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The hardest part of recovery isn’t when you’re not sure whether or not you want to recover. It’s tossing and turning at 2:30am wondering why you don’t feel any better even though you’ve been sober for almost three months. You’ve been trying your hardest, gone through so much pain, and yet you still feel like you’re not getting any better. In fact, it feels like you’re getting worse. Your heart wants to fight, but your brain wants to give up. It feels as though time is against you and recovery goes against everything you believe in. Keep staying strong. Eventually, instead of feeling like you have to keep fighting, you’ll want to.
—  Your purpose in life is to heal and evolve
I want to be your lover. Not just any lover, but the lover that eats you alive, the lover you want so badly that it tears your beating heart right out of your chest. I want to show you what it means to unchain each other, bare our claws and fangs and antagonize the animal instinct in you that stimulates the animal need in me. I want to be the only one who knows what your desperate cries sound like in the night. What your arms feel like when the hunt and climax are over, our blood still pumping from the adrenaline, as the moon glows in through the thrilling transparency of your curtains. I want to be that wolf.
—  © Kayla Kathawa / Howling

guys …. i feel so lucky to have all of you … i was having a really bad night yesterday but seeing all of you take the time to write me things made me feel a lot better!!! it’s nice to see there’s actual people behind those numbers!!! Thank you so much…. i’m going reply to all of ya here!!!!!

I’ll definitely keep posting!!!! Thank you so much for staying to see all my dumb ocs!!!! i wouldn’t keep drawing if i didn’t have them i think…….

I tend to forget sometime you follow people and just don’t interact (which is stupid to forget because i do it as well) I’m glad m.o made you want to stay!!!

That warms my heart so much TT_TT … I hate feeling so guilty to not draw because nobody has told me to draw more, it’s just something in my head and its just rly annoying as fuck .. I LOVE YOU TOO ANON !!! thank you for being so sweet !!!!!

me reading this ask: (sobbing w hands on my face…) that feeling is exactly what i aim for!!!! i’m gonna take more time to draw, because when i rush i feel like you can’t feel that emotion in my art and it only feels like an empty shell of nothingness.. thank you for the support i’m sending you 4 kisses on each cheek T_T

You definitely made me feel better anon!!!!!! omg a deviantart follower,,,,, i feel like you guys know the true mecchi fjsdlfkdmfoezj if i can give you inspiration to make ocs it’s the best i can ask for!!! ocs are so incredibly awesome, they can make you feel so much better… OCs are still underrated…

YOU… you have to stop!!!! those exclamation points they heal me!!!!!!!! thank you so much…. if you don’t remember it’s probably been a long time then!!!

thank you so much:!!!! it’s still really annoying to see all the bots/ghost followers swelling up the followers count argh

I also do the same but i think many people think only their fanart attract followers, i think OCs art is usually a very selfish kind of art, because we know it’s gonna be less popular than fanarts (except if you built your “fame” around your ocs, which is a dream for many!!!!), yet we just can’t stop !!! So seeing the support is really reassuring and fulfilling!!!! 

Again, thank you so much everyone!!!!!! i love you all TT_TT

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im just asking as iron man fan do you have any plans bring back mandarin im big iron man fan and i love the mandarin in iron man comics but he has not appear since Matt Fraction iron man run so i really hope do you bring him back because when you bring back tony aka iron man it would epic see iron man battle his greatest enemy the mandarin and if you want can have iron heart and dr doom help out with iron man when he is battling with mandarin i dont know if you will do it but hey it good ask

i am working on new adversaries for all the books but mandarin sits there haunting me.  

matt’s mandarin one shot is the gold standard and i would need a big bold hook into the character equal or better than that. it may come to me any minute or any day or not at all :)

but our new villains are coming from all sides. 

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I read this fic awhile back where louis had a skin condition where he couldn't be touched and liam was his step brother and everyone was in college. I can't find it anywhere.

I almost answered “…. and?”

but you’re lucky because I guess you want to read Where You Heart Is  , so I cant deny you this.

anyway, next time, a real question would be nice. A “please” is not a bonus.

Just saying.

Have a good day.

I want to dissolve through your rib cage and settle like sediment in your chest.
I want to be the serpentine craving that writhes in your belly.
I want to be the clenching anger wrapped around your heart.
I want you to wake up choking on the weight of me between your lungs.

I want to be in your marrow; sweet and warm and loving.
I want to be in your blood; spice and heat and fire.
I want you in the darkness; breathing hard and holding on.

I want to be your white nights and your aching days.
I want your easy rest and your quiet dawn.

I want you, I want you, I want you.

Let me in.

—  A Plea in Technicolour | (j.a.f)

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Tbh I really love the trope where a couple is told they can't have kids but they keep trying & end up having at least one anyway like even though I'm a Bio major I enjoy it when Bio is wrong in negative situations anyway I think Peter could be diagnosed incorrectly as impetent & it would break his heart, but he'd still want to keep trying & just as you were about to consider/look into adoption, you found you were pregnant & now he's crying for an entirely different reason


So….as I was giffing that scene between Julia and the Beast - I couldn’t help but think of wickoff when I heard him sing “the more you love a girl, the more you give your trust, the more you’re bound to lose” which makes me sad. I don’t want them to lose any more than they already have(certainly not one another.) Okay…maybe this is just my wickoff heart wanting to interject them everywhere but can you blame me?

It also made me think about Quentin with Julia, though?? We all know Quentin had feelings for Julia but it was, from my understanding, never mutual…she’s always loved him as a best friend and he’s been able to trust her time and again but after she was given her horrid memories back, Julia had to do something for herself(which isn’t selfish, it’s her fight, it’s HER bigger picture) by striking a deal with the Beast and to Quentin(Margo, Alice, Eliot and Penny) that was seen as betrayal or, if you will, a loss.

I don’t know why I decided to type this up but…here I am. Also, I don’t blame Julia and I absolutely won’t deal with people who do - this post and blog aren’t for Julia haters.

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💓 from asktheking if ur still taking them asdfjkl???

Send 💓 for my muses reaction to yours listening to their heart beat.

Eric: “King I don’t have a heart so I don’t really see why you’d want to try to listen for one. Not that I get the gesture for even if I had one.”

STARTER CALL ☆  all verses

Pew! After reaching 300 + followers I realised  — I don’t have enough threads to satisfy my little roleplayer heart! As I adore all of you out there, really enjoying seeing you on my dash  — and of course, there are SO MANY lovely blogs in this damn black hole  — consider this as a fresh new starter & plotting call for ALL of my verses!
Please hit the little red heart  — even if we haven’t interacted until now, when you want a small or longer thing from Amelia to go on with ! I’m also very open for plotting ( via IM or such ). Let’s talk about AUs, heartbreaking stories or action-packed missions  — I’m waiting for YOU
Or send me memes. Really. I need some things to write in between.


It’s only a matter of time
Until my two worlds collide
And I am left in the middle
Being torn inside-

Being crushed by the weight
By the heaviness of fate
Slowly breaking my bones
While my heart desecrates

How long can I hold
This secret so bold
That’s eating me up
While I slowly implode

I’m trying to stray
By keeping you at bay
But all my heart wants to do
Is give itself away


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