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Taehyung Scenario: Starlight - Part 2.

Request: Hii,can i request a fanfic based on taeyeon’s starlight music video with taehyung please since the mv looks really nice if it could be turn into a fanfic,thank you❤️(sorry if my english is bad)(p.s i love roman holidays and i was made for loving you by you guys its amazing) 

Genre: Angst / Romance.

Part 1

It was sunday when you arrived from the last job you had left, a replacement waitress at a near by restaurant. You were tired even if you hadn’t done much, but somehow you felt exhausted.
The bell rang just as you were finishing some leftovers from yesterday, you went to open the door only to find Taehyung standing in front of you, a sheepish smile on his face and his hands full of bags.


-Please, let me come in- his voice although small was full of hope and regret, his eyes looked down at the bags and then at you. -It wasn’t really my intention to stand you up the other day, things were just… I couldn’t make it, but I’m here now- he extended the bags to you and you drifted your eyes from him to its contents.

-What is this? Ice cream?-

He nodded. -It’s just seven flavors but… maybe it could be a start?-

You saw the bags, now it was evident that it was ice cream there, the colorful packaging making you crave for them. You gave Taehyung a warning look that lost a bit of effect when your smile corresponded his. There you went again.

The next weeks you dedicated to do everything on the list, from doing a marathon of Friends, because you loved the damn series but hadn’t had the chance to watch lately since you were so busy with work, to playing piano together and going to the karaoke.

Taehyung was with you the whole time and you couldn’t be more excited, maybe this time he was staying for good, but no matter what you felt as if he could disappear any time. Sometimes he’d be absent for a couple of days, sometimes he had to get home really early or sometimes he’d suggest to make your “dates” at odd hours. You’d asked about it but he had brushed the issue off, telling you that it was his mother being way too strict, you wanted to believe that but at the same you knew you couldn’t, not wholly. You knew there was something Taehyung wasn’t telling and he was determinate on keeping from you.

One of the things you weren’t too sure if you’d be able to do was go to a rooftop party. You had ages without going out with friends but then you knew that Taehyung got along well with a lot of people and he could make it happen. You had never been in a party like that and being honest you weren’t exactly sure what was that you found so appealing about it. Was it that the place was kind unconventional, was it the hipster trendy feel about it? Or the open air? You didn’t know, but what you were absolutely sure about was that you wanted to spend that time with Taehyung and thus you were dressing to impress him. Although looking at yourself in the mirror you didn’t know if you looked impressive.
You were wearing black short shorts, a grey loose crop top, a knitted open sweater to balance all the skin you were showing and of course your favorite black boots. Biting your lip you decided to go with your hair down, impressive or not you loved how you looked.

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