heart of the giant

stay like that. love people endlessly. and when it doesn’t work out? you’ll heal and you’ll learn to love again. i know that it’s hard to give up everything and still have hope in nothing. but you are not nothing. you have a beautiful and giant heart and no matter how much you think it’s broken, you’ll find a way to love again.
—  something a good friend said to me that i think about a lot

anonymous asked:

as it's valentine's day - what do you think anakin and obi-wan would be doing?

Enjoy, (or “enjoy”/”I’m sorry my blog is like this sometimes” as the case may be): 

Anakin: [text] what is this that u left on the table for me
Obi-Wan: Happy Valentine’s Day!
Anakin: u got me socks
Anakin: for valentines day
Obi-Wan: Yes, I’d noticed that yours were all in terrible shape. 😉
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: I know I should have waited until I got home to give them to you but I just couldn’t.
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: Anakin are you all right?
Anakin: i just…i cant believe u got me socks
Obi-Wan: You’re welcome! 😘 I ordered them months ago.
Anakin: oh
Obi-Wan: I know how you’re always cold and all. These are the extra-insulated kind.
Anakin: i do hate the cold
Obi-Wan: I hope you like them
Obi-Wan: Anakin?
Anakin: i love them
Anakin: u r the best
Obi-Wan: Oh good! A few people told me it wasn’t a good gift so I admit I was a little worried. 
Anakin: no i mean who wouldnt want new socks for valentines day
: 😊
Anakin: and u like what i got u right??
Obi-Wan: Ah, yes, the complete seventh season of Dragons and Droids that you’ve been wanting to buy
Anakin: yeah this way you can actually see the finale since u slept thru it last time
Obi-Wan: Yes, that will be a treat. We can watch it tonight.
Anakin: ill wear my new socks 😘

[it’s the thought that counts…right? I feel like this is going to come back to haunt both of them someday when they’re arguing and “OH SURE, THIS FROM THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ME SOCKS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!” “Well at least I didn’t buy MYSELF a gift and pretend it was for you!” gets thrown out there but we’ll let them be happy for now]

In honour of Rubeus Hagrid’s birthday

I don’t even know where to start.

  • Hagrid is one of the people Dumbledore trusts the most and I think that says so much about him
  • He defends everyone who deserves it
  • people rarely saw him angry but his wrath is a force to be reckoned with
  • He is naive to a fault
  • He is incredibly loyal to those who he trust
  • he loves blindly and completely
  • that’s why he brought his giant brother to the Forbidden Forest, his heart didn’t let him leave Grawp there where he would get hurt
  • so he made the decision that would most definitely get him expelled or sent to Azkaban if someone figured out
  • because he loved so much
  • I know people assume him to be a Gryffindor but I think he might be a Slytherpuff
  • He’s always misunderstood and bullied because he is half-giant but he doesn’t let that get under his thick skin
  • when you think about Madame Maxime’s response to him calling her giant descendant, I would even say Hagrid is proud of what he is
  • He loves Fantastic Beasts because he believes they are just as misunderstood as he is
  • he wanted others to see them as he did, that’s why he was a little too enthusiastic in his classes
  • Tom Riddle got Hagrid expelled for something he didn’t do but he didn’t become bitter about it
  • can you imagine how he must have felt when people didn’t even listen to his defence?
  • His heart maybe the same size he is if not bigger
  • Hagrid is the person who pulled Harry out of the house after Voldemort’s attack
  • He was the one who took Harry away from the Dursleys, once to take to Hogwarts and once before the war 
  • Hagrid knew Harry was alone so he instantly befriended him
  • He made him his first birthday cake
  • He bought him his first proper birthday present
  • He came completely out of the blue and became a very important father figure and friend in Harry’s life
  • Hagrid was one of the first people Harry ever trusted
  • I must protect little Harry Potter at all costs
  • and protect he did until Harry didn’t want to be protected anymore
  • He was the person who carried his lifeless body out of the Forest
  • He would have given anything to die instead of him
  • The small baby he cradled in his arms as Lily Evans lied on the floor lifeless and Sirius Black fought him to him
  • The small boy in baggy second hand clothes who didn’t believe he could be important
  • The not-so-small boy who widely grinned at him anytime he saw him with his green eyes shining
  • The brave man who welcomed death like an old friend to save others
  • Hagrid watched with his hands tied as Harry Potter died right in front of his eyes
  • and they made him carry his limp body and he walked as he felt light as a feather in his arms
  • Hagrid is strong
  • not only in the physical sense but in the emotional sense
  • that man went to Azkaban for Merlin’s sake
  • if he wasn’t strong enough he would have never been the same
  • he was always there for the Golden Trio
  • whether they were sad, happy or just curious
  • his methods may not be conventional but he always tried to help people
  • because that’s just who he is
  • a kind and loving ball of fluff with a heart the size of a Ukranian Ironbelly 
  • Happy birthday Hagrid, I’m so happy Harry met you

@smallherosix‘s animation challenge - Hard Mode

  1. Favorite Film - Princess Arete
  2. A Film made in your home country - The Iron Giant
  3. A Film made outside your home country - Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart
  4. Favorite Film released before you were born - The Adventures of Prince Achmed
  5. Favorite Overlooked Oscar Nominee - Song of the Sea
  6. Favorite 2D Animation - Tokyo Godfathers
  7. Favorite 3D Animation - The Book of Life
  8. Favorite TV Series - Harvey Beaks
  9. Favorite Short Film - The Dam Keeper
  10. Favorite Student Film - The Reward
  11. Bonus: Your favorite person working in the animation industry - Hiroyuki Imaishi

“Last night, Danny saw his great friend Julie Katz for the first time in years. She starred in the NSP video “The Decision” and was the person who originally introduced him to Ninja Brian! She’s a fabulous lady! Here’s a picture from last night of her trying to feed Danny a giant chocolate dick!”

Awwww!  What a heart-warming reunion.  Well.  I mean.  Besides the HYEUGE chocolate penis.