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Brownies + Cluedo (a Sherlolly Valentine’s Day)

I rewrote this story completely after messing it up the first time lol so I hope y’all enjoy this piece of Sherlolly fluff ft. John Watson and Mrs. Hudson!

               The smell of freshly baked brownies wafted through Molly’s flat. A month had passed since she learned of Sherlock’s secret sister and the game behind the phone call but Sherlock and Molly had been testing the waters for the past couple of weeks, not wanting to rush anything. All in all, the high functioning sociopath turned out to be not such a sociopath after all. He had been bursting with emotions ever since that terror filled night. Molly licked brownie batter off of her finger after putting in the last batch. She was baking them for her friends since it was Valentine’s Day. One batch in particular was wrapped in a light blue box with a white heart-shaped doily on the lid, tied together with a chocolate brown ribbon.

               When Sherlock returned from seeing Mycroft, he was greeted by John and Mrs. Hudson. He picked up the cup of tea on his desk that always appeared from their landlady.

               “Biscuits…where’s the biscuits? Do you have biscuits?” Sherlock asked.

               “Not your housekeeper, dear,” Mrs. Hudson replied. “Though, you may find something equally good in that box there.” She pointed at the light blue box, immaculately put together.

               “Where’d this come from?” Sherlock inquired.

               “Oh, hi,” Molly called out from the kitchen. “They’re from me. I thought you’d appreciate some baked goods.” Sherlock carefully untied the ribbon and set the doily aside after looking at it in confusion. He opened up the box to reveal a batch of warm chocolaty brownies, the smell drifting throughout 221B.

               “Oh, that’s sweet of you, dear,” Mrs. Hudson commented.        

               “I have a box for you too, Mrs. Hudson,” Molly smiled, handing her a lavender box.

               “Oh, how lovely, thank you,” she told Molly before going back down to her flat. Sherlock trying one of the brownies greeted Molly’s eyes as she turned to look at him.

               “Happy Valentine’s Day,” Molly told him. “Do you like them?” He swallowed the bite he took.

               “Valentine’s Day,” Sherlock began, “quite a rubbish holiday considering that a massacre occurred all those years ago.”

               “Quite the charmer you are,” John remarked.

               “Yes, thank you, Molly, I do quite enjoy the brownies,” Sherlock added. He crossed the room and gave Molly a gentle kiss on her lips. A light blush spread across her cheeks, still not being quite used to the new state of their relationship. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Molly Hooper.” He spoke in a whisper, causing chills to spread despite the fact she was wearing a warm, light pink jumper. He even flashed a genuinely sweet smile that made her heart flutter. John slipped out of the room to give them privacy.

               Molly initiated another kiss, rising up on her tip toes to reach his lips. To Sherlock, she was cotton candy and sunshine on a rather cloudy day. They had been taking things slow and hadn’t spoken those three words to each other since the phone call. All he had told her was that he meant what he said and that was that. There was still one more surprise left in the world; one that Molly didn’t expect so soon.

               “I love you,” Sherlock breathed out between kisses. Sherlock could feel the smile that graced her lips as he gave her one last kiss.

               “I love you too,” Molly told him, her eyes all aglow with happiness.

               “Shit,” John cursed as he picked up his phone from the floor. Molly and Sherlock began to laugh. “Sorry, I was just…” John trailed off. “Ah, nevermind.” Rosie’s cry was heard coming from John’s room.

               “See, John, look what you did, waking our goddaughter up from a peaceful slumber all to sneak a photo of us,” Sherlock scolded him.

               “How did you—nevermind. I’ll be back. Until then, decide what we’re doing tonight,” John told them.

               “We should play a round of cluedo,” Molly shouted.

               “Oh, no not that again,” John replied from upstairs.

               “Afraid that I’ll win like always?” Sherlock asked.

               “I could take ya,” Molly challenged, nudging him playfully.

               “Oh, really?” Sherlock smirked.

               Twenty minutes later, John came back down with a calm Rosie in his arms to find Sherlock stabbing the cluedo board to the wall once again.

               “What’s your problem?” John asked.

               “He’s annoyed because I beat him to solving the murder and won,” Molly answered with a laugh.

               “Oh, please, it was fairly obvious. I let you win,” Sherlock insisted.

               “You, Molly Hooper,” John laughed, “are my hero.”

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I fell in love with the first one I made, so I decided to create yet another! This handmade stationery set was crafted from some awesome map papers and includes four 4"x6" envelopes, four 4"x6" blank bi-fold cards (4"x12" unfolded), four gold heart doilies and thirteen tags. 

Dirty Yet Virginal (Outtake)

For: @loveinpanem An outtake from the Dirty yet Virginal universe set three years after. PS, @titania522 you are exceptional girl, thank you for betaing!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (@mellarkberries I totally understand crazy roommates…based off ah real occurrences)

Katniss was going to gut her newest suite-mate.

In her last semester of college she was going to go to jail. The sound of the violin playing at three in the morning was the last straw.

“Katniss, you have to calm down, or else you’re not going to be able to pass your final tomorrow.” Peeta sat down on the bed with her.

Her suite-mate Slyvania was the most awful human being to walk the earth. “Peeta she thinks she’s like freaking Sherlock Holmes, except she isn’t solving anything, because she doesn’t have any finals. In fact, I found out her internship was over a week ago.”

“Come on, Katniss,” Peeta gently hugged Katniss, slowly rubbing her back.

This summer, she was a Resident Assistant in the PhD department housing. Jo was her boss and had showed a little nepotism by giving Katniss the opportunity to live for free on campus while she finished up the classes she needed to graduate.

It was supposed to be fun, especially with Peeta as her boyfriend for the past three years and a half.

All of her suite-mates were great. They all clicked and were happy until the last one arrived. She was given the other single in the apartment. No one understood why until they found her playing her violin in her birthday suit in the middle of the night. Sylvania was the one girl everyone hated. She was supposedly highly educated and acted as if she was above everyone else. She was a snob, a degree elitist, but this didn’t bother Katniss.

Katniss reasoned the girl was only at the school for the summer doing an internship in the biology department. She was there for four weeks and normally Katniss could scowl her way through that. However, the pasty blond girl had crossed the line when Katniss realized she had a thing for Peeta.

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Irish Crochet Roses Heart by LaceCrochet on Flickr

Slight variation of “Rose Heart Sachet” from Woman’s Day Granny Squares No 8. The bottom rose in the photo has nine petals around the edge, instead of the eight petals called for in the pattern.  Woman’s Day Magazine has allowed Lace Crochet to post the crochet instructions for this heart. They are here in this flickr photo set:www.flickr.com/photos/39648301@N02/sets/72157629751107576/

Her Valentine

Just some Valentine’s Day Hood Mills family fluff. The character of Amelia comes from my drabble Study Buddies in case you were wondering just who she is. 

I do hope you enjoy it! Happy Valentines Day, everyone. :D

The table is littered with construction paper hearts trimmed with doilies and adorned with glitter. Names are proudly written on each valentine in a careful, oversized script, the writing tool of choice being a metallic sharpie Merida had begged her father to purchase for her earlier that week.

It’s clear that Merida Grace Locksley had gone all out for Valentines Day.

They’re all still in their pajamas, their bellies stuffed with applewood-smoked bacon and red velvet pancakes piled with homemade whipped cream. Robin wonders if the house has ever smelled this delicious as he takes another sip of his French Roast.

Boo lets out a squeal of protest as the fork she’s trying to lay her hands on is settled just beyond her reach by her mother. Regina bounces the baby on her lap as she presses Boo’s new stuffed rabbit into her chubby grasp, and Robin can’t help but chuckle as an ear is promptly shoved into his daughter’s gummy mouth.

Distraction accomplished. One point for Mommy.

He shoots Regina a wink from across the table, and she responds with a warm, sleepy smile as she runs her fingers through dark hair styled just the way he likes it–uncombed and disheveled, the way it looks when she falls asleep in his arms after finally finding time for a quick round of sex as they somehow managed to do last night.

With four children in the house, one of them being an infant, quickies are all they seem to have time for these days. But he’ll take them–by God, he’ll take them.

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ncc-spones-deactivated20141003  asked:

Imagine its Valentine's Day on the Enterprise and Jim has forced everybody to make cards for each other (yes, even Spock). Imagine Bones waking up early and sneaking onto the Bridge (before Spock's shift) and setting a little doily heart on the Vulcan's chair that says "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Dammit, I really want to kiss You" in his hasty Doctor's scrawl. "Honest to God, your Doctor"

imagine bones freaking out the entire day because what if spock looked at it and thought it was stupid????

what if he doesnt like him back?????

imagine bones being in his office when the door busts open and spocks on the other side, clutching the valentine in a death grip with a blush and a smile