heart don't lie

Mobile wallpaper, looks decent in both 1440x2560 and 720x1280 (actual size 1000x1777). Made for the Jord of my life, Robbie, who introduced me to the Captive Prince world - and here I am. A kingdom, or this.

To be honest with you, I don’t have the words to make you feel better, but i do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that’s aching to see you smile again.
—  Atul Purohit
please stay, don’t leave me again. I couldn’t survive this time. It would destroy my life. I am still craving your love, I still need your touch. And I know that you need to leave, but stay one more minute and make it last an eternity. Make me believe that you will come back. Even tough this is our last moment lie to me, say that you will never leave me behind.
—  again

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Can you do the dragon slayers reaction to their first kiss 😅 Thanks


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How Renora ends...??

Alright, theory time!

(Gus Voice) Before we start, I want to think Pyrrha getting shot in the ankle for making this theory possible.

But seriously thought, I wanna talk about team JNPR and the historical figures/legends they are based on.  Before I get into it, I’ll list them for anyone who hasn’t looked it up.  JNPR were all based off a character of legend who cross-dressed at some point in their story.

Pyrrha Nikos is based off of Achilles, who once dressed as a red-haired girl named Pyrrha to sneak across a battlefield.  Successfully.

Jaune Arc is based off of Joan of Arc, the holy French maiden who was given a holy vision on how to save France.  Joan was eventually burned to death by the people she defended.

Lie Ren is based off of Mulan, who everyone knows from the Disney movie as the girl who took her father’s place in a war during a time where a woman sneaking into the army was punishable by death.

Nora Valkyrie is based off of friggin Thor.  Thor apparently dressed as a goddess (Freyja) to sneak into an Ice-Giant fortress.

So what do we know about these characters?  Well, since Miles and Kerry decided that Cinder’s arrow should first pierce Pyrrha’s Achilles tendon, we know that the characters’ and their fates are likely intertwined with the characters they are based on. 

As the last recap, let’s review how Achilles died, then I’ll go into some speculation about team Junior (JN-R).  Achilles was a mighty warrior leading an army who was said to be invincible and possibly immortal depending on who you asked.  There are a few different stories on how Achilles achieved his invulnerability, but they all seem to agree that as a baby his mother wanted to purify him so that when he was a man he would be immortal.  The two stories I hear of say that she either held the baby Achilles into fire, or traveled to the Underworld to dip the baby Achilles into a river.  In both stories, she was in a hurry (because she was cooking a baby) and so pulled her child back out as soon as she could, forgetting that the heel she held him by did not get purified.  That is why the only place that Achilles could be harmed was that one ankle, nowadays known as the Achilles Tendon.

This is also where Pyrrha was shot, so we can kinda judge how much JNPR is going to follow their source material.

Alright, the theory: The three remaining members of JN-R (assuming Pyrrha to be dead) all have something in common.  It is subtle, and less noticeable because Achilles did not have this problem, but all the other legends were betrayed/dishonored/abandoned for the actions they believed to be right.

Thor (the central point of this theory, btw), as is explored in the Marvel movie, recklessly attacked the Ice-Giants with no regard for, well, anything, and was thus banished to earth by his All-Father.  Although Thor’s heart was in the right place, he was immature and looking for a fight, and this lead to his banishment.

Mulan’s story (as most widely known through the Disney movie) is similar but nobler.  Mulan snuck into the Chinese army because her father was in no condition to fight, and even though she did redeem herself by saving China, she was caught and should have been executed. 

Joan of Arc follows the same plotline.  She fought for her country and her religion as a ‘holy maiden,’ and she actually was executed.  Burned at the stake for witchcraft if my memory serves (someone pointed out the Salem is a witch and Cinder controls fire, so Jaune is double f*cked xD). 

So what does this mean for JN-R?  Well, I think that some point down the line, not necessarily Vol. 4, that JN-R is going to have a fall from grace because of Nora.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we?

It was Thor’s recklessness and youthful aggression that led to his banishment until he learned to mature and realized the error of his ways. 

Now, isn’t Nora the one who’s first response to everything is ‘Break his legs?’  (I’m serious, how many times does she say that?)

Ren and Jaune really aren’t the type to go against orders and attack something, but they are the type to support Nora if they know she won’t be stopped. 

That’s what I think will happen at some point.  Nora drags the group much deeper than they should be (possibly against direct orders), and they all get in big trouble.  Remember back when we thought Yang was going to jail?  That panic would be nothing compared to team JN-R’s trouble.

So what happens then?  Well, remember how the only one who actually does get executed is Joan of Arc?

Jaune is going to take the blame.  He is tired of things happening to his team that he cannot help with, and after Pyrrha’s death I don’t think he would hesitate to lie through his teeth to keep his family safe. 

So Jaune gets crucified (probably not literally.  Don’t know with Miles tho…).  What happens to the other two?

Nora is going to feel like absolute scum for a while.  She’s going to torment herself with the knowledge that her recklessness is putting Jaune in a bad position, made only worse by the fact that I think this could become a wedge between Ren and Nora.

Mulan actually redeemed herself by her own actions and not through the justification of ‘Well I matured so this was all for the good’ like Thor.  So Ren is going to get out of this because someone, I supposed Ironwood, is going to talk some sense into the boy.  Ren is going to realize that his blind faith and reliance on Nora may not be a good thing, and I think that Ironwood will recognize the situation and offer Ren redemption.  Ren gets to continue fighting for Ironwood as a Huntsman, thereby redeeming himself through saving the world, and give himself a chance to spread his wings. 

I think that this is going to be the most important development arc that Ren and Nora can get.  Nora learning a harsh lesson, and Ren getting a taste of what the world can be. 

This would leave Ren and Nora to make a decision: come back to each other and make Renora official, or say a final goodbye before starting a new life.  Oh and Jaune is also prob in prison.

While I personally would like to see Renora and I think that it is more likely that Renora does happen, in this scenario I could see Miles choosing against it.  Either way, this feels like a powerful way to finish Ren and Nora’s storyline and/or screentime.  Either they ride off into the sunset together, or separately.  I think Jaune won’t be finished then, but I feel like this could be the tentative plan for whenever they exit (hopefully like past Vol 10).

If I messed up my Achilles facts or forgot something that ties all the characters together, let me know.  Also, feel free to speculate based on who the characters are based on.

But hey, that’s just a theory.