heart full of passion

Wonderful to me

Eyes of wonder n awe
The features of your face
A double take
N I’m quickly drawn in

A mind full of thoughts n questions
Grab a blanket
Take me to a field
N spend all day painting me
With words
Your world
I want to explore

A heart full of passion n deep emotions
I’ve been on the other end
Wanting so desperately to be heard n seen
He’s given me His love
N now I enjoy deeply
loving my neighbors
Hours forgotten about
When you tell me your life
No commercial breaks
I want to keep listening
Just one on one
You’re all I see
It may be scary
When you’re not used to being seen like this
Share with me your goals n dreams
Every bit of it
Is exciting to me

All of you
Is wonderful to me


Their hearts vs their minds...

An Aries’ heart is full of passion, desire, contradictive emotions.
An Aries’ mind is on fixed their own well-being.

A Taurus’ heart is protective towards their loved ones.
A Taurus’ mind is possessive and often easily jealous.

A Gemini’s heart is indifferent, it never rules their existance.
A Gemini’s mind is brilliant.

A Cancer’s heart is loving but fragile.
A Cancer’s mind is unstable, often full of madness.

A Leo’s heart is caring but needs to be appreciated.
A Leo’s mind is uncontrollable.

A Virgo’s heart is hard to understand.
A Virgo’s mind is self-destructive.

A Libra’s heart is demanding but gentle.
A Libra’s mind is creative, full of new ideas.

A Scorpio’s heart is addictive.
A Scorpio’s mind craves for revenge.

A Sagittarius’ heart is beyond reach.
A Sagittarius’ mind is restless.

A Capricorn’s heart is secretly brittle.
A Capricorn’s mind is strong-willed towards what they want most.

An Aquarius’ heart never runs out of power.
An Aquarius mind is ingenious.

A Pisces heart is many-sided.
A Pisces mind is lost in dreams.

For My Eyes Only

Note: thanks for the request, darlin! I hope it’s not too short! feedback is welcome! .c

Request:  Can you do one where reader shows up to a ball very very beautiful in a high-fashion gown which attracts so much unwanted attention making fiance!Bucky irritated af?

Originally posted by lancefuckrr

Your hands flattened, running down your hips in your red ball gown. Tony had been planning a ball for the team, something he set his sight on after months of non-stop missions. You’d rather get cozy and watch movies with the team, but Tony likes to go above and beyond. You grew to accept his need for parties when he was feeling too anxious. It was his way of winding down and feeling like he was on solid ground again.

A soft sigh fell from your lips as you finished styling your hair and you took a look in the mirror once again. You were nervous to wear such a bold dress. The sleeves and chest area was a floral lace material, with a puffed out waist, cascading down to the floor.

Red was definitely your color, you never failed to look good in it. It also helped that it was one of Bucky’s favorite colors on you. It took you ages to find the perfect dress, and when your eyes landed on this, you knew it was the one you’d be wearing.

Your eyes fell to the shiny diamond ring on your left finger and your stomach fluttered happily. You’ve been engaged to Bucky for a year, having dated for three years prior to his amazing and beautiful proposal. You didn’t think Bucky could be anymore romantic-he was a sucker for sweet stuff-but a proposal at the first place you met was heartwarming.

A knock sounding at your door made you nearly jump out of your heels. “Coming!” You called out as you walked towards your bedroom door, careful not to trip over yourself. You opened it and smiled as you saw Nat and Wanda dressed to the nines with their hair perfectly styled and lips painted.

Nat was wearing a tight black dress and black heels, her hair loosely curled, framing her face in a flattering way. You knew she wasn’t one for going to the extremes with her dresses, and you couldn’t believe how subtle it was, all the while making her look like a queen at the same time.

Wanda wore a red dress that was similar to yours, rhinestones littering the chest area and it was sleeveless, and her hair was neatly straightened. Her heels were black, as well. You had to take it all in for a moment, appreciating the fine detail and of course, how beautiful she looked in it. Your friends were definitely heart breakers.

“Earth to Y/N?” Nat said, waving her hand in front of your face. You giggled and shook your head, coming or of your daze. “Sorry! You guys just look smoking hot!” You blushed and ushered them out into the hallway, shutting the door behind you.

Us? Look at you! You look gorgeous!” Wanda said with a wide smile, her teeth shining. You rolled your eyes playfully and walked down to the elevator.

“Thanks! I just can’t believe Tony would throw a ball.” You shook your head lightly as Nat pressed the up button on the elevator. “The man is rich, he would throw parties like this every night if he could.” Wanda muttered, making you and Nat laugh as you all entered the elevator.

The ride was short and you hooked arms with Nat and Wanda, walking down the hallway until you turned into the doors of Tony’s large dance room. He did not disappoint. Everything was decorated intricately and the music was actually good this time.

Nat scoffed and leaned into your side. “All eyes are on you, of course.” She mumbled with a smirk. Your eyebrows raised slightly and you turned to look at the crowd, seeing the eyes of men looking at you. 

Wanda giggled softly on your other side. “Don’t let Bucky know. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.” She said, laughing a little harder at your mortified expression. You groaned in annoyance and discomfort. 

Nat and Wanda separated from you after seeing their dates-Vision and Bruce- leaving you by the door. You didn’t mind, it gave you time to search for Bucky.

You scanned the dance floor, spotting Sam dancing with two women, twirling them both. His eyes lifted in your direction and you nearly doubled over in laughter as you watched him trip over his feet. 

You could see him faintly word ‘holy shit’ under his breath as he took in your appearance. The two women noticed his eyes on you and they stormed off, leaving Sam to follow after them like a lost puppy.

Your eyes left Sam and you spotted Tony at the bar with Steve and Bucky by his side. A smile formed on your lips as you made your way over there, your heart beating wildly in your chest. Though, as you were walking, you noticed the faint turn of heads, the sense that everyone was watching you creeping up your spine.

Swallowing the nervousness that bubbled in your lower belly, hoping you weren’t actually gaining the attention of every male in the room, you made it to the bar and leaned into Bucky’s arm. “Hey, stranger.” You murmured in his ear. He turned to you and instantly his mouth fell open.

“Doll, you look…” He was rendered speechless, his cheeks burning with blush as he looked at you. He swore you were straight from a fairy tale. The ring on your finger confirming his thoughts that you were really his. You giggled and stood away from him, spinning around so he could look at your dress.

Steve stood to his feet as you turned to face them again. He looked down at you, keeping you at arms length before hugging you. “Y/N, you look gorgeous!” Steve breathed, his blue eyes just as wide as Bucky’s. Tony turned to see what caught their attention after his sentence died down and he gasped upon seeing you.

Tony crossed over to you and grabbed your hand, bringing it up to his lips. “You look stunning.” He said with a smile, kissing the back of your hand. You couldn’t help but blush, easily flustered at any compliment. Bucky scoffed and shoved Tony out of the way. His arm wrapped around your waist and he kissed your head.

“Watch yourself, Tony.” Bucky warned, pulling you closer. You giggled and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He smiled down at you and trailed his finger down your jawline. “She’s beautiful and for my eyes only.” He murmured to you, loud enough for the other two to hear. You hummed in response, smiling as Bucky kissed your nose.

“Sorry, but every man in here has his eyes on her.” Tony stated with a shrug. He always enjoyed getting a rise out of the super soldier. Bucky immediately stood up straighter, his head whipping around to look at the crowd. Tony was right. Nearly every man was looking your way. “Are you serious?” Bucky growled, his jaw clenching.

Bucky instantly wanted to get you out of there. His hold on you had gotten tighter and you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Tony snickered at Bucky’s reaction. “You better keep her close, old man. One of these men won’t hesitate to take her away.” With a pat on Bucky’s shoulder, Tony left with a smug grin, leaving him a fuming mess.

“No man is going to steal you away from me.” Bucky said more so to himself than you. You gave him a reassuring smile. “I promise that won’t happen, Bucky.” He sighed heavily, his fingers digging into your side.

You looked out into the crowd and felt rather small after meeting eyes with a man, a slight smirk forming on his lips as he held onto another woman, completely oblivious to his wandering eyes. Steve scoffed and shook his head, having witnessed the action. “I can’t believe men act like this now.” He said, crossing his arms.

Before you knew it, a different man was walking over to the bar, his hand running through his slicked-back hair. You absentmindedly shrunk into Bucky’s side as he walked by you and he smirked down at you.

“Evening, beautiful.” He said with a deep voice, sending a knowing glance to Bucky, nearly challenging him. Your expression matched Steve’s: wide mouth, wide eyes, full of shock. Was he serious?

You felt Bucky start to move towards him, hearing a low growl rumble in his chest. “You fucking-” You gasped and pulled him away quickly, “No, Bucky, don’t.” You pleaded. Steve quickly helped you move Bucky away and left the man at the bar, keeping your eyes on Bucky’s shaking figure. 

“I’ve got him, Steve.” You said softly, watching Steve debate whether staying beside you two or enjoying his evening. He nodded gently and looked at Bucky before walking off, disappearing in the crowd.

“Let’s just dance. Don’t worry about it.” You said softly, caressing Bucky’s hand with your thumb. You pulled Bucky towards you and your ears perked as you heard “Burning Love” come on.

“Lord almighty, I feel my temperature risin’!”

A gasp fell from your lips and Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle softly at your reaction. The look on your face instantly calmed him. You were bubbling with laughter and your cheeks nearly split from how wide your smile was as the both of you fell in sync during the song. You had to admit, he hasn’t lost his rhythm.

As the song played through, you and Bucky never missed a beat. It felt perfect and you both had forgotten the unwanted attention from the men in the crowd. You were twirling and dancing around with Bucky, a smile permanently etched on your faces.

Just as the song was about to end, Bucky pulled you to his body, your hands resting on his chest as he dipped you.

You gasped and looked up into his eyes, slithering your arms around his neck. “What are you doing?” You asked, nearly breathless. Bucky leaned in to press a kiss to your lips, making your heart jump in your chest. It was full of passion and need, love and adoration.

Pulling away, Bucky stood you both upright again and you felt lightheaded from the kiss. “That.” He said with a bright smile. You shook your head as you giggled and rested your forehead on his chest, the next song slipping into a soft, slow melody.

Bucky kissed your head as you swayed back and forth. “I love you. You’re mine.” He whispered, his hand resting on the small of your back. You nodded and lifted your head up to look at him. “I’m yours. I love you too, fiance.” You said sweetly. Bucky blushed and lifted your hand to kiss the ring on your finger.

“I love the sound of that.”

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I wanted to correct some things and explain everything

Aries is of course full of heart, Mars rules the blood and desire and passion, the Aries is lead by the instincts of heart, purely innocent and childlike, unashamedly devoted and loyal, the heart of a child 

And Venus is ruled by Taurus, the heart could only be overflowing, to full, because everything is pure, sensual love reflected back at Taurus

And Gemini is full of love because there are two in there, two people full of love, double the heart 

Compassion, motherly love, and devotion guides Cancer, they have romantic and sensitive hearts, they see soul and innocence in everybody, they want to repair everyone’s heart 

And Leo rules the heart, the Sun rules Leo, everything orbits the sun, which is the heart of the solar system, the Leo vibration is the pure, creative love of God

Virgo’s soul ruler is the moon, the motherly love that transcends all space and time, Virgo operates on behalf of others, devoting themselves to larger-than personal causes, their labour is that of pure love

Libra is of course, the pearl of Venus, the radiance of love, acceptance, kindness, and relationship. Libra is the channel of heavenly love, a romance with angels

There is nothing Scorpio approaches without heart, its so powerful and intense it consumes and devours anything tempting, love, passion, people, the heart’s desire expands infinity 

Sagittarius exhibits the heart of the universe, God’s secret lover, they fall in love with everything, they make love with sunrises and salt water and culture and music 

Capricorn exhibits the noble heart, devoted to larger-than personal causes, a motherly heart that is programmed to beat o behalf of others, brave and big, innocent 

Aquarius is the heart of humanity, the lover of the natural kingdom, mystical life, and the collective, there is so much love in Aquarius that it must be bottled, preserved and scattered across humanity 

Pisces is the vibration of pure love. Neptune is the spiritual sun so Neptune is the beat of the heart drum that echoes through the whole universe, Pisces finds true love, pure true love, with anything and everything, love surrounds Pisces when they truly cherish those soul eyes…

things about Slytherins #136

When a Slytherin gets motivation to do something, they begin a project with a full heart and passion running through their veins! Then after about twenty minutes to an hour (depending on the Slytherins commitment), they realize this is taking much longer and requires more energy than they thought it would. They leave said project thinking they will get back to it later. Maybe in a couple of hours or so. …Or maybe in a couple of months…

The Signs in love
  • Aries : They will love you with all their heart, your love will be like a rollercoaster ride. They will act very private, they will not let you in right from the start but if they let you in you'll have the most wonderful and passionate relationship ever.
  • Taurus : They want to be around you all the time, they will try to get your attention and will be very jealous if you talk to others or spend time with them. They will always worry about you and make sure you're okay. A relationship with a Taurus will be full of sweetness and romantic.
  • Gemini : They are very hard to get to know, they will show you only what they want you to see, they will try to get you with their humour and will love to talk about their interests and share their thoughts with you. If you are lucky to get to know the real person behind their fassade you will have the most exciting relationship ever.
  • Cancer : If a Cancer loves you, you're lucky. They will give you all the have, they will walk through fire for you. Cancers are very romantic and love being in love. If you're in a relationship with a Cancer it will be full of cuteness and strong feelings.
  • Leo : A Leo in love wants it all. They want a love that consumes them and makes them feel special, they want your entire attention and will not share you with anyone else. They will always stand up for you and give you all of their warm hearted, generous heart. A relationship with a Leo is full of passion and generous love.
  • Virgo : Virgos in love might be very shy and sometimes not admit they're in love at all. Love is a puzzle for them, they want to analyze it and want it all to turn out perfectly. If you're in a relationship with a virgo it's full of ups and downs but they will always be there for you and its probably the most interesting relationship of all.
  • Libra : If a Libra is in love with you they will give you everything. They will give you a perfect, wonderful movie screen romance. Fights will become a minimum and the relationship will be full of harmony and love.
  • Scorpio : Scorpios do not always know what they want. They want a passionate relationship, filled with ups and downs and strong feelings but they also want someone to cuddle, someone they can share their thoughts with. A relationship with a Scorpio is intense and full of surprises.
  • Sagittarius : A Sagittarius sees love as a game. They do fall in love fast and head over heels. They want adventures and something exciting. They are sweet and wonderful lovers, their relationships are adventurous and special.
  • Capricorn : It will take time until a Capricorn admits they're in love, they take a long time to open up to people and do not share their mind with just anyone. But if they do, you're lucky because they have a wonderful, special mind. A relationship with a Capricorn is extraordinary and intimidate.
  • Aquarius : Aquarians love love. They want someone to share their minds with, someone who has similair interests and is a good hearted person. Aquarians are special, wonderful people and they're relationships are usually filled with fun and intellect.
  • Pisces : Pisces are dreamers. They dream about a perfect love story and are hopelessly romantic, they will act very clingy sometimes and have strong feelings towards you. They are easily hurt so they don't always open up to just anyone. Pisces Relationships are full of dreaming and kisses.
Kings and Queens. {Ch 13}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy the remaining chapters, as there are only 3 left (and an epilogue) after this! I love writing this story, and it makes me so happy that you all do, too. Let me know what you think. :)



I hated people for judging me, and yet, I was just as bad as the ones who did.

I couldn’t help my eyes as they continuously glanced at Aelin Galathynius, who was the one person I had hated more than anyone else in that school.

She walked about, her head held high, both sexes constantly wishing they could be nearer to her. She was popular. She was the it girl……and I was the opposite.

It’s not that I craved popularity. The idea of being in the spotlight never appealed all that much to me. It actually terrified me. But, it would have been nice to not have to worry about hateful stares or getting ignored to the point that people didn’t even realize that they ran into me in the hallways.

She was different than I expected her to be. As she told us her story, I couldn’t help but cry. I had been there before, contemplating whether my life was worth it. Every word that came out of her mouth…..It had come from mine once, too.

I hated myself for it……but I was beginning to like Princess Aelin.

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Diana Prince is a Hufflepuff. She is hardworking, loyal and determined. She fights for what is right and is driven by her love and support for all around her. Diana is practical and full of compassion, she is passionate and good-hearted. Everything about her screams Hufflepuff to me, I can understand why people see her as Gryffindor or Ravenclaw but for me she will always be a Hufflepuff. Plus her love for ice-cream would bode well with sleeping near the kitchens.

You’re Impossible to Find [Sirius Black x Slytherin! Reader – Marauders Era]

[Requested] “We all have light and dark inside of us.” Sirius didn’t just know this from childhood. He felt it in his bones from a girl he wished he could have spent forever with. If only time were nonexistent and the end was not inevitable.
♥ A/N ♥
Gosh, I love this song. I hope I did your request justice, darling! And I’m really sorry that it’s so short, but I can extend it if that is what you want, doll! Enjoy! >o<
Swearing, Angst

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She was the only Pureblood from his childhood that he could never find it in himself to resent. She was beautiful, with eyes that shone as bright as the damned star he was named after and a heart full of utter passion and grace. When he was sorted into Gryffindor, she didn’t bat an eye; when his mother sent a Howler that had everyone in the Great Hall cringing and covering their eyes to avoid the inhumane screeching, she had followed him up to the Gryffindor common-room and had held him as he cried and whimpered. She was a Slytherin—a born-and-bred enemy of Gryffindors—yet she was the only one who understood him. She was the only one who he could confine in without feeling guilty and embarrassed. She didn’t care for his tears or his snot-drenched nose; she’d wipe the damn shite all over her face and body if it would make him feel any less guilty.

But sometimes, he could feel the darkness in her. He’d plead for her to avoid the older Slytherins at all costs, but she wouldn’t listen. The Averys, the Mulcibers, the Malfoys… they were dark-blooded, vipers just waiting to strike innocent students. Regulus. Y/N. [Peter.] They’re the only ones I have, Sirius.” She never believed him when he said she could have him, all of him. He could be her best friend, her greatest confidant, her first priority—but she digressed. “You have the Marauders. I’m nothing compared to them.

He didn’t have the confidence to disagree.

“The best thing about tonight’s that we’re not fighting.
Could it be that we have been this way before?”

She wasn’t a Malfoy, or a Crabbe, or a Goyle, but she was Y/N L/N. She knew his problems, as she faced them herself—the fear of disappointing her parents, the self-hatred, the darkness, the need to run away. As the years passed, she became more absorbed into her family’s practice of worshipping the Dark Lord. She hated it—she despised it. She wanted to flee and become a member of an anti-Voldemort campaign. They were killing innocents—they were murdering children. Was she meant to take part in something that sickened her right down to her fingertips?

At the beginning of the summer before fifth year, she remembered Owling Sirius her worries over being forced into Voldemort’s cult of Death-Eaters, and Sirius shared the sentiment. He was worried for her and Regulus. He didn’t want them to be hurt in the process—even with his ill-will towards his brother, or his disgust at Y/N’s choice in friends.

“You need to run away, Y/N,” he whispered to her on the train to Hogwarts. “You could die.”

Y/N had smiled softly up at him—gently, with care—and had wiped away the tears that fell him his dark eyes. “It’s a war, Sirius,” she said. “We’ll have to get used to people dying.”

He didn’t want to. He really, really didn’t want to.

“I know you don’t think that I am trying.
I know you’re wearing thin down to the core.”

She was the only one who didn’t look at him different when he revealed Remus as a werewolf to Snape and nearly had the poor boy killed. He had been crying and snot-nosed and absolutely riveted with emotions, but she’d just held onto him… and she sang to him, a sweet lullaby full of message and purity.

“I-I’m a monster,” he’d cried to her, but she merely shushed him.

“We all have light and dark inside of us, Sirius,” she whispered. “What matters is the part we choose to act on. So you made a mistake, but you’re still a lion. You’re no less a hero because of a misunderstanding, Sirius.”

“But hold your breath.”

He kissed her that night. He grabbed her face, his own still drenched in snot and tears, and smashed his lips onto hers. There was the underlying taste of salt mixed with desperation—but there were also sparks, explosions, soot-covered agony. She felt like a fragile piece of glass in his arms, and he never wanted to let her go—never, never, never.

“Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you,
over again.
Don’t make me change my mind,
or I won’t live to see another day.
I swear it’s true.”

“Please don’t leave me,” he whispered.

“Never,” Y/N replied, and pressed her lips just a little bit harder against his.

“A girl like you is impossible to find;
you’re impossible to find.”

His friends warned him that she’d bring him nothing but pain, death, and misfortune—but he couldn’t leave her alone. She was everything to him. When he felt tempted to give himself fully into the darkness, he’d remember her words—light and darkness, intertwined as one. Neither to ever become him fully, and he’d keep his promise. He wouldn’t lose himself, just for the sake of retaining her in his life.

He loved her; he loved her more than anything in his life. She made up for the hole in his heart from his mother, his father—Regulus.

“A girl like you is impossible to find.”

But it never helped.

“You’re impossible to find.”

And death did not care for who it took from this world.

Things I’ve Learned From Being an Aroha

aka life lessons with MK

I have been an AROHA since November 30, 2015, long before we had a name or more than, like, 30 blogs on tumblr.  I’ve made a ton of wonderful friends through our mutual love for ASTRO, and I’ve had chances to experience things that I might not have experienced otherwise.  Here are some things that I’ve realized since being an AROHA, or things I already knew that have just been cemented in me even more.

1. Always, always be kind.

AROHA means ‘love’ in Maori.  If we don’t show that love to other people, then who would we be as a fandom?  There are people behind every blog, and a different side to idols that we never see.  We don’t know what goes on in every person’s life.  We don’t know what their past holds, so be kind to everybody that you meet.  Kindness is often met with kindness.

2. Believe in yourself.

If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.  This comes directly from my experience in running @astrofantastic since I first learned about ASTRO.  The blog started off small, and I just kept thinking, if it’s even for one person, I can do it.  The blog has grown to much more than I would have ever expected.  The members of ASTRO believed that they would continue on and debut, and they did.  They believe in themselves, and we believe in them, and so we should believe in ourselves, too.

3. Be proud.

Most people sell themselves short.  They don’t think that what they do is good enough, but it is.  We need to be proud of what we have accomplished, as little or as big as that accomplishment is.  There is never a time when you shouldn’t be proud of what you have done and who you are.

4. Someone is always going to listen to you.

AROHA are such an open community that there will always be someone willing to talk to you.  It might not seem like it, and you might be intimidated, but you shouldn’t be!  I can name 10 people off the top of my head who would willingly strike up a conversation with a random AROHA.

5. Keep going.

Don’t ever give up.  Even when your goal seems ridiculous, keep going.  You will get there.  Set your mind to something and you will be able to accomplish it if you are proud of what you have done, and if you believe in yourself.  Keep going with a heart full of love and find people to share your passions with.  Nothing, nothing is holding you back.  You can do anything.


Q: What was your final audition song [for Les Miserables]?

Eddie: “It was “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” and then “A Heart Full of Love.” Claude-Michel, who composed it, got so passionate and into that he made me sing that bit in “One Day More,” where I have to come in and grab a flag and sing quite a high note; a rousing note. I hadn’t prepared that. He was like, “Eddie, you must try this!” I thought, “Oh, God.” I grabbed my balls and gave it as good a belt as I could.” 

**I can’t help picturing this, wrong as it is…  😂

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daeniran  asked:

"One last time", she whispered to herself, watching her ruby red blood dripping into the porcelain sink. One shot? For what ever ship you want

Twisted it up a bit. I looked at this prompt and a new branch shot out of a spin-off. Thank you, @destinedtosurvive73, for this prompt. Truly. 

In union there is strength

The Hunt

The night Feyre went out hunting, Nesta did as well.

Except she had a different type of hunt in mind, one in which she’d have the high chance of easily becoming the prey too fast and too soon. A dangerous game, one a merchant’s daughter had no business in reckoning with.

But she did it anyway.

Because while food sustained the basic needs, money was everything.

To buy more arrows and paints for Feyre, seeds and gloves for Elain. To buy penance for herself.

Nesta drew the shawl tighter around herself, the wind nipping at her ears. Elain had never asked her where the eldest Archeron sister ventured out into the night, tucked safely within her ragged and thin blankets, the most all could afford. Feyre never knew of her endeavors, her night visits matching her hunting trips.

The wind howled in the night, eyes turning away as she disappeared through wired fences and under curved in structures.
More steps into darkness.

She pushed opened the crimson doors, eyes skimming over the half-skulls embellishing each slat on the iron entrance. The smell of sickened mewls and moans of the half-drugged and weeping souls crawled into her ears, and bile rose in her throat.

Nesta walked up the crooked stairs, each step creaking and building the crescendo of her heartbeat, faster and faster. She no longer spared second glances to the limbs scattered across the scarlet carets and bitten flesh strewn hastily across the crimson walls. She no longer puked at the stench of the rotten knobs of snapped bones and putrid smell of the decomposing and decayed.

It was only a matter of time before she joined the lump of bones, her body a forgotten reminder of humanity and its flaws.

Shadows danced over her vision, scattering and dispersing as she neared. It always seemed like an eternity’s walk down the single hallway, until she reached the very end. Slowing to a halt, she placed a shaking palm against the only door in the upper level. A finger trembled against the knob—a polished knuckle wrapped around a stuffed heart, her eyes scanning the golden tapestries draped across the iron and steel infused door.

She tightened her grip, and twisted the knob open.

An empty, drab and gray stall awaited her.

Nesta stalked in, and stared at the scratches of lines and markings fading across the wall. She could see phantom wisps of ghosts with gaping jaws screaming with listless eyes, claws digging into their own untouchable figures. She could taste the palpable fear of whoever last used the room that stung her tongue and misted her eyes.

But more importantly, she could feel the bulk of bills that would be slipped into her hands once she finished and booked the hell out of this cursed, wretched dump that belonged on the other side of the Wall.

Nesta walked to the sink on the left side of the tiny room, and washed her arms, scrubbing fiercely away the dead skin, leaving searing, harsh blemishes.

Nesta walked to the table on the right side of the tiny room, and picked up the knife, staring at the sharp blade, screeching greediness.

Nesta walked to the goblet at the front of the tiny room, and held her wrist over the golden goblet, rimmed with dark-crusted stones.

“One last time,” she whispered to herself, watching her ruby red blood drip into cup.

The scent of her mortality flowing through open space had her nose wrinkle.

A slat in the front opened, wide enough for a bony and pale hand to snatch the goblet.

Another hand flashed out and grabbed her wrist.

A tongue licked her wound shut, and yanked her hand away.

A wad of bills replaced the goblet, and the slat shut and locked with a click.

Nesta tucked the money into the insides of her shawl and strode out.

The sliver of fear and whisper of dark.

The Mortal Queens.

To sustain their immortality, they had to drink from the blood of humans.

Those who offered were paid well. And paid more for their silence.

But words were easily broken, the shredded flesh and cracked bones a testament.

Nesta swallowed and picked up her pace as she strode down the hallway, watching the shadows deform and twist into angles and passing faces around her.

A shadow stood at the crest of the stairway.

Dark and dangerous, tall and lethal. Ropes of corded muscle and a roughened face.

Her pulse sped up, and the sealed wound at her wrist throbbed.

The figure walked forward, and she stilled.

She could not turn around and run, not when sacrificing more blood and allowing the darkness to consume here awaited in the back.

So she walked forward, bracing herself.  

She could not be ensnared now, not when her younger sisters did not have the money tucked with her. If he thought he’d found an easy kill, that she’d be one of the easy bones scattered on the floor, then he’d sorely made a mistake.

Nesta tensed.

The male stood directly in front of her, swallowing her form whole. The shadows seemed to bend away from him, some sliver of warmth radiating from his large form. The large, red rings decorating his forehead slashed against the gray and black linings of the building collapsing over them. An explicable sense of longing poured through her, a calling far deeper than her intrinsic senses of fear.

Hazel eyes burned into her, and he arched a brow slowly at her. Slowly, too slowly, he sniffed the air and walked in a tiny circle around her. Obviously he hadn’t been taught personal space, as Nesta waited for the knife or dagger to lash out and gut her apart.

The male instead leaned down to her side, brushing away a strand of hair. A second later, he blew a breath of air towards her, goosebumps wrecking over her skin. Nesta didn’t recognize this intimidation tactic.

Before he could nick off her ear or slice off her hair for one of the Mortal Queen’s cursed ritual, Nesta stormed forward.

She didn’t get very far, other shapes flooding up the staircase. The male behind her easily looped a muscular arm around her torso, locking her into position. Her skin flamed at the contact, every inch of coldness reduced to ashes.

The  emerging tall males and one smaller female walked up the hellhole as if they owned it, wearing matching grins of ferocity. One wore thick, blue rings, the other wearing simple, yet complex clothing. The female’s tight smile, full of unspoken dangers, caused the insides of Nesta’s stomach to tighten.

But it was the dark-haired male at her side that had her heart thrumming to a different song, one full of raging passion and lethal comfort, a dance of violence and a cacophony’s melody.

A name whispered through her mind, two syllables that shredded the dark curtains looming in her horizons.

“My hunt has ended,” Cassian said, leaning into her as she to him, a thread of connection snapping between them, two intertwined, full of sparks and akin to darkness. “My mate—Nesta Archeron.”


Scriabin - Symphony no. 1

A grey foggy day in the city. My thumb was scrolling through the albums on my iPod and I was completely lost as to what to listen to. Like 1000 TV channels and nothing to watch, it seems like I have 1000 albums but nothing to listen to. When I settled on Scriabin’s symphonies, I realized I hadn’t listened to any of them in a long, long time. So why not start at the first? Remind myself why he’s at the top of my favorite composers list. Even though this symphony is more “Romantic” Scriabin, it still has hints of the “Mystic” aesthetic. Melodies waver between instruments, the orchestra plays almost like a drone at times while soloists play duos or trios, many gradual build ups into more passionate movements. Also, perhaps thinking ahead toward his single movement tone poems and sonatas, the work is in cyclical form, putting emphasis on unity within the work. It opens up with a huge emphasis on colors by a quiet and thin introduction, almost like the sun rising behind clouds. The second movement is tormented, the main melody bouncing around chromatic steps and modulations. The third movement brings us back to the slower mood of the first, but the melody is with full orchestra, heart on your sleeves passion, as if it were the score to a Romance film. Going against convention, there are two more movements to the work. The fifth is another scherzo, this one a bit held back  than the first, but still in conflict using the chromatic scale and slight dissonances. The final movement revisits the calm opening of the symphony, and introduces a mezzo-soprano, tenor, and chorus singing an ode to art that Scriabin himself wrote. Because the work is in cyclical form, and the finale is about the power and value of art, I think it is safe to say that the work is “about” how art can be transformative, how it shapes our minds and how that in turn shapes how we treat others and see the world. And maybe this is all kind of sappy, but the melodies are so irresistible to me, it’s hard *not* to be sappy when describing the beauty of the music. With all of this in mind, it’s kind of funny to see that Scriabin used the most basic tempo indicators, “Lento”, “Allegro”, “Vivace”, the only atypical term is ‘dramatico’. At least in this instance he is letting the music speak for itself. Forget descriptions. Press play and see if you are taken into a new colorful world.


1. Lento

2. Allegro dramatico

3. Lento

4. Vivace

5. Allegro

6. Andante

“O wonderful image of the Divine,
Harmony’s pure Art!
To you we gladly bring
Praise of that rapturous feeling.
You are life’s bright hope,
You are celebration, you are respite,
Like a gift you bring to the people
Your enchanted visions.
In that gloomy and cold hour,
When the soul is full of tumult,
Man finds in you
The spry joy of consolation.
Strength, fallen in battle, you
Miraculously call to life,
In the exhausted and afflicted mind
You breed thoughts of a new order.
An endless ocean of emotion you
Breed in the enraptured heart,
And sings the best songs of songs,
Your high priest, by you enlivened.
On Earth gloriously reigns
Your spirit, free and mighty,
Man lifted by you
Gloriously conducts the greatest feat.
Come, all peoples of the world,
Let us sing the praises of Art!
Glory to Art,
Glory forever!”

About Magnus and Camille’s relationship

I like analyzing aspects so while we wait for the Shadowhunters TV Show to comeback I started writing things while rereading the books and rewatching the show. I’m sorry for the mistakes and the length (it’s REALLY long). If anyone is even interested to know more about things in general, I could go on and write about other aspects. If not, well, it will stay a one time thing.
Thanks to the @reivenesque, @sfjessii, @alyxhavok and my wuv (<3) for reading it and for the support!

I never particularly liked Camille, mainly for her superficiality and lack of concern for the ones who love her or are devoted to her. The fact that Magnus “falls in love” with her is not dictated by her personality, but it is more about the fact that she’s a vampire (hence immortal), fun to be with, and beautiful. Their relationship is not a healthy one by the end of it all, and I’m really proud of how Magnus handled it.
Let me explain.

Quotes from:

“The Clockword Prince” (second book of the “Infernal Devices” trilogy)
“The Fall of the Hotel Dumort” (in “The Bane Chronicles”, 7th story)
Shadowhunters TV Show - Season 1, Episode 13 “Morning Star”
Shadowhunters TV Show - Season 2, Episode 4 “Day of Wrath”

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Can we please just talk about our Warriors?

Manga spoilers!!!!!! So many!! You have been warned!!

Yeah I’m talking about Annie, Reiner and Bertoldt. They did shitty things, yeah whatever. Just think about what it would’ve been like to be the, tho??? They had like…the shittest lives imaginable??

From a young age they were taught that Eldians are evil and terrible people, and blinded by the Marleyan lies, they accepted their roles as the Titans and set off on their mission, hoping to be the hero they thought Marley needed. Keep in mind they had a couple years of relentless training, so they’d probably be around what, ten? Marleyans trained ten year olds to be murderers.

And yet, before even reaching the Walls, one of their best friends were taken from them and eaten in front of their eyes. These poor kids were probably around twelve, if you think about the thirteen year rule and the times when everything happened.

They knew they had some troubles they’d need to face, so despite the trauma that gave them, they kept moving onwards on their mission.

When they joined the 104th, Annie had the right idea. Stay distant and don’t grow attached to them. Reiner and Bert, trying to fit in, became friends with the cadets. That was one of their biggest mistakes, and they took Annie down with them. By befriending the enemy, they realised that not all Eldians are heartless monsters. In fact, barely any of them were. Instead of finding heartless monsters, they found hearts full to the brim with passion and longing. Longing for freedom.

But they couldn’t undo what they had done, and they couldn’t turn back on their mission. So Annie, who forced all that down and suppressed her emotions, continued on with her job while Reiner and Bert let their hearts take over and chose to join the Survey Corps instead of infiltrating the kingdom in the Military Police. You can argue that they just wanted to keep an eye on Eren, but that was probably just the excuse they made for themselves and for Annie. Annie knew what was up. But she didn’t let any of those emotions get to her.

She didn’t hesitate to do what she set out to do and complete her goals. Because after all, she had thirteen years to live and her father believed in her. She should’ve never befriended the 104th. She knew that. And she ended up in a crystal so she wouldn’t have to face them ever again until the time is right.

//Annie is the most mentally driven character and the most emotionally strong character I have ever seen in my life.//

She had such powerful control over her mind and heart to do that. She was //strong.// I honestly cannot begin to express my admiration towards Annie for what she did. Such strength to be able to bring herself to do it. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do; I’m applauding her for not letting anything get to her the way Reiner and Bert did. She was so strong and I love her so much. She deserves so much better and I hope when she finally emerges from that crystal, she escapes and lives. Even though she will die within a few years. Maybe she doesn’t pass on the power on purpose so that nobody else has to go through what she went through and the Female Titan is lost forever, and Annie dies peacefully in a forest or something. I really hope that’s what happens. She deserves the world for her accomplishments.

Enough about Annie; now Bertoldt. This boy had always been disclosed and shy; yet he still took up this impossibly difficult task. I don’t know why he did, but I bet he was in a similar situation as Annie. Blinded by Marley’s lies and hoped to be a hero.

He had one of the toughest tasks of all; to breach the first Wall. That marked such a dark day for humanity that was told as a tale everyone would know; a tale that would go down in history for all the wrong reasons. He knew what he was getting into. Can you just imagine the guilt he would’ve felt for doing that? That single kick marked at least what, 30% of humanity good as dead. That guilt, for a guy such as Bert, must’ve been unbearable. But he beared the unbearable.

Shy as he was, he fit into the 104th, and everyone loved him as much as he loved everyone. Bertoldt is a lover, not a fighter. He thought he was doing what was right and fighting monsters. But as he befriended all these Eldians, he realised who the real monsters were. Them.

Bert chose to follow his heart and go with the Survey Corps, manipulating himself into thinking it was the wiser course of action. But //he left Annie behind.// and as you would’ve saw, he loved Annie. I don’t blame him. She’s the strongest person in the whole series. Sure, Levi was emotionally strong enough to repress his emotions and face the amount of death he saw, but as bad as Levi’s life may have been, it doesn’t compare to the Warriors’. He was raised in a shithole and his closest friends died in front of him; but he got to fight for humanity and the chance to avenge them by beating the Titans. All the Warriors got was death and guilt and murder and the hope that their families back in Marley would be proud of them for being //murderers.// Bertoldt loved Annie. You could tell. He knew how strong she was, and he was envious of her strength, like anyone else would.

His bro Reiner told him to confess to Annie. I bet you he was planning to. But instead, he was killed for Armin’s sake…I love Armin don’t get me wrong, but imagine how that must’ve felt for him. Mixed emotions. Emotions of fear, relief, guilt, anger, helplessness….he didn’t want to die. He was tricked into doing his job. Manipulated, with no way out other than to finish it, so he wanted to live. But at the same time, he probably wanted death from all the guilt of the people he’d killed. Sadness that he never had the chance to tell Annie how he truly felt, know Annie would’ve been strong enough to do that much. But in the end, I think he was happy that he saved Armin. Relieved he could finally let go and not live in that hell anymore, and a much more worthy life lived.

Bertoldt deserved way better; he had a heart of gold and deserved the world.

And last but not least; Reiner. Reiner I think by far has the shittiest life and situation out of everyone in this fucking series of fucked up depressing shit. Just think about it. Annie sealed herself in a crystal for some sort of hibernation, and she was strong enough to actually go through with joining he MP. Bertoldt got the sweet release of death knowing his time was over and his hell was over too. But Reiner? Reiner saw two of his best friends get eaten and unable to do anything about it. He was thrown off by those thunder spears so he couldn’t do anything, that same helpless feeling of being unable to save someone like when he saw Marcel die. And now Bert. And seeing Annie crystallise. He saw all of that and kept going. Not because he wanted to, but because he literally had no choice at all. It was the only path for him to take.

I bet you all $20 that he now has severe PTSD. Also that Cushing guilt he cannot get rid of, as he has the curse of living. He’s probably counting the days left till sweet death comes. He had the power of the Armoured Titan and yet, his friends were taken from him one by one, and he was turned against the only friends he had left, that he knew full well he was going to betray from the start. He has nobody left in this world to be there for him. Except Zeke, but he didn’t grow up with and spend years with Zeke like he did with the 104th. They all went through so much together.

And now, all he can do is sit and watch as these young, misguided souls compete for his power, his burden, that one day will burden them just as bad or if not worse. And he can’t even rest yet; he continues fighting until his last hours, his last breath. He has kept living all these years without Annie, Bertoldt or Marcel, or any of the 104th except maybe Ymir. What happened to her again?? She kinda just disappeared with them? I swear to god if the Marleyans killed her in revenge for Marcel or to pass on her Titan, I will actually grow a riot because Ymir deserved the world just as much as all the other Titans.

Reiner must be so lonely, depressed, guilty and have no drive to keep going other than because he has to. I hope he dies quickly and painlessly and can get it done and over with, put him out of his misery.

And then Ymir, who literally was a normal human who did nothing wrong and is now faced with all this shit?? She wasn’t trained for this. She wasn’t promised to be a hero, she had no purpose. She just existed at the worst time and place and got so much shit for it. At least Ymir had the luxury to find love during her shithole of a life; thank god Historia exists. //Ymir did nothing wrong!!//

You know, when you put it like this, Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s lives seem like a stroll in he park. Heck, you can even argue that Levi’s life looked alright in comparison to these guys. I am a huge Levi fan so I’m not trying to hate on him, I love him to death and feel so sad for him but when people say he’s had it the hardest…I can object.

Once they had accepted the Titan powers, the Warriors were already marked for a shit life. They probably had around 9 years of peace as a child and that’s all they got before hell began.

This wasn’t meant to get this long oops. But I just felt the need to express my love for these characters, they don’t get enough of it in the canon and even in the fan base. Someone please just write a fanfic where they’re all happy and none of this happened, I need it pls.

To conclude this hell of a rant:


Fuck I forgot to talk about Zeke. Oh well, he had it easy and seemed to feel little remorse and I should sleep lmao. Tris out.


(The Third and Final Part of “If We Build a Strong Enough Foundation”)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: “There had been discussions. The idea of another kid had come up once or twice, and the two of you knew that if you were able to get through the first year of Sofia’s life with all the bullshit that came with, that you could do it again.But the timing had never been right.”

Note: Remember when I said I was done with this? SURPRISE I’M TRASH SO HERE’S WHAT WILL HOPEFULLY BE THE FINAL PART. I meant to sit down and write something short to give you guys closure and then this monster of a thing happened (it’s the longest one I’ve ever posted so goal definitely not accomplished). 

Word Count: 3,474 (WHY AM I LIKE THIS.)

I’m garbage, but enjoy!!!

You had never quite expected to find yourself absorbed in domestic life. It wasn’t the direction you had seen your life going, not when you were ten, and not when you were twenty-four. But here you were, with a husband and daughter whom you loved more than anything else on the planet.

Granted, you were still a dedicated career woman, spending your days in the studio with the Dance Theater of Harlem, speeding to get to work on time so you could always drop your kid off at school in the morning. Sofia was in the first grade now, and sometimes when you looked at her you saw the beginnings of a little person.

She would tell you and Lin about her opinions at the dinner table, and she made her own decisions about her outfits (a lot of which were crazy and all of which made you proud to have a daughter than genuinely didn’t care what anyone thought of her).

Sometimes she looked just like your sister when she talked—full of logic and passion. It made your heart fill up to the very brim.

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