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Nightmare | Peter Parker


How had Peter gotten so lucky? There he was, in a nice suit and tie dancing with the girl of his dreams. He stared at her breathtaking smile and fell in a daze as they stepped to the rhythm of the song. Penis Parker no more, as Flash would say. He spotted Ned as he sent Peter a thumbs up.

Peter turned back to his girl and leaned in for a kiss. He closed his eyes held you close. What was supposed to be a beautiful and perfect moment was replaced by the shrill sound of screams. His eyes opened to see a flash of familiar alien technology. Not him again, please, Peter thought to himself. He already lost Liz to him, he would not be able to lose you next.

His eyes shot open as his body bolted upright. He turned to grab his phone to call someone, anyone, but ended up knocking down a lamp. Thankfully, his reflexes caught it before it could shatter. The same could not be said about him. He found himself in a sweat, heart pounding, and ears slightly ringing on the floor tangled in sheets.

He had to get out of there. The walls felt too close, the air was too stuffy to breathe. In the midst of a headache brought on by the lack of sleep over the past few weeks, he threw on his suit and made his way onto the fire escape. He hoped for something to happen, something to distract him. He ended up swinging through most of the city without seeing anything wrong.

Even bad guys slept better than him.

He sighed and settled on a random roof. He reached for his phone but realized he left it on his bedside table. He looked around and recognized the place as where he was nearly killed by the Vulture himself. He hurriedly swung away from there and kept going until he made it somewhere safe, somewhere he called home.

He landed with a soft thud on the metal railings before peeking through your window. Your lights were closed and you were fast asleep. He raised his hand to knock but decided against it. He need not disturb your sleep for his lack of it. Midtown was a difficult school, sleep deficiency is not something he would want to add to your plate.

As if you knew, or somehow could feel his presence, your eyes slowly opened. You yawned and stretched a bit before spotting the red and blue hero by your window. It was not the first time, fortunately. You remembered screaming the first time you saw a man’s silhouette staring at you through your window. Peter still laughed at that.

You sent him a small smile before getting out of bed and letting him in. You knew him well enough to tell what he was feeling so right as he got in, you encased him in a hug. He pulled off his mask and rested his face on your shoulder. You ran your hands through his slightly sweaty and unruly hair before pressing a kiss to it. “Let’s go to bed,” you whispered and he nodded.

You led him to your bed before grabbing a shirt he left last time he came over. He removed his suit and you helped him into his shirt. He sent you a smile before wrapping you in his cuddles. “Want to talk?” You asked, he shook his head. “Tomorrow,” he whispered as he finally felt his eyes close. “I love you so much.” He said before finally falling asleep with you in his arms.

Fuck off Brain ~ Tom Holland

Fandom: Marvel?? Hollanders?? Idk 

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Words: 759

Requested?: No

Warnings: Mental illness, self-disappointment, swearing (if you find anything in this that might trigger someone please tell me straight away. I don’t want to hurt or offend anyone.)

A/N: This is shit, short and a load of fuckery. (Sorry) It’s almost midnight and I’m feeling very weird mentally. I don’t feel the way I used to. I’ve been crying for hours in a spaced out world constantly scratching my arms and legs to make sure I’m still alive. I don’t know why I decided to write this imagine but it’s going to play on what I’ve been feeling these past few hours. I feel like if I write it down, I might feel better. I love you all so much and you all mean the world to me.

I don’t when it started. I don’t know why either. But my chest was tight and sore, breathing laboured, heart fast, head swarming and then, blank. Nothing but me and my brain, alone. My brain would tell me things, I’d believe it. 

I was sitting on the floor of our bedroom. I’d been there for hours. Just staring at myself in our large mirror, nails raking harshly up, and down my arms. Did I still feel pain? Did I feel anything?

“Why are you like this? You shouldn’t be like this. Tom doesn’t love you anymore because you’re like this.” I whispered hoarsely, my voice constantly cracking. 

I continued to move my nails along my skin, my eyes eventually tearing away from my tired and dishevelled figure in the mirror. I watched my nails create raw red patterns along my arm.

“You deserve the pain. You deserve to feel like this. One thing you don’t deserve is Tom, oh no you don’t.” I muttered as I increased the pressure of my movements on my arms. 

“Pain makes you human, you’d need a knife in your heart before you even got close.” I laughed bitterly as I finally saw the first spot of blood on my right forearm. I laughed. I was turning into a maniac.

I moved my hands to my legs and began quickly damaging my legs. I could hear the soft sound of fingernails meeting skin which only made my movements gain speed. The skin was burning and peeling.

“Tom doesn’t love you, why would he anyway you’re broken, you’re sick, there’s something wrong in your head that’s too hard to fix. Everyone knows you’re not right for Tom, you’ll never be good enough.” I sobbed loudly. I hadn’t heard Tom come back from the gym. I didn't even hear him rush up the stairs.

I heard him take a loud intake of breath. His feet softly padded along the floor as he made his way over to my shaking and shivering frame. My legs were bright red and in some places bleeding.

Pain makes you human, pain makes you feel.

“Y/N, stop.” He said gently. He sat on the plush carpet beside me and tried to remove my hands from my legs, his fingertips turning red from the cuts on my thighs. “Shh, baby. You’re ok, you’re perfect, you’re gonna be ok.” He said into my hair, placing light kisses on my scalp

And that’s when I lost it. I couldn’t take it anymore. Whatever in my head made me do this was raging a war against me. I was losing. My heart was pounding, my ears ringing.

“I’m not Tom. My brain is killing me from the inside. I can’t do this Tom, I’m not good for you or myself or anyone around me.” I replied as I struggled against his tight grip but failed. 

“Sweetheart, I know you’re hurting, please stop hurting yourself because your brain is telling you. I think your brain is being stupid because when I look at you I see the most perfect girl in the whole wide world.” Tom breathed, pulling my fragile body into his strong one

My sobs had become light hiccups. Even though my brain was still hurting, Tom’s words were beginning to pull me back to reality.

“And anytime your brain tells you that you aren’t good enough or that I don’t love, tell it to fuck off.” He said laughing slightly at the end. His words got my lips to curl into the smallest smile.

“Fuck off brain,” I whispered with a teary eyed smile. I felt Tom emit a hearty laugh that sent vibrations through my chest.

“Fuck off brain!” Tom shouted which made my laugh a little louder. “Leave my favourite girl alone.”

“Tom?” I croaked. He made a sound that signified as an answer.

“I love you,” I whispered, feeling him pull me into his torso even more.

“I love you more than life itself.” He replied lacing his hands with mine. “Let’s go get these cuts clean, then I will get you pizza.” I smiled slightly wider at this.

Tom pulled me up gently and helped me onto the counter in the bathroom. He got a flannel and lightly wet it with water to clean my cuts. 

Even if I was still battling a war inside my mind, at least I had Tom to help me if I need backup. Tom would help me through anything and I know I’ll always love him and he’ll love me, no matter what.

bane-magnus  asked:

can i prompt something for malec? with "i loved you since the moment i saw you do _____" (idk if this is weird, it would be nice to read it, your writing is amazing!)

Of course! I’m so sorry this took forever I’m the worst with asks! And thank you❤️

“when did you know?” is all alec says, causing magnus to look up in confusion from the book he’s reading over at his boyfriend, whose feet are in his lap as the television screen in front of them lazily flickers breakfast at tiffany’s in the background.

"when did i know what, alexander?” magnus tilted his head to the side, a soft smile on his face, the smile that reminded alec of the sunrise peeking over the hilltops, greeting the day with its radiant light, or maybe a babbling brook, giggling and full of mirth as it spills over stones and anything in its path.

"when did you know that you loved me?” alec asked, appearing as if he had found something rather interesting on magnus’ leg, as he was not meeting his eyes. his cheeks were bright red and magnus was endeared at his shyness and also the question he asked.

"sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint when you fall in love with someone. this doesn’t say anything about you or the person, but sometimes life moves too quickly. one day we’re not in love, the next day we are. time is fickle and sometimes a tease,” magnus leaned over and alec swung his legs off of magnus so he could scoot over and caress the shadowhunters heated cheek in his palm. “but with you, alexander it was crystal clear” and the smile on alec’s face, gentle and surprised at magnus’ word, made the high warlock of brooklyn’s heart melt like ice over a flame.

"it was one morning after you stayed the night and you had gotten up to make breakfast for me. i thought you had left so at first i was heartbroken, but then i wander into the kitchen and was greeted with the most beautiful sight in the world: you. you had made so many things because you weren’t sure what i liked and you put on an apron that i have to do so and the moment i saw you at the stove, flour in your hair and a huge smile on your sleepy face as you kissed me, wearing a pair of my sweatpants that were too short on you, i knew. i just knew that you were it and i loved you.”

magnus hummed and kissed alec’s nose, lingering a second before pulling away. “how’s that for an answer?”

"great.” alec breathed out, his heart light and his ears ringing, and magnus laughed at the breathlessness of his tone. “what about you, hm?” magnus smirked and alec’s breath hitched when he wound his arms around his neck, crawling in between his legs so they were almost chest to chest. “when did you start loving me?” magnus continued, playing with the hairs on the nape of alec’s neck. alec thought for a moment, but he shook his head. "you’ll laugh.” “at you? never.” magnus replied sincerely, and the seriousness of his tone made alec smile a little.

“ in barcelona, when we went to that club and you were dancing. and you pulled me onto the dance floor and you were jumping around and laughing and trying to get me to dance with you. you…the lights made you look….celestial and the smile on your face was heavenly and i said to myself that if i didn’t kiss you then i would die like a drowning man who needs air, and that’s when i knew. that i love you and i need you like air. i can’t live without you, magnus.” all the thoughts whirling in alec’s head were silenced by magnus’ sweet lips pressing against his, audrey hepburn crooning “moon river” in the background as magnus pulled him closer, alec’s face in his hands and love in their hearts.

I was just doodling some FAHC and this happened ??? I didn’t even finish and idek honestly.

Title: Sugar, spice and everything nice

word count: 744

Fandom: My Hero Academia

Pairing: Kacchako

Request by Trollie queenii on ff.net

~Previous part~

Uraraka tapped her fingers on the ceramic kitchen counter while waiting for Katsuki to come home. She had completed all the preparation a little while ago and had gotten dressed up in a pink pinafore dress with some cute heart ear-rings to match.

The house was bright and sparkly thanks to the extensive cleaning she had done and was decorated with balloons and colorful paper chains. There was confetti lying on the floor and the smell of her freshly baked cake wafted throughout the room.

Uraraka had been preparing in secret for this day for over a month and she expected everything to go perfectly. The brunette glanced up at the clock and then back to door when she heard it unlock. Excitedly, she jumped down from her chair and ran towards the entrance.

“Happy Birthday, Kacchan!” She grinned widely at him and clapped her hands together.

Bakugo placed his keys in a nearby bowl made his way towards her, “I knew you were up to something.” He gave her small peck on the lips and made his walked towards living room, which looked completely transformed. The brightly colored decoration worked really well with the white furniture and there was even a happy birthday sign hanging on the wall. He looked towards the coffee table and saw two birthday hats and a big box wrapped in blue paper.

“You went way too over-board.” He rolled his eyes comically and looked over at the decorations once again.

Uraraka went over to the ebony table to pick up her gift and handed it over to him. It had been a really difficult task choosing it and she even spent a whole in the mall just to find something nice.

“Open it!” the gravity manipulator sat down on the sofa and gave him an eager look. It almost seemed as if she was more excited than him.

Bakugo took off his coat sat down beside her. Her overly excited face made him chuckle and he looked down at the gift in his lap. There were four holes on each side on the box making him a little curious as to what was inside. He slowly took off the wrapping paper and lifted the lid to see the probably the best present he had ever received.

Inside the box, a small husky puppy was lying on top of a yellow quilt. Katsuki slowly lifted the dog out of the box and it let out a small bark which for some odd reason made his heart warm. There was a collar around its neck that had the words “King of explodo-kills” engraved on it. The husky was blonde and had red eyes. Its frown was strikingly similar to his and Bakugo guessed what made Uraraka buy him.

“He looks just like you!” She beamed and confirmed his speculation, “Do you like it?”

Bakugo turned towards her and her grin grew wider. Her brown eyes sparkled and her pink cheeks looked even prettier. He felt warmth welling up inside of him just like before and realized again why fell for her in the first place.

Before he could answer back, the dog woofed and started wagging its tail. It tried to wiggle out of Bakugo’s hold and after being let go off, he made his way onto Uraraka’s lap and sat down.

“Ah look! He likes me more than you~” Uraraka exclaimed and petted the puppy on its head.

The dog woofed again as if agreeing with her and snuggled down into her lap again.

“What? No he does not.” Bakugo’s eyebrows twitched as he watched Uraraka pick up the dog hug it. The puppy started licking her face making her giggle uncontrollably and kiss the dog back.

Bakugo watched her play with the dog for a few minute before finally getting irritated. He took the puppy away from her and put it down on the floor.

“It’s my birthday, pay attention to me.” He got off from the couch to pick Uraraka up and lifted her over his shoulder.

“Kacchan, what are you doing?” Uraraka asked caught a little off-guard by his sudden movement.  The dog circled around Bakugo’s feet a few times before something else caught his attention and he went off to explore it.

“Oh, look who’s a good boy.” Bakugo smirked and adjusted Uraraka, “As for you….”

“I want another present.” He said carrying her off to their bedroom making Uraraka blush all shades of red.

A Florida born, Texas raised lady found her heart in a Georgia born and raised man.

With a fanged soul
I devour myself from the inside.
With such thirst
I search.
Where is the moon?
And where are the stars?
And why does the sun refuse to warm my heart?

Ringing ears
And hollow bones
Twitching nerves
Held down by stone.

I lick the ground in search for a substance which burns
All I need is fire for my throat
Fire for my soul’s thirst.
But it is all empty:
This earth.
The silence rings louder
Than any words
The silence rings louder…
But it does not burn.

—  J. K. L
I Know How it Ends

Member: WinWin // NCT

Genre: Angst, Fluff

A/N: Out of everything I’ve ever wrote, even that friggen threesome, this was the shittiest yet. Holy pickle…

Words: 1k

It was another cold and windy winter evening just before the mid-term exams for WinWin, who was cooped up in a warm and cosy library, doing anything but studying. Instead of the important priorities, WinWin’s gaze was glued to a lone girl being curled up on the corner chairs just in front of the window, creating a nice aesthetic of opposites, where the outside world, the world behind the glass was cold and eerie, and she was the sun radiating warmth on this part of the world.

It wasn’t just a crush, it was love. Pure and sweet and unrequited; at least yet. Not as if it mattered whether she loved him back or not, anyway- WinWin had no courage to confess, so he really doubted that she even knew of his existence.

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