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RT Campaign: Captured little brothers


It’s all thanks to me!! Thanks for supporting me, everyone!


Thank you, Osomatsu!


You saved me somehow~ Thanks, Osomatsu-niisan.


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the community has been hurting over the past several weeks and after countless attempts to try and unite the community it has seemed as if all hope has been lost.  however, you have the ability to write a compliment to spread joy to another person.  we invite you and desperately ask that you DOWNLOAD these hearts and repost them onto you blog only to tag those who you’d like to spread the message too.  it may be a graphic with a simple heart on it, but the idea behind it is to reach out to your mutuals, friends, and loved ones.  tag one person or tag multiple!  use one heart or use mutliple hearts!  spread these messages as far and wide as you can!  for anymore questions or new campaigns follow our main page here!  


Gael García Bernal Tells the Story of a Syrian Refugee’s Love Poem
(part of Oxfam’s “I Hear You” campaign, which aims to bring visibility to stories of people around the world who have been forced from their homes as they flee conflict, disaster, poverty, inequality, and the effects of climate change.)


I Heart My Dads

by Zach Kobayashi, Marketing Assistant, DoSomething.org

When you have two dads, June can become somewhat of a hectic month, but it’s also a distinctly special time.  The various Pride events throughout the month represent a feeling and a movement that resonates more strongly, and Father’s Day brings its own set of emotions.  June is a particularly important time of the year for Marly Leighton, Business Development Manager at DoSomething.org, and her family.  Marly and her dads have been working together to fight for their equality and for the entire LGBTQ community since she came out in her freshman year of college, and she had supported her dads in their fight long before then.  Now, Marly continues to fight for the LGBTQ community alongside her dads and through her work at DoSomething.org, helping to support campaigns like Celebrate Pride and Free to Pee.

Born to young, religious parents from Oklahoma, a five-year-old Marly found it difficult to understand when her dad came out as gay and her parents divorced.  It wasn’t until she was seven that Marly started to understand what it meant for her dad to be gay.  He had sat her down in a Wendy’s one night to explain it to her.  Her religious upbringing had led her to believe that her dad must be going to hell because of his sexuality, but her dad helped her understand his sexuality in its full truth and encouraged her to consider different perspectives as she grew up, even beyond sexuality.

Marly’s dad met his current partner, who she now calls her “bonus dad,” during her freshman year of high school.  Shortly after her dad started seeing his partner, Dan, Marly turned sixteen.  For her birthday dinner, Dan chose a vegetarian restaurant in Dallas because Marly was a vegetarian at the time.  It was this moment that helped her realize that Dan was thoughtful in ways he wasn’t required to be, and his thoughtfulness throughout her life has kept them close.  Both Marly’s dad and Dan have been there for her through difficult breakups, her own coming out during her freshman year of college, and so many years of her life.  

Marly continues to support her dads in return by encouraging them to stay healthy so they can be there for her for many more years and can continue their fight for the LGBTQ community.  After a family friend went for a routine check up a few months ago and was rushed to the hospital for emergency heart surgery, Marly called her dads and told them to visit their doctors for check ups.  She now regularly encourages her dads to have regular check ups with their doctors and be mindful of their heart health.  

The next time Marly visits her dads will be at a Father’s Day cookout, and she plans to give them cards that encourage them to check their blood pressure and consider their heart health.  Through DoSomething.org’s I Heart Dad campaign, everyone can help remind their dad to check his blood pressure and think about his health.  Marly encourages her dads to be healthy to show her love for them, and everyone can show love for their dad with DoSomething.org.


Avatar Board: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

May 25 - June 5 / 6

  • Cost: 2500 Jewels
  • Contents: 6* Chip x3, 6* Dale x3, Cid 10 x2, Magic Mirror x4, Attack Boost IV, ATK Boost IV & ATK Prize+, Defence Boost III, Speed Gem x1, Title (Spring Fever - Jack Sparrow / Springtime - Carina Smyth), Avatar Part x3
  • Avatar Perk: Jack Sparrow: Hat - Skill +6 / Carina Smyth: Book - Skill +6

0 AP Campaign

May 25 - June 11 / 12

Proud Mode Update

50 quests have been added, totaling to 250. Fenrir is now available.


this one is going to be a bit more extensive because there are so many people on my dash that i admire so much! i’m also tying it in with talented because it just so happens that all of the people that i admire are also very talented! these are people that i look up to and honestly my dash wouldn’t be the same without them~! you’re all so wonderful and i love you so much, if i could give each and every single one of you a hug i would~! you all light up my dash each and every day~! @crossxskulled, @naviacker@preciousyellowidiot / @artsgasm, @naru-uzumaki, @mslalaescargot, @kingressentiment, @ofcarmcn, @smokefumed, @paifou, @jvdicas, @cathievery, @transiens@pintsizedcarnivore, @skullheist, @emperesque, @diamondkaito, @theskulleton, @partneriism, @xantistita, @retentionsx, @freefound, @pxthofstrife /  @hxneyotu, @fxkkusu, @futureheld, @shihc, @homotogo, @gooselullaby / @lepuretta, @sweetpvnk, @whtcts, @websteal, @artisthief@narxkami / @artiskinned, @dipweb, @cheryot, @prisonerofate, @desbearer, @picarexque, @amagiggled, @maidlove, @ptohpr, @inxquisitor, @lamentis, @godhowled, @benoir, and everyone reading this post as well~!

The Time Magazine issue for July 19th, 1968, featuring the famous interview with American special forces hero Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, who’s sharp criticisms of the American effort in Vietnam was vital to the withdrawal of the majority of regular forces and the buildup of the special forces program. Along with Captains Richard Colby and Benjamin Willard, Colonel Kurtz’s integration of elite forces among the native Degar mountain tribes and use of psychological warfare was hailed as the driving element behind the North Vietnamese Army’s shutdown of the “Ho Chi Minh Trail” and decreased material support from both China and the USSR.



“Before, I thought… no offence Brittnee but I thought you were useless; I thought, “why are you even here? Do you even know how to play this game?” And to see her take Graig out and target big players, and when I came in, she still talked game with me and was still friends with me, I don’t think that anymore. You know what? Let them think that you’re a pawn, Brittnee, because you’re gonna surprise them all over again. […] I actually think Brittnee could win this game. I’ll be pulling for her 100%.” -Sindy

i have a hard time expressing myself so here’s this  .  i know i’m a little difficult to handle and seem like in a bad mood always . but thank you for trying to make me feel better about myself even though it always seems like i’m prosing about my stupid woes , seem emo . but here’s all my favorite people <3 ; in no particular order :

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[Twitter] Top Party Union Prediction Campaign

July 14 - 16

Let’s predict which union the top party belongs to for next week’s raid event!

Those who have predicted correctly will receive 500 Jewels.

Note: You are not choosing which union overall wins, but the union that the ranked 1 party belongs to.

In a tweet, include the following:

  • Winning party’s union:
    • ウニコルニス - Unicornis
    • アングイス - Anguis
    • レオパルドス - Leopardos
    • ウルペウス - Vulpeus
    • ウルスス - Ursus
  • A comment (like supporting the union)
    • You may use their example: [union name]に負けるな! (Do not lose to [union name]!)
  • User ID
  • The tags #KHUX and #優勝予想

Rewards will be distributed July 25th, 15:00.