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I’m already plotting out a follow-up to ‘Kindred’, but if I’d been on the fence about writing it any and all insecurities would have been eradicated by the sheer and utter kindness you’ve shown with your comments holy crapppppp. 


“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep”, just like the movie Cinderella my heart wished so many things during the years and now I can say how grateful I am because this one came true. My heart bursts into tears of joy and laughter because they helped me so much through so many things that when you get to know your idols you’ll understand what I’m feeling right now. I’m gonna stop now because I can’t stop crying, I just really love them

you have been brave enough today, let your heart rest, let your deconstructing / reconstructing mind quiet. settle into your luminance be patient you are getting there, you are carrying yourself to your desires, your creating is felt, you are making waves. be patient and i promise you will feel a shower of love so radiant your heart will burst at the seams, you will not believe the joy that is waiting to welcome you and balance you if you trust it. trust your spirit knows the way.

i’m just thinking of all the young queer fans of 1d who might look at harry’s instagram today and feel a lil better about themselves because their fave supports lqbtqiap causes and my heart is bursting



Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett 

  • Amazon: 3.85/5
  • Goodreads: 3/8

Absurdism at its near best! Gogo and Didi, apart from being absolutely adorable, show such subtle tints of anguish at the hands of their never-ending bewilderment, that is enough to be felt by us but enough to let the comedy stand, all the same. Lucky and Pozzo also do well in adding to the whole senselessness of the picture. A remarkable tragicomedy that leaves you smiling sadly - the perfect achievement of the genre.

It doesn’t croon of insignificance and meaninglessness that is characteristic of Kafka and even Joyce on occasions, but it makes a laughing riot of it! The last line almost made my heart burst and I don’t know why. Do read and figure it out for me!

by guest reviewer Momina Masood 

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Taylor is only holding on to Karlie's thumb like her life depends on it in the video

Honestly, they are so sweet. Firstly, we have Taylor looking proud as hell:

Then Tay looks all bashful, like she’s trying to suppress how incredibly happy she is. Meanwhile, Karlie’s powerwalking so she can get alongside:

Then Karlie’s doing her reassuring thing which is adorable.

And you can see they move their hands along the mic so they can interlace fingers… My Kaylor heart is bursting!

Sitting here in front of you… there is nothing in which only your eyes lose… only your voice that rocks me.. We two a body and a soul… we two hands everywhere and hot kisses.. We two with the heart that bursts… Please take my breath and don’t ever wake up from this wonderful love dream.. Sleeping with me and wake me with your beautiful smile every day, every moment for the rest of our life… I love you like I never imagined light of my heart ….♥♥ Oliver&Felicity #Olicity

AN: Cute af request, I am so excited! Yay! Thank you justang6 for requesting! *The gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Hiya! Could you do a one shot where the reader is going out on a coffee run with Wanda because their bffffs and Pietro gets jealous that his girlfriend rather spend time with his sister than her boyfriend. Then they come back home and do what Pietro wants to do. Fluff! Thank you!:)

((****So I put up some pictures of me and I have had all sorts of people telling me nice things about them. I have always been so insecure about my body and my looks, and that really made my heart burst with love. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the nice words!))


“Hot Chocolate and Cuddles”

“Y/N…” Pietro hummed as he kissed the back of your ear. His arms folded over you as he pulled you to his chest. You giggled when his fingers brushed under the hem of your shirt and over your skin. “Your laugh is adorable.”

You pulled the blankets over you and adjusted your pillow under your head, all the while smiling to yourself. These were the times that you liked most–laying in bed with Pietro, him snuggling with you, and having some cheesy movie on that neither of you were really watching.

Your head rolled to the side as Pietro’s lips peppered up and down your neck, you suppressed a groan.

“Pietro…” The words fell from your lips like rain from a cloud.

You felt his mouth vibrate as he chuckled against your skin. “Yes, baby?”

Things between you were just beginning to really get good when you heard a song sound next to you on the nightstand. You rolled your eyes and pushed him away (unsuccessfully), then snatched the phone.

“H-hello?” You cringed as your voice cracked. You tried to ignore his lips running up and down the back of your neck lightly, he was teasing you.

“Y/N?” You heard Wanda ask. “Did you forget?”

“For….forget?” You tried to clear your brain and search for what you knew that you had to remember.

Pietro’s hands slid up your sides and along the skin under your shirt, driving you absolutely insane. He pulled the down the bit of shirt that covered your right shoulder, then tenderly kissed the newly exposed skin. You couldn’t help it anymore, you groaned loudly into the speaker of the phone.

“Y/N!” You heard Wanda yell in concern. “Are you hurt?”

You rolled over and out of Pietro’s warm arms, a steady red blush warming your cheeks. “I’m fine, Wanda…what did you need?”

“Well, you remember the plan that we had made?” She said. “We were going to meet for coffee?”

You shot straight up and out the bed with wide eyes. “Oh, my god! I’m…I’m on my way right now!”

Wanda let out a little laugh. “You forgot, didn’t you?”

“Pft, me? Never.” You said as you shoved your feet into the nearest pair of shoes and slipped your coat on. “I’ll be there in five minutes.”

As you hung up the phone Pietro sat up and cocked up an eyebrow. “Who was that?”

“Your sister, I am meeting her for coffee.” You said as you walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Again?” He groaned in annoyance. He reached out to you but you moved away, knowing that if he got you he wouldn’t let you go. “This was the first time in weeks were we have gotten alone time. You two go out all the time, it’s almost like you are dating her and not me.”

You smiled a little at his jealous tone. “Do you want me to bring you anything when I come back?”

He crossed his arms like a little kid and pouted. “How about a girlfriend who likes to spend time with her boyfriend?”

You rolled your eyes and left the room, leaving behind the child that you called your boyfriend.


“I’m sorry I’m late!” You said with a smile as you sat down across from Wanda in the small café booth.

“Here.” She smiled at you as she slid your favorite coffee over the table towards you. “I already ordered for you.”

“Thank you.” You said kindly.

“Was Pietro angry that I interrupted?” She said innocently as she sipped her drink.

You almost spat out the hot liquid in your mouth. “How did you know that I was him?”

“I could feel his annoyance when you left to meet me.” She laughed. “Really, you two are too cute.”

You blushed and rolled your eyes at her. “Oh, shut up. I think that you and Vision are much cuter.”

Her crimson eyes widened. “Well, we-uh-we aren’t–”

You hummed to yourself with a smile of your face, loving how the tables have turned.


Finally.” You heard Pietro say with an annoyed sigh when you walked into your bedroom, where he was still laying down. “When can I expect the wedding invitation? Or did you and Wanda just go ahead and elope?”

You laughed at his ridiculous comments and set down your bag and took off your coat. “Are you going to just sulk for the rest of the night?”

He grunted in response and closed his eyes, pretending to sleep.

“I brought a peace offering.” You said as you placed a cup of hot chocolate from the café on the nightstand. You wanted to get him something, but there was no way you were going t give him coffee.

One of his eyes flicked open to see what you had brought. Sitting up in the bed and taking the steaming cup in his hands, he quietly said, “I’m still sulking…but thank you.”

“No problem, love.” You grinned as you kissed his cheek.

“I was thinking.” Pietro said between sips of his drink. “We should schedule times for just us. You can’t go out with Wanda for coffee, Steve and Nat can’t ask you to go for extra training, it is just time for us to relax and be together.”

You nodded at him, that sounded like a great idea.

Carefully, you plucked the hot chocolate from his hands and placed it on the table beside you. Then, you climbed over his legs and sat down, kissing him on the lips.

“Could…could now be one of those alone times?” He murmured against your mouth.


((Sorry it was short, testing has been crazy!))

Gaara Hiden, chapter four

Translator’s Note: I don’t even have words that won’t be spoilers, but be warned that you may tear up. If you enjoy the chapter, please consider buying a copy of the novel to support the original author!

Previous Chapter - Moonlight


Section Four - Sandstorm

Dams and people’s hearts are the same in one sense.

Once a certain limit is passed, they burst.

But, the man had endured so many ridiculous things until now, so he thought that he would be forgiven for his bursting heart. The woman thought so as well.

However…a shinobi who has stopped enduring, is no shinobi.

Then, what happens to a shinobi who is no longer a shinobi?

It’s obvious.

They become prey.

Keep reading

The year we loved so loudly
it felt like our hearts were bursting.  
It was the year we learned how to make excuses
towards the people we met
right after we got our hearts broken.
We’d make them believe
we were never very good at wearing our skin
the right way in the first place,
but in reality we still had to erase the memory
of old loves from under our fingernails.
We were still drowning the people we used to be,
still looking for softer ways to disappear.
We walked around trying to find the best hiding place
when someone should have taught us
we weren't made to hide.
—  wtm, hiding
But honestly?

Seeing my precious Uchiha family so happy makes me feel so content and my heart is filled with so, so, soooo much fucking love for them.

Seeing my precious Uchiha Princess’ smile? Good gosh, that did wonders to my shipper heart.

And just knowing and having physical evidence (on panel) those SSS moments? God, that was amazing.

Seeing Sasuke with his family — on panel — him interacting with them in a family setting — him hugging his daughter, poking her on the forehead (in the same way he conveyed his love/ his feelings to his wife before they were even officially together) — and just him being surrounded by those he loves and those who love him back…

Him having a FAMILY again. Seeing THAT on panel.

My heart could burst any moment now.

Seeing all these things happening on panel; drawn by the creator himself.

Good gosh, thank you, Kishimoto.

The journey that Kishimoto took us on (in Naruto Gaiden) was a rocky one, yes. We all felt a myriad of emotions throughout the entire mini-series.

Some people liked it and some didn’t. That’s fine.

I personally loved it. I mean there are still a couple of questions lingering — yes, (hopefully I can ask Kishi these questions when I attend New York Comic Con this October) but honestly? I am so glad that Kishimoto gave us Gaiden. I really am.

Some people may contest and even bash Sasuke’s character/the SSS family in general because of it, but in my opinion, these are the people that turned out to be the ones who never fully/truly understood Sasuke’s character in the first place, nor do these people understand the true dynamics of how the SS relationship actually works.

Overall, again, I am honestly so glad that Kishi gave us Naruto Gaiden.

He gave us something more. Something so precious — he gave our SSS family depth.

He could have just given SS an instant happily ever after without showing us how things came to be. But do I personally want that? Nope, I don’t.

Kishi gave us SS shippers the ride of our lives. We did get our happily-ever-after, yes. And Kishi also gave us another bonus: giving the SSS family a solid foundation; physically SHOWING this to us on panel drawn by his very hands.

And that’s it. That’s all I have to say.