heart buckle

Sora: So, you’ve got someone in your heart, huh?

Yugi: Yup! He’s my Other Me!

Sora: Other Me, huh. Hm. I might have a ‘Other Me’ too.

Yugi: Really? Are they happy?

Sora: … I really hope so.

Can you see the relationship similarities. Can you.


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How can I
follow my heart
when my feet
buckled every time
I feel it breaking,
how can I follow
my mind
when I am always lost
in overthinking.
And maybe
it was just right
to go wherever
my soul is leading me.
—  ma.c.a // Now, They Say Follow Your Soul

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Scenario where S/O's quirk is speed, and uses it as advantage when they are sparring with Todoroki to kiss him on the cheek or fluster him during it? thanks i really like ur blog lol <3

Yayyy more fluff! Thanks for requesting and for being adorable! And sorry if it’s a bit short, I ran out of both time and ideas XD


Todoroki turned around desperately, his face red, his dignity shattered.


Your classmates’ giggling only helped to distract him even more, as he uselessly tried to catch you…or at least catch a glimpse of you! You were so fast he couldn’t even see you!

Smooch! Smooch!

It was humiliating, damn, you knew just how easily flustered he was by PDA…why did you have to do this at school grounds?? In the middle of training?? It had been already five solid minutes since All Might announced the fight began, and all the contact you two had had…were your quick, uncontrollable kisses! His cheeks, his chin, his forehead…quite a detailed work you were pulling yourself through! It wasn’t easy to beat someone like Todoroki, let alone shaming him! You knew better than anyone which his weaknesses were, and it had nothing to do with blind spots, frailty or flaws. His one and only weakness…was you.

And you were going to take advantage of that till the very end.

Smooch! Smooch!

“[name], please” your opponent sighed, impatient “let’s get this done already!”

“Nope!” your voice came from out of nowhere and he literally shrieked, causing you to laugh even louder “first you need to catch meee”

How??? All he was able to see was the moving, blue blur of your uniform and the cloud of dust you left behind! It was impossible, how could he even…


He blushed even harder, since this time you had dared to assault his nose. How did you even do that!? Your quirk was surely amazing, you had basically appeared right in front of him and he couldn’t predict it!

“Come on, Todoroki!” Kaminari yelled from the crowd “hurry up already!”

“Yeah, you can’t lose to a girl! You need to be a man!” Kirishima added, but immediately retracted his words “but wait…isn’t it bad for a guy to hurt a girl?? What is the manly answer??” he grabbed his head, exasperated “Hell! Manliness is confusing!”

Indeed it was…but you were even more confusing! Also, Kirishima was somewhat right…he didn’t want to hurt you! And he knew you didn’t want to hurt him either, that’s why you were pulling all of that “kissing warfare” in the first place. None of you wanted to hurt your significant other, so what could he possibly do??

Smooch! Smooch!

“Come on, Shoto” you cooed into his ear and disappeared yet again into the endless cloud of dust “don’t you want to fight? Don’t let the chance slide”


Without thinking twice, he suddenly stomped his right foot on the ground and froze the dusty surface, turning it into wet, slippery ice your hurried feet weren’t counting on. You gasped as you inevitably slid on his creation, falling forwards into his ready, expectant arms. And, when you hadn’t even got the chance to get over the shock yet, he pulled you into an abrupt, sloppy kiss right in the mouth that got you onto cloud nine in no time.

He was going to fight fire with fire.

The whole class entered into a turmoil, half of them cheering for love and the others turning away in embarrassment or disgust, as they saw the class’ top hero devouring your mouth in a slow, potent kiss you totally weren’t ready for. Your knees buckled, your heart drummed and your hands were lost and disoriented as they didn’t know where to settle. The speed with which everything had happened stunned you, and lets just say was at least three times harder to concentrate with his lips gently moving between yours. You had been totally defeated.

“I win” Todoroki said, pulling away, and easily yet carefully pinning your already tired, flustered body into the ground.

“Uhh??” you were way too confused to even react “what the hell…everything happened so fast I…!”

“You are going to complain about fast??” your boyfriend arched a brow, offering you a hand to pick you up from the ground “such an hypocrite”

You laughed, accepting his help and standing up, cleaning the dust away form your clothes.

“Don’t act all assertive when your face is as red as a fresh ripe tomato” you pinched his cheek, earning a disapproving glance “Well played though, you are a worthy rival”

He couldn’t help but smile, holding your hand fondly, and guiding you away from the ring.

“I should probably say the same thing…those kisses were quite potent”

Role Models

Marinette is sent to the Principal’s office.

This piece is apart of a gift exchange with the loveliest group of people! Not only did I have this beautiful piece of art gifted to me by the awesome @yunyin, but it felt like each and every piece of art and fic that came out of this exchange was a gift for us all! So a big thank you to the amazing @baneismydragon for this wonderful idea that really helped spread some much needed cheer!

And on that note! I was assigned to create something for the sweetest of the sweets, @sweet-childhood-dreams! We recently were discussing some ideas and this fanfic is based on one of Lisa’s hilarious ramblings! I hope you don’t mind me using it as a prompt Lisa! (But I just couldn’t resist! :3)

(ao3 link)

Marinette wondered how it had come to this.

There she sat, her back rigid straight, while before her the Principal continued on with her lecture.

She didn’t know what to do with her hands, and it was bothering her to no end. Placing them on the Principal’s desk seemed inappropriate. She tried crossing her arms against her chest but that seemed too rebellious and defensive. Resting them on her lap, one on top of the other, didn’t seem to work either as the sudden weight of them and the feeling of her sweaty palms made her squirm. Eventually she gave up, propping an elbow on her armrest, while her left hand swung idly by her side over the side of her chair.

Once she had finally settled, she was better able to focus on the situation at hand, listening in intently in shock and frustration as the Principal continued with their slightly judgemental speech…

Marinette could feel her body stiffening as with each remark she became more and more defensive and she tried to control her anger as the chiding continued. Her hands locked into fists—

—Until she felt a sudden nudge against her wrist. Out of view from the Principal’s eyes and under the table, a hand reached for hers. Marinette turned to her partner in crime, meeting his bright green eyes as he offered her a small smile. She relaxed, her hand unwinding as their fingers tangled. Her ring knocked against his as they held onto each other.

They found comfort at one another’s touch and while their nerves still plagued them. But as always, they were more than willing to face their next challenge as a team. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, to which she easily returned.

Emma had gotten into a fight.

“…So you can see why we have called you here today,” the Principal continued, to which the couple nodded. “Emma’s behaviour today was quite alarming—”

“She’s never done anything like this before!” Marinette interrupted before turning to look at Adrien who frowned, bringing his free hand up to the back of his neck. “Well…not like this at least.”

“Well, that being said, I thought it best to have the two of you join me today.” said the Principal, even in her soft reassuring voice, the underlying impression she gave was vast disappointment, bordering on condescension. Marinette’s hand tightened around Adrien’s. “It seems that the catalyst for this incident is that Emma has been telling lies at school and when confronted about it, things became physical.”

Marinette gasped. If she had taught her children anything, besides how loved they were, she had hoped it would been that truthfulness was always the better path than lying.

“I’m sorry,” Adrien asked, interrupting her thoughts. She turned to look as his brows furrowed in confusion, “But what do you mean by ‘confronted’?”

“Well,” the Principal said, “she’s been telling the other students that her parents are Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

Immediately, the pair froze, dropping their hands, before looking at one another, mouths agape.

A single beat of silence past.

“I…well—ummm…” Adrien tried his best to form a response, but like Marinette, who had slowly brought a hand up to cover her mouth, he had no way of properly forming a reply.

“You can see how preposterous this whole thing is,” the Principal went on, misinterpreting their shock, “which is why I think it’s important we have this discu—”


Marinette stared at her husband, hand falling back to her armrest as her cheeks burst into flame. She gazed back at the Principal who had paused mid-speech.

Trying to find a way to make Adrien’s sudden outburst in anyway appropriate, Marinette tried in vain to find her voice. “Um, well, you see…” she squeaked, hoping with all her might to dig themselves out of this awkward hole Adrien had thrown them headfirst into.

However in her flustered state, her mind was blank. “We were…” she brought a hand up to her forehead, brushing back her bangs and instinctively reaching to pull on a pigtail that was no longer there. Instead she ran a hand through her short hair, and tried once more, “We, uh…we were…”

“…roleplaying?” Adrien finished for her with a shrug and she turned to glare at him. He grimaced.

The Principal remained silent, her own mouth open in shock and Marinette brought a hand up to her face in complete mortification.

“Right…” Adrien continued, and Marinette peeked out from behind her hand to see him visibly sweating, staring at the ground, “errr, we were roleplaying… ” emphasizing the word in such a way that if Marinette thought she could pass this off as a cosplaying endeavour, she was sadly mistaken. In her head she screamed, begging for him to just stop talking.

But he didn’t.

“And we had just started—thankfully—” and he balked at the implication, “I mean! We had just gotten into our costumes! We hadn’t done anything like that yet.”

Marinette kicked him under the table. He flinched.

“W-well,” he continued, bending down to rub his shin, “we were just about to—well, I mean, we were dressed up and the children came in—”

Marinette couldn’t watch. She held her head in her hand in embarrassment as she cut him off.  There was nothing left to do now then roll with it.“—and they thought we were the real Ladybug and Chat Noir!” she said through bared teeth.

“Right!” Adrien agreed, straightening in his chair as if suddenly happy to see some reinforcement on Marinette’s part on their unbelievable tale. “…So,” he continued, “from that day…we’ve, uh, we’ve been doing it more often!”

Silence engulfed the office once more as Adrien’s face turned redder and redder, matching Marinette’s own blushing complexion.

“I MEAN!” and his voice rose in pitch, reminding Marinette of a flustered Chat Noir from their younger years—something she would have looked back on fondly if not for their current situation. “I mean the dressing up part!”

Marinette turned to him, slowly allowing for him to see the darkest glare she could muster. A glare that demanded him to stop talking. “Dressing up for the kids,” she clarified.

“Yes, yes! We dress up as the heroes for the kids!” said Adrien. And Marinette nodded, until he continued, “…not for the other thing.” Marinette immediately stopped nodding along. But even then Adrien continued, “You know the rolepl—”

“You know what!” the Principal cut him off, clasping her hands together on top of her desk, “I think we’ve covered the matter!” And she continued on, awkwardly trying to divert the conversation back to how this whole debacle was merely rooted in an odd misunderstanding. She went on with a new lecture, this one with a recommendation that the couple have a long talk with their children about the difference between playtime and reality.

Marinette tried to focus, to be the good, proper parent and look as if she were taking this whole matter very seriously. If anything, she was hoping that they could move past this whole situation and burn the last five minutes of conversation from their memories. If only she could Lucky Charm their way out of this. Instead she felt as if Adrien had done a rather effective job of Cataclysm-ing the entire meeting.

She could feel his eyes on her, and she stubbornly tried to ignore him, even as he moved his chair closer to her side. That familiar touch on her hand returned once more and while she initially flinched away from him, she quickly acquiesced, letting out a sigh.

Eventually, she peeked up at him from the corners of her eyes, feeling the blush rise back up to her cheeks—this time not of embarrassment. It was a blush that reminded her of her younger self and a younger version of the man beside her.

She watched as a corner of his mouth tweaked upwards. And she could tell he was holding back a grin as his eyes twinkled in the victory of catching her gaze. She returned his stare with a fluttering feeling in her chest and he had the gall to wink at her. The action knocked her from her swooning as she remembered herself, remembered him, and worst of all remembered what he had done. She glared at him once more, hoping to silently communicate to him that they were not done with this discussion.

He pressed his lips together to suppress his smile and whereas before such an action might’ve caused her knees to buckle and heart to flip, now it just added to the fire in her eyes and the scowl on her face.

It wasn’t until later on that that look came back to haunt Chat Noir as he leapt through the City, laughing in a mixture of delight and fear as his Lady followed him, hot on his tail.

Happy Birthday Ashida!!

Versace On The Floor

The hotel room was empty by the time Yuuri arrived, he managed to cling on the marble counter in the kitchen to catch his breath from the nerves that were slightly building up. His left hand gripping the pale blue garmet bag tightly as he strolled into the bedroom that he knew they’d end up in the moment Victor walked through the door. Laying it out on the bed, the corner of Yuuri’s lip rose at the sight. The egregious feeling sat in the pit of his stomach when he found out that he missed Victor’s birthday by a couple months. Victor didn’t tell Yuuri until last month and they’ve already been seeing one another for almost a year now.

Yuuri was determined to make it up to the older man whether he liked it or not. Even if Victor owned suits that were in higher quality than the one he got made for him. The suit was a grey shade darker than Victor’s hair with a tie that was a deep blue color that happened to be Yuuri’s favorite color. The Versace suit was crisp and elegant, exactly what Victor is.

Elegant. Beautiful. Sexy. Perfect.

All the things Victor is will be showcased with this specific suit. The thought of Victor wearing it for others to see and not know where it came from sent a chill down his spine. The sense of proprietorial, his own way of marking Victor in the easiest way he could. No love bite or scratch would last longer than the suit that would cling to Victor’s body and carving it for others see what Yuuri sees. Poise and potent, the only man Yuuri would think he could fear if he truly tried.

Yuuri stared at the hidden gift longer than expected. He immediately snapped his head to the direction of the hotel room door. Walking out of the bedroom, his eyes landed on the man of the hour. Victor’s chin tilted up slightly the moment their eyes met and a smile full of confidence brightened the room. Victor quickly walked over to him, his hands going our his waist carefully to pull Yuuri’s body against his own.

“Yuuri,” Victor whispered in awe.

No one says his name the way Victor does, the way that makes his knees buckle and heart rate pick up. Yuuri’s hands slowly reached up to curl his hands gently around Victor’s neck to cup his soft skin that he couldn’t wait to leave the love bites across.

“You made it,” Yuuri murmured when their foreheads rested on one another.

Victor smiled wholeheartedly, “Always.”

Yuuri leaned in slowly to bring their lips together, the soft brush of the kiss began. Victor hummed soflty against his lips as they melted. They were weak for each other, neither of them spoke of it but they knew it. The kiss stayed steady before Yuuri pulled back slowly, his eyes fluttering open to find Victor already staring at him.

“I brought you a gift.”

“A gift?” Victor asked curiously when tightening his hold on him. “For what occasion?”

“It’s a belated birthday gift,” Yuuri replied, brushing Victor’s bangs from his face carefully.

Victor shook his head, “I don’t need a gift Yuuri.”

“Too late,” he grasped Victor’s hand and tugged him to the bedroom. “Come see it.”

The bedroom was left how he saw it, minus the garmet bag on the bed sheets that caught Victor’s attention the moment they walked in. Victor blinked, glancing at Yuuri before going towards the bag. The older man’s fingers danced across the zipper, opening the bag. They both fell their sight on the suit that Yuuri couldn’t wait to see on Victor.

“Yuuri..” Victor said surprised when turning his gaze towards him. “You didn’t have too.”

“I wanted too. I want to see you in it, can you put it on for me?”

Victor nodded quickly but brought his body to Yuuri, their silent agreement. They slowly removed the holsters, weapons, and article of clothing one by one. Yuuri could only watch his fingers move fluently across Victor’s body, the one he is slowly growing used too. The way he can touch Victor so intimately in a way he never expected.

They worked Yuuri out of his holsters and clothes, all he wore was his briefs and dress shirt that Victor adored exposing his chest. Catching the small hint of his tattoos through the thin material. Victor pointed to the chair near the window for him to sit in to watch Victor change in the suit. He could feel Victor’s eyes burning his thighs and back. Yuuri gripped the arm chair when sitting down.

The room grew hot and all Yuuri could do was stare at Victor pull up the pants carefully. Examining the curves of his thighs and hips, Victor did a small turn much to Yuuri’s liking after tucking in his dress shirt. Licking his lips, the older man soon shrugged on the suit jacket.

He took the tie, eyeing Yuuri with a smirk as he put it on with ease. Watching the way his hands work it into the perfect knot and tucked under the dress shirt. Buttoning the blazer up and smoothing his hands over it then adjusting the cuffs. The dress shoes came next to complete the look.

Yuuri’s words that would describe Victor came back again from the simple sight.

Elegant. Beautiful. Sexy. Perfect.

“What do you think?” Victor asked curiously yet teasingly, already knowing the answer.

“Beautiful,” Yuuri replied without missing a beat.

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

Victor motioned Yuuri over with a single finger movement, he got up from the seat and walked over to him. His body being attracted by a force that Victor always had around him that made Yuuri need him more. The same finger caressed his jawline once he stood face to face with him.

“Tell me what you want, Yuuri.”

Yuuri shook his head when grasping the lapel of the blazer, “Tell me what you want, Victor. It’s your birthday after all.”

Silence fell between them, Victor let his fingers trace the markings he had grown to adore upon Yuuri’s skin. The same fingers that left marks upon his ass from hits and pleasure from being inside him. They were burning him, an addictive burn that made him press himself closer to Victor.

“Does that mean I can open my gift?”

Yuuri tilted his head confused, “You’ve already opened it.”

The same fingers soon decided to make their own path down his back. The press of Victor’s fingers against his hole through the briefs caused a gasp to slip his lips, a smirk played upon his face. The same smirk that always reminded him why they did this. Leaning towards his ear, Victor whispered a soft reply that sent a shiver down his spine.

My other gift, Yuuri.

for @captain-erwinmerica
this song always reminds me of victor and yuuri in masquerade & i know your love for suit porn (your twitter is the best thing ever tbh) so why not write this out for you!! i apologize for the rough writing, i’m still going through writers block but i tried my best!!
happy birthday!! ^-^
- poppy

All Of You Draws Me In…

Dan Howell… the one person in her life that could make her knees weak enough to buckle and heart soar. Everything about him was so alluring.

We’ll start from the top.

•His hair
He absolutely hated it. Thinking that either straightened or natural, it looked like a rat’s nest. But she adored it. Running her hands through it if ever he had a bad dream, making him almost instantly fall asleep.

•His eyebrows
Every time they kissed, his eyebrows would furrow, indicating how emersed he was in such a mindless activity. How he’d raise one if something his creative girlfriend imagined made absolutely no sense to him. How they’d both arch if she ever tripped.

•His Eyes
His light and happy cow eyes always seemed to show so much emotion. Whenever he’d laugh at her crazy antics, they’d crinkle as happy laughs left his lips. How they’d gaze so lovingly at her and how in a matter of seconds they could darken viciously if another guy dared interact with her. They were so filled with curiosity and wonder, full of stars and amazement.

•His Nose
His nose, that would always scrunch up if ever she kissed him on the forehead instead of the lips. How at night, it would be stuffy and snores would leave his lips. How in winter it would be cold enough to turn him into a reindeer.

•His Cheeks
His cute little cheeks which would turn bright red every time she’d do something moderately romantic or flirty. His cheeks, which contained his deep dimples that’d happily flash every time he thought about her. They’d ache if he ever laughed too much, mainly caused by his girlfriend being the awkward nut she is.

•His Mouth
This was the main reason she adored him; his mouth, lips and smile. At three a.m. his mouth would always utter half-asleep comments; “I love you so much, okay..?” “You’re my greatest reward…” “I’d sacrifice everything for you.” His lips would always kiss her so lovingly and gently, as if at any moment he could shatter her like an antique plate. His smile that always brightened her day and made it seem as if the sun was the second brightest thing she’d ever seen.

•His Neck and Collarbones
The two things that she adores decorating. Every now and then, his neck and collarbones would be dotted with charming purple bruises. Whenever he had them, he’d smile widely and trace his fingers across them, remembering the taboo reason for the sudden decor.

•His Shoulders
His broad shoulders were something very manly about him. But when you think about it, he was still an absolute dork. Whenever she got too lazy, she’d cling onto his shoulders and have him carry her places. They’d bounce with glee whenever he tried to contain his laughter.

•His Arms
Sure, they were thin and not very muscular but they were comforting as hell. Bad dreams were common with her, causing silent crying at four a.m. which he would always hear. His semi-muscular arms would wrap around her as he whispered soothing nothings into her ear. She’d eventually fall asleep in the arms of her lover, making him carry her into their bed and hold her tightly to ward off any more nightmares.

•His Hands
His large hands were another aspect of him that was amazing. His hands were soft and warm. They played melodies gently on ivory keys. They made her hands look like dwarves compared to his. Every time they kissed, his right hand would go to her chin as he bent down enough to reach her lips. They’d hold her own hands tightly whenever he got angry or nervous. They sloppily messed with her hair if she ever sat on his legs.

•His Chest
The one time you could hear his heartbeat was when you were laying on his chest. Either in the cinema, on the couch or in bed, his heart always seemed to beat louder and harder when he was with her.

•His Belly
Though you might not be able to see it, he has a small pudgy belly. He thinks it’s gross looking on himself. But she thinks it’s adorable. She’ll find herself laying her head on his stomach and gently squishing it. She’ll lay across him and hear his stomach gurgling from hunger.

•His Legs
His legs were long and skinny, making anyone who stood next to him look like a midget. They carried her weight if she ever fell asleep on the couch. They bent down when he wanted so desperately to kiss her.

To say the least, Y/n L/n was deeply in love with Daniel Howell. There was no doubt about it.

You could also say the same for Dan. He’s never felt so incredibly in love with someone and he hoped that it would never end.

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fave blogs?

So basically I told myself I wasn't gonna do this again but I’m almost at 5k so and I just did a little follow spree and you guys seem really interested in these so I’m just gonna do it again because I hate myself. I really do put effort into this and I love these blogs with all of my heart (and more) so buckle up kids, this is gonna be looong.

Just some amazing people on this site…..

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People that slay me with their writing…

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People who slay me with their edits…

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People who slay me with their roleplaying (I literally only follow five accounts and I’m 10000% sure they don’t know I exist but I love them all and will follow them 5eva)…

@egdramaqueen @asktheboywholived @sirussly @space-marauder @kapitan5o

Alright i’m gonna cut myself off here. i KNOW I forgot some people but im lazy and Trash™ so… Anyways you 5k (almost) people who follow me, go give them a look!

I Remember (part 1)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: when the reader who is not an ordinary person starts to remember her past as she sees the winter soldier for the first time in years, memories come flooding back, including him. 

warnings: none

word count: 2034 Words

(d/H) = dominat hand 

(Y/N)= your name

Part 2

A/N: this is my first time and trying to write an imagine,  and if you enjoy it will continue writing more, please leave feedback 

with your feet dragging you through the streets of new york city and eyes gazing towards the clouded sky, admiring the tall reflective glass buildings which make you feel so small, you deeply inhale as the fresh air takes up the room in your lungs,  holding your breath for a second to try to ease your mind and body from the various emotions and sensations which surround you. With every passing stranger who joins you on this street sometimes without consent, your mind grasps onto the emotion which emanates from their souls the most, sharing their pain, fear, anger, sadnesses, happiness and so much more. Exhaling now, feeling the air slowly leave your lungs you bring your attention back down from the sky focusing on the back of the heads of the figures passing you by. your soft (E/C) eyes observe the colors trailing behind their bodies as they walk, the different hues representing different and mixed emotions.

This power you had this thing which you were born with, was more of a curse than anything special you had taught yourself how to control it but with these overcrowded streets, it had become a difficult task. When you felt certain emotions and saw certain hues they triggered your memory, things you didn’t want to re-live and some you never knew were there. your past was a blur, too many gaps to know what was real and what was made up, it frustrates you not being able to know but if you tried to remember, you could already tell that the pain would overwhelm the good.

It felt like a normal Monday in New York, people flocked the city fighting for taxis, rushing to work, grabbing lunch and repeating the same cycle which took over their life.  as you continued your daily walk something felt off, something was different about this morning a sort of darkness was carried through the air and it played on your mind for the next couple of moments. with your very next breath, your head began to spin, the blood was running so fast through your veins, you felt your chest tighten and with your hand reaching towards your heart your legs buckle under the weight of your body. The strangers which had once past you were now sprinting towards you,  you were overwhelmed, you could feel their anger, confusion pain and hear the screams and cries telling you to run. as they scrambled towards where you’re crouched the color red blurred your vision,


With shaky legs, you stand onto your feet, picking up the pace and breaking into a sprint, you heard the three letter word leaving the lips of so many people and it’s what you did, but instead in the opposite direction. Your mind was pounding as you felt the fear surrounding you but you kept on running. this atmosphere felt so normal to you, an environment which you could excel in. Up ahead gunshots were fired, a sound which brought excitement to your ears, sirens were echoing throughout New York drowning out the screams of civilians who were looking for shelter from the streets. The smell of smoke lingered throughout the city polluting the air. Running faster towards the scene your (d/H) reached towards your back underneath your black leather jacket and above your tail bone where you kept your favorite gun. in one swift move, your hand clasped around the already loaded gun and brought it to your side giving you the sense of wholeness. dodging through the deserted cars which cluttered your path sliding over the bonnets of a few, what you saw in front of you brought joy. The action, the guns, the fighting, destruction, and death made you feel alive and strong feelings which should make your bones shake but have the complete opposite effect. S.H.E.I.L.D already knew about you, you were sure of it but as the scene unfolded you could make out the S.H.E.I.L.D had turned against the  Avengers. you were a stranger to the Avengers and they to you, But you had always agreed on their idea of right and wrong and with them against S.H.E.I.L.D you easily picked your target.
Taking cover behind a building you scanned the senary and scoped out your targets. S.H.E.I.L.D mercenaries were all dressed in black which may have helped camouflage them at night but in broad daylight made them easy to pick off.  To your right, you could see captain America and black widow taking on the mercenaries and up above on the bridge more were zip lining down towards the chaos below. The adrenaline rushed through your body, pearls of sweat forming on your brows and with a steady hand you peered out from the building focusing on the zip lines and aimed at their heads, right between the eyes. with your finger curled around the trigger in a moment of seconds, 10 rounds leave your ears ringing. your shots were aimed perfectly, eyes trailing their falling bodies towards the ground.

your feet lead you into the open and quickly take cover behind one of the black vans while looking out into the distance.  you notice that black widow hasn’t got her back covered. pulling yourself up onto the van you dangerously use the pile up of vehicles to your advantage to get to her quick but in the process, you know you an easy target. Running and jumping from vehicle to vehicle you hear bullets wisping past your head and realize you need a better gun. diving down from a truck you put a mercenary into a head lock with your thighs and with a forceful swing your gun makes contact with his head and he falls towards the ground. taking the akm which his hands were still clamped around you ran towards black widow shooting the targets running towards her from behind. Rushing to her side you cover her back as she makes her way towards caption America.

“good shot and you are,” she says looking towards you yet not taking her eyes off the mercenaries surrounding you.

“(Y/N) and no problem, whats the mission”

making more ground towards the bridge you notice another man with wings strapped to his back and holding a gun, the road was now covered with more injured and dead than alive and with a slight smile you realized you were on the winning side.

Meeting up with captain America you all take cover behind another truck

“(Y/N) this is Steve, and call me Nat, up on the bridge is sam. sadly I can’t tell you what the  mission is at this moment but this whole scene is nearly over, stick with me”
nodding to show your understanding you follow Nat running behind her and she makes her way closer to Sam.
“Wait here (Y/N) and cover me”

focusing on her body with the AKM gripped tightly with both hands, finger lightly making contact with the trigger the sound of a machine gun is brought to your attention and you follow the sound which pierces through the air. as your eyes make out the person aiming the machine gun towards Steve and Nat, your whole world comes to a stop.
With widened eyes, your mouth drops opening quickly inhaling, gasping for air. confusion ran through your head, and all of a sudden your body became so heavy, giving way and slouching against one of the cars you were hiding behind. The AKM fell from your fingertips, the metal meeting the concrete next to your feet. looking down, your head spins as old memories flooded your mind from a time so long ago. Ducking your head back out with eyes scanning over his body you felt your stomach twist and turn. you watched as he jumped down from the bridge with the machine gun and his side, long dark hair falling perfectly around his face with both arms holding the gun making it look so light. you are drawn to his metal arm, glistening as the sunlight meets it, you could almost feel the tingles the cold touch of his arm would leave on your skin.

Picking up your gun you take out the rest of the mercenaries leaving your cover and rushing into the open. With only a few rounds left you rush over to Nat who is crouching where your first 10 bullets litter the ground. Everything happens so fast and before you know it Steve is fighting him. Punches are thrown, steves shield is thrown around, knives are pulled out and then it was down to fists. Steve grabs onto his mask throwing it towards the ground and from where you and Nat are crouched you can see his face. His cold blue eyes meet you own sending shivers down your spine. his eyes match his face, blank. with your eye brows scrunched together more memories flood your mind, your breathing picks up with it the faintest whisper leaves your lips “Bucky”
As he turns to face Steve you see Steves face mirror yours, mouth open, eyebrows scrunched and eyes open wide
“Bucky?” he says loudly still in shock not knowing what to do.
His  face changes a slight glimpse of confusion washes over his face
“ Who the hell is Bucky” is the last thing Steve hears before he rushes off into the distance.

“ The winter soldiers name is Bucky? you know him?” Nat says as Steve comes rushing over.

“ i don’t know how, b bbut that was Bucky,” Steve says looking over the both of you.

those words, The winter soldier played on your mind for the next few moments before you darted in the direction he ran off into, hearing your name being called by Nat and Steve. you were fast at running but not as fast as Bucky and with the memories of your past coming back to you so quickly you couldn’t concentrate on running. With Bucky being a couple of meters ahead of you a word quickly came to mind

“ добросердечный”
Bucky slowly stopped,  turning around to face you his eyes meeting yours with his hands at his sides opening from the fists they were once in. with caution, you moved towards him with every step making you feel that he was someone so close to you yet so far away.
you felt the words rising from your throat into your mouth and onto the tip of your tongue

“ I remember you” tears began to pool in your eyes as he stared so blankly at you “we used to train together, go on mmiissions” the words stuttered out of your mouth as you began to understand why he brought back so many memories. with a shaky hand, you brought the palm to his cheek cupping the side of his face as the tears escaped from your eyes. “after that mission I thought I had lost you, thought you were dead” you choked on the words as flashes of memories came together.
“do you not remember me at all?”
you watched as his eyes looked over your face and body watching is facials change. He grabbed you hand with his metal arm and you felt the cold sensation it left on your skin. he gently removed your hand from his cheek and let it rest by your side.

you watched as  he breathed in with his lips parting ready to speak
“tell Steve I’m sorry”

His gaze was now past your shoulder and you turned to see Steve and Nat running towards you, and as you turned back to face him he was already out of sight.
“(Y/N) are you alright, did he hurt you?” Steve said as he noticed your tear stained cheeks
“How can he remember you but not me?” you replied feeling the rage and sadness swarm over your body. looking at Nat and Steve all you saw were their mouths hung open, gawking at what you had just said.
Nat came rushing over embracing you in a hug, at first you left your arms hanging by your side but you managed to bring them up to hug her back.
looking at Steve over her shoulder you could tell he was confused.
“He didn’t remember me” you painfully said into the Nats shoulder as she rocked you back and forth

“he doesn’t remember that I love him”

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