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@thereelbeverley The Charmings will be dearly missed indeed. Season 7 yay @joshdallas @GinniferGOnline @OnceUponAFan #OnceUponATime (x)

Editor’s Note:  Beverley Elliott confirms what we already knew.  Ginny and Josh out.  Pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to do that….

Matt's Inside Line: Once Upon a Time Musical Scoop, Plus Bones, Arrow, NCIS, Grimm, The Fosters and More
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By Matt Webb Mitovich

February 17, 2017


I simply cannot find a reaction gif that best suits the COMPLETE JOY AND UTTER HAPPINESS I felt (and the tears that followed) watching this…

The song is perfect on so many levels (Colin’s voice tho!!!) - I am blown away I can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs from the episode. Wow. Just wow.


jenmorrisonlive Day 101: Emma’s wedding gown! So much love and thought went into this dress. Just as #onceuponatime pulls from fairytales and literature - for the wedding, Eddy, Adam, Edwardo, and I felt it would be wonderful to pull from the real life fairytale of Grace Kelly. It is a dress that represents the elegance and simplicity of classic timeless strength mixed with the delicacy of feminity and vulnerability. It is the ultimate balance that Emma has been fighting for throughout the 6 seasons. A wholeness. A balance. Not all one thing or another - But rather, a moment that is genuinely, truly, authentically her without barriers and walls. A woman surrounded by people she loves and is loved by, willing to fight to protect them all as well as herself. The joy of a timeless balance. So honored to wear such a beautiful gown. Edwardo and his team created a piece of art once again. The perfect way to end this round of #101smiles #emmaswan #wedding #uglyducklings (x)

Once Upon a Time Gets Musical: Which Star Was Terrified? Who Belts Just One Line? And Why Is Everyone Singing?!
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April 29, 2017

Group interview pre 6.20