heart my bike


This is karma.

Once upon a time I bitched/blogged about getting a rock for winning a contest.

Well, it happened again. Another rock. This time it was for 2nd in my AG at a sprint triathlon.

This marks the first time I’ve won an AG award, in a division of more than 3 people, at a triathlon and I’m so pumped! Now all I’ve gotta do is find a stand for my rock…

remember when natsume cried himself to sleep because he was so happy kitamoto and nishimura care about him and he cares about them so much and he just wants to keep them safe forever,, i’m crying i love their friendship


“It’s never gonna stop, is it Philip?! All this killing is never gonna stop. And It’s my fault.” “What are you talking about?!?” “Tommy and Tracy…the turkeys…they’re just gonna shoot them, for nothing. And it’s my fault.” “It doesn’t have to be. Here. C’mon, let’s go!”

As a moto fan and a symbiote lover, this is how I will see myself transform – 

In my trance, I walked down a dimly lit hallway, and I heard a faint voice. “Hello. I am your symbiote. I have been waiting to be with you.” “What do you want? Where are you?” “I only want to live within you, remember how you have always wanted to be a rider? I want to help you. I want you, us, to be together. Come to me now.” I kept walking and I faced a gray room, dimly lit, but at the center I saw the bike I have been lusting for recently, and beside it suspended by black strings, is a one-piece racing suit unlike anything I’ve seen before: black and scarlet, with the red accents glowing and flowing like lava and blood combined. At the center is a spider with a body shaped like the front profile of the bike and fangs shaped like its handlebars. The brand, the brightest spot where all the flow of scarlet and red enters. It is beautiful, and I felt like I wanted to own it now, to be with it, in it. “Do you like me?” “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” “When you wear me, not only will I help you be a rider and win your races, but dominate all of them. I can sharpen your skills, enhance your senses, and learn anything you want to learn. I can help you become the best version of yourself.” “And all I have to do is wear you?” “Be one with me I. Wear me, become a new person. You’ll have all the power you need.” “Then I accept!” “Wear me now!”

When I touched the suit, it instantly tore open, revealing a hollow space for my body. The suit grabbed me and slammed me into the blank space. My heart was rushing, unsure what will happen next. Strings, no, live tendrils were flying all around me, rapidly pinning me down on the suit opening and holding me tight in place. By the second, it grew tighter and tighter, all of the suit starting to hug me. I see it slowly stitching itself back into its original form. As it continues, I can feel the stitches penetrating into my skin on my entire body. The most amount of needle pierces I felt was on my heart, like a tingling sensation when your feet goes numb. Suddenly I felt the two strongest heartbeats ever, like my heart literally stopped and restarted. My vision pulsated red and black in sync with my pulse until it slowly went back to normal. When I looked down, I felt that every heartbeat was starting to affect the suit, as if it pulses with my heart. I can see my bike slowly changing its color to black and scarlet, matching my suit. I felt my feet being pierced as well, and I see racing boots that match the suit, forming and enclosing the last part of my lower body, so tight that I’m not feeling any space at all, everything snug and fit, yet weirdly comfortable. My hands are being pierced as well, and I see black and scarlet gauntlets covering them, now the whole of my body is completely enclosed by the suit. Then in front of me slowly rose the most amazing helmet I have ever seen. But when it drew close, I noticed the tinted glass was split into two, shaping two sinister large eyes. And below them, white sharp teeth slowly appeared. The helmet, which is now clear was the head of the symbiote, spoke, showing the reddest, longest tongue I have ever seen: “One last touch. Get ready to meet your new self.” On those words, the helmet broke apart, the tongue entered my mouth and intertwined my own, and the symbiote swallowed me whole.

And that is how I became Rider.

Note: hope it’s not too cheesy :P Photo is an edit, all parts were from various sources. Only did the symbiote transformation :)