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So is "In Other Lands" just a print copy of Turn of the Story? Or did you add more to it? I'm a little confused. I love love love love Turn of the Story, and would love to get my hands on a print copy, but I'm a little confused, because I thought that if you put something out there for people to read for free, you are not exactly able to sell it because of copyright things?

I am so sorry for your confusion! But I am so happy that you would like to be able to read. I will attempt to explain all the things.

IN OTHER LANDS isn’t just TURN OF THE STORY–it has an extra third of the book added, both in ‘what happens next’ for our three main characters (the traditional combo, found in many high schools, of nerd, jock, and elven warrior maid): Elliot, Luke and Serene, and beforehand. 

For those who have read the short story WINGS IN THE MORNING, which is from Luke’s POV, there’s the events WINGS IN THE MORNING from Elliot’s POV, and beyond–the book closes with the three students finishing their final year of training in the Border camp. There is also more of Elliot’s life before he is recruited into fantasy world–we see Elliot’s relationship with his schoolmates, which is Not So Great–and new scenes woven through his adventures, trying to make friends… and trying not to make friends.

It’s also been edited. Editing is tricky when there is already a version available for the public. C.S. Pacat’s first two books in the (lyrically written by the way!) Captive Prince trilogy went through a similar process, I believe: on one hand, an excellent editor’s eye cannot help but improve things. On the other, I wanted to be very sure I wouldn’t cut anything that might be someone’s favourite scene. Once you release something to the wild, it’s not just your story anymore. 

So I really didn’t cut much at all, even though this means it is now a long book! I hope you guys will forgive me and like it anyway. However, such incidents as the rebellion at the training camp are–I hope–more sensical. We were looking at the story in an effort to smooth and enrich what was already there. Maybe a way to think of it is: we (my fabulous editor Kelly Link and I) turned delicious strawberry juice into a (hopefully) even more delicious strawberry milkshake.

And I hope you all like the mermaid milkshake of IN OTHER LANDS.

(Oh no, I made it weird.)

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Hey just curious but who in Stardew are you gonna romance with farmer Amelie?? She's super cute and I kinda love her

…and she’s walked home the same route very day since!

“it’s love- yeah all they’re looking for is love, from someone else…” - la la land, 2016

This right here will be cinematic history. This shot will be studied in film classes. This moment right here is the greatest hero shot I’ve ever seen.

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