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Wedding Bells (RP Snippet)

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“It doesn’t matter,” he replied, eyeing Eve’s approach. He looked away, smiling, “Only your likelihood of marrying me, Lady Daniels. She said you keep your heart locked away in an ironclad box.” Turning his attention back to her, he added, “She said, that if I am looking for love, it’ll take time and commitment.”“To that, I said, ‘I have already had a marriage of love.’”

Damn it, Hannah. Eve shrugged lightly. “She’s not wrong. I do keep it locked away. I’ve had a marriage of love as well, and it got me nowhere. I am under no illusion that that is what’s between us, against Hannah’s great hopes.” Turning away from him slowly, she cast a grin over her shoulder. “She’s a hopeless romantic, that one. She wants to see me have the happily ever after.” People like me don’t get happily ever after.

“It doesn’t exist,” he commented, “a happily ever after.” Warlund’s tone spoke to that. “We’re both aware of what the other person is, in this relationship. A marriage of love, while convenient, doesn’t suit us.” Yet, at least.

“In time, though?” Warlund asked, standing, approaching, “Who knows?”

“Such a cynic,” Eve remarked. “I suppose we’ll see what this turns into. I think we can agree though, that we work quite well together.” Turning to face him, she grinned. “Hannah was quite impressed with the view, by the way,” she teased, referring to the sheet drop.

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Warlund chuckled. “Was she?” He shook his head, “I bet she was a lynx in her younger years.” He looked to Eve, a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Anyway, let me know when you’ve made a decision.“

“Oh? Have you asked me a question?” She asked, brow raised. She chose to ignore his remarks about Hannah, not caring to let her mind drift in that particular direction. “I don’t recall an actual question being asked, In fact, I believe you stated that you were not asking a question.”

Warlund’s head tilted. “OK, if that’s how you want to play it,” he commented, laughing a little. Does she want a display? Groaning (somewhat playfully), he’d drop to a single knee. Warlund looked up at Eve, stone-faced. There was a moment’s pause. “Marry me,” he uttered.

Oh, Light. I was kidding. Rolling her eyes a bit she shook her head. “Oh, yes, a thousand times yes,” she said with mock enthusiasm. Smirking a bit, she waited for him to rise to his feet before speaking again. “We have a great deal of planning to do.”

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Phone Wallpapers - Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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