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Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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Why does this affect me so much

Fancam cr. Everlasting 9791

ok but honestly what would i be without bangtan

I am perpetually obsessed wih the idea of Cas and Dean being the cool kids in high school.

They walk the halls with that air of confidence and everyone wants to be their best friend and they kinda are ‘cause ’Cas and Dean’ are so nice to Everyone, but also they sit together at lunch with their group of cool kids and as Charlie tells stories and Benny laughs, Dean leans in and whispers something in Cas’ ear. Cas stops mid-bite and kinda stares into nothing as he listens carefully to whatever Dean is saying and as a smile slowly forms on his face he accidentally makes eye contact with someone who was staring at them (probably me ‘cause they’re both so beautiful and I die because that smile gives heart attacks) and then he turns the smile full on Dean to show him his reaction and their faces are so close and they look beautiful, both on their own and as a whole, but everyone is used to this.

So it’s no surprise when they finally start dating and become the hottest couple in school and all eyes are on them, people want to know what Dean is getting Cas for Christmas and what Cas is doing for Valentine’s.

When Cas doesn’t know a class answer and their irrational calculus teacher asks “Didn’t you study, Castiel?” with a disapproving look even though they’re not even close to quiz dates or anything like that, Dean says “Cut him some slack, he was too busy being pretty” Cas blushes bright red and has to cover his mouth to hide his grin. They sit next to each other when they can, leaning against the other with their hands joined or affectionaly rubbing a thigh, and they pass notes when they can’t. When Dean misses a class to go to a match and the next class the teacher ‘who doesn’t believe in sports’ showers Dean with questions he obviously doesn’t have an answer to and then attempts to give him detention for it, Cas gives a speech. It starts with Cas sitting, asking why the teacher is asking specifically Dean, it goes on with Cas getting mad at having no answer and getting up on his feet to provide the answer himself, and it ends with Cas sitting back down having effectively shut the teacher up, mumbling ‘you can give me detention if you want’ and Dean placing a sweet kiss on Cas’ cheek.

The school band helps Dean with his aniversary gift, Cas and Anna convince the cheerleader team to dedicate a special cheer for Dean in a very important game, Cas stars in the school play and Dean throws roses at the stage, they shut down anyone who dares discriminate any kid for any reason, they run an equality club, they are *so involved* in the planning of prom even though they’re not on the comittee.

They buy their outfits for prom night together, saying hi to every kid from school they run into at the mall. They take pictures that night and on the day of their graduation they cheer the loudest for each other. That day several of their teachers approach them to tell them they have something beautiful and even though they used to interrupt class with it they should fight to keep it, they smile and hold hands the whole time and just ugh, Cas and Dean being cool kids that are so cute and in love.

Big Bang Reacts To Their GF Winning 6 Awards In One Night

A/N: You’re a foreign singer that is nominated for awards in Korea.

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He watched as you walked past him and up to the stage to collect your 6th award tonight. 

His heart was full of pride and he was smiling through out the whole night.

“Congratulations jagiya! You deserve it!”

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He was getting ready to perform when you were up accepting your last award.

“Do you have anything to say to Y/n? She just won 6 awards.”

“6?! Really?! Woah.. She’s so talented. I love you, jagiya!” He said to the camera, giving a heart sign.

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“We have a video for Y/n.” The announcers said before giving you you’re award.

It was a video of your boyfriend, Seungri, dancing to your song on an airplane.

He cleared his throat after laughing from hitting his head, “Ah, My dear Y/n. I am so happy that you have won this award. I am so proud of you.”

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“You’re girlfriend just won 6 awards, despite her not being Korean, do you have anything to say?” The interviewer asked him.

“Aish.. She’s amazing. What else is there to say?”

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He was on a variety show and there was a part where they wanted to show him the footage of you winning your awards.

“Ah she’s so talented. I’d even go as far as to say she’s better than you.” One of the hosts joked to GD.

He laughed and smiled, “Ah she is. She’s very talented and all around amazing. I’m so happy to have her in my life.”

Donut’s probably dead.

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What if Yuuri starts expressing the desire to see some of Victor’s baby pictures, because Victor already got to see all of Yuuri’s thanks to Mama Katsuki (and she also gave him a copy of his favorite one where Yuuri is 18 months old and wearing a hooded dog onesie with little floppy ears on it, and Victor got it framed and hung it on the wall and comments on how cute it is at least once a week and this is just something Yuuri has to put up with.)

So yeah, he wants to even the score. But Victor isn’t close to his family, except for his grandmother who passed away some years ago, and she was responsible for the family photo albums and he has no idea where they ended up after she died. So they end up doing a little digging, track down some extended family, and manage to locate the Nikiforov Family Photo Albums. Yuuri immediately knows this is Victor’s family because it’s full of people doing the Heart Smile™. Apparently it’s genetic.

Other noteworthy discoveries: Victor was as bald as an egg when he was born. He’s a little jealous of Yuuri, who had a full head of hair from day one. Also apparently didn’t like wearing clothes, lots of pictures of a blurred naked baby toddling away as fast as he can from whoever’s taking the picture (and presumably trying to dress him again.)

They also find a picture of Victor on the ice for the first time at age three, his grandmother holding his hands to keep him upright while he wobbles around. It makes Victor tear up a bit. He loved his grandmother a lot. Yuuri gets a copy made of that picture so he can get it framed and hung on the wall too.

It takes time, takes clumsy encouragements and blustering dares for Viktor to change from “untouchable idol” into “mine.” From quiet, selfish prayers that Viktor will stay, that Viktor will be his for a moment in time, to full-hearted grasping of gloved fingers and teasing smiles because he knows- he knows, somehow, that Viktor has been caught.

Viktor came for him. Viktor came for him.

That certainty had been tested in the beginning when Viktor posed his challenge, told him to compete with Yurio (and oh, it was adorable how he had eventually given in to the nickname) for his time, but it had hardened his resolve. He would win, with his own strength. He would win, and he would earn Viktor.

And earn Viktor he had.

From trembling hands and a shaky voice asking for Viktor’s attention, eventually, he got:

Viktor in his embrace, his own hands cool against Viktor’s nape and back,

Viktor’s forehead against his, his eyes on him (and only him), hands clasped together in an imitation of a lover’s grasp,

Viktor jumping into his arms, holding him close, kissing him with closed eyes and a warm mouth,

and Viktor on his knees, holding his foot up for a reverent kiss as though he weren’t the genius on ice.

Separated as they were by miles of land and sea, hearts full of trepidation for a life hanging on the line, Yuuri still knew this:

He is loved,

and he will win.


we wrote the words
‘brighter days’
in sidewalk chalk
and not even the rain
could wash 'em away

you kept love on tap
and overflowed this
half empty glass
until an ocean of hope
was all that i had

we shared all of
our deepest secrets
and created external
angels out of each
other’s inner demons

placing all of our
faith in a fire place
burning our holy books
for change, as if
no other warmth
would be rewarding

we started luring
strangers into salvation
with our faces full
of smiles in the midst
of celebration, our hearts
high on helium, floating
past complacent

until we became a
source of light
adjacent to the sun
and spun our glowing strands
into a canvas for our lungs

every breath was a brushstroke
from a pallette we stole, trying
to swallow the sunset whole
so we started breathing deep
exhaling a masterpiece
of our own kind

we called it 'sunrise.’

obviously (jongin)
word count:  1746 w.
genre: romance, fluff, slight!angst, valentines day!au
summary: even though it breaks your heart, you help jongin fill up the gift box for his valentine.

valentines day special ; pick your date
minseok | junmyeon | yixing
baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol
kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

The heartache started when you opened the door to a wide-awake Jongin asking you for a big favor.

“I know it’s too early for this but can you come with me to the mall? I really need to put a gift box for my Valentine.” You can see how Jongin acts antsy, his voice sounded distressed.

You can hear your heart crumbling to little pieces but you showed a smile full of glee instead. “But isn’t it Valentines Day today?”

“Yes, it is.”

You scratched your head, confused. “Then why don’t you just take her out on a date later?”

“Because,” Jongin whined as he stomped his feet like a kid he was. “She’s taking the evening shift and it ends by midnight. Most of the restaurants are closed by that time. So, I’m giving her a gift box instead.”

“And what does that gift box consist?” You raised your brow completely puzzled on why it had to be you he had to drag along.

He shrugged in response. “I don’t know! I’m asking you to come with me cause I’m a guy. I’m clueless about what girls want to get on Valentines Day. Now, come on, we’re wasting time.”

Jongin grabbed your hand but you loosened from his grip. You planned to just stay at home the whole day. Not spend it with the guy you like and buy gifts for another girl, who’s clearly not you by the description of it. “No, Jongin. Me and the girl have different preferences. This won’t work.”

“It will. You’re the closest thing I have to buying the perfect gift. Please go with me,” And being the Jongin you knew for the past three years you’ve spent in this college, he pouted and naturally, you melted in your spot.

That is why you’re strolling around the mall, searching high and low for the perfect gift for Jongin’s Valentine. If you look at the bright side, you’re gonna spend the entire day with Jongin by your side. The bad part was the time you would spend with him would equal to the happiness another girl would receive in the evening.

“So, what type of flowers should I give her? Or any specific brand of chocolates you’d recommend?” Jongin questioned, poking each food on the shelf. You two were at the supermarket looking for, well, chocolates and maybe gummy bears, as Jongin requested.

“I honestly think chocolates are overrated. I prefer gummy bears. But since you specifically want chocolates then I recommend Milka. The one with the oreo filling inside.”

You were rambling on and on about what flowers to choose and what other things to put inside the gift box but Jongin seemed to be preoccupied with his phone, typing away. His attention was completely split in half because he would reply with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or sometimes hum in response. At the same time, he’d continue texting whoever it was he was texting.

Irritated, you stopped your tracks, “Jongin are you listening to me?”

“Huh?” He looked up. “Yeah.”

“Then what did I just say?”

With confidence covering his voice, he said, “You think white roses are the most romantic flowers to give to a girl. You prefer gummy bears over chocolates. You’d like to wear a backless dress but your mom wouldn’t let you. And you hate it when someone serenades you.”

Your mouth was agape when he remembered every detail you said. Jongin did listen to you the entire time. Amazing how he could multi-task so easily. He continued, “Did I miss something?”

“No. You were spot on to be honest.”

Jongin flashed you a soft smile that you could almost hear your heartbeat reverberating in your ear. “Really? Good.”

The rest of the day went on smoothly. Both of you went to a boutique to buy the last addition to the gift box. A dress. According to Jongin, you were the same size as his Valentine. What caught you off guard was that he revealed to you who his Valentine really was.

“Soojung?” Your voice quivered upon the name. The rumors were true. They were really dating. “Soojung’s much more petite compared to me. You’re probably mistaken.”

“No. I’ve seen everything. And judging from it, I think you two are the same size,” Jongin calmly stated as his eyes raked your entire figure. Your mind tried to process his words but it only converted to poison that shot through your heart. He’s seen everything. He’s seen everything of Soojung.

“Now would you please, please, pleaaase pick a dress out for Soojung. For me?” He practically pleaded and it was hard for your part to say no. Dumbfounded, you automatically nodded.

Jongin waited outside the dressing room while you changed into a sleek black dress. Backless, of course, since it wasn’t you who’d be wearing it for future dates with Jongin.

You closed your eyes and tried to make the most of it. You imagined Jongin right in front of you in a nice tux, enjoying your candle-lit dinner in some fancy restaurant down the street. You tried to make the most out of your imagination but when your eyes fluttered open, you were nothing more but a mannequin of what has yet to be.

Nothing more than a second option.

Insecurities started piling up inside your mind. Taking a good hard look at the mirror in front of you, you were convinced that Soojung would look much better in the dress you were wearing. She’s definitely much classier and much more beautiful than you. She was better than you in so many ways.

You snapped out of your daze when you heard a knock. “Are you alright? Are you done in there?”

“I’ll be out in a sec,” You let out a heavy sigh as you gazed at your reflection once more. Always the second best.

Jongin held his breath the moment you walked out of the dressing room. He hasn’t seen anyone who personified elegance accurately just like you did. At that moment, he just wanted to snake his hands around your waist, lock your arms around his neck and dance the night away under the moonlit sky.

He imagined you shying away from how intense his deep brown orbs were piercing right through you and that you would lean your head on his neck as a slow song played in the background. Jongin would take time to whisper all the sweet things he could possibly think at the moment. He would take all the time in the world to whisper to your ear how beautiful you were in that dress. Screw that. Jongin would tell you how beautiful you are the entire time he knew you.

But, it was too late. Jongin had Soojung. You? You had no one and that squeezed Jongin’s heart painfully.

Jongin didn’t say anything and the silence was killing you inside. Was it the dress that horrible on you? You averted your gaze to the floor in embarrassment.

Come night time, you found yourself willingly dragged by Jongin to the restaurant Soojung was working her shift in. The gift box was wrapped in a pink box and a matching red ribbon.

You and Jongin sat down when he grabbed the gift box hurriedly. “Wait there. I’ll look for Soojung at the staff room then we can go.”

“Oh,” Jongin halted then pulled out the black dress he bought. “I just remembered Soojung doesn’t wear backless dresses. You can have it. Think of it as my Valentines gift for you.”

Begrudgingly, you accepted his offer. At least you had something to hold on to even if it wasn’t originally meant for you.

Jongin scanned his surroundings. You followed his sight. “You might want to change into that dress so you can blend in the surroundings. The manager might call on you for not ordering. We wouldn’t want any trouble, right?”

“I’ll be right back.”

You followed Jongin’s request. True to his words, Jongin came back with Soojung trudging behind him. But Soojung wasn’t dolled up, it was Jongin. He wore a nice tuxedo and a matching black bow to complement his attire. On his hand, he carried a big box neatly wrapped. Bigger than the one the two of you bought.

“Wait,” you said, shocked, “What’s going on? Why aren’t you in a dress? You should be Jongin’s date.”

“No,” Soojung beamed, handing you a menu as Jongin sat down opposite to you. “It was you all along. He was texting me the things you liked so he could give you that.”

Jongin handed over the box he was holding. “Look inside.”

There, a number of your favorite things was placed. Packets of gummy bears. White roses. A cute pink teddy bear that had a heart tattooed on it. Underneath all that was a box set aside at the corner.

“Jongin texted me everything while you two spent your time together. Contrary to what everyone says, we’re just best friends.” Soojung added, eyes crinkling as she grinned, “Jongin likes you. Very much.”

“Oh my god, is this really happening?” You lightly slapped yourself a few times eliciting a chuckle from Jongin. “Y-You like me?”

“If spending the entire Valentines Day with you is still questionable then yes, I like you.”

You propped an elbow on the table, pouting. Droplets of tears strolled down your cheeks. “Why’d you have to lie like that? I was in pain the entire day. I thought you liked Soojung and you were just using me.”

Jongin hugged you tightly. He wiped away the tears that fell. “Shh, I would never use you. I only have my eyes for you. Only you. I’m sorry. I never knew you were hurting inside. If I had known, then I wouldn’t have done that.”

“Fine. I forgive you,” you said, composing yourself together.

Standing up, Jongin reached out his hand for you to take. “Now that that’s done and you hate being serenaded, will you accompany your prince to the dance floor and dance with him, milady?”

You intertwined your fingers with his before kissing him lightly on the cheek. “As you wish, my prince.”

note: my neck started to ache when i wrote this oneshot tbvh 🤦🏻‍  happy valentines day to jongin stans out there 🌹 shoutout to my twitter mutual, amina. this one’s for you 💖  | masterlist

When Kyungsoo smiles, sun shines.

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