heart curl

I’ll be your torch
when darkness trails you.
Just please let me in,
just please let me see,
just please let me know
because even though I can
sense your shadow drift away
like the scent of you
from my pillow,
I won’t know if your heart
has begun curling up yet,
or if the demons have
sniffed out the difference
between a dream
and you.


“Technology is blowing Danny’s mind right now“

What a precious, fluffy angel, I stg.

I felt her heart pounding against her ribs and directly into me. Or maybe it was my heart. Curled against each other like two locked pieces of a puzzle, I could not tell where I ended and she began. There was just this. Us. One shared heart.
—  Sophie Jordan

hoteldumorts  asked:

hey, bee! do you have any headcanons about jimon + kids?

liv!! ♡ thinking about jimon + kids made me generally think about jimon and family and i got super emotional and carried away with the thought of jace being welcomed by simon’s huge body of relatives. T__T i’m pretty sure this isn’t what you were thinking about when u sent this ask, but hopefully it’s still fun!! :D

  • simon is the baby from both his parents’ sides of the family, so he has a million nieces and nephews running around. he’s easily their favourite uncle - simon once took an incognito poll with twelve of them and the results were unanimous, except for joshua who named julie’s good-for-nothing husband ben as his favourite, the traitor - with fun stories and making even funnier faces and always taking requests to sing their favourite songs. 
  • after he turns though, he doesn’t see any of them for a long while: the logistical hindrance of the sun combined with viewing himself as a monster makes it hard for him to make it out to backyard barbecues and birthday parties and be surrounded by these little heartbeats housed in fragile, breakable bodies that trust him unreservedly.  
  • once he becomes a daylighter, an entire universe of possibilities open up for simon. he loves these kids more than life itself, but - there’s always a risk. when he tells jace that the thought of them being in any kind of danger because of him makes him cold to the bone, jace just laughs and laughs. “sorry, sorry,” he says, wiping at his wet eyes, “just the thought of you ever hurting a kid-” and simon shushes his frankly offensive mockery with a kiss. “okay, you’ve made your point,” he says, gaze flickering between jace’s soft, kissed red mouth and the mirth that still lingers around his eyes. “hey, you wanna come with me to sophie’s fourth birthday party?“ 
  • jace is - this isn’t the turn of events that jace was expecting. “um,” he says, blinking rapidly. he has zero experience being around children who aren’t max, and from what little he understands about four-year olds, they’re more terrifying than a horde of shax demons. also, the place will be filled with all of simon’s extended family and jace is still recovering from the ordeal of meeting simon’s mom and sister. “are you sure that’s a good idea?“ 
  • simon’s very sure. “totally,” he says. “you need to see how amazing i am with these guys so when i bring up kids five years from now, you’ll already be conditioned into thinking i’m a good caretaker.” at the dumbdounded look on jace’s face, simon quickly adds, “but forget about that for now! lets get through soph’s party, first.”

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The Cast of The Outsiders Now as Members of Your Dysfunctional Family Thanksgiving

C Thomas Howell (Ponyboy)

-Creepy Uncle™ vibes.

-He’s not actually your uncle he’s like your dad’s second cousin’s nephew in law or some shit you really can’t remember.

-But he drinks milk straight from the carton and it makes you really uncomfortable.

-Don’t look him in the eyes.

-Smells like weed.

-You get forced to sit next to him on the couch after dinner and then he turns out to be a pretty cool guy.

-Has this weird scar on his elbow with a whole elaborate story behind it.

-Brought the 20-something year old he’s dating which is kind of weird but they’re making it work and they seem happy so okay.

-Takes all of the little kids out for ice cream when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other so they don’t have to be around that.

Leif Garret (Bob)

-Creepy Uncle™ vibes^2

-You do actually want to avoid him.

-Like he’s not even related to you. At all.

-Nobody knows what he’s doing in your house.

-“Wait, I thought he came with you!" "No, he came with you!”

-Drinks all he beer and just makes everybody really uncomfortable.

-He’s only there for 20 minutes.

-The next thing you know he and the turkey are both gone.

-You never see any of them either again.

Diane Lane (Cherry)

-That one really awesome aunt everybody loves.

-Gives throughtful Christmas presents.

-Has like 10 kids.

-Still looks gorgeous after all of them.

-Is the one who put this whole thing together God bless her heart.

-Ends up curled up on the kitchen linoleum crying and chugging a bottle of red wine after everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other somebody give this poor woman a hug.

Rob Lowe (Sodapop)

-Your mom’s older brother.

-The Fun Uncle.

-Tells all the kids too many stories about his crazy college days.

-“…and that’s why you shouldn’t do drugs, kids.”

-Gets the fuck out of there the second everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. Smart dude.

Michelle Merink (Marcia)

-Your mom’s younger sister.

-The one gay family member.

-Everyone is going out of their way to avoid acknowledging the fact that she’s gay.

-Like literally she brings her wife of 10 years and everybody’s still like, “Aunt Michelle and her…friend.”

-Brought a cassorole.

-Is done with this shit.

-Leaves with her wife as soon as everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. They go to her wife’s family’s Thankgiving dinner and it is a much much better experience.

Patrick Swayze (Darry)

-The awesome grandpa who’s been dead for years.

-Everyone’s remembering him fondly and telling heartwarming stories about him while also desperately trying to avoid actually bringing up the fact that he’s dead.

Matt Dillon (Dallas)

-Your second cousin’s new husband thay she brought with her.

-It’s the first time anybody’s meeting him because they got married after like three months of knowing each other.

-Nobody approves.

-He’s super uncomfortable and trying his best to be polite like he compliments your evil great great aunt and offers to do the dishes and everything.

-Yeah by the end of the night all of the younger girl cousins have crushes on him and all of the alcoholic unhappily married women are Jealous™

-Is super confused and kind of disturbed when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other but he knows better than to ask any questions.

Emilio Estevez (Two-Bit)

-Another person who you can’t actually remember how your related to.

-You only ever see him at Thanksgiving otherwise he might as well not even exist.

-Just chilling.

-Staying out of the drama.

-Eating his pie.

-Takes his pie into the bathroom to finish it when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

Ralph Macchio (Johnny)

-That one fully grown cousin who they make eat at the kids’ table when they run out of room.

-Joins Emilio Estevez in the bathroom when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. They sit in the bathtub together and eat pie and have a heartfelt chat it’s actually kind of nice.

Tom Cruise (Steve)

-Your dad’s dickhead little brother who didn’t bother to show up.

-Grandma set a placemat out for him out of spite.

-It’s just…sitting there.

-He’s probably out having a good time somewhere far away when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

-Honestly who can really blame him you’d ditch Thanksgiving every year too if you could.

Glenn Withrow (Tim)

-Cool Uncle

-Married to your dad’s sister.

-Is in a band.

-Also smells like weed.

-Pretty Chill dude until everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. Then he manages to make three people cry and put a brand-new whole in grandma’s wall.

S.E. Hinton (Nurse)

-Great great aunt.

-Is still alive…somehow.

-Yells everything because she can’t hear.


-Hits people with her cane.

-Is probably the reason everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

i’m actually sobbing tbh i can’t believe i never knew how tall eeez is (or is it eaze? the little boy who travels w/ tyki in any case i’m too upset to check) 

he’s 110 cm. 3'7. and he weighs 19 kg. that’s like 41 pounds. he’s like eleven and he is t i n y and i’m so upset tyki needs to take him and put him in a big house where he can grow and not be homeless and near death and god just let this teeny child rest

anonymous asked:

What about an MC who is just really sleepy in a big poofy sweater and is all cute and adorable??? /)^3^(\ how would the RFA react to this sight???

This sounds so so so cute
lol what’s consistent posting
~Mod L


♡ Actually melts?
♡ He immediately goes in to cuddle you
♡ You can’t escape Yoosung’s cuddles
♡ He just wraps his arms around  you and won’t let his eyes wander from you
♡ Even if you’re trying to cook or anything he’ll keep his face nuzzled in your neck
♡ He keeps mumbling about how beautiful you are as he holds you


♡ He was coming home from a long day at work when he saw you reading on the couch all snuggled up
♡ Grabs at his heart and almost collapses 
♡ Has such an over reaction it’s kinda sweet
♡ Selfies?
♡ So many selfies
♡ You have to stop him from posting them everywhere but he just wants to the world to see his beautiful partner!!
♡ You have to take his phone from him after he spammed the RFA chat with your guys’ pictures


♡ Her little heart just feels so warm when she sees you falling asleep with your homework in your lap
♡ She set down all her papers as quietly as she could before going to change herself
♡ Once she was changed she gently woke you up since sleeping on the couch didn’t seem so good for your back 
♡ She made a mental note to get herself a similar sweater because gosh dang it it looks so comfortable
♡ When she asked you where you got it because you’re an amazing partner you got her one
♡ She’s so happy
♡ You guys match!
♡ She’s never been more comfy and cuddling is amazing


♡ He came home from a long day of work to see you relaxing with Elizabeth
♡ In your own fuzzy white sweater?
♡ He’s in love
♡ Jumin just set down his papers and sat next to you
♡ His heart melts when you curl up to him with Elizabeth
♡ He’s amazed at how soft it is 
♡ Is he about to make an investment in this company?
♡ Yes he is
♡ Is he about to buy you twenty more?
♡ Yes he is. 
♡ The company that made it turned out to be a fairly small family made company, so Jumin is the best thing that’s happened to them
♡ Takes plenty of blurry pictures of you guys


♡ He saw your order online before it arrived
♡ He made it two sweaters
♡ When you got it you were so excited to put it on you ran to your room to put it on
♡ *cue sexy seven in a sweater
♡ You literally make a ‘ :| ‘ face
♡ And he makes a ‘ :D ‘ face
♡ “What? It looked comfy!” 
♡ Once you put yours on you both cuddled in bed you fell asleep almost immediately, it was so comfortable in the sweater in Seven’s arms
♡ He felt oddly calmed watching you snore softly in his arms, and felt his chest tighten softly, but in a good way
♡ He wrapped his arms around you a bit tighter, kissing your forehead
♡ He hadn’t really felt this kind of love for someone before, and now that it was here he never wanted it to leave