heart of chalk


Keith Haring creating street art in Japan. Photos by Juan Rivera, 1988.

“The context of where you do something is going to have an effect. The subway drawings were, as much as they were drawings, performances. It was where I learned how to draw in public. You draw in front of people. For me it was a whole sort of philosophical and sociological experiment. When I drew, I drew in the daytime, which meant there were always people watching. There were always confrontations, whether it was with people that were interested in looking at it, or people that wanted to tell you you shouldn’t be drawing there…”

“I was learning, watching people’s reactions and interactions with the drawings and with me and looking at it as a phenomenon. Having this incredible feedback from people, which is one of the main things that kept me going so long, was the participation of the people that were watching me and the kinds of comments and questions and observations that were coming from every range of person you could imagine, from little kids to old ladies, or art historians.”  - Keith Haring 

(Keith Haring: The Last Interview,” Arts Magazine, September 1990)

take these dreams of us, i didn’t need them anyway. take the nights we stayed awake until we saw the sun come up and tuck them away in your heart. chalked up to young love, chalked up to poor timing. chalked up to unresolved differences love just couldn’t overcome.
at the end of it all i hope you know that i wanted all of you. forever. despite the pain, despite everything, i would have chosen you, every single day. you after all, are the only one that made my heart glow in the dark. you are the only one i would have risked everything for.
—  @likewedream
Just Follows Chalk things

-Jumps out to say hello after your entire traveling party was just slaughtered
-Decorates his hat with flower print fabric
-“Bet they don’t have anything as nasty as Yao Guai out where you come from, huh?
-Is so pure he thinks pick-pocketing is some sort of outsider ritual
-Says you don’t need to steal from him because he’ll share



`If my eyes are the oceans that put your head in the clouds

then your heart is the reason I keep my feet on the ground`

- Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice, The Amity Affliction


Painted and drawn on A3 paper with literally everything I`ve got; pencils, pastel chalk, gold acrylic paint and red nail polish….