heart bursts

the sequel to this ficlet i posted yesterday literally none one asked for. (I blame @sapphicsugden for mentioning wanting to see robert react to the voicemail. oops.)

home is wherever i’m with you 

robert gets a voicemail from aaron that has him running to leeds train station to reassure his husband of his love. 

1,669 words.

Robert got out of the shower, towelling his hair dry as he turned to look at himself in the mirror, sighing at dark circles that had found a permanent home there. If he’d ever assumed marriage would make his life, their lives easier, he’d been entirely wrong - even after therapy, even after marriage counselling, regardless of how hard they’d worked on their relationship, they could seem to shake the petty arguments and sniping that always seemed to put a strain on their relationship.

He couldn’t even remember what they’d been fighting about, really, but Aaron had left for meetings in London two days previously, and they hadn’t even been on speaking terms.

Robert had only heard about Aaron’s trip from Liv, the blonde as perspective as ever and knowing Robert would only worry if he didn’t hear from Aaron, but was too stubborn to call (and vice versa, he could only assume, or hope, either or either.)

Going through his usual post shower routine, Robert fished about their messy ensuite for his moisturiser. He’d gone for a shower in the middle of the afternoon in the hopes of relaxing the stiff, sore muscles of his body, easing the tension he’d been carrying for days.

It hadn’t worked, really, but at least he looked less terrible than he had done a half an hour previously as he padded into their bedroom, rooting for some fresh clothes to wear. He really needed to put on a load of washing, the hamper in their room overflowing.

Robert dressed quickly, in a neat blue shirt and navy trousers, pausing to sit on Aaron’s side of the bed as he laced up his shoes. He might as well be productive while he waited for Aaron to come home that evening, he supposed, stuffing his damp towel into the hamper before he headed downstairs, navigating the spiral staircase.

Robert couldn’t help but laugh as he noticed Liv’s overflowing washing basket plonked down by the washing machine. At least it was a step up from leaving her clothes all over her bedroom floor, he supposed.

Separating the colours was a blissfully monotonous task as Robert set about making piles of darks, whites, and colours, Aaron’s clothes overwhelmingly in the darks pile.

Some things would never change.

Washing on, Robert headed for the kitchen, flicking the kettle on before he picked up his mobile, surprised to see a new voicemail from Aaron. Holding it to his ear, Robert leaned against the kitchen counter as he listened.

“I know the last few weeks have been hard, but I want you to know that I love you, and no one makes me happy the way you do. I’m sitting on the train home, and I just… All I want is to be with you, right now, and for the rest of my life. Yeah? So whatever else is going on, we’ll sort it, because I love you, Robert.”

Robert’s heart was racing as he listened to the voicemail, the emotion clear in Aaron’s voice as he spoke. Sometimes, even now, three years on from their wedding day, Robert had moments where he wondered if Aaron would stay, if Aaron would always think that he was worth the hassle, worth the stress.

Robert didn’t always think he was worth the hassle, but here his husband was, telling him that he loved him, that all he wanted was to be with him, that he loved him, and Robert’s heart could have burst out of his chest.

“I’ll be home, soon. Pick me up in Leeds, yeah? We can go for dinner or something, I want to spend some time with ya.”

Robert pressed the palm of his hand into his eye, taking a few seconds to breathe deeply before he did anything else.

Aaron always did floor him.

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300417 JAT 2017 Yoyogi

You, my sunshine, are the brightest of all to me, and the happiness you bring every time i see you having so much fun on stage makes my heart burst like a gazillion fireworks going off at once.

What’s up with all the aegyo on camera tonight? 😂 Not complaining at all. Haha. And you were really enjoying ABOAB, weren’t you? You were going all out, like all the pent-up energy earlier was finally released. Everyone was screaming your name!

Tonight’s show felt like a victory concert, a celebration of all the hard work everyone put in for this tour. 25 shows! And we can’t wait for more!!

수고했어요 샤이니, 수고했어요 진기. 💕

anonymous asked:

I have a head canon that sonny just loves matching Oliver. Like on holidays, when they go on vacation, even on halloweens, they wear the same thing. And then there's a stretch of ollie's teen years where he hates it, but then into adulthood he always gets himself and Sonny matching clothes and sonny loves it. (Also sonny having a mets shirt that says DAD 1 on the back and Ollie having one that says SON 1 on the back omg)




Yes, yes, yes, yes, YAS to all of this, anon!! Every single bit of it!!

There was actually an ask kinda similar to this that I got awhile back, where Sonny dressed himself and Ollie up in matching Hawaiian shirts for vacation, and that literally is a tradition that carries on well into Ollie’s teenage years.

And of course, one Halloween they go as cops together, which just about makes Sonny (and Rafael’s) heart burst out of his chest, especially when it makes Ollie a little more confident about going up to the doors and saying “Trick or treat!” because he’s a “big, strong cop like you, daddy!”

And then for all of their Christmas cards, he and Ollie are always sporting matching ugly sweaters that Sonny tries to make uglier every year because he is The Most Dad.

Have you ever platonically fallen for someone?
For the things they say and how they can always cheer you up, no matter the circumstances?
For how you can count on them and the way they get so enthusiastic about the things they love?
Have you ever watched someone without them noticing and just felt your heart burst of love for everything they do and everything they are, feeling incredibly proud to have them as a friend?
Have you ever been in awe due to the feeling of being blessed by the sheer existence of another human being?
—  // friendship