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We interrupt this regular scheduled fangirling to inform you..

…that my 3 year old niece can walk!!!!!!!

Backstory: my sweet niece was born with a rare genetic disorder and suffered from infantile spasms as a baby. She is nonverbal and has a lot of developmental delays, but she fights every single day to overcome obstacles! Her condition is so rare we don’t know the name and there is no long-term prognosis. But today my mom sent me a video of her walking while only holding on to my sister’s finger.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

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I really liked it! I could have sat and watched 5 hours more adsghsghs but alas! I loved how everyone who gave sound bites were just all in agreement about how genuine Niall and his sound are, that what he was making was just so natural. It makes me so emo to hear people like don Henley, don was, and jacquire praise him IM SO PROUD MY HEART COULD BURST 💖💛💓💝💕💖💖💖💛💚💜💘💝💓

everybody had SUCH NICE THINGS to say, it was a delight to watch! it was really nice to hear from gerry, as well?? like he cracked me up the entire time he was talking but his statement that everybody was there not just to play niall’s songs but to project those emotions and bring the music to life was really lovely! 

Cutest scene in God's Own Country

Finally saw God’s Own Country last night. Loved it, of course, but really have to to talk about my favourite scene - I’m gonna call it the ironing scene, during which I was giggling like a school girl. How cute were the little looks the lads gave each other, both just dying for J’s Nan to finish ironing and go to bed. When J jumps up to put away the ironing board, I laughed out loud. Then, she finally goes and the door closes and J rushes up behind G and throws his arms round his neck. Just so lovely to see him be so spontaneously affectionate. Thought my little heart would burst. Can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD, and have it almost burst again.



JIN: “Oh, he is so handsome. And that suit? So mature looking”

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Guess what? HE KNOWS to the point he came up with his own nickname “Worldwide handsome”

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And just disregard “mature”

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SUGA: “his name is Suga? The cutie & frail of the group right?”

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*plays Cypher* “F#CK YOU AND YOU”

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And please delete “frail” from your dictionary. He alone makes the whole group and fandom shake just by a look

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But he got a protective side. He is like every shojo lead character from the nineties. Is good looking, sounds like he doesn’t care but actually takes care of you.

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JHOPE: “What a sunshine”

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Finally, you got something right! and just like the sun he goes down HARD on stage

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And he is SO HOT 

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(By now you will start to have trust issues, don’t worry you develop those when you become an ARMY)

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RAP MONSTER: “A TOUGH rapper and leader?”

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Yep! He is so cool on stage

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But did you know he collects plushies and sleep with them too

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(Get used to plot twists already. You still haven’t seen the crazy maknae line. I mean our dear youngest members)

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JIMIN: “He looks so nervous so I want to protect him”

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DEAR! YOU need to find someone to protect YOU from him

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And yes he imitates the “MUST PROTECT” signals

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But he defends himself just fine 

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V: “A deep voice and THAT face? I hope he does not lack a personality”

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Don’t worry! For Taehyung he was given everything more than any human: looks, charms … and a VERY VERY VEEEERY ONE OF A KIND personality

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And beware, you will get into liking hands 

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JUNGKOOK: “He is the total package wow”

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Yes! So total you get freebies with your package: “loads of questions”

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AND a huge amount of “violence”

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BTS are a bunch of dorks that make great music. They have bags full of trophies, hearts bursting with love and an attitude covered in kindness and humbleness. 

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