enough of a giveaway that things were far from safe.

So why the hell were you risking it, a grounding or even an arrest?

It was so dumb, yes he was attractive, the bartender referred to as simply Merkel. 

Originally posted by knightlley

You weren’t sure if it was a surname, a nickname or an alias given the efforts of the Police. You were never one for the counter-culture, more studious.

Last night was about as rebellious as you got and that was just because Theresa had talked you into it. Now you’re back, by yourself, because, why, he’s got gorgeous eyes that focus on just you when you’re speaking, like you’ve got all of his attention in a rowdy, loud club.

He’s different and not just because he’s gorgeous but there’s an authority, a wisdom that’s beyond his twenty plus years and luckily his English is impeccable as your German is rusty and your Russian non-existent.

“Buy you a drink?” You hear the slur from a guy behind you.

“No thanks!” Despite moving away he doesn’t take the hint and grabs your arm.

“Wow, another Brit, come on, loosen up, have some fun!” His jovial tone is belied by the grip he has on you.

“I said no thanks, let me go!” You try to pull away but he pulls you even closer.

“Stop being an uptight bitch and take a fucking drink!”

It’s impossible to see what direction he came from but Merkel already has a hand on the assailant’s shoulder and is saying something in his ear you can’t quite hear. Whatever it is it was, it works, he let’s go go and scurries away, face pale.

“Are you alright?” Merkel asks and without waiting for an answer he encircles your wrist with his long fingers, checking where the other man had grabbed you.

Originally posted by ragnarlodbroked

You had caution drummed into you from an early age so a practical stranger, like the one Merkel had just scared off, being so close should be setting off alarm bells and they are screaming, just not with fear, something else, something new, both exhilarating and terrifying.

“It’s nothing.” You shake your head. “What did you say to him?”

He smiles a little and you just know he has no intention of telling you.

“You don’t need to worry about him, trust me.” He meets your eye with the last two words, his thumb brushing lightly over the pulse on your wrist.

“Come on, you look like you could use a drink and it’s pretty busy, don’t want you getting accosted again do we?” He moves his hand down to take yours and leads you through the crowd and towards the makeshift bar.

Should you be resisting? Should you just be letting the beautiful man lead you by the hand, the type of thing you know the nuns at the Catholic Private School your father sent you to would more than disagree with.

“You’re not behind the bar tonight?” You ask him as the dark haired girl behind the bar hands him two glasses of clear liquor, vodka probably.

“No, tonight I am lookout, Police, Stasi.” He explains, giving you a glass.

“I probably shouldn’t be distracting you then.” He watches you eye the contents of the glass.

“I know what I’m looking for.” He downs the vodka in one go and you try to follow his lead but the strength of the fumes make you choke a little when you swallow.

“Takes some getting used to.” He agrees.

“So, what are you looking for, how do you know if there’s going to be a raid?” You ask, making conversation to cover your nerves.

“You wouldn’t be trying to gather information on us would you, Kätzchen?” He teases you, leaning down to your eye level as though trying to detect deception.

“No! I’m just curious.” You argue, a little taken aback by the nickname and a little intrigued by it.

“I believe you.” He grins. “Look.” He nods over your shoulder and turns you to face the large warehouse, full of people, his large hands resting on your upper arms.

“Tell me what you see.” He speaks quietly but he’s so close to your ear he’s all you can pick up from the noise.

“A lot of people, drinking, dancing!” You shrug.

“Everyone? You have to look at the sides of the room, that’s where people go when they don’t want to be seen.”

The people at the sides of the building are either sitting on the makeshift box benches talking, smoking, laughing or kissing, a lot of kissing and suspicious placement of hands under removed jackets.

You look away, quickly returning your eyes to the centre of the room as your cheeks flush, a bit embarrassed by the public, not altogether covert, displays of affection.

“Everyone misses it the first time.” He teases with a chuckle and, very gently, reaches up to cup your chin between his thumb and forefinger before directing you to look back to the spot from where you had averted your eyes.

“Between the amorous couples, do you see him?” He asks but you’re having a hard concentrating when his other hand rests upon your waist.

It’s also hard not to note that, as he directs your view, his hand has no other option than to rest around your throat, the lightest touch but it ignites something in you when he takes it away, letting his fingers brush lightly against the sensitive skin as he does so.

It’s a very vulnerable position but yet you know, somehow, it would be impossible for you to be any safer.

“Kätzchen?” He prods you for an answer, as the hand that was on your neck joins the other hand on the opposite side of your waist.

“T-that guy, because he’s sitting there? Maybe he’s just a pervert.” You try for a joke, trying to claw back some control.

“That would be possible, if he were watching.”

“Huh!” You realise he’s right, the man had checked out every exit in the place.

“What’s he doing?”

“I believe he is co-ordinating with his raid team nearby.” Merkel responds and takes you by surprise when he gently sweeps your hair from the side of your neck. The warm, soft and plump lips you had been unable to forget since last night brush lightly against the sensitive curve between your shoulder and neck.

“Merkel…what…” you start but it sounds more like a whimper than a question.

“Your heart is pounding and your breath is laboured to conserve your energy, you will need it.” He glances up towards where the suspected canary had been sitting and, seemingly satisfied, he turns you to face him, cups your face in his hands and kisses you gently, tentatively.

Despite the danger, or rather perhaps because of it, you find yourself kissing him back and the embarrassing fantasy you had indulged in when you got home the previous night can not compare to this feeling.

Apprehension, arousal and excitement make for a heady mix.

Merkel pulls back, letting his thumb trace the outside of your lips.

“Are you ready Kätzchen?” He asks you as he entwines your fingers with the long fingers in his free hand.

“Ready to do what?” You ask, although you feel in no fit state to be ready for anything your knees are shaking so much.

The sound of whistles soon fill the air as Police pour in the main entrance.

That’s when the building goes dark for a few seconds and you find yourself holding onto him a bit tighter before some dim black lights start up, illuminating the fluorescent spray on the uniforms, easily identifying the police and making it easy for the people gathered to evade.

“Come on.” He flashes you a grin and you get the impression that he just loves messing with authority figures, he lives for this stuff and right now, you’re more than happy to be pulled along by his whirlwind, letting him lead you by the hand through the back of the abandoned factory.

He knows the place by heart, that much is evident as he navigates his way in darkness, the sounds of the whistles becoming quieter and less frequent.

A muffled yell in German stops him and you are unable to determine what is being said but it spurs him into action and he pulls you towards some boards propped along the brick work. He moves the middle one to reveal a hole that seems to drop into another room.

“Trust me.” He notices your trepidation but against your better judgement, you nod and watch him drop into the hole like it was a short jump, every movement he makes is fluid, the way he walks, turns and is just generally aware of his space. He turns and motions for you to join him.

You let him take hold of your waist and lift you down, you hands on his shoulders. You then watch as he replaces the board, hiding the entry and leads the way through a nearby door and down another brick hallway to a rusty, metal door.  Inside is amazing, a furnace in the middle keeps the room warm, there’s a bed that actually looks comfortable and fairy lights to light the place.

“It is safer here for now, until we make sure they are really gone.”

Still high on adrenaline you hadn’t even heard what he said, your mind too occupied with other thoughts. You cup his face in his hands, bringing him closer to you and you kiss him again, wanting nothing more than his lips to be on yours.

He responds immediately, deepening your kiss and he lets you walk him over to the bed and falls back obedient when you give him a playful push. It’s not like you to be forward but he’s awakened something and you straddle his slender hips on the bed and lean down to resume the kiss, not even knowing what you want or how far you want this to go, you just want this.

You just want him!

He pulls back from the kiss to look at your face, running his long fingers down your cheek.

“I should probably close the door.” He averts his eyes, you think it’s cute that he’s suddenly bashful now but you decide not to give him a hard time about it and instead let him get up and walk towards the door.

He stops by the door, gripping the handle so hard you can see his knuckles turn white.

“Merkel?” He turns to look at you, regret and guilt on his face.

“I do not expect you to forgive me but I hope you will believe when I say that we’re doing this to protect you!” He leaves, pulling the door behind him and you hear the heavy locks fall into place.


Kyou ha kyou no nico nico de (Today’s wide wide smile)
Daikoufun no KOKORO rin rin (Today’s excited heart bell)
Hanabanashii konna MISHON (Today’s spectacular mission)
Otodokemasu! (I send them all to you!)

Listen to my heart!!- I love this song. It’s so punny! :D

Daily Horoscopes - August 16th, 2017

ARIES: That feisty, fiery friend you’ve kept hidden away? It’s time for you to introduce them to your regular crowd. It’s a given that they’ll make quite the impression. Why are you hesitating?

TAURUS: Listen carefully to your sweetheart, most especially to the pledge they make. If you’re not feeling as committed as they are, don’t even pretend to be. Promises made now will be promises that should be kept. 

GEMINI: An outrageously bold sibling, neighbor or friends could get you into trouble now – without meaning to do it, of course. Protect yourself. Don’t spring to their defense without knowing absolutely all the facts.

CANCER: Even if you’re not at the to[p of the food chain at work, you can probably manage to make your way quite comfortably around those who are. Good thing, too. You’re about to be invited to cross that bridge. 

LEO: Still marching around the office like you own the joint? Good – because you might very soon. Keep acting like you know you deserve it and that promotion could happen even sooner. 

VIRGO: You aren’t your usual gentle self, so if you’re trying to transport or transmit something delicate or fragile, hire someone else to do it for you. That goes for words and feeling too by the way – not just objects.

LIBRA: There’s only one way to describe your current state of mind, heart and attitude: You’re a loose cannon. If you manage to navigate the next 24 hours without getting into trouble, reward yourself. Creatively. 

SCORPIO: An authority figure you’ve leaned on in the past will come to your aid now – probably before you even think of asking them for their help. Pay attention to their advice and follow it to the letter. 

SAGITTARIUS: When you apply yourself to something, no one gets it done better, faster or more efficiently – that’s when you apply yourself. Well, you’re in the mood to do just that now. Prepare to amaze any critics. 

CAPRICORN: You’re not usually all that chatty, but when you fell strongly about something, you’ll go on about it – at length. Anyone who tries to interrupt you will soon learn what it’s like to pursue a truly futile cause. 

AQUARIUS: You’re so efficient that you rarely sit still, and when you do, it’s never without a book or a pen in hand. You’ll be doubtfully busy now, taking charge of your business and someone else’s too. Don’t forget to sleep. 

PISCES: If anyone can multi-task, it’s you. Good thing, too, because you’ve got a list as long as your arm to tend to, which might be trickier than you’d imagined. Still, don’t doubt that you’ll handle it. 

SPN Prop FAIL - Calipers

Ok, I gotta talk about this because it is making me crazy, and it is not the first time I’ve seen these stupid calipers and thought this.

In reference to this post involving @chiisana-sukima @rosewhipped22  screencap below stolen from @rosewhipped22)

Those heart-shaped calipers? They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with NAVIGATION and should not even BE on a map table. They are for measuring the external size of objects.  The long straight ones, YES, are used for marking out locations (called divider calipers or what we think of as a compass) and have a long history of being used with maps.

Those other calipers are a total prop fail by someone at SPN. Or, as is pointed out by @chiisana-sukima, are there for only to make a point via subtext - because they sure as hell aren’t using them with that map (or those books and papers).

More about calipers than you  wanted to know.

anonymous asked:

You tagged the pirates idea in Shinee gets the treasure! 💖💖💖

you are a treasure, darling ❤️


  • captain of the sky blue pearl 
  • wearing a large hat with a skull and crossbones that contrasts starkly with his always smiley face 
  • people don’t know if they should be terrified or happy to see him 
  • looking at the very large and detailed map that he has in his captain’s quarters and is like “yup that’s a lot of water” 
  • but in all honesty he knows exactly where the boat is at all times 
  • fishing off the plank 
  • has fallen off the ship multiple times when they went over a wave so sometimes ot4 fishes for him instead with a giant net (minho: another onew fish / taemin: throw it back!!!!!!) 
  • refuses to stop tho so they tie a rope around his waist and someone has to hold on at all times like an onew leash 


  • insisted on getting a parrot 
  • it hates him and pooped on his head more than once which is not the reality he wanted 
  • claimed he stole it but the storekeeper saw him admire and coo at the pretty birdy with literal heart eyes so he gave it to him 
  • helps navigate despite his horrible internal compass bc he knows all the stars 
  • sleeps on a hammock on deck when it’s warm enough bc the sound of the ocean helps him sleep and if he can’t there is always that A+ view of the night sky  
  • billowy white shirt that he keeps open most of the time bC THAT’S WHAT PIRATES WEAR you’re just jealous minho  


  • eye-patch 
  • at villages sometimes he’ll tell stories to locals and crafts an elaborate tale about the horrors of his left eye and whispers “want to see it???”
  • flips it up and 
  • he has both eyes
  • just has a sty 
  • onew: are you wearing eyeliner again / key: nO / onew: you have your eye-patch on / key: … perhaps
  • ridiculously good at knots and will tie ot4 to the main mast if they irk him too much (tae: *wiggles out* / key: damn you taemin) 


  • bought a white shirt of his own when they docked to prove jonghyun wrong (jong: well we both can’t be wearing the same shirt) 
  • played rock, scissor, paper to see who got to wear it
  • he won
  • haha (jong: you CHEATED / minho: the game is if you don’t draw, you lose) 
  • making sure everyone doesn’t get scurvy (ot4: we really don’t need to be eating 7 oranges a day / onew: i think it’s giving me heartburn)
  • baby gold hoop earrings
  • at the helm doing KING OF THE WORLD 


  • will occasionally, both randomly and violently, get v seasick 
  • the lookout 
  • jong’s parrot helps him spot land too
  • keeps losing his frikkin telescope 
  • can climb up to the crow’s nest in an impressive speed that makes key a little ill to watch (key: omg be CAREFUL srsly that boy will be the death of me, one wrong move and he’ll FALL) 
  • his boots were made for walking 
  • also not allowed to have a pistol anymore bc “if you can’t keep it in its holster taemin you’ll probably end up shooting one of us one day” 
  • whatever, he’s better with a sword anyway 
  • occasionally likes to visit the treasure room below deck and just lays on the gold like a dragon