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ok but clarke is so in love with her little baby alex bc like she just birthed a mini lexa and all the baby does is just be sweet and clarke gets to hold her and kiss her and feed her and watch her grow up and shes emo af she draws alex constantly

Right? Like what could she possibly have wanted more… she loves Lexa so much and now she has another piece of her forever omg her heart is BURSTING with joy

Beside You (Part 2)- Luke Hemmings Imagine

A/N: Here it is, Part 2 to Beside You! Thank you all for your positive comments regarding part 1. I will pre-apologize because I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted this to go, and also I used some different tenses for verbs but I didn’t want to keep anyone waiting. I would appreciate any comments you guys could leave! 

Summary: Now that their feelings are known what will happen between Luke and (y/n)?

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As Luke’s lips crashed with yours he made his way into your apartment not caring that he left the door still open. Breaths are heavy between the two of you as you take no breaks from one another’s embrace. All the while this is happening, you feel as though your heart may burst at any moment.

But although you knew you loved Luke, you knew who he was. You’ve seen him go through girls faster than he goes through a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Fear danced in the back of your mind as you tried to suppress the feeling and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, Luke could tell something was off and pulled away from you to exam your expression.

“Did I do something wrong” he questioned softly.

You didn’t want to ruin the moment by saying what was on your mind, so you just slightly shook your head no. Luke let’s out a small sigh showing he doesn’t believe you and lightly places his hands on your hips, almost as if to make sure you won’t run away.

“(Y/N) I’ve known you for almost your whole life, I can tell when something is bothering you. Is this not what you wanted?” His soft voice was laced with worry and it almost broke you to see him like this. Of course, this is what you wanted. It’s what you always wanted. But you don’t want this to be some onetime thing and to ruin your friendship either.

His bright blue eyes took hold of yours, not allowing you to break contact. You tried to search for the right words to say but nothing wanted to come out. After a few more moments of silence, all hope had left Luke. His arms fell limp to his sides and he took a few steps away from you.

“Luke” you spoke quietly. You carefully processed your words in your head, afraid you may say something to mess it all up. “This is exactly what I wanted.”

“Then I don’t understand what is wrong.”

“I just don’t want to ruin this” you respond. You take a few steps away from Luke and go to close the door. “Luke, you mean everything to me and I can’t lose you.”

“And you’re not going to” he says confidently.

“I’ve seen how you are with other girls” you blurt out, his face a mix of shock and hurt from your words. “You are a great guy Luke, but I’ve seen you have a girlfriend one minute, and the next minute you’re on to someone else. I just don’t want that to be me.”

“It’s not going to be” he exclaimed. “The reason why none of those girls ever worked out is because they weren’t you. This whole time I’ve been trying to find someone that could make me feel the way you do because I thought you would never feel the same as me, but then I realized it’s only ever going to be you. No one else can replace you.”

Luke’s words were genuine and from the heart. Your mind was too busy trying to comprehend everything Luke was saying, to where you hadn’t even realized he was standing right next to you. His large calloused hands take your small smooth ones. His thumb tracing circles on the back of your hand.

You hated when Luke saw you like this. Every time you would get emotional in front of him, or any of the guys for that matter, you felt weak. You didn’t want to be the typical girl that was considered over emotional or too needy.

Luke could tell that you were deep in thought, so he wanted a way to break you out of your shell. His right hand still held onto yours as he brought his left up to your cheek. He tilted your face towards his so that you cannot escape his gaze.  

“So, what do you say (Y/n), why don’t we give this, us, a shot?” His voice was hopeful but filled with uncertainty.

“Let’s do it” you say softly. It was more of you reassuring yourself then answering his question.  Although you were filled with worry and fear that this wouldn’t work between the two of you, you recalled just how great of friends you and Luke were before any feelings were mentioned. Surely, if this didn’t work out, you two could go back to that. Right?

**** A few weeks later

Today is the day you finally get to see the finished product of the ‘Beside You’ music video and you couldn’t be more excited. For the past few weeks, you and Luke have been inseparable. At first the other guys thought it was cute, but now you’re pretty sure they are getting annoyed. Other than that, everything between the two of you has been perfect.

For tonight’s video premier, there is a small party taking place. The party mainly consists of you, the guys, the other girls from the video, friends, family, and the crew members. However, there was one thing that was scaring the heck out of you and it’s that tonight is your first time doing any public events with Luke as your boyfriend. Sure, the paparazzi had snapped plenty photos of the two of you, but your dates were always relatively private and never involved anyone that Luke worked with. So tonight was a big deal for the two of you, and you pray that it will run smoothly.

“Almost ready” Luke asks as he pops his head into your door way.

“Wow for once you’re ready before me” you joke.

“Well usually it’s easier for you since you’re a natural beauty” he winks. Your face turned a bright crimson color and he felt impressed that he could still have that blushing effect on you. As you finished getting ready, Luke waits in the living room. Slight strums of the guitar sound, as he focuses on writing a part to a new song.

“I’ll take what you got, got, got
I know it’s not a lot, lot, lot
Cause I just need another hit
You’re the thing that I can’t quit” he sings softly hoping you wouldn’t hear. Although you try eavesdropping, the moment he hears your heels click on the floor he instantly stops playing.

“Why do you always stop when I come in the room” you whine.

“Because, you can’t hear the master piece until it’s completed.” You let out a small huff in annoyance. “Besides we have to get going so we can see how hot you looked in the music video.”

You give a small eye roll to his comments as he approaches you. Luke lightly puts his hands on your hips as he looks into your eyes. A small smile spreads on his lips before he places them on to yours. The kiss starts light and sweet, until Luke slowly becomes more aggressive. You push him away slightly and laugh when he gives you the sad puppy dog face.

“Sorry babe, don’t want you to ruin my makeup completely.” You give him a small peck on the cheek, and walk away as he still stands there feeling defeated. As you gather your things you hear Luke humming what sounded like he was playing earlier and a smile covers your face.

“What are you smiling at” he asks you, catching you off guard.

“Oh nothing, let’s just get going.”


The party was more crowded than you had expected and anxiety filled you as you tried to look for familiar faces. So far, the only people you had recognized were the guys, and the girls from the video. To your surprise there was also a large media presence at the party. Why all of this just for one music video, you wonder.

“There’s the star” Ashton says as he pulled you into a hug.

“Hey guys” you greeted as you hugged everyone else. “I thought Luke said this was supposed to be a relatively small event, so why are there so many people here?”

“Luke didn’t tell you” Mikey asks.

“Tell me what?”

“We are announcing another album and a tour to go along with it too tonight” Calum chimed in.

“What” you ask with anger in your voice. How could Luke not mention a tour. An album? Fine. But a huge freaking tour. To say you were pissed would be an understatement. The guys just came back to tour right before you made the music video, and now they are going to be leaving again. You not only felt angry, but also hurt that Luke hadn’t said a single word about it to you.

“Would you excuse me guys, I’m going to find Luke” you say, dismissing yourself.

Looking through the crowds, you were having a hard time finding the tall blonde boy. It didn’t help that your small stature made it hard for you to see over people. After searching for roughly five minutes, you spot Luke talking to a group of three girls.

Jealousy wasn’t something you felt often, but boy did it consume you right now. You walk hastily over to where Luke was so that you could talk to him, eager to break up their conversation.

“Luke, a minute please” you say trying to remain calm.

Luke excuses himself from the girls as you hear them mumble about how you must be his girlfriend. You tried to ignore their words about how you seemed like a bitch and that he could do much better. But instead these words just helped fuel your anger.

“A fucking tour Luke?!”

“Shit, (y/n), how did you find out?” Panic ran through his voice as he had hoped would wouldn’t have found out so soon.

“Well it wasn’t from you, that’s for god damn sure. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because then it would make it real.” He ran his fingers through his hair as he paced around the floor. The loud music from the party didn’t stop there from being silence between the two of you. “Everything between us has been amazing, I just didn’t want to mess it, or us, up.”

“Luke don’t you see I can deal with you being on tour. I have already and I can do it again. But what I can’t deal with is you keeping things from me.”

“(y/n), I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset. It’s just… I’m scared. You know as well as I do that none of my relationships have worked while I’ve been on tour. Those are the relationships that have lasted only a few weeks, or were only just hookups.”

“Well do you want this relationship to last through tour” you asked seriously. You weren’t sure what his answer would be, but you were so scared he would say no.

“Of course” he said softly. “(Y/N) I love you so insanely much. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and I never want to lose you.”

“Well then, we will just have to work really hard while you’re on tour. If we can do it as friends, we can do it as boyfriend-girlfriend. All we need it to trust one another and believe that this will work. Okay?”

A look of relief spreads across his face as you speak. Luke places a light kiss to your temple and wraps you in a hug. Although, it would be hard, you were both willing to make this relationship work. His arms continue to hold onto you as he whispers “sorrys” into your ears. You two were brought out of your embrace when you heard an announcement being made that the video was about to play.

If you weren’t nervous about the video before, you definitely were now. Recalling back to the day of shooting, you thought of exactly what you did and just how awkward it may be to watch. But if it was put in the video, it couldn’t be that bad, right? The director is a professional and the video is going to be great, you assured yourself. You and Luke stood together, as he snaked his arm around your waist. He gives you a small reassuring smile before returning his focus onto the screen.

As the first beats of the song play, images flash of the four couples. You smile as you saw the photo of you and Luke standing in the kitchen. In it, flour was sprinkled in your hair and Luke stood behind you engulfing you in a hug. While the video continues you see small clips of each couple’s dates. Surprisingly they all look genuine and happy, and like a real couple. While the song progresses, you see solo clips of just you and the other girls looking heartbroken. Your clip involves you laying in an empty bed leaving space for where Luke should be. By the end of the song, you hadn’t even noticed the tear dripping down your cheek until Luke uses his thumb to wipe it off. Ironically, the music video would be coming true for you in real life. Soon Luke would leave for tour and you would be left alone to sleep in your bed at night, and you weren’t ready to face that.

“Hey, I know what you’re thinking. But we are going to be okay” he assures you as he pulls you closer. He places a kiss to your forehead as you let out a small sigh.

“Wow I think that was our best video yet” Ashton says from behind you. The three boy’s faces are covered in smiles as they all felt proud of their work.

“I think Luke’s and (Y/N)’s scenes were the best” Calum says.

“Yeah well it’s about time they got together. We’ve only been having to hear about their feelings for the longest time” Mikey joked.

“Wait, you knew she liked me back this whole time and you never said anything” Luke asks with annoyance.

“We umm just thought it be better if you two found out for yourselves” Ashton responds quickly, trying to save him and the boys from Luke’s disapproval.

“You have got to be joking” you join in. “So all those nights I spent talking to you guys on the phone or texting you about how upset I was that Luke would never feel the same, you knew that he actually did!”

“Okay so it wasn’t the smartest decision, but at least you’re together now” Calum says.

“Do you guys realize that I could have done all of things we’ve been doing way sooner” Luke exclaims.

“Woah woah, we don’t want to hear about what you’ve been doing” Ashton says through laughter.

“Well (Y/N) now not only do we have to make up for the time that I’ll be gone on tour, but we also have to make up for the lost time that we should have had if we had gotten together sooner” Luke says with a wink.

“Well then, why don’t we head home” you say seductively causing the other boys to let out scoffs and eye rolls. As you walk away you turn around to see Calum and Ashton hitting Mikey (probably from him blurting out that they knew about each of your feelings). A tiny laugh escapes your lips as you think of just how funny the boys were.

Sure, you would have loved to be able to call Luke your boyfriend sooner, but maybe it was better this way. Because of the guys keeping it a secret, Luke and you were able to discover your feelings on your own, without having to feel forced into anything.

But now that you had one another, one thing was certain: you would do anything and everything to make this work.



I commissioned the lovely and extremely talented @meowpolis for this beautiful man and his best boy. I’m beyond pleased with how it turned out!! My heart is bursting with love 😍😍😍😍. So thank you again (I really can’t say it enough) for your wonderful work and blessing this fandom with such beautiful art.

All credit goes to @meowpolis and I was given permission to post! Please do not repost anywhere without her consent! I cannot stress that enough!