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Admin Sloth’s rant:
So after moving to my new place (nearer to the office) 6 months ago… I never knew this apartment had a hidden locker box behind the staircase (there is another postbox at everyone’s door). Was wondering why my bills always comes so late and usually it’s already a bright coloured warning letter by then. I just found out about the locker box after an online shop owner contacted the post office about a parcel that never reached me. They said ‘it might be hidden inside due to the post box downstairs being too full’ and I went: 'I have a post box… DOWNSTAIRS?!’

So today I went to open the pandora box that had been stealing my mails and OUT FLOWED A HUGE BUNCH OF EVERYTHING. I even needed a plastic bag to haul everything back into my apartment….

And within the mountain of envelopes… I FOUND THIS!!!! Christmas postcards from Zen and the RFA! Whyisn'tityoosungsob

No wonder Zen was asking if I received anything from Cheritz during the entire Christmas month last time… I’m so sorry for the late appreciation post, dear Zen and the team! Thank you so much for the postcard Cheritz, I love you guys to bits!!

P/S: Cheritz must have sent these postcards to all VIP members *v* Do support Cheritz by purchasing their goods when you are able to! I had to save up for it too ( ˃̶̤ ·̫ ˂̶̤ ) but totally worth it!!

-Admin Devlyn

While Jack’s dilemma gives The Nightmare Before Christmas its plot, Sally’s gives it its heart. Sally also gives everyone the best advice.
—  Caroline Thompson (The Nightmare Before Christmas, film’s screenplay writer)

Our Q&A - lyrics

You are

The Jack to my Sally
The Shaggy to my Velma
The Gomez to my Morticia
The Edward to my Kim
The Beast Boy to my Raven
The Danny to my Sam
The Hades to my Persephone
The Heroin Bob to my Trish
The Aragorn to my Arwen

You are the other half of my heart I never knew I was missing.

Remus: Are you going home for the holidays? 

Peter: Yeah, all the family is coming over.

James: Of course. What about you, Moony? 

Remus: Yes, my parents insist. Are you staying here, Padfoot? 

Sirius: Yea-

James: No, Sirius is going home too. Mum and dad have already put up his Christmas stocking.