heart felt quotes


acowar | elain and lucien

“I love you as the plant that never blooms
but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;
thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.”


  • Seven: So you're really going to marry Jumin? You waited for the right guy before, why not wait now?
  • MC: Because the right guy never came!
  • Seven: I'M RIGHT HERE!
  • MC: You're LATE!
Cry, Pewds, and GameStop Gift Cards
Late Night with Cry and Russ
Cry, Pewds, and GameStop Gift Cards

Cry tells a little story of how he got UMvC3 from Pewds’ King of the Web gift cards (this is apparently one of their first interactions)((and apparently he has told this story multiple times))(((and he always sounds giddy when he tells it)))((((that’s fucking cute okAY))))


I’m just here

She’s buried beneath a silver birch tree, down towards the
old train tracks, her grave marked with a cairn. Not more than a little pile of stones, really. I didn’t want to draw attention to her resting place, but I couldn’t leave her without remembrance. She’ll sleep peacefully there, no one to disturb her, no sounds but birdsong and the rumble of passing trains.
—  Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train
here’s to hoping that one day men will treat us as equal beings. no longer treated as sexual objects but as heaven-sent angels. here’s to hoping that one day we will no longer quicken our walking paces when walking past a bunch of drunkyards. we can walk home late at night without the fear of encountering molesting strangers. here’s to hoping that one day we can do the things we’ve always wanted to do but fears the criticism of men because “girls are not good enough.” that one day we’ll all be accepted and treated equally in a large company. here’s to hoping that one day effeminate guys will no longer be laughed at because they’re “gay” and “acts like a female.” that one day being gay is no longer treated as “abhorrent” and “disgusting” and being effeminate is an insult at all. here’s to hoping that one day we no longer have to fight for our rights to sleep still at night. here’s to hoping for equality. and love, above all.
—  cheers!