heart full of promise

There’s a rumbling in my head, it’s getting louder and louder
     There’s a shaking in my bones, it’s getting stronger and stronger
           There’s a hunger in my heart, it’s full of promise, promise
                There’s an itch under my skin—it’s under my skin, under my skin
                                                             'Cause I just wanna feel something real.

I am lost now
but hold on
my dear.
Do not go out
and look for me.
Just stay.
Stay and wait
for me
with arms like
and a heart full
of love.
I will find my way back,
I promise you.
—  Lukas W. // Find my way

anonymous asked:

Please do a jealous Jughead fic that ends in smut

okay so I am slowly but surely getting through your asks! Thanks to everyone who has sent me ideas! I promise I will get to them all, please be patient with me though haha

anyway thought I would knock a few birds out with one stone with this one! Thanks to all the wonderful anons who sent these requests! Full disclosure most of my asks is smutty requests haha so get ready! 

Anyway hope you enjoy it ;) sorry it’s a bit long! 

warnings: smut, smut, smut, sin and smut. [with a bit of plot for good measure]

ENVY: The colour of sin

Jealously was not an emotion Jughead was overly fond of. In fact he thinks it’s his least favourite of all the emotions on the broad spectrum of human feeling.

The cause of such jealously; Archie Andrews not so subtly attempting to gain the attentions of Betty Cooper.

It was a paradox- Jughead being jealous of Archie’s jealously and he knew it made zero sense. Yet he couldn’t help the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head when he saw the pair exit the doors of Riverdale High on Friday afternoon.

Well actually if he was being honest, the green eyed monster had been rearing its ugly head for a week now. He had noticed Archie’s preoccupation with his girlfriend grow over the weeks and while he had at first dismissed it as missing his best friend and seeking comfort in her after everything with his dad, Jughead now knew it was actually due to seeking her affections. He hadn’t worked out yet whether Archie himself was actually aware of his change in behaviour toward Betty, but it was irking Jughead none the less. And so he had taken it upon himself to brave the civil war-esque dangers of being at Riverdale high and pick his girlfriend up from school that afternoon; rather than endure another tortured afternoon imaging the moves Archie was putting on her while they walked home.

Betty was sporting her usual pony tail and radiant smile, looking gorgeous as ever, so yeah he got why Archie felt inclined to be attracted toward her. What he couldn’t comprehend was his “best friend’s” need to tug on her pony tail and let his hand linger in the golden locks longer than necessary, before slinging his arm across her shoulders.

Jughead’s eyes narrowed despite Betty casually lifting Archie’s arm off of her with a laugh.

Unable to watch the scenes of ‘All American Boy Next Door tries to win heart of Girl Next Door after realising mistake of letting her go’ any longer Jughead pushed himself off the side of the truck.

“Hey you,” he called casually across the car park in the direction of the pair.

Betty’s eyes instantly strayed from Archie, her green orbs landing on him and immediately alighting. The surprised smile that graced her features temporarily dousing the flames of the burning aggravation inside him.

“Juggie!” she exclaimed through a laugh, practically skipping toward him.

Jughead’s blue gaze softened, the iciness directed at his friend instantly morphing into amused adoration as his girlfriend bounded into his arms. Betty’s own arms wrapped around his shoulders while his found perch on her slender waist.

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Some thoughts about Trees, True Love, and The Wish Your Heart Makes When You’re Fast Asleep:

In interviews, fans were promised full-season style arcs this year. The writers were hoping to regain their season 1 format and appeal. For that reason, although lately the super-plot feels a little shoved to the side, I don’t believe that the Land of Untold Stories is an over and done deal. 

My speculation began with the return of the wardrobe realm-jumping gimmick. We haven’t seen this used since season 1 (unless you count using the incinerated wardrobe ashes in season 2, but I don’t.) 

Please note the use of the True Love rainbow effect. It is used for both Pinocchio’s and Emma’s arrival. This tells us that the effect is tied to the magic of the tree, and not simply used to denote the arrival of Emma, who is the product of true love. 

Then, it hit me. 

True love is the only magic powerful enough to transcend realms. 
The tree used to make the wardrobe must be powered by True Love. 
Like…. a matured True Love sapling, perhaps? 

It’s uncanny, really. Similarly to when Snow and Charming touch the sapling, when Pinocchio touched the tree, he was blasted back by magic… that made him recall his family (his true love) and is reminded how he must look after Emma or he will never be able to reunite with his family. 

Wish-Realm Pinocchio even said that, away from the Queen’s tyranny, the magical tree was able to grow and flourish… Without the dark curse in place, is it possible that this tree was the one Snow and Charming “planted”? Frozen in time in Storybrook, it would have remained a sapling… but without the curse, it could have very easily grown into a tree. (yeah, I know, a tree that size would have taken hundreds of years to grow, but hey MAGIC.) 

The True Love rainbow effect is MISSING this time, though.

I have read how some have speculated that, despite the missing True Love rainbow burst, we actually did see the colors of true love (red and yellow).

(please note the true love bottle existing between essence of night and day…. yin and yang, anyone????)

There was Red. 

And there was Yellow.

And while I really want to see it (and I can’t argue against the obvious yellow), I am a bit skeptical about the red. It is a little on the pale side… but it wouldn’t be the first time we saw the red and gold color combo in this wish realm: 

(Please also note, that when Emma’s love stopped Henry from hurting Regina, saving them both, she used Red magic. Red is not exclusive to the “freezing” spell, as evidenced. But it has traditionally been the color of Regina’s magic when she performs it with Emma. So, I can’t help but find it curious not to mention funny, that Emma used a True Love color to save Regina and Henry…. but not Hook. She force blasted Wish!Hook back with standard white savior magic, just like she did Gideon later in the episode. I’m just saying…. lol)

What bothered me most about the tree/wardrobe/portal, though, was the unnecessary wavy magical portal effect. When Emma was placed in the wardrobe as a child, there was no fancy expensive effect. They just closed the door on her and she vanished. Poof. Simple. So, why the need for the costly special effect when they could have simply had none? 

That was when I realized…. 

I’d seen this effect already this season… 

And, the first time we saw it, in a truly odd episode regarding Cinderella that, at one point, there was featured a key…  and a wardrobe portal… To the Land of Untold Stories.  

Sound familiar?

And then there was also this picture that JMo tweeted a while back. 

I want to think that it was supposed to be used to show her waking up in the Wish!Verse, before she finds the sword under her bed. Perhaps it will show up in a deleted scene, because the first shot we got of her in the wish realm, instead, was of her her blowing out her birthday candle. This whole wish!verse theme has meshed wishes and dreams together fluidly. And all I can hear is “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep…” 

I don’t really believe that Emma and Regina are truly “home” yet. That battle with Gideon was far too easily won. And the fact that Wish!Robin still can exist outside of the wish-realm boggles me. Perhaps it is possible that Emma’s wish placed her in a dream realm? One where time seems to have no meaning? (I mean, seriously, it took Pinocchio 2 hours to make that wardrobe. Tops.) Perhaps this dream realm is really one of the many islands in The Land of untold stories??

Consider how Gideon literally broke a giant timepiece at the end of the episode. He had spent his entire “life” in a realm where time acted differently. Do you see the parallel? Even if Emma (and the rest) aren’t actually in a physical “land” of untold stories, that doesn’t discredit that fact that they are certainly participating in a metaphorical untold story. And, despite wish!Robin’s inclusion, the fact that Emma and Regina went through that wardrobe together could mean that this their untold story.

Oh, speculations abound! I can’t wait for the rest of this season. 

🍎   🍎   🍎     i’ve  only  had  this  blog  a  little  over  two  weeks  and  there’s  already  over  500  of  you  ??  writing  snow  has  been  so  much  fun   ,   and  i  have  been  absolutely   OVERWHELMED   at  the  amount  of  love  and  support  i’ve  gotten  from  everyone   ,   which  is  so  sweet   .   i  promise  to  do  a  giveaway  of  sorts  in  the  future   ,   but  for  now  i’m  going  to  post  a  little  biased  list  under  the  cut  of  a  bunch  of  people  i’m  super  duper  heart  eyes  at   ,   from  close  and  afar     -     i  apologize  now  for  anyone  i’ve  forgotten    ;     i  promise  my  heart  is  full  with  love  for  absolutely  everyone    ❤️

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[INFO] Notice for Pentagon Yan An, the suspension of group activities and absence in "TENTASTIC Vol.2".

This is Cube Entertainment.

We are saddened to inform you that one of Pentagon member, Yan An will stop his group activities for a while due to his right hand injury.

We are sorry to let everyone know who supports Pentagon about the news of Yan An’s injury as management company.

Yan An accidentally fell down during practice for the new album and got injured his right hand. We urgently took him to a nearby hospital and let him receive a medical treatment. As a result of the medical examination at the hospital, his hand needed a surgery, and right now he has successfully finished the operation.

After the surgery, with his willingness to meet fans, he participated in KCON held in Japan on 20th May with plaster cast on his hand.

Since there was a recommendation from the hospital not to use his hand as much as possible, and our decision that Yan An’s complete recovery has to be a top priority for us, we decided to let Yan An undergo a medical treatment and concentrate on the recovery instead of the Pentagon’s activities of their 3rd mini album ‘Ceremony’.

Once again, we sincerely apologize to all the fans who support him with full heart, and we promise that he will be back with a bright smile after fully recovered from the injury.

For this reason, we would like to inform you that Pentagon will perform with nine members on their activities including upcoming concerts and broadcasts until Yan An fully recovers his hand.

Thank you.

Source: CUBE_PTG

A Dangerous Game [Chapter 10]

Mood board by my babe @jinbumg7 who is also the one who inspired this story!!

Chapter 10 of A Dangerous Game

Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6  Ch7  Ch8  Ch9

Series Genre: AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst

You awoke to the feeling of the bed sinking in next to you. A hand tucked your hair behind your ear as he gently placed a kiss to your temple.

“Mmm… Good morning handsome,” you cooed, eyes still closed. You and Jaebum had shared a fantastic night together and you couldn’t wait to be wrapped back up in his warmth. It was amazing really, how open and raw you were with each other in just a few short days. It felt as if you were brought together by something greater than the both of you.

“Good morning, baby. Did you miss me?”.

The voice you heard sent an eerie chill down your spine. Your eyes shot open and there he was, sitting beside you.

“Jinyoung,” you whispered in shock.

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He’ll Never Know (BTS fic)

This is my try at @ask-chimchim ‘s amazing and beautiful and sort of sad comic and made a fic for it! I hope you like it even when it’s not the best!

Name: He’ll Never Know

Pairing: One sided Jihope, Yoonseok, jikook (brotp of sorts)

Summary: Every word stuck more and more in Jimin’s heart. So loving and beautiful and full of feeling. But none of them belonged to her,and they never would. And one thing is for sure, is she’ll never let him know how much she yearns for them.

This will be sort of angsty with a happy ending and will include jihope, yooseok, and slight jikook

Long soft orange locks were being caressed by the wind, leaves of red, brown, and yellow hues drifting onto the ground as Jimin held onto a stripped red and green box in her arms. She was smiling brightly, brown eyes looking around trying to find sight of the person who she was looking forward to giving this gift. She became wary of her surroundings because no matter where she looked, she could not spot him. It was worrying because she’d usually find Hoseok sitting by one of the trees immersed in his books.

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My anxiety has been off the charts.

Everything I say about that sounds either trite or super dramatic.

I haven’t been online much because everything I read and see affects me on a level I didn’t think possible. I’m still shocked/not surprised about Jerónimo Yanez’s acquittal. I am beyond ashamed that Nabra Hassanen’s murderer is Latino. Not only is he Latino, he’s Salvadoran. One of my own people murdered a beautiful young woman, full of love and promise.

My heart goes out to her family and friends. I feel like I need to do something to help right this wrong. How can I make my community better? I’m already on the fringes of my community. Will anyone listen to me? Tell me friends, what can I do? I feel so lost.

Don’t listen to the lies that a life following Jesus is anything less that a full and abundant life.

Verse nine says: the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

The thief is Satan. He doesn’t want you to have joy so he makes you think that you are missing out when you live a life aligned with the word of God. All we get in return when we follow the ways of the world is a broken life and a heart filled with regret.

Jesus promises a full life, a whole life, a life characterized by joy, hope, and peace.

Dazed and Confused, Part 3

November 19, 2015

Four Seasons Hotel

Seattle, WA

Knowing how to handle her partner when he gets into certain moods, Ari did exactly as Jimmy had asked, getting changed and following his lead in terms of getting back to the hotel. Once they’d gotten back to their hired car, he’d handed her a note scrawled onto the back of a cocktail napkin, containing very explicit instructions for what she was to do. Quickly reading it over, she affirmed Jimmy’s requests with a smirk and wink.

What an incredible night this is going to be…I love it when he lets me be in charge for once. How fortunate that I brought along some of my treasures…

Ari parted ways with Jimmy in the hotel lobby, excusing herself from a group of other performers who had gathered to congratulate Jimmy and to make small catch-up talk. Blaming a combination of jet-lag and the aftermath of nerves from the surprise performance, she said her goodbyes and retreated to their suite upstairs.

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Chill music for a not so chill summer. Listen to & enjoy while 8+ hours of music while relaxing on the beach, at bonfires, after-parties, long drives, etc. Although the genre is mostly electronic, I also threw in a few alternative/indie songs. Good study music as well, but let’s not think of that quite yet :) Artists include Shlohmo, Clams Casino, The 1975, Kygo & Yinyues remixes, etc.

Enjoy this mix on my 8tracks here. :)

  1. btstu // jai paul
  2. leaf // clams casino
  3. all inside // bondax
  4. skin (four tet remix) // grimes
  5. cccxxv // suicideyear
  6. jasmine // jai paul
  7. follow (tom and laura misch) // laura emma misch
  8. mirror maru // cashmere cat
  9. sierra lift // blue hawaii
  10. hold on (feat. sampha) // sbtrkt
  11. still // jj
  12. wen uuu (evenings remix) // shlohmo
  13. stay // henry krinkle
  14. sapphire // bonobo
  15. the way u do (rl grime remix) // shlohmo
  16. in the moonlight (slow magic remix) // blithe field
  17. purple swag (jim-e stack bootleg) // a$ap rocky
  18. ?????? // avidd
  19. star eyes // flume
  20. i see fire (kygo remix) // ed sheeran
  21. waves (robin schulz bootleg) // mr probz
  22. boof // real cosby
  23. places // shlohmo
  24. luv u grl // xxyyxx
  25. stargazing (yinyues remix) // tinashe
  26. goddess // banks
  27. maluco // sango
  28. potato // yyshidd
  29. we were in love // ta-ku
  30. guuurl // lapalux
  31. ocean bed // zoo kid
  32. feel it all around // washed out
  33. i miss you // ta-ku
  34. smoke & mirrors // tokimonsta
  35. the stars // catching flies
  36. home (sina remix) // odesza
  37. alone // xxyyxx
  38. me & u (vill-ge bootleg remix) // cassie
  39. even though (feat. xxyyxx) // giraffage
  40. landfill (sizzlebird remix) // daughter
  41. langsette // letherette
  42. jade // mr carmack
  43. talking hearts // the stuyvesants
  44. nannou 2 // aphex twin
  45. rice rain // cashmere cat
  46. honey (oceaan remix) // swim deep
  47. on & on // snakehips
  48. all // blackbird blackbird
  49. say my name (cyril hahn remix) // destiny’s child
  50. girl // cleindl
  51. fall in love // flying lotus
  52. ♥ // baths
  53. no angels (feat. ella eyre) // bastille
  54. i’m god // clams casino
  55. i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys
  56. intro // the xx
  57. stay forever // catching flies
  58. luxurious (lapalux remix) // gwen stefani
  59. the suburbs // arcade fire
  60. let your hair down // catching flies
  61. holocene // bon iver
  62. back to cali (yinyues remix) // the notorious b.i.g.
  63. kiara // bonobo
  64. 10 mile stereo // beach house
  65. numb (feat. rick ross) // cassie
  66. cigarettes and chocolate // chet faker
  67. west coast // coconut records
  68. marijuana // chrome sparks
  69. mornings // cleindl
  70. wings (shlohmo remix) // haerts
  71. flume // bon iver
  72. mi negrita (daniele di martino edit) // devendra banhart
  73. chillaxin’ by the sea // gramatik
  74. soon it will be cold enough to build fires // emancipator
  75. candles // daughter
  76. summer (feat. superhumanoids) // mmoths
  77. flotus // flying lotus
  78. bring you down (feat. george maple) // flume
  79. a candle’s fire // beirut
  80. changes (shlohmo remix) // lol boys
  81. massage situation // flying lotus
  82. blue spotted tail // fleet foxes
  83. u make me // lil sad
  84. youth // daughter
  85. feel real // deptford goth
  86. rivers and roads // the head and the heart
  87. the wilhelm scream // james blake
  88. far nearer // jamie xx
  89. islands is the limit // the notorious b.i.g. & the xx
  90. fuck u all the time (shlohmo remix) // jeremih
  91. move me // jhameel, dwntwn, & giraffage
  92. slow dancing in a burning room // john mayer
  93. at all // kaytranada
  94. fall creek boys choir // james blake & bon iver
  95. wait // m83
  96. silvia // miike snow
  97. something goes right (feat. sampha) // sbtrkt
  98. porcelain // moby
  99. darkest (dim) [feat. gavin turek] // tokimonsta
  100. the suburbs // mr little jeans
  101. so far to go (feat. common & d’angelo) // j dilla
  102. blue ridge mountains // fleet foxes
  103. when i’m small // phantogram
  104. stay inside (bear//face remix) // raleigh ritchie
  105. full hearts // real cosby
  106. open // rhye
  107. nirvana (tip’s promised land remix) // sam smith
  108. open air // lemolo
  109. mo stars mo problems // the notorious b.i.g. & the xx
  110. a baru in new york (feat. gurrumul) [flume remix] // yolanda be cool
  111. new slang // the shins
  112. blessa // toro y moi
  113. out of hand // shlohmo
  114. everything is embarrassing // skye ferreira
  115. on yr side // slow magic
  116. getting to know you // spazzkid
  117. isabella of castile // strfkr
  118. concerning the ufo sighting near highland, illinois // sufjan stevens
  119. while you dooooo // teebs
  120. be your girl (kaytranada edition) // teedra moses
  121. beautiful light // uppermost
  122. talamak // toro y moi
  123. habits // tove lo
  124. sunset // the xx
  125. afternoon // youth lagoon
  126. lullabies // yuna
  127. menswear // the 1975


High Water

Come hell or high water
I’m taking this road to the end
Should I step sure or falter
I will follow this path around every bend

I’m taking this road, to the end
We go wandering to the beating of hearts
I will follow this path around, every bend
Promising a chance for a new start

We go wandering to the beating, hearts
In a flutter and full of disarray
Promising a chance, for a new start
Take off and don’t delay

In a flutter and full of disarray
I wind down twisting and turning road
Take off and don’t delay
To feel the lightening of the load

I wind down twisting and turning road
Never keeping watch for the path at my feet
To feel the lightening of the load
I toss a weary smile to all the people I meet

Never keeping watch for the path at my feet
Should I step sure or falter
I toss a weary smile to all the people I meet
Come hell or high water

BASICS OF ISLAM : Islamic practice :Conclusion of Ramadan

Not long ago, we welcomed Ramadan with a mixture of feelings that overwhelmed our hearts and the hearts of Muslims all over the world. The hearts were and are full of hope, based on the promises and great tidings, given by Allah and His Messenger (S), of great bounties and endless blessings:

We have been promised that the past sins will be forgiven for those whose fast is based on belief (Eemaan), sincerity and on truly expecting the reward from Allah (Ihtisaab).We also have been promised that the past sins will be forgiven for those who offer night prayers (Qiyaam) during the whole month, and who do that with the same two conditions of Eemaan and Ihtisaab.We have further been told that there is one night in this month which is better (in rewards) than a thousand months of worship, and that all the past sins will be forgiven for those who spend it by offering Qiyaam again with both Eemaan and Ihtisaab.We have been told that the devils will be chained down, that the gates of Hell will all be shut and that the gates of Paradise will all be open throughout this month.We have been told that Allah will free (from punishment) some of his ‘ibaad (worshipers) on every single night of Ramadan.We have been told that Allah answers the du’aa of the fasting person at his iftaar.We have been told that Allah multiplies the rewards of fasting beyond limits or imagination.We have been told that the fasting person will be joyous and happy when he meets his Lord.

We all knew the true meaning of fasting. We knew that there are conditions for the fasting to be acceptable and to give its desired results: Eemaan and Ihtisaab.

So now that Ramadan is almost over let us ask ourselves:

Did we perform our fast with the true belief and the full surrender to Allah, or was it just a hard exercise for us in order to lose some weight? Did we fast because Allah imposed it on us or just because we have been used to it from our childhood? Were our intentions to please Him or to please and impress others?

Did we gain from the Season of Goodness during the past days? Have we been able to achieve any of its virtues?

We all hope to be among those who offered the fast in the right way, in order to cultivate its glorious fruits.We hope to be granted forgiveness of our previous sins, to be able to do much more good and to overcome all our weaknesses.We hope to be among those who receive the gifts from the Jannah, whose gates are open.We hope to humiliate our enemy (Satan), who is chained down, by rejecting any of his deceitful advice.We hope to be among those who shall be granted full atonement of their sins by the end of this month, and among those who will be most happy with their fast when they meet their Lord.We hope that all of us will be pleasing to Allah in our words and deeds so that we deserve His Mercy and victory.

Let us also keep in mind that the exercise of piety that we have performed during this Ramadan must not end with Ramadan.

Reciting Quran should not stop after Ramadan. If you can read one part every day then do so, but if one part is too much for you because you are too busy playing games and watching TV, then read something But do not neglect the Quran. You may not be able to fast every day after Ramadan, but you can fast three days every month, if not two days every week.

You may not be able to meet the members of this good Muslim community as we do for Iftars and Taraweeh prayers, but you can meet them every Friday after Ramadan and during other social gatherings which are made in the spirit of Ramadan.

Every Ramadan, this community, together with the members of the Islamic society at this collage, provide an excellent example about genuine brotherhood by the degree of cooperation, kindness and generosity offered and clearly manifested during Ramadan.

Let us pray to Allah to keep within each one of us the spirit of Ramadan after its departure.


Zakah al-Fitr is the name given to charity which is distributed at the end of the fast of Ramadan. It is classified as a Wajib (compulsory) on every Muslim, whether male or female, minor or adult as long as he/she has the means to do so.

The proof that this form of charity is compulsory can be found in the Sunnah whereby Ibn `Umar reported that the Prophet made Zakah al-Fitr compulsory on every Muslim, male, female, young or old. The head of the household of family may pay the required amount for the other members.

The significant role played by Zakah in the circulation of wealth within the Islamic society is also played by the Zakah al-Fitr. However, in the case of Zakah al-Fitr, each individual is required to calculate how much charity is due from himself and his dependents and go into the community in order to find those who deserve such charity. Thus, Zakah al-Fitr plays a very important role in the development of the bonds of community. The rich are obliged to come in direct contact with the poor, and the poor are put in contact with the extremely poor.

This contact between the various levels of society helps to build real bonds of brotherhood and love within the Islamic community and trains those who have, to be generous to those who do not have.

The main purpose of Zakah al-Fitr is to provide those who fasted with the means of making up for their errors during the month of fasting. Zakah al-Fitr also provides the poor with a means with which they can celebrate Eid al-Fitr along with the rest of the Muslims.

Ibn Abbaas reported, “The Prophet made Zakah al-Fitr compulsory so that those who fasted may be purified of their idle deeds and shameful talk (committed during Ramadan) and so that the poor may be fed. Whoever gives it before Salah will have it accepted as Zakah, while he who gives it after the Salah has given Zakah.”

Hence, the goal of Zakah al-Fitr is the spiritual development of the Believers.

By making them give up some of their wealth, the believers are taught the higher moral characteristics of generosity, compassion (sympathy for the less fortunate), gratitude to God and the righteousness. But, since Islam does not neglect man’s material need, part of the goal of Zakah al-Fitr is the economic well-being of the poorer members of society.

Zakah al-Fitr is only Wajib for a particular period of time. If one misses the time period without a good reason, he has sinned and can not make it up. This form of charity becomes obligatory from sunset on the last day of fasting and remains obligatory until the beginning of Salaah al-’Eed’ .

However, it can be paid prior to the above mentioned period, as many of the companions of the Prophet used to pay Zakah al-Fitr before the `Eed. Ibn `Umar used to give it to those who would accept it and the people used to give it a day or two before the `Eed. And Ibn `Abbaas reported that the Prophet said,

“Whoever gives it before the Salah will have it accepted as Zakaah, while he who gives it after the Salaah will not, for it will only be considered as ordinary charity.

The amount of the Zakah is the same for everyone regardless of their different income brackets. The amount used to be made out of certain quantity of is of food, or grain. Now a days the amount of the Zakah is calculated by its monetary value. Keeping the purpose of the Zakah in mind, the contemporary scholars believe that making the Zakah in money is practical and more beneficial to those who are entitled to it.

What would a person do now with so much barley, wheat or even dates!

Successful indeed are those who, during this Ramadan, will fast during the day and pray at night. Those who did not will regret it, and regret it strongly …

Ameen. Aqeemus Salaah!

Untold Letters//(N.M)

Dear Nate, 1 December 2016

I have always wondered what attracted us to one another. Was it your personality, tattoos, or the way you showed your love for me. But now as I think about it does not matter. You have moved on and looks like your in love with someone else. I didn’t know leaving to attend school abroad meant a break up to you. After 4 years I find you engaged with another women. Everyone feels bad for me, I do also. I guess we weren’t meant to be….


The one you used to love.
Dear Nate, 5 December 2016

I hate myself for still loving you knowing your with someone else. That laugh that made me smile at my worst times now belongs to her. I cry myself to sleep hoping this is a nightmare I keep waking up to. Your mom checks up on me daily knowing I’m slowly dying inside. I wish all the luck in the world. I may still love you but a part of me hopes this won’t last. I wish your true happiness as you get married to another. The constant talks about us at the alter one day same as a lie now that I think about it.


The one you used to love.
Dear Nate, 12 December 2016

You may not care anymore as you read these. Your wedding is coming up sooner than I liked. I feel like a stranger in your world. It may not seem like it, but I care deeply. Tonight Stew talked to and said some things I hoped were true. I told him plans for the future and leaving California. He wishes me luck and happiness, but I can’t seem to find that these days seeing with her. It breaks my heart and I don’t think you will ever know your killing slowly ever so slowly…………….


The one you used to love.

*Nate’s POV*

Stew came by today and handed me an envelope. He said I should read it the night before my wedding. I stuck to his word. I had the studio lights on with the envelope in hand. I opened it to see letters falling out of them dated back to the date Y/N came back. I take a deep breath as I uncover the first letter.
Dear Nate, 24 November 2016

I stopped by your house to surprise, but I got the surprise instead. Getting out of my car ready to knock on your door. I see you kissing someone. Someone who isn’t me. I watch as you propose to her around your whole family. Stew he looks so heartbroken at the sight. Your mom under her smiles and happy wishes to you is sad. I see it in her eyes. Your dad is the same and the boys. I thought I had a nightmare, but knew it was true when Stew came out with tears in his eyes. He saw as he looked with pure sadness. We embraced each other knowing very well your were marrying the girl he loved. And I knew the ‘I love you’s’ ‘we will be together forever’ were just a fantasy we shared. I mean I shared but you didn’t feel the same. I hope you have full happiness with her. You broke my heart that something you promised you would never do. The best wishes to you and your new girl.


The one you used to love.
Dear Nate,  23 December 2016

I told Stew about theses letters, and he told your mom. They both read them together and I saw them cry as they read them. I cried as they read them also. Tomorrow is your big day. Stew told me you want would want me their. I laughed in his face but soon apologized. If I saw you say I do, I would cry and die right their. Kami also told me this. I would only cause a bigger heartbreak for myself. I doubt you would even care if I still lived. People say loving someone is the best thing that could have happened to them. Love can also be poison and death to those who do not see the that. I was blind to fall for a man who I should of knew would find an a way out of the relationship as soon as I left to study for my passion. I’m sorry, but I would be lying if I wished for your happiness. People might think I’m just a heartbroken women who hopes for the worse in partner. That’s no the case I do hope for the best, I just can’t help but think about what could have been.


The one you used to love.

I finish reading the letters tears cascading down my face. Until I realize what Y/N wrote ‘I doubt you would even care if I still lived’ I dial Stew’s number as fast as I could. Stew picks up on the first ring before I hear laughter. Y/N’s laughter.

“May I say you look beautiful today” I hear Stew say.

“Stew I think your blind. I’m in your sweats and a messy braid and a hoodie of yours.” Y/N responds as I hear my mom start talking.

“Y/N, darling. Are sure you want to do this?” She asks Y/N sighs deeply.

“It’s for the best Kami. He loves someone the way he used to love me. My heart breaks every time I see them together. A fresh start is what I need, but a little of home to hold on too”

“That is why I will be going with her mom. It breaks me to see her sad for him and the love of my life marry him. She said she loved me but now she is marrying Nate” Stew replies back. I don’t think he knows he answered his phone.

“Well I hope everything goes well for the both of you and be safe.” I hear a few goodbyes and the car being started. I can’t marry someone I don’t love like Y/N. I call up Jessica and tell her marriage is not for me. She says she understands and hangs up the phone. I drive to my moms house and tell her she smiles sadly at me.

“Mom where is Y/N and Stew?” I yell at her while searching all the rooms in the house finding Stew’s room empty.

“I’m sorry Nate, I promised both of them I wouldn’t tell you” she says going into the kitchen.

“Mom please. I need to get Y/N back” I say with desperateness in my voice.

“I’m sorry Nate. You have to hear this it hurts me to tell you this but I have to. Until now you start caring for her. Now that she is finally looking for a fresh start.” I let my moms words sing in before leaving her house. I try and locate Y/N and Stew on social media, but stop and give up.

*3 years later*

*Stew’s POV*

Y/N and I have grown closer these past few years. We started dating a year ago. I feel guilty knowing she was my brother’s first true love. I still feel as she loves Nate, even though she assures she doesn’t. Y/N walks into the room with a pair of my sweat pants.

“Stew” I pretend I’m sleeping to see what she does. “Stew” she finally straddles me until I open my eyes.

“What Y/N I’m trying to catch up on some sleep” I say rolling her over to cuddle her from behind. I smile as she giggles trying to turn over to face me. She finally succeeds and kisses my lips gently.

“Stew, I know what your thinking in that beautiful mind of yours” she whispers looking up at me.

“Tell me Y/N what is on in my beautiful mind” I say kissing her forehead removing a few strands of her hair form her eyes.

“You think I still love him. What I feel for you is not real. What I feel for is only to repair the damage he caused” She says in a small whisper. “But I love you. Anything I ever felt for him has been replace for my love for you. People may say I’m a slut for being with him then with you-” I interrupt her.

“You will never be considered a slut in my eyes. This just happened. Us falling for each other. Maybe this is fate. And everything is finally aligning together. I love you” I kiss her gently she returns the kiss.

“I love you” she whispers back hugging me tightly. I hug her back and slowly roll on my back to have Y/N laying on top of me. Life is weird but a good weird. In the morning I see Y/N preparing a bag which has me scared. I guess she saw my face before walking back towards the bed.

“Don’t worry. I thought it would be good if we went to the beach today.” I see she has my swim trunks in her hands which she hands to me. I quickly get dressed and follow her outside we walk for a little why before reaching the beach.  She takes off her top running towards the water. I watch in amazement before seeing her run towards me.

“Stew come on” She takes me towards the water, but I decide to take a picture first.

“Pose for me and I’ll do the same for you” I tell her as she stands by the water. I take a photo then hand her my phone.

“I think I will upload this to Instagram if you let me.”

“Of course only if you allow me to do the same” Y/N brings me into a kiss and we upload the pictures together.

*Nate’s POV*

My phone rings form two nonfiction’s from Stew and Y/N. I’m quick to open the app and see what they posted. What I saw was not what I was expecting.

Now I know I lost her forever and it looks like I’m going to be dying slowly by a broken heart. She found love in my brother and the way I see things now they will probably be married to each other in the future. I guess it’s my turn to write untold letters, but this time it won’t change a thing. She will still be with Stew because she found happiness once again. Stew healed her broken heart and now it is only filled with love for  each other.

I cried while writing the letters. I hoped you enjoyed this imagine. I hope I can write a few more imagines.

P.S. Enjoy your holidays lovelies❤️